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Coding Bootcamp

Africa Digital Media Insititute

Practice-based approach students will explore basic of C#

ADMI’s Programming Fundamentals certificate is designed to introduce basics of programming in different languages related to AR and VR with different purposes. Through a practice-based approach students will explore basic of C#, Unity and Blender.

Course Overview
Students will learn how to create virtual interactive elements, 3D art, principles of good software development, virtual and augmented projects management, and world building in Unity.

This will be taught within two projects over a span of 3 months each.

Course Units Covered:
- Introduction to Object Oriented Programming principles
- Introduction to Unity Editor
- Introduction to Creating interactive elements
- Introduction to 3D interactive art
- Principles of Good software development
- Project management
- World building in Unity using probuilder
- Revisiting 3D game art