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Axia Africa

Axia Africa is an organization that is focused on equipping African youths with the knowledge and digital skills needed today Our aim is to make tech knowledge accessible to every individual irrespective of age, literacy, and location. <p></p> We are looking forward to building a strong community of ready-to-work personnel and employable candidates around the world in the tech space. <p></p> School of Engineering<br> <mark>Begin your learning process in Front-End Web Development, Back-End Web Development and more. Discover career opportunities available for you. Speak to professionals and read through the materials and the programme designed specifically for you.</mark> <p></p> School of Product<br> We offer you product courses such as Product Design and Product management by equipping you with the right materials, courses and professionals willing to coach you through your journey while giving you the best advices after your program. <p></p> School of Data<br> Begin your Data learning career and more. Discover career opportunities available for you. Speak to professionals and read through the materials and the programme designed specifically for you.

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We focus on Africa’s largest economic engines and invest in founders who are creating opportunities for everyone. We invest in early-stage founders building the future of digital commerce in Africa. We back our portfolio with the funding, mentorship, and expertise they need to thrive. <p></p> Our expertise extends from years researching and investing in commerce ecosystems around the continent which have helped us form deep insights and convictions around the approaches we believe will thrive. <p></p> <mark>For our founders and co-investors, we bring an unparalleled mix of startup-building experience and sector-specific knowledge.</mark> <p></p> Thesis<br> We invest guided by a digital commerce thesis informed by years of data-driven research. Our hands-on partnerships with our portfolio companies then enables even deeper, more ground-tested intelligence. <p></p> Insights<br> We're trusted by the world's leading research organizations, investors, and impact donors to help provide insights on the latest developments in digital commerce in Africa and its impacts. <p></p> Community<br> <mark>We're a remote team that hails from the USA, France, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, but our community - Sufficient Capital - spans the globe and includes the most active digital commerce investors and founders.</mark> <p></p> Programs<br> Differentiated Capital<br> We offer high-conviction capital at founder-friendly terms. <mark>We invest $50,000 with our first check, then up to $150,000 in follow-on capital alongside our syndicate. We're often one of the first investors in our portfolio companies.</mark> <p></p> Practical Mentorship<br> We connect founders with other operators who can offer ground-tested advice to help shortcut the cycles needed to keep growing. Our team offers a hands-on program designed to help startups successfully prepare and close their first institutional round in exchange for advisory shares. <p></p> Focused Community<br> Our Sufficient Capital community is the meeting place for the best investors, builders, and experts in the African digital commerce.

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ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator

The ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator Program invests in early-stage startups based in Africa with a focus on FinTech, Mobility, E-commerce and TalentTech. <p></p> Techstars accelerators have one goal: to help entrepreneurs succeed. During each three-month program, we surround companies with the best mentors and an unrivaled network of corporate partners, investors, and alumni. <mark>We provide funding and fundraising opportunities, workshops and curated resources, not to mention countless moments where you can learn from your peers.</mark> It’s a proven model that’s helped build thousands of successful companies, all over the world.

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Beta Ventures

Beta.Ventures is a New York and Lagos based venture capital firm helping ambitious entrepreneurs build innovative products and services, with a focus on rapid revenue and profit growth. We are unique in our ability to help companies grow organically in Africa, while also scaling globally. <p></p> <mark>We work closely with talented founders and teams from product idea to product launch through to the next stage of company development with a goal to maximize success and minimize risk.</mark> <p></p> Our partners, affiliates and mentors lead top technology companies locally and internationally and we encourage you to partner with us to take advantage of our experience building great products/services, negotiating partnerships and deals, leading teams, and raising money. <p></p> With us, you will avoid mistakes we, and others, have made.

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Chinook Capital

Chinook Capital is a venture capital firm focused on making investment in "pre-seed" and early stage ventures that are building a viable and scalable technology businesses for strong financial returns with maximum impacts. <p></p> We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs and work side-by-side with them to turn great ideas into remarkable companies, by helping them to provide earliest institutional funding to launch and scale their new ventures. As operators and entrepreneurs, ourselves, we roll up our sleeves and work with the entrepreneurs in all parts of their businesses that need additional resources. <mark>We provide more than capital to our investees, we provide support from market validation, product design, product-market-fit, customer discovery to creating fundable and scalable business. </mark> <p></p> Vision <br> To be the most admirable technology investment firm in Africa. <p></p>Mission <br> Serve as a catalyst to bridge the gap between capital and innovation. <p></p>New Venture <br> We combine seed capital, hands-on help and a great co-working location with an expert team to positively impact the trajectory of early-stage startups. <mark>Through Chinook Lab Program, we invest at the earliest stage of a startup's lifecycle "pre-seed", as the first institutional capital - and helps the entrepreneurs validate and iterate on the original hypotheses of their core business concepts. In short, we help companies achieve product-market fit in preparation to raise institutional venture financing.</mark> <p></p>Strategy Reboot <br> We help existing businesses revamp their strategies through early-stage investment, increase their addressable market opportunities and operationally focus on accelerating revenue growth to become a high-growth, venture-fundable business. We work alongside with the entrepreneurs to give birth to new industry-leading companies by leveraging on our experience and relationships as a fund manager to turn great ideas into great companies.

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Our mission is to create a school, an essential talent incubator where thousands of young Africans every year can learn important skills and access the career opportunities they need in order to compete globally. <p></p> PluralCode’s approach to education trains students to be professionals and prepares them for job opportunities with their Career Labs Initiative, which exposes them to the challenges they will encounter and opportunities they need to break into the industry post-studies, something which is lacking in many traditional learning institutes. <p></p> <mark>Students can also access programs across Design, Product, Data, Engineering, Cloud and Blockchain Faculties and benefit from excellent mentors and learning flexibility to fit into their daily pursuits.</mark> <p></p> "Our flexibility both in learning schedule and tuition plans allows us to champion inclusiveness both of different economic classes and different backgrounds and professions.” Nduka Ukpabi | CEO of Pluralcode

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The Tony Elumelu Foundation

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is the leading philanthropy empowering a new generation of African entrepreneurs, driving poverty eradication, catalysing job creation across all 54 African countries, and increasing women economic empowerment. Since the launch of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme in 2015, the Foundation has trained over 1.5 million young Africans on its digital hub, TEFConnect, and disbursed nearly USD$100 million in direct funding to 18,000 African women and men, who have collectively created over 400,000 direct and indirect jobs. <mark>The Foundation’s mission is rooted in Africapitalism, which positions the private sector, and most importantly entrepreneurs, as the catalyst for the social and economic development of the African continent.</mark> <p></p> The Foundation’s ability to fund, train, mentor, and network young African entrepreneurs, has created a unique platform for catalysing growth across the African continent. <mark>The robust ability of the Foundation to reach entrepreneurs across geographies and sectors, has enabled it to conduct innovative partnerships</mark> with the European Union,United Nations Development Programme, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the United States Government via the United States African Development Foundation (USADF), The Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), The French Development Agency (AFD), The German Development Finance Institution (DEG), The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), The African Development Bank (AfDB), and Google, with bespoke programmes including targeting female empowerment and growth in fragile states.

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The preferred and most accessible source of pre-seed funding for African technology entrepreneurs. We invest a minimum of $100k into Africa's most remarkable teams with technical founders at the earliest stage of their venture. <p></p> Accepting applications all year round <p></p> - <mark>We identify the best early-stage, growth-driven technology startups with the potential to become billion dollar companies</mark> <br> - We work closely with the startups, providing them with pre-seed funding, professional and advisory services <br> - We get startups to a point where they are impressive enough to raise more funding or join world class accelerators <br> - We introduce startups to later stage investors and help them navigate the process of raising a larger round of funding <p></p> What makes Microtraction different <br> - Founders can apply for investment at anytime, all year round without an intro <br> <mark>- Our investors are Venture Capitalists and Angels on the look out for great startups</mark> <br>- Our startups have a direct line to capital to scale from Seed to Series A and beyond <br>- Our network gives access to companies that would otherwise be hard to reach

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We are a technology investment company that provides seed fund for technology and technology-enabled start-ups and those in their growth phase. <p></p> Our goal is not just to provide you with seed fund, but to also provide young entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to develop and take their business to the next level. <p></p> Through workshops, mentorship, and linking entrepreneurs with our network, we aim to expose the entrepreneur to profitable business models and entrepreneurial skills that would make them successful. <p></p> Startup In Residence - Benefits <br> <mark>Co-entrepreneurship <br> Leverage on Sasware’s expertise <p></p>Strategic Funding <br> Receive financial support to cover product development and a 12 months stipend during the incubation period. Additionally, the startup will receive support post incubation for additional seed capital, marketing, technology <p></p>Mentoring <br> Receive support and expertise from professionals in different areas that can drive your startup growth. </mark>

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LoftyInc Capital Management

We invest in world‐class teams of local and returning Africans who are leveraging technology innovation to solve significant problems in Africa. As capital becomes a commodity with more early-stage investors flocking to Africa, what will make us stand out will be our networks, relationships, and reputations. We manage social impact investment vehicles such as the LoftyInc Afropreneurs Fund. <p></p> What we look for <p></p>Do you have a compelling team? <br> When investing locally, we are very interested in the reputation of your team. Your founders should be globally minded, passionate about the problems you are solving, and interested in developing long-term partnerships. <p></p>Are you looking for more than money? <br> We want to leverage our internal and external networks, as well as our own experience to help you grow into an established business. <p></p>Are you stubborn on vision but flexible on the details? <br> <mark>We expect founders to know that their original idea can change over time and that they might need to pivot to another market as the idea develops.</mark> <p></p>Are you going after a large market? <br> When developing your idea, make sure you are aware of the potential of your market. Position your idea in a market in which you can scale and grow. <p></p> What additional support will you get? <p></p>Sector Experience <br> Help from our experienced GPs and their team. Our 50+ years of experience cuts across different sectors and countries.. <p></p>Founders Network <br> <mark>We have invested in some of Africa's best startups and founders. You will become part of an investee network willing to help you succeed.</mark> <p></p>Wennovation Hub <br> We have a business incubator and supporting entrepreneur community in four Nigerian cities. You can attend important events and use our office space services.

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GreenTec Capital Partners

GreenTec Capital Partners invests in African start-ups and SMEs with a focus on combining social and environmental impact with financial success. We use capacity building, process optimization and a diverse team of international experts to help them implement and adapt the latest technologies to their models so they can extend their value chains and have more impact locally. <p></p> Transformative Venture Building <br> Jointly, we seek to transform innovative local businesses with a proof-of-concept into successful and sustainable enterprises that have growth perspective in Africa and beyond. We do more than just invest: We provide custom-tailored operational support to transform companies and help them create the additional added value necessary to bridge funding gaps and early crucial phases. <p></p> <mark>Portfolio Company Profile <br> We are looking to support entrepreneurs operating in Africa who are positioned to grow their businesses and need additional capacity, expertise, technology and funding in order to extend their impact and add value. <br>Operations in Sub-Saharan Africa Focus on Impact and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Early stage companies with proof of concept </mark> <p></p> Investment Criteria <br> We rank investment attractiveness through a proprietary country scoring model based on certain public domain criteria. <br> - Proof of Concept Scalability <br> - Potential Management Team <br> - Environmental and Social Impact <br> - Profitability Potential <br> - Long-term Commitment and Strategy <p></p> Sector Focus <br> We invest into three broad categories that are positioned for growth connected with the rapidly increasing young African population. We focus on solutions, products, and services with Pan-African expansion potential, high impact, and strong returns. <p></p> Agriculture <br> By 2030 we expect the size of the African agriculture market to reach 1 trillion US-Dollars. <p></p>Sustainable Resources <br> Sustainable resources are essential to meet the growing demographic needs of Africa. <p></p>Digitalization <br> Digitalization will be the driver for a sustainable transformation across various sectors.

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Growth Capital

We are Nigeria's first social innovation fund aimed at creating an unprecedented path to scale for outliers driving social change in Nigeria. <p></p> We support high potential, early stage businesses building our next generation infrastructure using technology. <p></p> Our participating investors bring their experience, resources and networks together to work for our investees to catalyze their path to growth <p></p> Our primary purposes include: <mark><br> - Supporting early stage ventures solving local problems in Nigeria to rapidly scale through targeted support <br> - Generating profits to increase the Company’s value and sustainability over time, providing good returns for our investors <br> - Serving as a vehicle for investing in early stage innovative ventures incubated within the CcHub’s network </mark>

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We are an Africa-focused venture capital firm with a simple, yet powerful mission: to help early and growth-stage entrepreneurs build enduring, high-impact businesses that drive the African continent forward. Our investment approach emphasizes key sectors like clean energy, agribusiness, education, healthcare, fintech, and social entrepreneurship. <p></p> As responsible investors, we pay close attention to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, working to create inclusive growth, jobs, gender equality, climate resilience, and financial inclusion within our diverse portfolio companies. <p></p> <mark>Our strategy is rooted in a thesis-driven, research-based methodology, allowing us to uncover exceptional opportunities that contribute to sustainable development, regional integration, and better access to essential services in Africa.</mark> By harnessing our expertise in frontier markets and our commitment to social and economic empowerment, Consonance Investment Managers is the go-to choice for global Limited Partners (LPs) eager to make a lasting, positive impact on the African continent. <mark>Our Approach <br>01 - We are Thesis driven <br>02 - We invest in technology and technology-enabled companies <br>03 - We are Africa-focused <br>04 - We invest in foundations </mark>

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V8 Capital Partners

As a firm, we are focused on achieving enterprise automation on the African continent. We believe the transformative power of technology is key to accelerating business growth across all major industry verticals. <p></p> We invest in highly driven and ambitious entrepreneurs who can harness the power of technology to create more effective and efficient ways for businesses to deliver goods and services to a vibrant young African population. Being able to scale their vision and dream is key to creating a better future for all Africans living in Africa.

Venture Platform Fund - school image
Venture Platform Fund

We are a discovery fund that invests early in mission-driven founders that are building capital-efficient platforms that democratize prosperity, plug infrastructural gaps, connect underrepresented communities, solve for non-consumption, and improve livelihoods in Africa. <p></p> <mark>We’re founders and tech junkies - your first call, the coach in the corner, and a kick in the ass when you need it most. We don’t split angel, seed and pre-seed into separate categories - we provide support across the board. The earlier we can invest, the more helpful we can be.</mark> <p></p> We are early investors in some of the most compelling technology companies on the African continent

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Clean Tech Hub

Clean Tech Hub is a pioneering hybrid hub for the research, development, demonstration and incubation of clean energy ideas, technologies, and resources for clean energy organizations and environment and climate friendly initiatives across Africa. <p></p> The hub provides strategic and invaluable support to idea and early stage energy entrepreneurs to help prove the viability of their businesses and access funding. With this, we aim to build a pipeline of Nigeria off-grid energy businesses which provide solutions to Africa’s biggest challenges. We provide funding and access to funding. <p></p> <mark>Clean Tech Hub’s Incubation Program <br> Clean Tech Hub’s Incubation program focuses on idea and early stage energy entrepreneurs and provides them with the support needed to prove the viability of their businesses. The Hub recently launched the 3rd cohort of her early-stage incubation program for clean energy enterprises. Interested applicants can apply.</mark> <p></p> Climate Fintech Program <br> Clean Tech Hub in partnership with New Energy Nexus launched a climate fintech program with the aim to catalyze climate finance for green development and promote the application of financial technology for decarbonization in Africa. In the first series of events, the focus will be on creating awareness, securing relevant partnerships, and fostering collaborations that will support and enable Nigeria’s nascent climate fintech sector to thrive. <p></p> Clean Tech Hub Startup Accelerator Program <br> Clean Tech Hub Startups Accelerator Program aims to build a pipeline of innovative clean energy and climate-smart enterprises in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa. This program is designed to nurture and support viable, scalable and investment-ready businesses by providing access to resources, business training, mentoring, funding and access to funding opportunities. <p></p> Energy Access Bootcamps <br> Clean Tech Hub organises regular “Energy Access Bootcamps” and has so far impacted over 500 students across Nigerian universities. The purpose of the bootcamps for Nigerian students in their penultimate year across tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, is to teach them about renewable energy and climate change; how to build a career and start a business in the sector.

RAD5 Tech Hub - school image
RAD5 Tech Hub

A venture studio where entrepreneurs and innovators are empowered to accelerate innovation and collaborate within the firm. Our ventures leverage shared resources to build, test and deploy new ventures. Our entrepreneurs are given a sense of community, exposure, mentorship and necessary support needed to grow. We guide them to building tech startups and products on e-Governance, e-Commerce, AgroTech, EduTech, FinTech, e-Health, Entertainment and AdTech. Our professional support for startups is across all stages of development from ideation to exit. <p></p> Our Services<br> Venture Building <br> As a venture studio, we invest in entrepreneurs and innovators to accelerate innovation and collaborate within the firm. We embed our team of top-tier operators into the ventures to work side-by-side with the entrepreneurs for a higher probability of success <p></p> <mark>Software Projects <br> We help individuals and organizations to build and deliver technology projects ranging from Web App Development to Mobile App Development. We use the 4Ps approach to effectively transform and innovate across the institution’s products, processes, position and paradigm.</mark> <p></p>Our Social Projects <br> We have a corporate responsibility to drive the adoption of technology in under-served locations. We achieve this through collaboration and partnerships with different organizations. We promote the TeenHack, Abia4Tech and Ladies who code Initiatives.

TVC Labs - school image
TVC Labs

TVC Labs is an entrepreneur support organization providing strategic and operational support to innovative early-stage African tech-enabled ventures. We believe that African startup founders are building a better future and supporting innovative African startups not only creates economic value but also social impact. We also believe that local Angel investors are a critical resource to founder and startup development and that international support when led locally accelerates the development of our African startup ecosystem. <mark>Our vision is to enable technology-led innovation and independence for new ideas on the African continent, especially West Africa.</mark> <p></p> TVC Labs values intellect, innovation, independence, collaboration and integrity in all our relationships as defined here: <p></p>01.Intellect<br> We make the abstract concrete by researching, reviewing and assessing to provide insights that inspire action. We bring talent together that uses critical thinking to drive change. We partner with our clients to build the capacity required for sustainable competitive advantage. <p></p><mark>02.Innovation<br> We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas, devices and methods that can be applied for better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. Being good is not always good enough as it can always be better.</mark> <p></p>03.Independence<br> Whether the required thinking is logical or creative, being independent thinkers enables us to increase performance, productivity, and efficiency. Independent thinking is the tool we use to open doors to opportunity for commercial expression. <p></p>04.Collaboration<br> We are a member of a vibrant, emerging, evolving ecosystem that requires knowledge, expertise and financial exchanges so our successful participation as those of others requires an ability to collaborate effectively and efficiently to the benefit of all. <p></p>05.Integrity<br> We believe Integrity is not just a core value, but that it is the fabric of every core value. It is the foundation on which we build relationships and trust, and it is a non-negotiable value we seek to always demonstrate and find in all people we engage with.

Roar Nigeria Hub - school image
Roar Nigeria Hub

Roar Nigeria Hub is a community that provides professional support to technology enabled startups, researchers, entrepreneurs and SME’s. Her programs are designed to develop a new generation of innovators and creators that will provide local technology based solutions with a global perspective <p></p> Roar Nigeria is hosted within University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) and is the 1st full-fledged university embedded technology Hub in West Africa, with a student population of nearly 40,000 and 12 institutions of higher learning within an hour drive from Enugu City. <p></p> <mark>The Hub is a hotbed of ideas, invention and market induced solutions created with the concept of a triple helix (An interaction between Academia, Industry and Government) and hosted in a serene environment with researchers, students, industry and government within a stone throw distance.</mark>

LearnFactory Nigeria - school image
LearnFactory Nigeria

LearnFactory Nigeria is the first full-stack software development training and technology hub in South-East Nigeria. At LearnFactory Nigeria, our primary goal is to change our world through human capacity development; grooming technologists who can leverage technology to create impact. <p></p> Our Focus <br> <mark>We are passionate about grooming Craftsmen and Software Engineers; as well as education and how we can enhance its outcomes using technology. We fervently believe that for anyone to maximize their learning experience, they must transition from being just consumers of information to become creators of information.</mark> <p></p>Our Principles <br> We believe true effectiveness results from a fusion of Character and Capacity. Hence, our goal to continuously build a formidable team of expert software developers who can compete globally and deliver projects on-time and within budget. This consistently would increase the pool of developers we have available for outsourcing.

Plus Innovation Hub - school image
Plus Innovation Hub

Plus Innovation Hub is a community of vibrant startups and tech enthusiasts in Lagos. We offer services like Annual Incubation Programme, Code Camp, Digital Skills Training, Hack SDG, Business Clinics and Masterclasses for startups, as well as organize tech meetups for incubatees. We are a founding member of ISN Nigeria. <p></p> <mark>We offer startup incubation and acceleration services, access to market, mentors and money (investors) and also provides state of the art facilities such 247 electricity, fast internet, meeting rooms, training halls, coffee corner, game lounge, shared or private office in a great ambiance with plans to open in other locations within the country.</mark>

Emerald Zone - school image
Emerald Zone

Emerald Zone is situated in the heart of Lagos, Ikeja. A perfect shared workspace suitably designed for small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs etc to carry out their activities productively. We offer a suite of office-like amenities such as private meeting rooms, kitchenette, hot-desk, projector, high-speed internet connection, parking space etc. <p></p> <mark>We provide you what you need in a workspace whole private office space. Our subscription plans vary and allow for flexibility. This subscription could be daily or monthly depending on the client’s intending usability.</mark> <p></p> VISION <br> To be the preferred Partner in Nigeria and Africa, offering organizational diagnosis and providing solutions to People Management, Marketing Services and Sales Capability, using Process & Technology. <p></p>MISSION <br> Provide our partners bespoke business solutions, through management interventions that enables realization of optimum potentials to compete favourably in the market place. <br>Our Core Values <br> - Integrity <br> - Excellence <br> - Innovation <br> - Reliability

Agos Offices - school image
Agos Offices

Agos is an Executive co-working space located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. There’s no doubt there’s been a change in the way we work now. <p></p> <mark>Your business can enjoy all the benefits of a newly built contemporary luxury finished to the highest standards with customized kitchen and breakout area, private offices to ceiling partitions, card only security system and our fully serviced offices have the advantage of a central location in the heart of the City.</mark> <p></p> Impress your clients with a state of the art boardroom that exudes luxury and class, whilst your office space emanates the air of success to all who enter. Not to mention a unique ambiance and space to feel you have room to maximize your inspiration and creativity. <p></p> Our fully serviced environment allows your company to be up and running instantly and the opportunity to expand and the flexibility to enable growth is effortless.

TecHub Spaces - school image
TecHub Spaces

We are a tech-centric coworking community-based in the heart of Lagos Nigeria providing services that enable SMEs and startups to thrive. <mark>We not only provide a co-working space but also an environment that enables creativity, networking, and productivity through our various service offerings and activities.</mark> <p></p> At TecHub Spaces, we believe work is important, but the right community and environment are more important. That is why at TecHub spaces, we are fostering a community of diverse yet like-minded individuals, bound together with the best work culture that is super fun, and exciting. <p></p> We provide more than a co-working space what we provide is a community where businesses and other initiatives can find support and opportunities that will enable them to navigate the VUCA ( Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world we live in today by leveraging the power of technology

8thGear Hub - school image
8thGear Hub

We firmly believe in creating enterprises with a sustainable business strategy at our venture studio. At the beginning of the business and throughout its existence, we place a high priority on speaking with potential clients. Years of failing fast and failing forward to create thriving businesses have helped us identify the conditions required to increase the chances of an idea thriving. Our in-house team of experts is on standby ready to turn ideas into viable businesses. <mark> <br> - Concept Validation <br> - Market Research <br> - Product Management <br> - Go-To-Market <br> - Visual & UX Design <br> - Engineering <br> - Business Analytics <br> - Company Formation <br> - Finance <br> - Operations <br> - Legal & HR <br> - Recruiting </mark><p></p> How We Do It <br> A business's development is not a simple stroll in the park; it requires a great deal of grit, guts, and resources. It is a voyage that should not be attempted alone. That is why our team of professionals, who have traveled this path before, has devised a mechanism that works effectively to help ideas scale. <p></p>01 - Ideation<br> The idea could be ours or it could be yours.<br> When we come across a problem that we think is intriguing and significant, we dive right in, looking for long-term solutions. The idea could have come from us or from somebody else. However, when we sense a huge potential, we immediately get to work. <p></p>02 - Validation<br> Speaking with potential customers from the beginning to confirm assumptions.<br> To confirm that the problem is actually a problem for the identified customer segment and to learn how they want it solved, assumptions are tested and validated by regularly engaging with potential customers. <p></p><mark>03 - Creation<br> Fail fast Fail forward<br> We don't spend decades perfecting an MVP; we deploy as soon as possible. Taking real-time market lessons and making adjustments on the go. We will keep working on the idea, refining and adjusting it constantly while keeping the customers at the heart of our decisions.</mark> <p></p>04 - Spinout<br> We spin out once proof of concept is achieved.<br> Once we have a small group of raving fans who are willing to pay and spread the word through referrals. It is past time to turn these concepts into stand-alone enterprises. Our in-house legal, branding, and human resources experts get to work right away, spinning them off as distinct firms with a strong commercial framework. <p></p>05 - Scaleup<br> Scale the Fundamentals<br> We allow founders focus on the core of their value offerings. Ensuring that as these businesses grow and scale the team does not lose sight of the fundamentals while we make sure everyother part of the business is working as it should

87 Spaces NG - school image
87 Spaces NG

Flexible and Smart Office Solutions that lets you focus on your business while we manage your office needs. We are your best provider for smart and flexible business solutions - Virtual office, co-working, workspaces and serviced office in Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria. <mark>Our centers are fully equipped to create a work-life balance for our customers within your budget so you can achieve all your goals. We will always remain a vital part of your day while you think of the possibilities that you will attain working with us.</mark> <p></p> Our dedicated workstations and hot desks may be your best office space fit. It allows you the flexibility needed to feel included, innovate and stand out within our community. Explore your freedom with our options and plans, Our co-working plans go above and beyond, focusing on community, creativity, comfort and flexibility. You only pay for what you need and when you need it. Our first come – first serve policy charges you to network with our diverse community of professionals. When you thrive, we thrive.

MALhub - school image

Makers and Leaders Hub (MALhub) is an open, serene and beautiful shared workspace for startups and entrepreneurs at a lower cost than they would spend on space of their own. The hub gives small businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs the platform to work and pursue their goals in a revolutionary smart way. <p></p> MALhub Relearn Program is a 3-month comprehensive, expert-led, Virtual training targeted at solving problems while leveraging technology. <p></p> <mark> Our Vision <br> To improve the ecosystem through the power of technology. <p></p> Our Mission <br> To foster Nigeria's economic growth by providing job for the youths. <p></p> Our Value <br> Inexpensive Workspace provision. Community Of Like-Minded Professionals. Programs & Activities for Developer. Job Creation. Cool Atmosphere. Collaboration. Dignity & Respect. </mark> A place to develop your dreams, we will love to have you here! <p></p> Co-Working Space <br> We provide inexpensive workspace where people meet, work, network, share ideas and collaborate on projects that can improve the ecosystem. <p></p>Incubation <br> We help new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training, co-creation work space and business support. <p></p>Ecosystem Development <br> We improve the economic status by empowering youth, develop new technologies, and expand job opportunities in the community. <p></p>ICT Training <br> We offer intensive ICT training on web development, graphics design, UI/UX, 3D animation, robotics, office management and more.

nHub Foundation - school image
nHub Foundation

nHub Foundation is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that works to enhance policy advocacy, gender inclusiveness, Technology for all, infrastructure/capacity building as regards Employability and Entrepreneurship, innovation and every aspect of social impact. <p></p> We have in place a comprehensive plan to equip you with practical skills and help you gain proficiency in various areas of ICT. Whether you are completely new to the world of ICT, or need to add an extra skill to your profile, we have tailor-made training services for all categories of learners. <p></p> Our training programs cover, but are not limited to Website design and development (in various languages and stacks), Mobile App development, Robotics, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Data Science and AI, Graphics Design and 3D Animation. <p></p> <mark> Innovation <br> We nurture young enterprising talents to discover and grow their creative prowess into proffering viable solutions to evolving challenges. <p></p> Community <br> Be part of Africa's fastest growing tech community leveraging on emerging technologies and data governance. <p></p> Growth <br> Equipping Africa's growing economy for sustainability through several impact-driven initiatives. </mark> <p></p> Our Vision <br> We have a vision of being the leading aggregator of sustainable ecosystems in Africa. We intend to empower a minimum of 5,000 youth within the next 3 years. <p></p> Our Key Principles <br> - Building on existing plans/programmes/strategies <br> - Enhancing communal/individual commitment and leadership <br> - Adherence to sustainable development principles <br> - Participation and meaningful involvement of all stakeholders <br> - Gender equality and inclusiveness <br> - Transparency and accountability

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Harmony Innovation Hub

Harmony Innovation Hub is your one stop shop to incubate and accelerate startup growth. Our purpose is to empower the Nigerian entrepreneur with the tools and resources to thrive while providing an enabling environment for fostering innovation. <p></p> At HIH, our goal is to get you from idea to market. We provide an accessible and an enabling environment through capacity building, community engagement events and an encompassing startup growth program to make this possible. <p></p> <mark>Individuals <br> - Capacity Building <br> - Co-working space <br> - Internships & Job Placements <p></p> Startups <br> - Incubation & Acceleration <br> - Startup School <br> - Growth Opportunities </mark> <p></p> Corporates <br> - Technology Delivery Factory <br> - Consultancy <br> - Events

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The CANs Park

We're West Africa's first eco-friendly tech hub. We provide amazing work spaces, support government agencies, individuals and organisations working towards social development. We are using new technology to accelerate the impact of local & international initiatives in Africa. <mark>We are committed to building an Africa where young people are empowered to become leaders who through innovation will create a lasting impact on the African continent. </mark> <p></p> Our deep understanding of the African space and modern technology as well as our network of impact investors, consultants and government agencies help us deliver the best technical support. <p></p> Our ethos of environmental sustainability and innovation drives our services. The Cans is an eco-friendly approach to designing spaces where people do creative work. We are leading by example to show that we can build great companies while sustaining the environment. Beyond infrastructure, our processes are done to minimize carbon prints on the world.

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Smart Office Coworking space in Abuja provides affordable desk and office spaces to businesses. Our clients are entrepreneurs, start-ups companies and freelancers that enjoy our wide range of facilities. They connect, collaborate, communicate and commercialize their ideas. Why Choose us?<br> We want to help your business grow <p></p> <mark>Constant Power <br> Smart Office provides constant power supply so our clients can work without interruption <p></p>WiFi/Internet Access <br> We provide WiFi Internet access that you can use on any device. Our WiFi internet is very fast and reliable. <p></p>Document Printing Services <br> Our printing services are available for your business, we also offer document finishing and more. Smart Office Desks and Spaces Abuja Services <p></p>Projector/Screen <br> We know how important presentations are. You can always use our projector <p></p>Lockers/Document Storage <br> We have adequate Locker and Document storage spaces to cater for your needs. <p></p>Adequate Parking Space <br> Space crunch for parking is a big concern in Abuja. We have adequate parking Space. </mark>

Regus - Abuja - school image
Regus - Abuja

Make a home for your business with Regus private office space in Abuja. Our serviced offices have everything taken care of - from the furniture to the high-speed WiFi - and with flexible terms allowing you to rent office space from an hour to years, you can focus on driving your business forward. <p></p> <mark>Create the right image for your business with a home in Tower C Churchgate Plaza’s stylish building at the heart of the CBD. With rapidly growing companies from oil, banking and the media close by, it’s a prime setting to build your business network.</mark> <p></p> Welcome your clients from far and wide, thanks to the convenience of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, only a 30-minute drive away. When your meetings are finished for the day, entertain your guests in style at the modern restaurants and retailers just across the street.

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MRT Net Cafe

MRT Net cafe is a highly flexible space for business professionals to conduct meetings and work in a conducive environment that is fully equipped with all the facilities you need to connect with your clients, colleagues or staff all over the world. We believe our duty to our valued clients is to provide an enabling space with high tech facilities and state of art equipment that makes it easier to accomplish your set goals without any stress. <mark>From stable and reliable internet connection, to light refreshments to keep you going as you work, MRT Net Cafe is always one step ahead at anticipating your needs and providing solutions. </mark>

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Space Station - Nigeria

Whether you need an event space, a desk, private office, training or boardrooms, or an entire floor, we can offer turn-key spaces or can work with you to create a space that will meet your business’ every need. <p></p> At the Space Station we work independently, together to enhance productivity and community building through: <mark> <br> - Bespoke training. <br> - Simply sophisticated, well detailed and serene instant Private offices, Co working spaces, Conference, training rooms, virtual, home offices and Event spaces <br> - Well planned and curated formal and semi-formal events. </mark> <p></p> OUR VALUES Warmth and Professionalism <br>At The Space Station, We promote working together to enhance community building and productivity <p></p> Uncompromised Quality <br> We are committed to delivering quality training tailored to suit client needs, both locally and internationally. <p></p>Exceptional Support <br> Our vibrant team is ever ready to reply to your needs and questions. <p></p>Turn Key Spaces <br> At Space Station Abuja, we offer the latest office design trends like never before. <p></p> OUR MISSION <br>To ensure that everyday is a good day to not just get to work, but to look forward to the day’s job. <br>That is why we provide turn key spaces or work with you to create a space that will meet your business’ every need

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Impact Cove

We are more than a space. We are a community of entrepreneurs and professionals passionate about changing the world through ideas and innovation. Our community offers the best experiences and inspiration for members to increase productivity and explore new ways of solving small and big societal problems. <p></p> We recently rebranded to reflect our renewed commitment to building a thriving community of social entrepreneurs and change leaders. Through our programs, events and community initiatives, we seek to foster collaboration, leverage innovation and collective action as we empower emerging social change leaders and everyday citizens with resources to maximize social impact. <p></p> Social Impact Academy <br>Designed for emerging non-profit organization and leaders, SIA is a platform to equip social change makers with the tools and resources they need to make change happen. SIA is a capacity development and skills-building program for the social sector practitioners. Our training caters for a wide range of audience within the social sector, from emerging social entrepreneurs at the initial stage of their ideas, and those who have already tested and looking to scale. <p></p> OpenGov Social Impact Challenge <br>Open Gov Social Impact Challenge (OSIC) is a competition that seeks to identify practical, original and social impact ideas (especially those that promote open government, accountability and improved citizen engagement - broadly defined) promoted by emerging social entrepreneurs across Nigeria. Designed as a pilot, the program is presented as a platform that gives emerging social entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their solutions and access some resources (mentorship, training, and workspace) and potentially funding. <p></p> Social Enterprenuer in Residence <br><mark>Our Social Entrepreneur in Residence program provide dedicated mentorship, guidance and support for our fellows and community members. With our extensive network of resources, we provide consistent support to help our community members navigate the challenges associate with starting and scaling a social enterprise. </mark>

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It is critical for organizations to not only access flexible workspaces, to allow innovation, manage overheads, access a global world but also the relevant services to become entrepreneurial, in the drive for VALUE, INFLUENCE and PROFITABILITY. Read more about this in our “Going Global in the path to achieve VALUE, INFLUENCE & PROFITABILITY through Tongston Entrepreneurial Hub” blog, with more information on Tongston Entrepreneurial Hub. <p></p> The Hub is more than a platform to meet, work, learn, network & access Tongston’s world-class entrepreneurial Education, Media, Finance, Legal, Technology, HR, Data, Research & Admin services”. It offers: Entrepreneurial Workspaces: <mark><br> - Training Room <br> - Meeting Room <br> - Co-Working Space <br> - Virtual Office: Entrepreneurial Education, Entrepreneurial Media, Entrepreneurial Enterprise: <br> - “Enterprise-in-a-box” Tools & Templates with how To Guides <br> - Opportunities Centre <br> - Entrepreneurial Insights and <br> - Consulting with Admin, HR, Data, Strategy, Technology, Legal, Governance, Finance Experts </mark>

Regus - Port Harcourt - school image
Regus - Port Harcourt

Build an impressive base for your team in an innovative region, home to multinational oil and gas companies. Our Old Michelin Compound workspace is <mark>easily accessible to visiting clients, with dual-lane Trans Amadi Industrial Layout Road close by and great links to the city’s international airport.</mark> <p></p> Create a warm welcome for clients as they arrive through the covered entranceway, into a modern workspace designed for focus and productivity. Step across the street and you’ll find a collection of local restaurants, or take a break at nearby Port Harcourt Zoo.

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Spronet Hub

Spronet Hub is a business community of creatives, freelancers, startups and micro businesses. <p></p> We are in the business of connecting businesses (MSMEs) to needed resources and helping them thrive in a digitally evolving global business ecosystem, through the provision of OnDemand business, entrepreneurial, and relevant skills training, services, and consultations. <p></p> <mark>Our hub offers convenient and affordable workspaces, virtual office/assistance, digital marketing, and a meeting room to suit your business needs.</mark> <p></p> Connect with our vast network of verified businesses, freelancers & Entrepreneurs and grow your business.

HUB10 - school image

Are you looking for a noise-free environment with a 24/7 power supply, well air-conditioned, equipped kitchen and unlimited wifi? Then not to worry because you are always welcome to HUB10. HUB10 offers coworking space on a daily, weekly or monthly rental basis, with training and conference rooms. Co-working spaces are essentially shared workspaces. It is an affordable office space for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop. <p></p> These shared workspaces <mark>offer a suite of office-like amenities such as hot-desks, private meeting rooms, kitchens, coffee and more. Often, which eventually turn into a community of tech experts. We are open to freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small teams who want to take advantage of a flexible space.</mark> <p></p> Creating a healthy and motivating work environment is what we are here for!At Hub10, we have the perfect work environment tailored to suit your needs! Where are you working from? Send us a dm to book a space with us now!

Novare Shared Office - school image
Novare Shared Office

Novare Shared Office’s is a home for fresh ideas, great people, conversations and experiences. A system designed to inspire your creative mindset, cultivate your curiosity and stimulate new ways of thinking. <p></p> <mark>We offer different types of desks suitable for every need. If your company grows and you are in need of more space, we grow with you. We accommodate everything you need in order to thrive. When you rent a space in our shared office you become a member of the Novare community and get access to everything we offer.</mark> <p></p> Enjoy the ambience, State of the art facilities, exquisite restaurants, the mall at your feet, be part of our online community and meet with new members every day.

The Abuja Office - school image
The Abuja Office

We assist small and medium sized businesses and startups achieve success. By providing affordable office solutions which greatly reduce the cost of acquiring and setting up an office space and it’s attendant issues. Our platform allows you focus on your core competence as we manage your office space. Walk into our outfit and instantly have an office. It’s convenient, tasteful and has all the features of a modern office.  <p></p> You read, work, surf, scan, print, copy and generally meet your targets. You get to network, and enhance your corporate reach and profile. Our central location gives fluidity as we are surrounded by complementary service providers. Our range of products is unparalleled. You get to have an office, a meeting place, or a hall for a few hours, days or months. What’s more, we meet correspondence needs as well. Walk in and see your business flourish <p></p> FEATURES <mark><br> - Steady Electricity <br> - Dedicated work desk <br> - Daily Use <br> - Private office <br> - Virtual Office <br> - Serviced Office <br> - Meeting Rooms <br> - Seminar / Training hall </mark>

Hub43 - school image

At Hub43, we have comfortable working spaces just for you coupled with uninterrupted internet services, it’s conducive and has been structured to accommodate multiple people at a time, with comfort in mind. <p></p> Learn <br> At Hub43, you get to learn new skills which will help grow your career and businesses. These include foreign and local languages and some business and career courses. <p></p> Connect <br> At Hub43, you get to connect with people from various works of life. Our connect program adds value to your objectives. <p></p> Some of our services include: <mark>  <br> - Uninterrupted power supply <br> - Fast and reliable broadband fiber internet connection <br> - Dedicated office staff to provide you with necessary assistance <br> - A conference room that can be used for training for your staff or workforce. <br> - Meeting room with all the services you need. <br> -  Convenience for male and female <br> - A relaxation area <br> - Parking space for your vehicle <br> - A kitchen area <br> - And a reception area for your clients and visitors where you can attend to them </mark>

Welcome2Africa International - school image
Welcome2Africa International

In line with our value for relationships and commitment to building and fostering long-term positive relationships based on professionalism and trust, Welcome2Africa International has created an atmosphere through its state-of-the-art office to provide a co-working space for a variety of social meetings, networking events, training programs, and more for an affordable and conducive rate. <p></p> We Offer <mark> <br> - Free Internet Connection <br> - Dedicated Desk <br> - Complimentary Coffee <br> - Socialization Network <br> - Flexible Working Environment <br> - Private Office Option <br> - Serene Working Environment </mark>

Ajegunle Co-working Hub - school image
Ajegunle Co-working Hub

The 'Ajegunle Co-working Hub' is an initiative aimed at growing a network for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artisans within the Ajegunle vicinity to link up and promote their craft. <p></p> <mark>Our facility creates access to work equipment for artisans and budding young entrepreneurs to practice, while also providing a conducive work environment and access to training opportunities on business growth.</mark> <p></p> The 'Ajegunle Co-working Hub' is an incubator for artisans, entrepreneurs, and freelancers where they can learn and grow their businesses without the burden of insufficient and high costs of available workspaces

989 Workspaces - school image
989 Workspaces

At 989 Workspaces, we understand what it takes to get a business off the ground. Our mission is to create affordable shared spaces in a quiet and collaborative environment. Our slogan is “Find your Focus” and because we understand how noisy most shared spaces can be, we bring together people who live and breathe that mindset. Make it your own by becoming a member for the day, month or year! <mark>From furniture to high-speed internet - we’ve thought about everything you might need to get you started on your next big project.</mark>

theBUNKer - school image

Spaces for lease by the hour, day, by the week, or by the year. Fully serviced offices with everything included – high-speed internet, office furniture and utilities - just show up and get to work. We offer creative working environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit. Plug into our energy and watch your world accelerate. <p></p> Everything you need to grow your business is here Our Amenities <br> <mark>High speed internet<br> Secure business-grade internet, intercom and WiFi <p></p> Virtual Assistant Services<br> For busy entrepreneurs, we run your administrative processes effortlessly. <p></p> Parking space<br> Convenient Accessible Parking <p></p> Modern Facilities<br> Modern, ergonomic office furniture.</mark>

CubeHub - school image

CubeHub is a top independent virtual and serviced office business centre in Lagos, Nigeria. We have extensive experience in seamlessly fitting businesses, startups and entrepreneurs with flexible workspace and business solutions that match your requirements. CubeHub business centre is managed by local, professional and experienced executives. <p></p>What CubeHub offers? <br> <mark>CubeHub offers you a flexible and smart range of fully equipped offices and business solutions from virtual offices to serviced office rental to meeting room, day office rental, accounting solutions, business registration, legal services etc. Our duty is to find a home for your business with our excellent customer service, administrative support, and flexible product offerings.</mark> <p></p> Who CubeHub is for? <br> CubeHub is for all types of companies setting up in Nigeria to develop their business. From the founder of a company who needs an office to the Global company which wants to set up a new subsidiary, CubeHub business centres provide quality business solutions to fit your budget, size and desired length of stay. Scaling up is easy: you can acquire more space as your business grows.

Ihifix Digital Academy - school image
Ihifix Digital Academy

Ihifix Digital Academy is a pioneer in digital skills training and business transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. We enable a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love. <p></p> We enable a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love. Get ahead with expert-led training in coding, data, design, digital marketing, and more. <p></p> Our Most Popular Courses<br> <mark>Web Design <br> Build rich, interactive, full-stack apps with key programming languages and dive into design patterns, APIs, and more. <p></p> Software Engineering <br> Develop interactive, responsive websites to impress new clients and employers with your coding skills and get ahead on the job. </mark> <p></p> Digital Marketing <br> Gain competitive digital marketing skills, personalized career coaching, and access to resources and digital marketing tools.

Thescathcompanies - school image

Thescathcompanies is a hybrid VC firm that is powering early stage seed funding & advisory for founders, building innovative startups that are solving real problems within northern Nigeria & globally <p></p> 1. Accelerator is a feature by THESCATHCOMPANIES which helps mentor, seed-fund and build some of Africa’s promising businesses & startups who are turning Africa’s biggest challenges into global business opportunities. <p></p> <mark>We help mentor, seed-fund and build some of Northern Nigeria & Africa’s promising startups who are turning Africa’s biggest challenges into global business opportunities.</mark> <p></p> Join our portfolio of companies transforming Africa’s future we’re early believers for the smartest & most ambitious new generation of founders, backing them by writing those first cheques of an average of $50,000 for a minimum of 7.5% equity ownership. <p></p> 2. OFFICES is a feature by THESCATHCOMPANIES that <mark>provides a conducive state of the art co-working space, seminar space, board room, private office, library & creative space for bookings by individuals, startups, businesses and companies</mark> on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & annual subscription. <p></p> 3. Code to startup (CTS) is a feature by TSC that <mark>offers paid & free certified tech courses, which helps you learn tech related skills & gain possible placement in global organizations looking to hire.</mark>

GreyHobb - school image

We provide conducive and state-of-the-art co-working environment for our users, which is inclusive of 24/7 high speed internet service, electricity, open work area, access to kitchen and dining gazebos, conference rooms, security assurance (police covering), integrated taxing system, funding opportunities, incubation and acceleration programs and access to professionals in the technological and creative space. <p></p> Co-working <br> <mark>Our Co-working space embodies tech-driven startups which have access to our incubation and acceleration programs. The creative arm covers creative content development, fashion, films, art, music and general traditional/cultural content. </mark> <p></p> Our Goal <br> Our goal at the hub is to bring people together from all backgrounds, with a wide range of skills and education to foster an ecosystem of networking and knowledge-sharing, so they can mutually benefit and learn from each other. <p></p> GreyHobb <br> At GreyHobb, students, developers, entrepreneurs, content creators, digital marketers etc. are welcome to join a growing ecosystem with a view to making life changing connections that can transform an idea into a profitable venture.

V8 Ventures - school image
V8 Ventures

V8 Ventures is a platform for accelerated business growth across Africa with a simple vision; to bridge the gap between young businesses, investors and highly experienced mentors to ensure rapid commercial growth especially in the digital technology space. <p></p> Our co-working space, V8 Valley, is comprised of talented businesses looking to grow and scale. <mark>With flexible month-to-month desk space in a collaborative environment as a service, we provide our members a more cost effective solution to working.</mark> At V8 valley, the motto is simple: affordable desk space with a difference where everything works.

Coworkstyle - school image

We are a community of like-minded individuals, working independently and together in an epicentre that is more than just a workspace of bubbling excellence. <p></p> We are more than just a workspace, we are collaborating for growth. <p></p> The Coworkstyle network gives you access to the operational assistance required to build or expand your business all from the comfort of your workspace. <p></p> Our Amenities <br> We empower you to work at your most efficient level with modern amenities and tech support with an unrivaled ambience to keep you relaxed during the toughest of days. <br> What’s included: <mark><br> - All inclusive bills <br> - Superfast broadband <br> - Fully equipped kitchen <br> - Huge parking space <br> - Conference rooms <br> - Full security cameras <br> - Flexible contracts <br> - Training program <br> - Communal spaces</mark>

Pyale WorkHub - school image
Pyale WorkHub

Pyale WorkHub is the company’s first foray into flexible office rental service businesses and its ambition is to expand this business offering across key commercial cities in Nigeria. Our key value proposition is to provide our clients with a slick, technology-enabled environment that allows them create value for their stakeholders whilst taking away the burden that comes with the upfront cost of long-leases and capital expenditure away from young and budding entrepreneurs, leaving them to focus on productivity, growth and creating value for their stakeholders. A comfortable and efficient workspace is essential to any business’s success. While there are many benefits, choosing the right coworking space can be difficult. Pyale WorkHub will provide its clients with the following benefits: <p></p> <mark>Help Separate Work from Home:<br> Anyone who has worked from home will agree that the biggest drawback of working from home is the abundance of distractions it offers. When you are comfortably lounged on your sofa and have your kids, pets, family chores, visitors, and a lot of other home-related matters drawing your attention, work is bound to suffer. It can also happen that when you work from home, you are tempted to spend a couple of hours watching the TV or catching up with the latest series on Netflix. A shared office space ensures a distraction-free environment and also lets you separate work from home.</mark> <p></p> Enhance Your Productivity:<br>When you opt for coworking, you step into an environment full of people who are eager to carve out a niche in their own fields. The energy and positive mindset of the people working in such a space help to remove your own uncertainties and motivates you to overcome any downward trend in your work. Also, since such spaces are full of people who are not part of a single office or not vying for the same professional achievements, the sense of rivalry and competition is much less among the co-workers. <p></p> Opens Up Net Working Opportunities:<br> Coworking spaces are a melting pot of people with varied talents and belonging to different professional backgrounds. Being a part of such an environment opens up the opportunities to network and get in touch with people who might be relevant for your business or work. <p></p> Reduce Costs and Increases Flexibility: <br> If you are considering renting office space, you will have to be financially ready to not just rent the space but spend on installing the required infrastructure and then maintaining them as well. With coworking space, you save on the cost and the hassles of renting and managing office space. Moreover, you can opt to work out of even prime locations without having to dig deep into your pockets. <p></p> Offers the Opportunity for Expert Advice:<br> Most coworking spaces organize different kinds of events and programs to help co-workers gain a better foothold in their respective industries and become successful. As a member of a coworking space, you get to attend such programs and events without any extra cost. Apart from such events, you can also ask for expert professional advice from the talented people surrounding you when you face a roadblock in your work. <p></p> Gives You a Comfortable Workspace with all the Necessary Facilities:<br> Unlike traditional offices, coworking spaces ensure that you work in a comfortable environment. By a comfortable space, we mean access to all facilities such as refrigerator, microwave, internet, coffee machines, lockers, printers, and of course, parking space, and all that for free or a very nominal cost. Add to that a bright and cheerful ambiance, dotted with ergonomic chairs where you can sit and work for hours without straining your backbone.

Bayelsa Tech Hub - school image
Bayelsa Tech Hub

The Bayelsa Tech Hub, is a technology and enterprise development establishment providing a wide range of support services such as Co-work spaces, Incubation, Training’s and Robotics to help the Bayelsa community build livelihood through technology, innovation and diverse enterprises. We are a people centered community focused on growing talent, sustaining businesses and developing human capital in Bayelsa State and beyond. <p></p> Established in November 2019 as a CSR project of the Bank of Industry, the Bayelsa Tech Hub is cited in the capital city; Yenagoa, as the go-to establishment for tech innovations. Through her Programs and Initiatives, the Hub exists to support the growth of Indigenous Startups, Up and coming tech entrepreneurs, SMEs, Local Tech Communities and other stakeholders. <p></p> <mark>The Bayelsa Tech Hub is positioned for the future to be a recognized center for research and development in key sectors of our economy. For this purpose, the Facility houses a laboratory for robotics, drone technology, artificial intelligence, game development and coding programs.</mark> <p></p> The Bayelsa Tech Hub is powered by Bank of Industry (BoI) and managed by Vatebra Tech Hub. <p></p> Incubator/Accelerator <br> <mark>Our incubator/accelerator program is for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs with genius tech-driven business ideas. We provide business mentorship and infrastructural support (office spaces) that will help the entrepreneurs scale. Through our incubation programs, we provide Incubation for Startups with Minimum Viable Products annually, and help them through a series of enterprise training, finance and technical support to get to Product Market Fit.</mark> <p></p> Training<br> We offer tech training as short courses, intermediary courses and professional curricular courses. Our courses cut across Programming, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Use of Microsoft Office Suite and other tech-related training’s. We also offer non-tech training in areas of entrepreneurship and business management. We provide Tech and Enterprise Development training’s to foster human capital development in Bayelsa State. Our training’s are targeted at building Tech skills among Young people while providing enterprise support for Business Owners and Startups. <p></p>Robotics <br> We also have a great in-house robotics lab. Robotics has proven to be a more interesting and engaging way to teach STEM to young people. The coming decade will be defined by the largest workforce transition in the history of mankind. Millions of jobs will be lost to technology, while new jobs will be created. Robotics and artificial intelligence will be the driving force behind future technology that will drive new jobs. Through our weekend robotics program for Kids and other in-house and onsite programs, we are building the next generation of innovators through Robotics, Drone Technology and Artificial Intelligence Programs. <p></p>Coworking <br> We offer subscription-based co-work spaces and shared offices with world class amenities. We offer a range of affordable co-work spaces to cater to the needs of up-and-coming entrepreneurs, existing startups and individuals who seek a more convenient set up structure for their business.

The MusterPoint - school image
The MusterPoint

Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup, at Musterpoint you’ll discover spaces that inspire your most impactful work. We offer solutions designed for all your needs. Workspace is our craft! From private offices to whole headquarters, we create spaces that work for you. <p></p> Mission Statement <br> <mark>To enable productivity and innovation across Africa by providing well curated, energy efficient, innovative and well distributed work-spaces for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses and large corporation.</mark> <p></p> Our Vision <br>> To provide innovative workspace solution that enables growth of sustainable businesses across Africa. <p></p> Our Values <p></p> Community <br> We ensure our members feel connected and supported to do their best and most productive work. <p></p> <mark>Creativity <br> We apply creative thinking to our workspace solutions, ensuring superior customer experience to all our clients.</mark> <p></p> Purposeful Living <br> We thrive on innovation that keeps us relevant now and in the future. <p></p> Collaboration <br> We enable collaboration amongst our community members to ensure access to mutually beneficial business opportunities. <p></p> <mark>Innovation <br> We thrive on innovation that keeps us relevant now and in the future.</mark> <p></p> Authenticity <br> We believe that what you give to the world is your uniqueness, and we ensure we stay authentic to who we are.

Dominion Co-working Hub - school image
Dominion Co-working Hub

Dominion Co-working Hub is designed to bring you the best working environment where you have focus to connect, create and collaborate with like minds for better and concrete growth of your brand and business, we are located in the heart of lekki, suite 1 level 5 dominion plaza off by igboefon bus stop off lekki epe express way. come be part of us. <p></p> <mark>Business service <br> - Modern office spaces in the heart of lekki <br> - Office space -Conference Room - meeting room <br> - Rent for Hourly/Daily/Monthly/yearly usage <br> - Affordable </mark>

Zahari Workspace - school image
Zahari Workspace

Zahari Workspace offers a unique Co-working Space in Lekki that provides fully-equipped offices with many benefits for your Business, including Conference Room, Meeting and Training Rooms, as well as a Virtual Office, the perfect Business Address for your company. <p></p> <mark>Zahari Workspace is a professional upscale Co-Working Space designed to inspire you. We are built with the unique idea that people work better in comfortable environments.</mark> <p></p> We offer privacy as well as a Space to connect and relax. Zahari Co-working space is not only a place to call your own, but also a lovely work environment like you’ve never seen before. <p></p> We have all the essentials needed for you to successfully run your business. From state-of-the-art technology to Office Assistant and flexible payments, we’ve got you covered. All you need is your computer. We’ll take care of the rest. <p></p> Co-Working Packages All Inclusive plans, with flexible terms starting at Daily or Quarterly payments.

SpacePAD - school image

SpacePAD is an innovative coworking space that facilitates the productivity of entrepreneurs in various industries. <p></p> We are building a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who collaborate, inspire and share brilliant ideas. <p></p> <mark>We are a fully serviced office spaces service provision company. Our idea of working entails that work and business productivity should be highly maintained, therefore, business owners would not have to worry about basic and advanced office space. </mark> <p></p> What we offer <p></p> We provide a well equipped workspace at flexible and affordable rates. <p></p> Our workspace has a serene environment devoid of distractions giving you an atmosphere to create your best work. <p></p> Whether, you are at the Premium, Executive office suite or Open floor (co-working) your productivity and comfort is essential to SpacePAD. We are committed to doing our part, and technology is at the heart of our approach. We have put in place new technologies and systems to help improve productivity and networking to help make it easier for everyone to get around. <p></p> Feel energized all day with natural light. Our offices have lots of windows allowing plenty of natural light to fill the place. A nice outside view all year around to refresh your mind.

Enterprise Hubs - school image
Enterprise Hubs

Enterprise Hubs owned by Pedestal Africa Limited is an integrated network of online and physical resource centres for emerging enterprises in Nigeria and beyond. A platform for promotion of businesses across Africa, <mark>offering shared workspaces, virtual offices, contemporary business hubs, online B2B marketplace, business support services and a complete suite of enterprise development services.</mark> <p></p> Our Vision <br> Creating an enterprise community for entrepreneurs to innovate, interact and succeed. <p></p>Core Values <br> Community, Convenience, Network/Collaboration, Efficiency. <p></p> Office Space <br> We have state of the art office spaces to cater for your needs <p></p>Virtual Office <br> Take control of your business, by having a business address in the heart of Lagos Nigeria. <p></p>Professional Services <br> <mark>We support entrepreneurs, by offering professional services at a reduced cost</mark> <p></p>Training Programs <br> Get involve, and participate in our training programs.

Civic Innovation Lab - school image
Civic Innovation Lab

At Civic Innovation Lab, we are at the front line of supporting indigenous start-ups through technical and business solutions. We empower entrepreneurs to do more good by creating successful enterprises. <p></p>Our system puts in place a number of trainings and programs where innovators and entrepreneurs within/ outside of our community get access to our mentorship and engagements programs. <p></p> <mark>Our focus this year is providing women entrepreneurs with tools, finance and information to ACCESS MARKETS. </mark> <p></p> We Empower Enterprenuers And Inspire Innovators <p></p> We empower entrepreneurs to do more good by creating successful enterprises. Our system puts in place a number of trainings and programs where innovators and entrepreneurs within/ outside of our community get access to our mentorship and engagements programs. <p></p> Our role as an impact driven hub is to act as an intermediary, initiating conversation between the government and the start-up/tech ecosystem. The aim of this interaction is to enable government crowd source indigenous solutions among Nigerian start-ups. There exists a huge gulf between the start-up space and the affairs of government in Nigeria. We know that government support for start-ups and tech innovations is the fastest, easiest and most economical route to solving the challenges peculiar to our nation. <p></p> Pitch Sessions <br> In our bid to create the perfect ambience of entrepreneurial support to our local community of social entrepreneurs, the creative in our space decided to design a bridge that connects investors to start-ups <p></p> Government Support <br> <mark>One of our primary roles is the establishment of a Government-start-up relationship. This relationship focuses on getting the Government to look at indigenous SMEs for execution of operations</mark> <p></p>Building Communities <br> Our foremost goal is community and this is what we have at Civic Innovation Lab. We have a rich tightly bonded community of diversified personalities. All coming from different places, races and colors having different strengths and skills, in this diversity lies our strength. <p></p> Dev Talks <br> <mark>DevTalks is a that provides a platform to dialogue and engage civil society on issues that affect their well-being. The aim is to articulate social problems and spark innovative ideas to tackle them. The program brings all relevant stakeholders and industry influencers to the table to discuss topics that affects civil society.</mark>

Kofisi Ikoyi - school image
Kofisi Ikoyi

Kofisi’s agile office space on Ikoyi is an excellent choice for any business needing reliable and secure serviced offices in the Nigerian capital. Known for its smart residential streets and high-end retail stores, the iconic Heritage Towers is a fitting addition to the area. Using recycled water systems, automatic presence detectors and high- efficiency lighting, it is the city’s first environmentally certified commercial building. Sitting at the crossroads of Lugard Avenue and Kingsway Road, this futuristic flexible workspace is within easy reach of Lagos’s international airport and main shopping amenities. <p></p> PRIVATE OFFICE IN IKOYI <br> Kofisi’s Private Offices and Office Suites in Lagos are located in Heritage Place – one of the capitals most iconic and modern buildings. These secure and reliable enclosed offices are suitable for companies of any size who want to work in their own area, but who want to use the amenities Kofisi agile areas offer. <p></p> COWORKING IN IKOYI <br> <mark>The agile office space in this Centre has been designed with pieces sourced from local artisans. It is suitable for clients renting flexible desks or who need a work location while in Lagos. Other state of the art facilities include a phone/Skype Booth, a Breakout Lounge, private Booths and Huddle Rooms for impromptu meetings, a communal Kitchen Parlour, a Book Nook, CoffeeCopy and a Coffee Station.</mark> <p></p> MEETING ROOMS IN IKOYI <br> Kofisi Meeting Rooms are for four to six people and can be rented for an hour or more. Knowledge Rooms, taken for a minimum half day, are designed for team strategy or team training sessions and can hold a large meeting. These rooms have been designed to create a working atmosphere which is at once studious and inspiring, and our staff members have been trained to ensure you have everything for a productive and smooth-running meeting.

Work and Connect - school image
Work and Connect

Work and Connect is a hybrid model enterprise support organisation that holistically builds capacity, support the growth of youth-led businesses, innovation-driven entrepreneurs, accelerating MSMEs and innovates for good. The organisation offers a variety of support to entrepreneurs through its two arms; Connect Lab (An Innovation Lab) and Connect Space (A co-working space). <p></p> Connect Lab, the start up incubation arm of the company is focused on developing the next generation of youth-led ventures, and impact-driven social enterprises in Africa through implementation of entrepreneurship development support programmes learning and design thinking projects and policy advocacy workshops. <p></p> Connect space is the biggest co-working facility in Nigeria situated in the heart of FCT, Abuja. <mark>The space is focused on building a vibrant community while making room to accommodate everyone irrespective of their budget or working style. Our space is exclusively furnished and designed with leading IT facilities to support and meet the needs of modern-day workers.</mark>

Upschool Africa - school image
Upschool Africa

Programming School - Designed for you to move from zero skill in coding to a confident level to be able to build a website all by yourself and able to replicate same for clients or your employer. <p></p> Courses available in Upschool Africa programming school <p></p> Upschool Africa offers variety of in-demand tech skills taught by industry experts and professional instructors <p></p> Become a Front-end Developer <br> Learn how to build and code websites user interfaces with responsiveness with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript. <p></p> Become a Back-end Developer <br> Learn how to build and code engines and databases that powers web applications using different best practices and programming languages like Javascript, PHP and Python with Databases using SQL <p></p> <mark>Become a Full Stack Developer <br> Learn how to build and code both interfaces, engines and databases that powers web applications using different best practices and programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP or Python with Databases using SQL</mark>

WorkCentral Nigeria - school image
WorkCentral Nigeria

WorkCentral Nigeria offers a great co-working space with a variety of different options. From Dedicated Desks to Team Desks to Private Offices, we have built a creative fun place to work around other people with similar goals and passions. <p></p> <mark>Our space is specially designed for freelancers, SMEs, and budding entrepreneurs who need a location to work with a professional outlay.</mark> <p></p> We offer packages designed to provide scalability to businesses at ultra-affordable costs. <p></p> Our growing community sets us apart from other places. A key feature is our Monthly events focused on start-ups, marketing, coding, and other important topics. You even get free software to drive your business! <br> - Serviced / Private Offices <br> - TeamDesk <br> - Dedicated Desk <br> - Virtual Office Service

Proximity Space - school image
Proximity Space

At proximity space, we are committed to providing an environment that is serene, conducive and technology capable to allow our residents achieve their optimal performance and ability. <p></p> Proximity space is a place for startups, SME's entrepreneurs and freelancers in and around Lagos. Even if you are just visiting Lagos or Nigeria, you will be able to find solace in Proximity Space. <p></p> <mark>We offer a solution to the problem of isolation entrepreneurs' face working from home and at the same time gives them an escape from distractions. Together as a community, we can change succeed!</mark> <p></p> We love to: <br> - Think - Proximity space isolates you from the hustle and bustle of Lagos enabling creative juices to flow and allow ideas to come to fruition. <br> - Create - We provide an environment to allow our residents bring their ideas to life. We ensure all the necessary technology and ancillary services are provided to support our community grow and create a conducive environment where coworkers can exchange ideas and create solutions. <br> - Collaborate - We are more than just a beautiful space. Proximity space gives an opportunity to meet a diversity of skills/professions and people who share values. <p></p> Advantages with Proximity Space <p></p> High speed internet (75MBPS) <br>We use Fibre from source to our offices. Pure Internet joy. <p></p> 24/7 Security and access control <br> Access to the offices is available 24 hours a day with Access Control to the main building. <p></p>Constant uninterrupted power <br> Proximity Space provides a 2 standby generators and an inverter which ensures you remain connected at all times. <p></p> Dedicated front desk <br> We provide a dedicated receptionist support service to help our clients in order to meet the needs of their business. No need to hire a receptionist. <p></p>Meeting room with flipchart and projector <br> Our dedicated meeting room is equipped with a state of the art projector and flip charts to cater to any presentation

33B Flexible Offices - school image
33B Flexible Offices

33B Flexible Offices was created with the following people in mind: small to medium-sized professional teams and individual professionals who have short-term business in Lagos and are looking for a fully equipped, conducive, accessible and affordable workspace in the Lekki area. <p></p> Do well to have a feel of the place through our Virtual Tour tool on the website and book a viewing of the space and we would get in touch with you. <p></p> 33b Flexible Offices is more than just an office space, we are a community of like minded professionals in an innovative environment- collaborating, connecting and creating. As a member of 33b Flexible Offices, you have access to a variety of facilities such as: <mark> <br> - Fully furnished Private Offices. <br> - Sizable Conference room. <br> - Virtual Office. <br> - High Speed WiFi. <br> - Dedicated front desk. <br> - Printing, Photocopying and other facilities. </mark> <p></p> Workspace Key Features <br> - Private offices with dedicated Front Desk <br> - Conference room with state-of-the-art presentation facilities <br> - Built to foster productivity <br> - Fast & Reliable Internet <br> - Virtual Office <br> - Printing and Photocopying services

Foteino Talento - school image
Foteino Talento

Foteino Talento is a dynamic establishment located at Victoria Island, Lagos. We understand how flexibility and agility are two keywords featured in the new normal and have therefore created a space that caters to individual workers, freelancers, and as well as organisations - start-ups, SMEs and large organisations who have grasped the concept of the world of work. <p></p> <mark>FT Workspace is designed to enable an environment conducive to productivity, creating pleasant and comfortable conditions for you to thrive in. Paying close attention to subtle details, such as knowing what colours, sounds and smells will induce calmness and implementing these methods, is what we pride ourselves in.</mark> <p></p> Benefits <p></p> <br> - Official Working Hours <br> - Conference Room​ <br> - Prestigious Location <br> - High Speed Internet​ <br> - Wireless TV Projection <br> - Printing/Scanning <br> - Flexible Work Space​ <br> - Mail & call Handling​ <br> - Pet Friendly​

WakeMan Heights - school image
WakeMan Heights

At Wakeman Heights we believe in giving businesses the choice, flexibility and access to office space. We create bright, inspiring workspaces that can be customised to individual needs, within consistently professional environments. <p></p> When choosing which co working space proximity is right for your office space, we provide you the best space in the heart of Lagos, our office is close to Lagos State Rail Terminal in Alagomeji, Yaba. Our service will give your business flexible options with open plan desks and offices to rent by the month or hour. <p></p> <mark>Our office space, coworking environments, business lounges and meeting rooms come with everything taken care of. Our experienced, friendly teams sort all the details and services you need for your business to thrive, so your business can be more productive and stay focused on what’s important.</mark>

9jacodekids Academy - school image
9jacodekids Academy

9jacodekids Academy is Nigeria’s leading STEM education institute providing coding and robotics programs for kids aged 4 to 16 years old. Our classes include weekend coding courses, holiday coding camps and STEM workshops <p></p> Since 2016 our team has taught over 5000+ students within and outside Nigeria to develop core coding skills in Web Design, Mobile App design, Game design, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence <p></p> Our Approach<br> <mark>We believe that it is not enough to learn how to code. Our students should be able to use their coding skills to innovate and create value. Our model is anchored on a three pronged approach of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship</mark> <p></p> Technology<br> Our first step is giving kids the tech skills required to be up to date in a fast changing world <p></p> Innovation<br> We instill in our students the ability to harness their skills and use them to solve societal problems <p></p> Entrepreneurship<br> We train them to develop the entrepreneurial skill-set and mindset that will enable them launch their innovation into profitable business. <p></p>Our Core Programs<br> 9jacodekids Academy offers various programs that will help your child develop their vision; and more importantly the substance for achieving it. <p></p> Coding<br> <mark>Coding is at the core of what we do. The ability to give instructions to computers and robots teaches your kids to not just solve problems but to also foresee them.</mark> <p></p> Robotics<br> We enable kids with the concepts of how robots and similar machineries work. This gives them an edge over their peers in a world becoming ever reliant on machines. <p></p> Artificial Intelligence<br> We teach kids to design intelligent computer programs. This ability puts your child at the top of the demand hierarchy, globally.

ARM Labs - school image
ARM Labs

Labs by ARM 2.0 is designed to engage Nigerian post-MVP fintech startups in a series of activities aimed at exponentially advancing the growth of their companies within 12 weeks, while ensuring their investment-readiness. Selected startups will be provided with financial investment, distribution and access to investors. <mark>Participants are provided with office space, access to asset management firm ARM’s network and carefully selected mentors from the fintech industry who will provide hands-on support and valuable introductions.</mark> Applications for the second cohort of the accelerator closed on 30 December. It’s not clear if the accelerator will hold a third cohort or not, so keep an eye out for any announcement on upcoming application cycles. <p></p> ARM Labs Innovation Program Structure <br> ARM Labs Innovation Program is an incubator program by ARM to support the startup ecosystem. It usually commences with a call for application to attract high quality founders building amazing products. <p></p> Innovation Program <br> The program lasts for seven(7) weeks and during this period, founders participate in roundtables, meet business leaders within ARM and share ideas, there are also mentorship sessions and startups are prepared for demo day as well as sessions that will enable them to get more funding

Itanna - school image

Itanna is an impact initiative that invests in disruptive businesses in Africa providing growth capital and seed capital through its 5-month accelerator programme. Developed by the Honeywell Group in partnership with the African Economic Revolution Fund (AERF), it is located at the Enterprise Factory in Lagos where Africa’s top talent can bring their ideas, visions, expertise, and resources to create a new wave of revolutionary enterprises that stimulate economic growth across the continent. <p></p> <mark>We have a 4 month accelerator programme operating out of our Enterprise Factory in Lagos, Nigeria. Tech Startups will receive initial investment, as well as hands-on advice from experts and mentorship from leading global Tech entrepreneurs and industry experts.</mark> <p></p> We offer a professional working environment that is flexible and easily accessible, we also provide an environment where you can meet people, network, share your interest and achieve business growth and productivity.

GreenHouse Capital - school image
GreenHouse Capital

Working with Greenhouse Capital helps startups as our platform is enriched by VGG's decade of experience in innovative thinking and business incubation. Due to our various business functions we're able to provide a global network, know how of dealing with regulators, access to a community at various stages of a business and mentors. <p></p> GreenHouse Capital began as a simple initiative (known as GIBE) to empower budding entrepreneurs. We have since grown to run multiple accelerator programs each year, including our flagship program, GreenHouse Lab-Nigeria’s first tech accelerator for women-led startups. Our <mark>accelerators are developed in partnership with leading corporates and tech companies, with sessions facilitated by industry experts. Participating startups gain access to training, mentorship, the opportunity for investment from GreenHouse and our global network of investors.</mark>

Adaverse - school image

Adaverse is a Cardano Ecosystem Accelerator that aggregates entrepreneurs, strategists and mentors building its most robust foundation in Africa and Asia. It's a collaborative initiative between EMURGO and Everest Ventures Group that supports blockchain founders with funds, mentorship and tech infrastructure to scale Web3 solutions across the globe. <p></p><mark>Adaverse aims to facilitate the growth of selected projects and success of entrepreneurs building on Cardano, by working with most seasoned mentors and navigating through products build-up and go-to-market strategy.</mark> <p></p> Program Highlights <br> - A 3-month virtual accelerator program <br> - Up to $750K immediate funding for 6% equity and 8% future token/NFT supply with advisory tokens upon negotiation <br> - Project valuation range from 2M-30M <br> - Product launch and Listing management after successful fundraising through our joint venture partners <br> - Strategic Planning in Product, token economy design, fundraising, marketing and research.

LPI Innovation Hub - school image
LPI Innovation Hub

The LPI Innovation Hub is a space that fosters ingenuity and inventions. It seeks to contribute to the driving demand for innovation and creativity, and so, prepare for the new frontier. We are dissatisfied with the status quo and work to solve the biggest pain points in different areas of our community from tech to business. <p></p> The Hub is open to creators and developers, designers and artists, techies and scientists, researchers, professionals, start-up and business owners, and students. <p></p> <mark>Our Focus Areas helps us organise ourselves in multidisciplinary teams and work with (and in) small project teams to develop new processes, create new business models, and ship new products and services to the connected global community.</mark> <p></p> We are currently in Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa and located within the campus of the premier university in Nigeria, University of Ibadan. <p></p> In line with the vision of LPI and fulfilling its purpose of enabling economic and creative opportunities for everybody, the LPI Innovation hub is a development environment, <mark>a platform where ideas and interaction between creative and technological oriented founders and persons are in the focus for creativity and innovation so communities and their citizens succeed; and barriers of entry are knocked down for people and businesses, leveling the economic playing field and providing access for all and improving the quality of life of the community through innovation.</mark> The Hub provides a cross disciplinary project platform on the University Campus housing and helping scientists, artists and experts to collaborate beyond their individual disciplines, universities and offices, investigating issues and challenges and proffer solutions that can be patented. The results are unique projects, new networks, further platforms and innovative approaches for commerce and research.

uLesson - school image

uLesson coding school makes coding fun for children aged 4-18 years. Learn to build apps, games, websites with our expert tutors and equip your child with the skill of the future. uLesson Coding School - <mark>a one-on-one tutoring style and language streamlined for kids, teaches kids skills like Scratch, Javascript, HTML & CSS and Python, laying the foundation for a successful future while also equipping them with critical thinking skills.</mark>

Stutern - school image

Stutern is a skills development and job placement platform that trains and connects young African talents with long-term employment. <mark>The platform focuses on the following skills: UI/UX design, front-end development, backend development, data science and mobile development.</mark> <p></p> Some graduates from Stutern now work at Paystack, Canva, Interswitch, and other reputable tech firms across the world.

Slatecube Accelerate - school image
Slatecube Accelerate

Accelerate is a digital talent platform that enables students, graduates, and early career professionals to develop job relevant skills that companies care about and get hired upon completion - all in one place! <p></p> Are you struggling to start your career? You're not alone. As more and more people enter into the job market, recruiters are actively seeking innovative ways to find top talent. We are here to help prepare and connect you to your dream job. <p></p> Accelerate is the fastest way to start your career. <p></p> Here's how it works:<br> 1. Get up-skilled.<br> To get hired on Slatecube, companies require that you successfully enroll and complete a set of online courses. Each course adds certain skills to your profile. The better your score in each course, the more likely you are to get hired. <p></p> 2. Complete assessments. <br> After completing any course on Slatecube, you will be given scenario-based assessment questions which make up the verification and assessment phase of your user journey. We may also ask for your academic transcripts and statements. <p></p> 3. Get employed.<br> Upon completing the Accelerate™ user journey, our machine learning algorithms suggest and rank you to employers based on your performance and acquired skills. <mark>We use predictive analytics to better develop your profile until you get hired.</mark>

Semicolon - school image

Semicolon is a Nigerian edtech that is addressing youth unemployment by training software engineers and techpreneurs to enable profitable and inclusive economic growth. <p></p> Every year, Semicolon <mark>takes in tens of young and driven youths; who are usually complete newbies and with diverse backgrounds, to begin a one-year software engineering journey.</mark> <p></p> We are passionate about building the people that will build the companies that will build Africa. We are problem solvers, technologists and optimists of a better future for Africa. We bring this to life by identifying talented minds, guiding them through innovative training, deploying them effectively and collaborating with others to build sustainable solutions for society.

Utiva - school image

One Single Platform That Helps You Learn Tech and Helps Companies Hire you Fast - 100X Better <p></p> We are a Technology Workforce Development company that <mark>helps people learn premium technology skills virtually and partners with companies to hire the best talents</mark> and invest in workforce development. Currently with learners from 19 countries. <p></p> Utiva School is designed to shape you to the best you can be in your current role or transitioning to a new career. We have the best & experience trainers to help you on that journey

Google for Startups Accelerator: Africa - school image
Google for Startups Accelerator: Africa

A three-month virtual accelerator program for high potential Seed to Series A tech startups based in Africa. <p></p> If you're building a great business or product in Africa, for Africa, we should work together! Google for Startups Accelerator Africa <mark>accepts applications from startups located in Algeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Côte D'ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.</mark> <p></p> Google for Startups Accelerator: Africa is a three-month accelerator program for Seed to Series A technology startups across the African continent. <p></p> The accelerator is designed to bring the best of Google's programs, products, people and technology to startups that leverage machine learning and AI in their company today or plan to in the future. In addition to mentorship and technical project support, the accelerator also includes deep dives and workshops focused on product design, customer acquisition and leadership development for founders, specialized training, media opportunities and access to Google’s network of engineers and experts.

Iba Ajie - school image
Iba Ajie

Iba Ajie is a community and resource center which houses a museum, a restaurant that sits 29 inside, co-working spaces, a research library with 2000 reference books, a coding and digital academy with 35 workstations as well as 62 gaming consoles for eSports and gaming competitions. We also have a training room and performance spaces indoor and outside. <p></p> <mark>We have a fully installed and network routed 31 desktops facility, this facility runs and operates as a coding academy teaching code and robotics. The core partner for Dibueze Coding Academy is Techquest Nigeria.</mark> <p></p> The academy offers multiple services and programs <br>A)Software courses <br>B)Coding and robotics courses <br>C)Digital Skills Training. <br>D)Invigilation & Certified Exam Center <br>E)Stem Academy <p></p> Ibaajie Coworking Space <br> Iba Ajie is deep rooted in the culture and focused on the future. Our innovation hub is where tradition and culture meet technology and the future. Fully fitted with co-working spaces, meeting/training rooms and a game room. <p></p> The programming and ambience of <mark>Iba Ajie is designed to support local teams and companies who need modern and functional co working spaces administered by our hot desk.</mark>

Renaissance Innovation Labs - school image
Renaissance Innovation Labs

At Renaissance Innovation Labs, we reimagine Africa in today’s world of rapid technological development. We find the smartest people, provide them with the right tools for success, and generate innovative solutions for individuals and industries. <p></p> RIL facilitates technology experiments from ideation to formation of business units, and translate solutions to enterprise. <p></p> <mark>We find areas right for disruption by engaging diverse participants in open collaboration. These participants (innovators) are taken through a guided learning process that equips them with the requisite knowledge and skill for progress. Together, we’re able to engineer innovative prototypes and explore opportunities with contributors, mentors, and sponsors.</mark> <p></p> We take on challenges too big for one organization by engaging diverse participants to create, elaborate, and prototype disruptive solutions.

Eko Innovation Center - school image
Eko Innovation Center

EIC accelerate enterprises that leverage innovation and technology at the core of their business. <p></p> Innovation Pillars <p></p> 1. Learning<br> We train and help people to acquire new understanding, skills and competencies in 5 key areas - Data, AI, Media, Blockchain and Digital Products <p></p> 2. Acceleration<br> We expose high-impact businesses to our faculty of high-ranking, multi-sector advisors, as well as our network of private & public stakeholders. Exposing high-impact businesses to our faculty of high-ranking, multi-sector advisors, as well as our network of private & public stakeholders. <p></p> 3. Digital Product Incubation<br> We accelerate the idea to commercialization curve for individuals and businesses that want to launch their products so they can go to market in record time. <p></p> <mark>Our Passion For Start-Ups<br> Passionate about the growth and development of Startups and entrepreneurship in Nigeria, grooming them to become global challengers, and help boost the economic revival of Africa.</mark>

Kebbi Innovation and Tech Hub - school image
Kebbi Innovation and Tech Hub

Kebbi Innovation and Tech Hub is a world class hub in the heart of Birnin Kebbi that brings ICT education, innovation and startup support to Kebbi State. <mark>The hub is equipped with state of the art training facilities, robotics labs, co-working space, privates offices, meeting rooms, dining areas at affordable rates.</mark> The hub also has a 24/7 power supply, blazing internet and a conducive and secured environment. The best hub so far in North west Nigeria by my experience!

Kada Hive Hub - school image
Kada Hive Hub

We are Kada Hive Hub, a catalyst for creating a collaborative space and community where ideas ignite, business incubates and social change makers and entrepreneurs innovate. <mark>The Hub is a place for technologists, social entrepreneurs, government, tech companies, impact investors, and hackers in and around Kaduna to co-create new solutions to the many social problems in Nigeria.</mark> <p></p> Vision<br> Today, we are a leading Innovation Hub and Startup Incubator based in Kaduna with a global mindset. We continue to build an ecosystem of startups, mentors, global partners, corporates and government representatives that enable us to drive innovation and fill the gap between technology and industries in a human-centric way. We aim to collaborate and partner with more industry leaders as we continue to drive innovation in the startup industry and beyond. <p></p> Mission<br> Founded in 2021, Kada Hive Hub is built to “exploit the value for inclusivity”. Kada Hive Hub began with the vision to level the playing field for entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, innovators and startups, regardless of their background, and help them positively impact their industries and communities through a business ecosystem and co-working space that nurtures and boosts the success of the diverse community it encompasses.

AltSchool Africa - school image
AltSchool Africa

Whether you are looking to continue your education, transition into a career in tech or simply boost your career path, we offer certifications across three tracks in Software Programming. <p></p> At the initial stage, students who are enrolled in AltSchool Africa will spend some time exploring their interests in software engineering by learning through a unified curriculum before eventually landing on an area of focus. When this happens, learning becomes much more specialised to the selected certification track. <p></p> Our extensive Diploma program is set to <mark>produce top Software Engineers who are able to compete globally. Hiring our graduates guarantee that you have access to highly skilled, passionate and professional tech talent to ensure continuous business success.</mark>

AfricaWorks Lagos - school image
AfricaWorks Lagos

Our mission is to unlock Africa’s business potential by providing high-quality office and coworking space solutions in cities across Africa including Abidjan, Accra, Cape Town, Dakar, Dar Es Salaam, Lagos, Lusaka and Nairobi and in turn creating vibrant and successful business communities across the continent. <p></p> Connect<br> <mark>AfricaWorks encourages the free flow of ideas to create a vibrant Pan-African community that grows together. Our community is made up of 2,000+ self-driven entrepreneurs/founders, C-Level executives, independent freelancers and creative artists from every industry imaginable across the continent.</mark> <p></p>Grow<br> Since we launched in 2019, we have recorded tremendous growth and helped a number of Africa’s best businesses grow under OneRoof®. We are ambitious for continued growth, and we do this by working with the best minds to provide new age thinking & solutions that address the continent’s potential. <p></p>Succeed<br> We are committed to your success, and we strive to share your success with our AfricaWorks Pan-African community. If you're looking to scale your business to the next level, our flexible spaces guarantee your success and growth under OneRoof ®

VSONET - school image

We are one of the fast-growing technology training institutes. We pride ourselves on our international partnership with some of the world’s top global providers of IT education and other key industry thought-leaders, to provide innovative and insightful on-demand tech skills. <p></p> As a cutting edge institute, we aim for the top and thus position ourselves to rapidly become one of the market leaders in the provision of 21st-century tech training Programmes and cutting-edge business solutions. <p></p> Our Mission<br>To build skills and enhance knowledge in technology, and other areas of Tech education, to create value along this chain, serve the nation and the world in the 21st Century <p></p> Our Values <p></p>Collaboration <br> We work together with our partners to give value <p></p>Integrity <br> We commit to transparency, and accountability to ourselves and others. <p></p>Impact <br> We actively work to change lives, enhance students productivity in and outside the classroom. <p></p>Leadership and Growth <br> We support hands-on training, encourage individual leadership, innovation, and personal growth. <p></p><mark>Innovation <br> We are adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded to build a more agile community that in turn affects transformative change in the world.</mark>

NerdyEye - school image

Full Stack website and mobile app development Nano Degree Course is meant to take anyone interested in learning programming and development learn and up-skill themselves following industry standards from novice to pro. <p></p> Help them start a career in the I.T industry as a developer with the relevant skill you need to get your first job both in and outside Nigeria. Students will be exposed to company outside Nigeria that is willing to hire them. <p></p> <mark>Why Enroll For This Programme <br> - 100% practical learning approach. <br> - You will not only learn from a professional you will work and get your code reviewed by a professional. <br> - You will graduate as an experience developer who has projects in their portfolio. <br> - You will become part of the founding team of two major projects. <br> - You will learn best practice and industry standards. <br> - You will also become a world class developer. <br> - After the course you are not alone, we will see you secure a job in the country/outside the country. continued from the programme and refunded accordingly.</mark>

GOMYCODE Lagos - school image

We empower people by upskilling and reskilling them on digital skills through instructor-assisted, affordable and quality trainings. We provide trainings for the future of work on a wide selection of digital skills. <p></P> Our available programs <BR> - Digital Marketing <mark> <BR> - Full-Stack Development <BR> - Intro. To Web Development</mark> <BR> - Artificial Intelligence <BR> - Data science <BR> - Deep Learning <BR> - Intro. to Game Development <BR> - Kids track <BR> - DevOps <BR> - UX/UI Design

Code Campus - school image
Code Campus

Why choose us? Global Standard Syllabus Learning to read/write codes, and develop computing programs is an ever evolving body of knowledge. When you have the current collection of this body, you'll fly high. <mark>Code Campus gives you the best in-class syllabus that are used by the tech companies in Silicon Valley. You'll gain the relevant knowledge needed to be a top player in today's completely digital universe. We give you this body of content in various formats, that impacts and ensure that your learning is both fun and accelerated. You will be building great stuff.</mark> <p></p>World Class Instructors<br> There are good teachers, and there are great ones! We bring to you the creme de la creme of the computing universe (instructional). The trend setters and trail blazers. The highest ranking, and best in the world of programming to take you on this journey. Our expert instructors take you by the hand, through various means and guide you till you become an expert. At every time in this accelerated programming bootcamp, you have access to world class instructors You will become a world class programmer. Confirmed! <p></p>Revolutionary Teaching Methods<br> We are deploying AR and VR in this process, so get ready for an immersive time at Code Campus. This approach to teaching is a breakthrough in the world of tutoring. We use different teaching formats at various times in the bootcamp - real and virtual. Stimulating Learning Environment We have set up a world class, first-of-its-type learning campus with an optimized capacity to stimulate learning in class! This is further complimented with a very robust and supportive online learning environment, with modern social learning technology that are used by Silicon Valley companies. <p></p>Flexible Payment Options<br> We have a series of options to make payment of tuition friendly for our students, so you get to pay in two or three installments depending on your unique situation. This is further made interesting with our pocket friendly pricing in comparison to what is being charged by programming bootcamps around. The 12 weeks bootcamp cost NGN250,000 only, so you just got yourself the best deal ever! <p></p>Certified Job Opportunity<br> Code Campus offers the surest, the most guaranteed, and the most certified opportunity to exciting and satisfying jobs in the tech industry. With our Global Network Access to high paying in-demand jobs across all the continents of the world, which keeps increasing and expanding, you already have an employment waiting for you. You can also choose to go the way of entrepreneurship, and launch your own startup, in which case, we got your back!

Adama Science and Technology University - school image
Adama Science and Technology University

The mission of the Computer Science and Engineering CSE program is to provide students with a broad and flexible education in computer science and engineering, to prepare its graduates for rapidly changing technological fields, and give them a sound basis for professional practice, advanced education, active citizenship, and lifelong learning. <mark>The students are prepared to expand this knowledge through research into new technologies, design methods, and analysis techniques that link the knowledge with multi- disciplinary fields and advance the state of the art. With a knowledge of contemporary technological issues and their impact globally, economically, and environmentally, computer scientists and engineers are at the forefront of advances that continually transform society.</mark>

Federal University of Technology, Minna - school image
Federal University of Technology, Minna

Federal University of Technology, Minna is also known as FUTMINNA. This engineering school has trained some of the best engineers who are the pride of Nigeria today <p></p>Vision: <br> To be a leading academic center of excellence in Computer Science <mark>providing both software and hardware expertise and solutions that will shape the Information and Communication Technology landscape both nationally and internationally.</mark> <p></p> Mission: <br> The Department of Computer Science will build and develop human capacity to high level through comprehensive educational programs, research in collaboration with industry and the government, dissemination through scholarly publications, and services to professional societies, the community, the state, the nation and the world at large.

Yaba College of Technology - school image
Yaba College of Technology

Welcome to Computer Technology Department, established in 1989/90 Session. The Department runs both National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programme in Computer Science. The HND programme was accredited in 2000. The Department is one of the fastest growing departments in the College in the School of Technology. Apart from running both ND and HND programmes, the department also offers certificate courses in Information Technology and Information Maintenance, which is a short-term course, with well experienced and versatile lecturers. <p></p> <br><mark> Goal - To produce Computer Science graduates, worthy in skill and character, who are academically equipped and capable of applying Computer Science and Information Technology in solving problems societal problem.</mark> <br>Vision - To be the leading IT department by providing training in the theory and application of computer science to our students, who are empowered to make a positive impact in the society.

Mountain Top University - school image
Mountain Top University

The department offers a unique educational opportunity for students of Computer Science, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence to achieve excellence through vigorous classes, practical classes, and participation in cutting-edge ICT research. Also, the Mathematics students are being trained with up-to-date knowledge and skills in Mathematics for research and application purposes. <p></p> <mark>Our research activities are focused on developing knowledge and research that can make a direct contribution to society. The results of our research are implementable for societal usages and global impacts. Our students are given opportunities to attend conferences, seminars and workshops and become co-authors of articles that are published in top-rated journals.</mark> Many of our undergraduates are empowered in such a way that they can compete with other students from any part of the world, and they also take on postgraduate studies in any area of Mathematics and Computer Science. <p></p> A good feature of our department is the good community life and a good relationship that exists between staff and students. Our students’ rendezvous and study in our amazing environment and get to know our staff personally.

Rivers State University - school image
Rivers State University

The Department of Mathematics at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nkpolu – Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt was established in August 1980. In order to lay down a firm and stable foundation of our science and technology, the actual work of the Department is to train students in both Pure and Applied Mathematics. Over the years, it has metamorphosed to include Computer Science and Statistics and now bears the name Department of Mathematics/Computer Science. <p></p> The objectives of the programme are: <br>i. to instill in students a sense of enthusiasm for Mathematics/Computer Science and its applications in different areas of human endeavour <br><mark>ii. to develop in students special mathematical/Computational skills for solving variety of theoretical and practical problems in that exists in nature</mark> <br>iii. to develop students with knowledge and skills base from which they can proceed to specialized areas in Mathematics or Computer Science or multi-disciplinary areas involving mathematics and computation

Babcock University - school image
Babcock University

The department provides the education and variety of skills necessary to succeed within high technology environments in industry, society and the church, and for software and hardware design, manufacture and maintenance in this decade. <mark>Through projects involving real life applications, students are given broad background knowledge of the technological enterprise system within a framework of moral and ethical guiding principles. </mark>

Pediforte - school image

Pediforte is an organization that aims to empower the next generation through computer science education. Founded by a team of 4 entrepreneurs in 2020, The Coding School keeps growing into an organization with expert instructors and diverse students from various state in Nigeria. Our programming and teaching is of the highest quality, as we have worked with most of the big names in the Nigerian tech and corporate industry. <p></p> <mark>Recognizing coding as the universal language of the 21st century, we believe coding education must be dynamic. Thus, we are pushing the boundaries of traditional coding education, embracing a diverse set of approaches and programs to ensure all students, regardless of socioeconomic background, geographic location, or learning differences, develop the skills necessary to thrive in our tech-driven world.</mark>

SQI College of ICT - school image
SQI College of ICT

SQI College of ICT offers both National Diploma and Professional Certificate programmes. <p></p> The diploma Certificate conforms with the standard National Diploma Certificate obtained in Polytechnics while the Professional certificate is the certificate you earn after taking a professional course here at SQI. <p></p> You can use the Diploma certificate to seek admissions into the University through Direct Entry or for Higher National Diploma (HND). While the professional Certificate is recognized worldwide not as a degree but as a proof of having undergone professional training in the field for which the certificate is issued.

Melodia - school image

We are a software development training and job placement company. We train, recruit and outsource software developers. We prepare individuals to become coding experts for immediate industry placement. <p></p> <mark>Our training 100% hands on practical for all courses offered at the academy. Students are trained on both front-end and back-end development technologies as well as other trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT) and Application security.</mark>

Tech365 - school image

Our training at Tech365 is practical and project-oriented in a conducive environment. Our seasoned trainers go all out to ensure participants have an in-depth understanding of the course and are confident enough to work on their own project after training with us. <mark>One of the things our students enjoy most is our excellent support system during and after the training.</mark>

She Hacks Africa - school image
She Hacks Africa

The She Hacks Africa Coding Bootcamp is an initiative of WAAW Foundation involved in an intensive in-person and virtual training workshop, where <mark>African youths learn software programming, Mobile App development, product design and then practice what they have learned in project-based exercises that aim to simulate the every-day work environment</mark> and build their self-confidence as community change-makers, technology innovators and entrepreneurs thereby setting them up for a deep dive into a comprehensive startup to build a functioning prototype or launch their idea by the end of the program.

Tech Studio Academy - school image
Tech Studio Academy

We teach the important skills required to jumpstart your career as a web developer. With 16 intense weeks of on-campus training, you learn to think and build like software developers. You move from understanding programming fundamentals to launching full-stack web apps. You do all these while learning to solve everyday problems with constructive, well-written programs. <p></p> <mark>You'll be taught to build smart, data-driven web applications using JavaScript and it's robust React framwork - Next.js. Work with the famous NoSQL database MongoDB to integrate data into your project; connect with other third-party applications using API calls.</mark> <p></p> And finally, you'll learn the fundamentals of working as a team; collaborate with other group members of the class to build, change, maintain, and secure an application. Track your team development process using Version Control Systems.

NIIT Fortesoft Systems - school image
NIIT Fortesoft Systems

NIIT is a leading Skills and Talent Development Corporation that is building a manpower pool for global industry requirements. The company, which was <mark>set up in 1981 to help the nascent IT industry overcome its human resource challenges, today ranks among the world’s leading training companies owing to its vast and comprehensive array of talent development programs. </mark>

New Horizons Nigeria - school image
New Horizons Nigeria

At GNT Nigeria, we offer you complete infotech solutions that bring results in your business operations. Through our experienced Consulting & Training Team of Certified personnel, GNT Nigeria <mark>offers both individual and corporate Trainings & Solutions that fits into your organizational needs and thereby helping you to develop a highly skilled work force for better efficiency. </mark> <p></p> In addition to our regular training programmes, New Horizon offers training for professional web development certifications for Adobe, Cisco, CompTIA, Linux, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Univelcity - school image

Univelcity is a technology school where we help young African accelerate their careers in technology. We source the best, driven and smart, young talents within Nigeria, train them to meet the growing demands and innovate Africa out of its present dilemma. Our objective is to support the steady growth of the ecosystem by providing world-class talents and partnerships with technology companies around the world. <p></p>The academy offers special courses in Mobile development, UI/UX design, Machine learning, front and back-end development, CSS, data science, etc. <p></p> <mark>Going to Univelcity to learn coding as individual will leave you with two options; either to register for accelerated courses or immersive programmes and such is the case for private organizations too.</mark> <p></p> The accelerated training is a one day masterclass, while the immersive programmes will lasted for eight Saturdays. Their training fee is affordable too, with N120,000, you are good to go.

HiiT Plc - school image
HiiT Plc

HiiT Plc is Nigeria’s best Indigenous IT Training Establishment. We have excelled in IT Training/Education, Publishing, IT Consultancy and IT Solutions Development & Services. In our 20 years of successful existence, we have graduated over 50,000 students at our CPN-accredited IT Training Centres located in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Kano and other cities nationwide. <p></p> HiiT Plc has been offering excellent services in coding, web development, consultancy, and machine learning for several years now. Its IT learning centers are legally recognized by the IT professional bodies in Nigeria. <p></p> <mark>Its offers diploma courses on web design, digital literacy, project management, information technology, etc. It also has a strong partnership with Google, Microsoft, and Oracle to provide a global compliant for Nigerians.</mark> <p></p> If you will like to be part of this digital train, HiiT has a branch in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, and Kano.

Spark IT Bootcamp - school image
Spark IT Bootcamp

The SparkIT is a social entrepreneurship initiative designed to bridge the current gap in the Nigerian educational system with regards to the development of ICT competences, skills and applications. SparkIT commenced in 2013 as a summer BootCamp for teenagers with two successful fully subscribed summer camps, and has now evolved into a fully-fledged training center staffed with competent staff; the brightest and modern Code Instructors, with the objective of providing afterschool ICT training and technology focused holiday camps for Kids and Teenagers following global best practices and international standards.

Moat Academy - school image
Moat Academy

We are a software developer hotbed: we have created an environment that fosters rapid growth and high performance to make you become a remarkable developer: you will progress from whatever level you are now (even without prior knowledge) to an advanced level where you can fit into roles of a 1-year or 2-years experienced developers just after our boot camp. <p></p> Gone are the days where people thought; to be a software developer is a rocket science or you must be a geek or mathematician, we have been in this business for years and we can boldly say - software development is just like any other trade that can be learnt. <mark>We are an intermediate in bridging the gap between our higher institutions and the industry so that the unemployed can be armed with skills that can solve real life problems thus, making them fit for the industry’s need.</mark> <p></p>Our approach is more of an apprenticeship where you learn software developments from experts in the field and it is 100% practical and job-oriented. Our curriculum has been designed in a way that our graduands can hit the ground from day one and run in any software company in the world; making them highly demanded professionals by employers.

Decagon - school image

Apply to Decagon, and get a high-paying job in just six months. If you have attended dev bootcamps, or joined an engineering community in the past, this is the perfect next step. <p></p> We give you all you need to excel <br> <mark>We offer accommodation | Feeding | Laptop | Electricity | Internet | and monthly stipend for the 6 months duration.</mark> <p></p> Only pay after the training <br> Learning at Decagon is at no upfront cost. You only pay after you’ve completed the training.

CKDigital Academy - school image
CKDigital Academy

CKDigital Academy offers the best web design and digital marketing training in Lagos Nigeria. At completion of any of our programs, students are able to either begin a successful, high-paying career, or set up their own businesses. <p></p><mark>Become a Skilled Web Designer. Get all the training you need to succeed as a Professional Web Designer. Learn web design from Nigeria’s leading Web Design Company – CKDigital</mark>

Audax - school image

Audax Code School was created to improve digital literacy through coding in a fun and collaborative environment to primary and secondary school students in Nigeria <p></p> Our Philosophy<br> - To bridge the digital skills gap <br>- To empower children and teachers in both rural and urban areas. <br>- <mark>To foster creativity, and critical thinking skills through ICT learning <br>- Encourage careers of underprivileged youth through STEM Education.</mark>

Andela - school image

Andela is a network of technologists committed to your success. We connect companies and global talent to create high-performing technology teams. <p></p> Andela was created with one thing in mind; Brilliance is evenly distributed, but opportunity isn’t. Our platform bridges that gap. <p></p> <mark>We specialize in helping our highly-skilled, global technology talent community in emerging markets, connect with hundreds of leading companies like InVision, Cloudflare, and ViacomCBS who leverage Andela to scale their technology teams quickly and cost-effectively. </mark>

Anchorsoft Academy - school image
Anchorsoft Academy

Anchorsoft Academy is a software engineering training center. We are one of the top coding schools in Lagos Nigeria. As a coding bootcamp, most of the courses we offer target web, mobile, and restful API software developments. <p></p> <mark>Apart from software development courses, we also offer complimentary courses like UI/UX Design, Database Development and Administration, QA Testing & DevOps and Cloud(IaaS & PaaS). </mark>

Stargate Workstation - school image
Stargate Workstation

STARGATE Workstation is a dynamic community of creative professionals, startups, and freelancers, founded on the idea that entertainment, creativity and business can come together to offer a truly unique work experience for professionals in Ibadan city. <mark>With on-site partnerships with a gym and cafe, STARGATE Workstation exists as an interactive cultural hub, inspiring creativity through business collaboration.</mark>

Elerinmosa Resource Hub - school image
Elerinmosa Resource Hub

Elerinmosa Resource Hub Limited, we provide numerous services targeted at improving the Digital literacy of the Youths, Adults and development of human resources. <p></p> As a resource hub, the organisation has lived up to its expectations by <mark>bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and technical capacity in Nigeria through collaborations with renowned ICT brands worldwide.</mark> In addition, it has partnered with the National Youth Service Corps as a SAED trainer to deliver technical skills and professional training to Nigerian youths in Osun State and beyond. Through its different outreach programmes and corporate social responsibilities, the organisation sensitises youths and adults on digital literacy.

Hebron Startup - school image
Hebron Startup

Hebron Startup Lab a Startup Lab founded in Covenant University to harness knowledge and ideas to take them from concept to products to market. <p></p> Incubation process & work concept<br> Ideation<br> Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas. <br><br> Validation<br> It's the process of testing and validating your idea prior to launching your business name, tagline, product, service or website. <br><br> Incubation<br> <mark>is a process for bringing ideas into reality and is initiated with a concept that is the product of a gap and a marketable solution.</mark> <br><br> Acceleration<br> develops innovation and acceleration programs to help organizations build innovation capability, design new business models, products, and services.

Data Science Nigeria Bootcamp - school image
Data Science Nigeria Bootcamp

To build a world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge, research and innovation ecosystem that delivers high-impact transformational research, business use applications, AI-first start-ups, support employability and social good use cases. <mark>We are committed to raising one million AI talents in 10 years and thus position Nigeria as one of the top 10 AI talent/knowledge destinations with 20% GDP multiplier impact. We are poised to accelerate Nigeria’s socio-economic development through a solution-oriented application of machine learning in solving social/business problems.</mark>

Passion Incubator - school image
Passion Incubator

Passion Incubator is a technology incubator/accelerator with expertise in innovation program design and tech investments.<br><br> We collaborate with corporate organizations, government agencies, embassies and universities to design, manage and implement startup programs.<br><br> Our long-term goal is to be the most prolific supporter of impactful innovation development, startup incubation and seed stage investment.<br><br> We aim to increase the number of partnerships between corporates and startups by creating platforms for innovators and business owners to connect and exchange value.<br>

Smart X Business Hub - school image
Smart X Business Hub

At Smart X Business Hub, we believe that hardwork and collaboration are the new competitive advantage that drive sustainable growth. <p></p> That is why our unique <mark>services are built around a community of goal getters with fresh ideas. We provide the growth lever through a wide range of conducive work spaces and other facilities in a well designed work environment.</mark> <p></p> Our cost effective spaces are offered with flexible payment terms to suit most budget plans. <p></p> From one location, we offer several possibilities.

GilGal Office Suites - school image
GilGal Office Suites

GilGal Office Suites is the preferred working environment for business owners who are keen on portraying a professional image to their clients. <p></p> Work in the GilGal environment is a plug and work style as you are provided with literally all office equipments and and utilities such as internet, printer, waiting lounge, receptions and administration services, access controlled office doors for maximum security, car park, just to name a few.

KoWorkNG - school image

KoWorkNg is a co-working space facility management company based in the southern part of Nigeria, focused on providing an enabling business environment for individuals and firms passionate about excellence in their craft. <p></p> <mark>KoWorkNG is a co-existing workspace for businesses, companies, organizations and individuals. KoWorkNG provides a serene community for working and executing business operations. We have incorporated contemporary office infrastructure and daily job utilities that meets the utmost requirements of our subscribers. </mark>

LeadSpace - school image

We provide reliable and flexible co-working space for entrepreneurs or founders of small and medium size businesses. <p></p> We pride ourselves as the best coworking space in Lagos and Nigeria. At Leadspace, our fully serviced offices have a distinct aesthetic and vibe that will inspire your team and all of your invited guests. When you choose to become a member of Leadspace, you focus on your to-dos and we take care of the rest. <p></p> We believe that office chairs, desks, internet access and uninterrupted power supply are fundamental business rights. Businesses should have them anyway. However, <mark>beyond these amenities, small businesses need more- the right support system, enabling environment and ancillary services they ensure they stay lean and agile while they grow. We provide all of these.</mark>

Venia Business Hub - school image
Venia Business Hub

We are Nigeria’s premier serviced, virtual and Coworking space in Lekki Lagos. We provide practical, affordable and flexible solutions to the common difficulties that come with running a business in Nigeria. Join our community of successful entrepreneurs. <p></p> <mark>Over the years, we started out on a mission to create a thriving and vibrant community of entrepreneurs who will make magic happen across diverse Industries. Today, our clients are some of the biggest names in their Industries, creating jobs and enormous impact.</mark>

Hub30 - school image

We are a community of bold minds who have decided to work under the same roof. Our workspace and the people around us inspire us to take action, to grow, to do better. <p></p> Open spaces<br> We have enough open spaces and slots to suit you and your workstyle <p></p> Days a Week<br> We are open from Mondays to Saturdays <p></p> Events annually<br> From casual to networking to workshops, we have events suited just for you <p></p> Inspired members<br> <mark>Our community comprises of diverse members , come and connect and be a member</mark>

ReDahlia - school image

ReDahlia is a business hub dedicated to educating young minds regularly on how to make better investment decisions through our insightful articles and contents. We are also committed to giving you first class information on the happenings in the business world. We only ask that you daily keep a date with ReDahlia. <p></p>ReDahlia’s Shared Cubicles is designed with working comfort in mind. The Shared Cubicle allows individuals or teams work in close comfort and without distractions. <mark>Each member using the shared cubicle also has the benefit of having their own drawers for the safekeeping of files and documents.</mark> <p></p> The shared cubicle is an open office plan. Adequately spaced to prevent congestion and promote ease of movement. ReDahlia’s Shared Cubicle plan is the finest offereing for a serviced office plan anywhere in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

Vatebra Tech Hub - school image
Vatebra Tech Hub

The Vatebra tech-hub creates an exciting digital innovative space where business and education interact to harness skills in innovation and technology. Small and early-stage, high-growth businesses will be able to access advisory services, trainings, mentorship and business incubation. <p></p> The vision for the hub is <mark>to provide a meeting point for learning, innovation, business creation, networking and incubation. The centre will be a hub for business-to-business interaction, knowledge exchange and access to apprenticeship and higher skills development, all of which will help to attract and retain talent in the state and its environs.</mark> The hub also has a design capability, enabling businesses to undertake research, develop prototypes and proofs of concept.

Workbay - school image

Workbay Executive Int’l Limited is a shared office space provider; we offer entrepreneurs and start-ups cost effective office space (Co-working space, private office and virtual services) with the benefits of flexible minimal set-up and exit costs. <p></p> <mark>Our mandate is to provide office space with convenient working environment and an infectiously serene ambience where our clients only concentrate on striving for productivity, profitability and achieving business excellence. Whatever your budget is, we will cater for you.</mark>

Cranium One - school image
Cranium One

Cranium One is a warm, open and inviting shared workspace for entrepreneurs and small businesses located in the heart of Lagos, Victoria Island. <mark>The design and operation of the space function as a convener, to encourage collaboration amongst its members. Shared desks are side by side. Separated offices and meeting rooms provide privacy with enough windows to remain connected to the space. Communal kitchen and dining area attract workers to each other and to their independent projects.</mark><p></p> Community building programming – social events and collaborative projects bonds the members together. Cranium One will offer its members a collaborative, engaging work environment that shares resources and ideas. In addition, Cranium One will provide a selection of interactive, experiential learning classes that will cover topics such as creative thinking, effective project management so individuals can develop skills that give their work and play new energy.

Ee SPACE - school image

Coupled with high speed internet, open and spacious workspaces, we provide an amazing place for our members. <p></p> Find your spot <br> <mark>Whether you need a dedicated desk or a private office, we provide exactly the space you require within budget.</mark> <p></p> Work and Connect <br> Claim your space among people with businesses who are ready to connect.

Co-Creation Hub - school image
Co-Creation Hub

CcHUB is Nigeria’s first open living lab and pre-incubation space designed to be a multi-functional, multi-purpose space where work to catalyze creative social tech ventures take place. <mark>The HUB is a place for technologists, social entrepreneurs, government, tech companies, impact investors and hackers in and around Lagos to co-create new solutions to the many social problems in Nigeria.</mark>

Workstation Nigeria - school image
Workstation Nigeria

Our mission is to drive innovation throughout Africa by providing entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups and small businesses with <mark>dynamic, curated work-spaces designed to cultivate creativity, increase productivity and encourage community building.</mark> <p></p> We are the intersection of collaboration and critical thinking, giving change-agents a platform to make their ideas a reality.

Venture Garden Group - school image
Venture Garden Group

Venture Garden Group is Africa’s largest technology holding conglomerate, building and scaling innovative companies solving inefficiencies in high impact sectors across Africa. We scale companies by injecting capital, technology platforms and business advisory services, to drive sustained growth. <p></p> <mark>We incubate and invest in technology companies. We provide the resources needed to create great products and enable them to scale faster than ever before. We are the masters of scale. </mark>

TechCreek - school image

We serve as a nursery providing the right Eco-System for Start-Ups and individuals in Port Harcourt and it’s evirons, actively developing solutions to meet local needs. <p></p> <mark>TechCreek is a habitat for the teeming population of youths making sense of their lives with their digital skills and competencies, and actively involved in the development of the ‘new economy’ from Rivers State.</mark>

SnapiLABS - school image

SnapiLABs is a Technology Innovation lab where ideas, codes, frameworks, plugins and passion are mixed to render services and build platforms that solves real life problems. <p></p> The Hub is a community-driven coworking and co-launch space located in Port Harcourt, Niger Delta. <mark>Dedicated to tech and digital entrepreneurs, digital nomads, bloggers, digital marketers, digi-hippies, digital hustlers, designers, coders and all the free-minded people.</mark>

Olotu Square - school image
Olotu Square

We are a tech Innovation Hub that provides the resources for techies and businesses to thrive and become successful. <p></p> Our Believes <br> - - We believe collaboration is the way to build the future. <br> - We aim to create a future where there is equal opportunity to thrive, where ample resources are within reach to everyone no matter the location. <br> - We believe in honesty, goodwill, equality, and truth. <br> - <mark>We dream of a future where innovations reign supreme in every corner of Africa and everyone has access to different levels of support to birth dreams.</mark>

Aimtoget hub - school image
Aimtoget hub

Aimtoget hub brings productive people together through shared workspaces, special events, social spaces and our digital member network. <mark>We were made by this community and we are here to serve its members. Love your work and work where you love.</mark>

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720Degree Hub

We are a community of innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, creative and industry leading professionals, developers, investors, tech influencers working to create sustainable impacts that reach millions of people. We provide platform to connect, ideate and collaborate, giving birth to successful innovations. <p></p> At 720Degree Hub, <mark>we create outstanding opportunities for economic prosperity through innovations and entrepreneurship by leveraging on technology.</mark>

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Akure Tech Hub

We believe that we are part of a community, we are not here to set up a new one, but to help the already existing community emerges. <mark>The Akure Tech Hub aims at creating a dynamic an ecosystem with communities skilled and well-prepped to actualize sustainable economic growth, leveraging on the technology of course.</mark> <p></p> Equipped with a plethora of ground breaking ideas, innovative minds, and all the more willing partners, we hope to achieve a knowledge and result oriented economy capable of fast tracking industrialization and a technology-driven ecosystem.

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First Pavilion Tech

Co-working Space are a great alternative for start-ups, small to mid-size businesses or those who want an interactive environment with like minded business people. <p>< <mark>Flexible co-working space with daily drop in or hot desking and permanent desks to rent on a month-to-month basis. Access to communal spaces, meeting rooms, business grade wifi and networking events.</mark> <p></p> Whether you're a freelancer, a startup, or a solo-preneur, our co-working space are the ideal environment for your growing business <br>- Unlimited Internet <br>- 24/7 Power Supply <br>- Free coffee <br>- Movie Nights <br>- After Hour Gaming Session <br>- Meetups and Hangouts

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African University of Science and Technology

After successful completion of the M.Sc program, students are expected to be fully equipped to play leading roles on the technical side of the IT industry or to pursue a PhD. The Computer Science MSc/Ph.D programs at AUST <mark>provide the students with a strong background in the fundamentals of theory of computation, algorithms and data structures, programming methodology and mainstream computer languages, computer elements and architecture, numerical and symbolic computations and applications.</mark> In addition to the basic courses, students are introduced to important and current research areas in Artificial Intelligence, Visualization and High Performance Computing (HPC), Database and Information Systems, Architecture, Parallel Computing and Systems, as well as Scientific Computing.

Usmanu Danfodiyo University - school image
Usmanu Danfodiyo University

The programme is designed to provide training in the theory, principles and application of computer science in order to produce graduates with efficient practical knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of the global Information Technology drive. <mark>The programme covers various aspects of the field including: programming languages, artificial intelligence, systems analysis and design, communications and networking, computer graphics and information technology.</mark> Graduates of the programme will serve in public institutions and private enterprises including financial institutions, software industries, oil companies, research centers, manufacturing industries, health and educational institutions and self-reliance in software development and applications in information technologies. <p></p> The objectives of the programme are to: <br> - create in students the enthusiasm for computer science and its capabilities; <br> - equip the students with intellectual stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying; <br> - provide a broad based knowledge and skills in computer science; <br> - prepare students to acquire industrial work experience; <br> - <mark>equip students with transferable skills in information technology;</mark> <br> - instill in students an appreciation of the application of computer in an industrial, economic, technological and social context; and <br> - prepare students for higher studies and professional advancement in computer science and related disciplines.

Benue State University - school image
Benue State University

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers students opportunity to be well grounded in the areas of Mathematics and Computer Science. <mark>On successful completion of any of the programmes, the graduate of the Department is expected to work effectively in any area of Mathematics and / or Computer Science as may be applicable to his discipline.</mark> Other main objectives of the Department are: <br> • To provide the much needed manpower in the area of Mathematics & Computer Science <br>• To render services to the entire University especially to related disciplines such as Mathematics Education, Physical Sciences, Management Sciences and Social Sciences. <br>• To promote and encourage active research in the area of Mathematics, Computing and allied disciplines. <br>• To provide courses and supervise research leading to higher degrees of the University. <br>• To achieve and maintain a good level of academic excellence.

Paritie - school image

Are you a freelancer, a startup, or an established enterprise? We have a stimulating workspace environment that brings out the best in you and will better the way you work. <p></p>In addition, <mark>we provide a collaborative platform for startups to leverage human resources and technology to connect, build and innovate. </mark> <p></p> We are building a vibrant community where people can become better at innovation, learn new technologies, meet new people, find support, and pursue their passion together.

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Startup Kano

The core of our business is to foster and accelerate the growth of startup companies to become sustainable businesses, Provide local solutions that will change the face of the society, conquer the local market and go global. <p></p> <mark>We Create Opportunities For Women in Technology And Entrepreneurship. We Equip Women-Led Businesses with the Right Tools, Skills, And Network to Grow. We curate the Largest Technology and Entrepreneurship Conference In Nigeria.</mark> <p></p> Startup Kano is an open lab and incubation space that promotes and advocates entrepreneurship and digital inclusion providing a conducive and friendly environment that supports peer learning and collaboration.

KAD ICT Hub - school image

A world class ICT Hub with capacity to train over 10,000 youths annually in web development, mobile app development, hardware assembly, call centre handling, entrepreneurship, and related fields. Some of the youth will then be transitioned into a high tech labour force that will work with the Kaduna state government and the Kaduna ICT Hub. <p></p> This becomes an outsourcing powerhouse through which local companies and multinationals will outsource/execute their tech needs, while other youth will be empowered to kick-start their tech start-ups under this umbrella. <p></p> Our Vision & Mission <br><mark>To serve as a hub for entrepreneurs, computer engineering, software development, software testing and IT training.</mark> <br>To bring together world-class technologies and innovations.

Cloud 10 Tech Hub - school image
Cloud 10 Tech Hub

We offer a shared office environments that encourage collaboration, training and networking amongst talents, a dynamic environment where inspiration can be found. Mingle with likeminded people from freelancers to entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. <p></p> We also offer training through our iMove programme, A two-months intensive on-site (8 Weeks) digital skill development training that will equip you for financial freedom using real-world projects.Yes! Real-World Projects The different skill options are;<br> - Digital Marketing <br>- Graphic Design <br>- Website Design (CMS) -UI/UX Design

Colab Innovation Hub - school image
Colab Innovation Hub

CoLab is an innovation hub and a collaborative community for startups, innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs. Our purpose is to build a technology ecosystem in and around northern Nigeria, starting from Kaduna. <p></p> We are doing so through <mark>community centric innovation, peer based, hands-on learning, and a platform that provides the foundation and resources to turn problems into solutions and ideas into products and companies that can scale.</mark> <p></p> Our co-workspace is an environment that allows your natural curiosity foster learning, inspire creativity and innovation.

Ebonyi State University - school image
Ebonyi State University

The Department of Computer Science desires to train mission-oriented computer science experts who will upon graduation, become competent professionals able to relate their studies to practical real-life situations. This has to be so since the computer has become a potent force in our society and therefore requires responsible people with clear understanding of what constitute correct and gainful computer applications. <p></p> The major objective here may be summarised as follows: <br> - <mark>To develop competent people who will take part in the continuing development of the computer technology.</mark> <br> - To contribute in meeting the increasing demands for acquisition of Information and Computer Technology (ICT) know how. <br> - To train people who can readily be self-employed as well be employers of labour. <br> - To produce responsible graduates who satisfies both the NUC requirements and the society expectations of a computer professional

Blue Sapphire Hub - school image
Blue Sapphire Hub

Blue Sapphire Hub is the first-female owned innovation center in Northern Nigeria. We started operations since 2014. We are focused on developing sustainable solutions and building entrepreneurial communities for scalable impact. Our budding community is made up of innovators, entrepreneurs, freelancers and dare dreamers who leverage the power of tech and innovation to identify and solve the most pressing societal challenges. <p></p> <mark>Innovation and Technology are at the heart of the work we do, we believe in breaking barriers, disrupting and challenging stereotypes in order to create positive change.</mark> We provide a launchpad for Innovators and support young entrepreneurs to thrive. We provide Incubation programs, Capacity building services, Consultancy and Product Development for startups, government organizations, NGOs and companies respectively

Genesys Tech Hub - school image
Genesys Tech Hub

We create opportunities for young Nigerian techies and entrepreneurs to grow and innovate, and a platform for the collaborations that make the impossible a day’s work. We are committed to mentoring a generation of innovators and entrepreneurs with a focus on excellence, constant growth and improvement. <p></p> <mark>We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it, for it is not in the stars to hold our destinies but in ourselves. We have taken the first step towards creating better opportunities for our people and forging a better narrative about young Nigerians.</mark>

University of Ilorin - school image
University of Ilorin

The vision of the department of computer science is to be committed to the University's mission in the four areas of teaching, learning, research and community services. <mark>To educate students in both theory and practice so as to be able to analyze, design, implement, test and evaluate software solution to real world problems including appreciating the value of efficient design created to meet clearly developed requirements.</mark> <p></p> At the end of their programme, students will be able to:<br> 1. Acquire strong theoretical and practical skills in Computer Science in order to work in any IT-driven environment. <br>2. Understand and apply the underlying principles of Computer Science to a variety of problem domains. <br>3. <maek>Work in groups and appreciate the dynamic and collaborative nature of problem solving.</mark> <br>4. Blend their Computer Science abilities with skills specific to another domain for solving problems in that domain. <br>5. Embark on lifelong learning for personal and professional growth.

University of Calabar - school image
University of Calabar

To Produce high quality graduates and scholars in focal areas of learning with <mark>theoretical, practical and entepreneurial skills for the world of work in conducive environment through quality research and teaching.</mark> <p></p> To be a centre of excellence producing globally competitive graduates and contributing significantly to development through research</h6></p>

American University of Nigeria - school image
American University of Nigeria

The B.Sc. Program in Computer Science is designed with core courses that provide breadth and depth in the field, along with a strong theoretical component as a foundation for good software engineering and information systems. <p></p> The program includes courses in the sciences and mathematics; general education requirements in the humanities and an in-depth sequence of specialized computer courses. <p></p> <mark>The program provides a balance of both theory and practice in core courses covering both software and hardware through integrated lectures, laboratory sequences and individual and group projects often with direct application in the community or region.</mark>

Start Innovation Hub - school image
Start Innovation Hub

Start Innovation Hub is an ICT firm with an innovation lab in Uyo, Nigeria. We serve as an opportunity centre for technical talents and local businesses to leverage technology and start up faster. <p></p> <mark>We provide an all-in-one open space and business centre facilities for talents and entrepreneurs, to take advantage of Nigeria’s strength and capitalize on opportunities in the global economy.</mark> <p></p> We aim at stimulating economic growth in the technology community by providing key ingredients like seed funding and mentorship to early-stage entrepreneurs. We also provide other services centered around networking opportunities, peer review, pitch development, product testing and introduction to investors.

Root Hub - school image
Root Hub

Root Hub is where change goes to work. A Coworking space that is Part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community center. <p></p> A business incubator, accelerator and community center, the RootHub facilitates the expansion and growth of ideas into small and medium scale businesses. <p></p> Coworking Space<br> Choose from a variety of workspace options designed for you <p></p> Idea Lab<br> <mark>We incubate, accelerate and support ideas to increase the number of self-sufficient businesses, tackling complex issues and change.</mark> <p></p> Trainings<br> We are on a mission to close the digital skills gap through trainings and capacity development <p></p> Community<br> A thriving network of like minds connected with opportunities to enable collaboration.

Stonebricks Hub - school image
Stonebricks Hub

The Stonebricks Hub was primarily conceived by two young successful entrepreneurs with a combined work experience of over 30 years in various sectors ranging from infrastructure advisory to engineering & construction. Our network of professionals and experts in different fields are an integral part of the support system StoneBricks offers startups and early-stage entrepreneurs. <p></p> <mark>We provide a complete ecosystem that turn ideas to business solutions and eventually to markets. We work with tech-founders, innovators, creative minds, influencers and incubates within the StoneBricks academy to launch initiatives that contribute to the global economic growth.</mark>

Enspire - school image

enspire is a technology centric incubation program for early-stage startups focused on building viable businesses. The program commenced in 2013 and has supported more than 200 startups and individuals in various economic sectors in Nigeria. We run a quarterly ideation program for a maximum of 20 startups where they are mentored, advised and put on the path for minimum viable product development. <mark>The incubation programs are solely focusing on early stage businesses most especially at ideation stage.</mark> <p></p> enspire is amongst the major initiatives of Abuja Technology Village Free Zone Company (ATV). It seeks to stimulate economic growth and sustainable job creation through innovation, entrepreneurship, enterprise development and technology commercialization by providing training, mentoring, networking opportunities and access to investors.

 enspire is located in Abuja, Nigeria.

Aiivon Innovation hub - school image
Aiivon Innovation hub

Aiivon innovation hub is a social, digital and creative community strategically located at Abuja’s commercial nerve center. The hub gives valid expression to our desire to support tech development in West Africa as it is home to over 60 start-ups to whom <mark>we provide fully serviced offices and co-working spaces, capacity building programs, incubation, business development support, mentorship, access to funds and market penetration for increased traction and revenue among other things.</mark> <p></p> We are a community of motivated individuals, focused on developing solutions to local challenges by utilizing innovation from our inventive workspaces and inspiring creativity, advancing effectiveness and encouraging coordinated efforts among members. <p></p> Through our partnership with The British Council, NITDA and other reputable organizations, we are directly influencing the lives of many Nigerians who are aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs especially in the creative and information technology industries.

University of Uyo - school image
University of Uyo

The department contributes to the mission and vision of the University in training of undergraduate and graduate students with requisite skills needed to solve complex technological problems of modern society and the attainment the millennium development goals. Current research focus includes Software engineering, Soft computing, Computational Intelligence, Communications Networks and Theoretical Computing. <p></p> The philosophy of the Department is centered on producing adequate and efficient manpower in the field of Computer Science and Information and communication technology through effective teaching methods and collaborative/ interdisciplinary research. <mark>The programme is designed to solve the immediate needs of the society as well as train personnel that will graduate to fit perfectly well into the knowledge based economy either as a player or a contributor as well as being readily employable.</mark>

Adekunle Ajasin University - school image
Adekunle Ajasin University

The Department of Computer Science evolved to become a unique academic unit in the production of highly trained graduates in Computer Science and Information Technology since the year 2003. The Department is growing with well resourceful and dedicated academic and non academic staff on ground, who are committed to high standard of teaching, mentoring and research. At present, there are about 400 students at various levels in the Department and the department has turned out graduates who have excelled in different spheres of life: both in private/public parastatals in and outside the country. Our Graduate and Postgraduate programmes are <mark>designed to expose students to both basic and applied courses in computing and information technology as well as industrial training to enable them stand, side by side with shoulders high, with their colleagues from elsewhere and satisfy the manpower needs in the public and industrial sectors of the economy.</mark> The department has continued to play its role in the task of training competent Computer Scientists and other related experts for national manpower needs and technological development. In fact, I feel proud to say that many of our products are occupying important positions in IT, Communication, Oil, Banking, and Manufacturing Industries both at home and abroad today.

Bayero University - school image
Bayero University

The focus of the department is to lead in the advancement of computer science by equipping faculty and students with competency resources necessary to study and use in industry, academia, and government and to <mark>prepare the students for a globalised technological society by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve the complex technological problems of modern society</mark>

Landmark University - school image
Landmark University

The Department offers the following undergraduate inter-disciplinary programs: Computer Systems Engineering, Symbolic Systems, and Mathematical and Computational Sciences. The Department of Computer Science is a center for research and education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Strong research groups exist in areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, foundations of computer science, scientific computing, and systems. Basic work in computer science is the main research goal of these groups, but there is also a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and on applications that stimulate basic research. <p></p> Although knowing how to program is essential to the study of computer science, it is only one element of the field. <mark>Computer scientists design and analyze algorithms to solve programs and study the performance of computer hardware and software. The problems that computer scientists encounter range from the abstract– determining what problems can be solved with computers and the complexity of the algorithms that solve them – to the tangible – designing applications that perform well on handheld devices, that are easy to use, and that uphold security measures.</mark>

Federal University of Technology Akure - school image
Federal University of Technology Akure

The School of Computing is committed to being the recognised leader for competitive, innovative, and market-responsive computing education. Through this commitment coupled with aligning strategically with the university mission to promote technological advancement by providing conducive environment for research, teaching and learning which engenders development of products that are technologically–oriented, self-reliant and relevant to society, <mark>the School develops focused, trend-setting multidisciplinary research excellence with national, regional and international recognition through diverse research areas in which all its staff are currently part of for partnerships and collaborations.</mark> The School is renowned for innovative research and academic standard and strive to solve national, regional and global problems using information technology as an enabler to societal digital transformation.

Iya Abubakar Institute of ICT Ahmadu Bello University Zaria - school image
Iya Abubakar Institute of ICT Ahmadu Bello University Zaria

Our mission is to be an ICT centre of excellence with modern computing facilities and manpower to support teaching, research and learning in the university and country at large. Our vision is <mark>to deploy state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure and groom ICT-savvy personnel in various specialty areas to support teaching & learning, research and other services.</mark>

University of Port Harcourt - school image
University of Port Harcourt

The B.Sc programme is designed to instill in graduates, sound and critical understanding of the concepts and methodologies in Computer Science that meet current and anticipated needs of the society in these subject areas. <mark>Training is geared towards subject specific knowledge complemented with the acquisition of skills and field experiences that adequately prepare the graduate for self-employment, work in relevant government organizations and/or in the private sector as well.</mark> The training covered by the programme includes but is not restricted to the basics of ICT communication and people skills; emphasis on problem solving modules leading to acquisition of entrepreneurial skills relevant to the 21st century graduate, industry and society. At the end, the graduate is fully equipped for graduate work as well as being competent to apply basic scientific logic in the management of human and other natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Covenant University - school image
Covenant University

The vision of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences is to be rated among the top-ranked academic departments in the world within a very short time through commitment to excellence in teaching, research and innovative community engagements. Our aim is to produce top graduates in the disciplines of Computer Science and Management Information System, <mark>who will be globally competitive and well equipped to make valuable contributions both locally and internationally.</mark> <p></p> Our students will be equipped with the necessary tools that will strategically position them in the cutting edge of computing knowledge and applications, making them capable of making significant contributions to the society. We specifically aim at the following: <br> - <mark>to produce top quality and competitive graduates of Computer Science and Management Information System that are in high demand in the industry</mark> <br> - to develop the entrepreneurial aptitudes and potentials of our students through product-oriented research endeavors that are beneficial to the society, thereby entrenching in them the ethos of contribution. <br> - to train highly competent graduates who are imbued with the drive for excellence, innovation and creativity, and having capacity for intellectual distinction both in the academia and in the industry. <br> - to raise students with strong intellectual and moral orientation who will be valuable citizens, and new generation of leaders in the society.

Abia Tech Hub - school image
Abia Tech Hub

We are a team of creative tech innovators, equipped with a highly developed skill set and experiences not only in information technology, but also in business processes across a range of industries and sectors. <p></p> The need for a digital skill in our era cannot be overemphasized. <p></p> <mark>Digital skills gives people a chance to explore a wide range of careers, prepare themselves for future opportunities and enable them contribute to their communities.</mark> <p></p> ATH Academy is a gaining ground committed to impacting knowledge and building people and communities with these skills.

Innovation Growth Hub - school image
Innovation Growth Hub

IGHub is a Creative, Tech, and Business Incubation Hub that works with startups at various stages of maturity by providing Space, Mentorship, Internet, Power, Training, Business Support services, Warm Community and Network for entrepreneurs. <p></p> <mark>We encourage collaboration, nurture and help turn their ideas to products. Our aim is to stimulate economic growth in our community through technology solutions by providing support like business resources, seed funding, mentoring, training and access to business expertise.</mark> <p></p> We are always looking for new talent to train them and join us in providing these solutions.

Ventures Park - school image
Ventures Park

Ventures Park is a curated Co-working Space in a serene environment of the city where entrepreneurs, freelancers and brilliant minds, who share common attitudes, interests, and goals can express their creativity, collaborate and build their dreams. <p></p> <mark>Equipped with high speed internet, front office services, gym, coffee and artsy finishes, you will enjoy working at the Park.</mark> At Ventures Park, we provide the modern entrepreneur desk spaces as well as Private Offices at competitive prices with flexible payment options. We will love to have you here!

Wennovation Hub - school image
Wennovation Hub

Wennovation Hub is a Pioneer Nigerian Innovation Accelerator. Wennovation Hub brings productive people together through shared workspaces, special events, social spaces and our digital member network. <p></p>We focus on social impact sectors: Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Clean Energy and Infrastructure. <p></p> <mark>As one of the very early innovation hubs in Nigeria, our “we”nnovators have enjoyed early success as we helped propel several award-winning start-ups to greatness. We strive to provide best tech support ever!</mark> <p></p> Our modern office spaces are simply stunning. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup, discover spaces in Ikeja, Abuja, Ibadan and Barbados (across the Caribbean) designed and equipped with all the tools bright minds need to inspire business ideas. <p></p> Founded in 2010 <br> As Nigeria's pioneer innovation hub we enjoyed successes and spun several award winning start-ups. <p></p> Our Focus <br> To inspire and empower Africa. We focus on social impact sectors: Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Clean Energy and Infrastructure. <p></p> Large Community <br> Join our community & "we"nnovate. We have the advantage of being the only hub in Nigeria with the widest reach across the 4 locations.