Venture Platform Fund - school image
Venture Platform Fund

We are a discovery fund that invests early in mission-driven founders that are building capital-efficient platforms that democratize prosperity, plug infrastructural gaps, connect underrepresented communities, solve for non-consumption, and improve livelihoods in Africa. <p></p> <mark>We’re founders and tech junkies - your first call, the coach in the corner, and a kick in the ass when you need it most. We don’t split angel, seed and pre-seed into separate categories - we provide support across the board. The earlier we can invest, the more helpful we can be.</mark> <p></p> We are early investors in some of the most compelling technology companies on the African continent

Clean Tech Hub - school image
Clean Tech Hub

Clean Tech Hub is a pioneering hybrid hub for the research, development, demonstration and incubation of clean energy ideas, technologies, and resources for clean energy organizations and environment and climate friendly initiatives across Africa. <p></p> The hub provides strategic and invaluable support to idea and early stage energy entrepreneurs to help prove the viability of their businesses and access funding. With this, we aim to build a pipeline of Nigeria off-grid energy businesses which provide solutions to Africa’s biggest challenges. We provide funding and access to funding. <p></p> <mark>Clean Tech Hub’s Incubation Program <br> Clean Tech Hub’s Incubation program focuses on idea and early stage energy entrepreneurs and provides them with the support needed to prove the viability of their businesses. The Hub recently launched the 3rd cohort of her early-stage incubation program for clean energy enterprises. Interested applicants can apply.</mark> <p></p> Climate Fintech Program <br> Clean Tech Hub in partnership with New Energy Nexus launched a climate fintech program with the aim to catalyze climate finance for green development and promote the application of financial technology for decarbonization in Africa. In the first series of events, the focus will be on creating awareness, securing relevant partnerships, and fostering collaborations that will support and enable Nigeria’s nascent climate fintech sector to thrive. <p></p> Clean Tech Hub Startup Accelerator Program <br> Clean Tech Hub Startups Accelerator Program aims to build a pipeline of innovative clean energy and climate-smart enterprises in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa. This program is designed to nurture and support viable, scalable and investment-ready businesses by providing access to resources, business training, mentoring, funding and access to funding opportunities. <p></p> Energy Access Bootcamps <br> Clean Tech Hub organises regular “Energy Access Bootcamps” and has so far impacted over 500 students across Nigerian universities. The purpose of the bootcamps for Nigerian students in their penultimate year across tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, is to teach them about renewable energy and climate change; how to build a career and start a business in the sector.

Harmony Innovation Hub - school image
Harmony Innovation Hub

Harmony Innovation Hub is your one stop shop to incubate and accelerate startup growth. Our purpose is to empower the Nigerian entrepreneur with the tools and resources to thrive while providing an enabling environment for fostering innovation. <p></p> At HIH, our goal is to get you from idea to market. We provide an accessible and an enabling environment through capacity building, community engagement events and an encompassing startup growth program to make this possible. <p></p> <mark>Individuals <br> - Capacity Building <br> - Co-working space <br> - Internships & Job Placements <p></p> Startups <br> - Incubation & Acceleration <br> - Startup School <br> - Growth Opportunities </mark> <p></p> Corporates <br> - Technology Delivery Factory <br> - Consultancy <br> - Events

The CANs Park - school image
The CANs Park

We're West Africa's first eco-friendly tech hub. We provide amazing work spaces, support government agencies, individuals and organisations working towards social development. We are using new technology to accelerate the impact of local & international initiatives in Africa. <mark>We are committed to building an Africa where young people are empowered to become leaders who through innovation will create a lasting impact on the African continent. </mark> <p></p> Our deep understanding of the African space and modern technology as well as our network of impact investors, consultants and government agencies help us deliver the best technical support. <p></p> Our ethos of environmental sustainability and innovation drives our services. The Cans is an eco-friendly approach to designing spaces where people do creative work. We are leading by example to show that we can build great companies while sustaining the environment. Beyond infrastructure, our processes are done to minimize carbon prints on the world.

Smart OFFICE - school image

Smart Office Coworking space in Abuja provides affordable desk and office spaces to businesses. Our clients are entrepreneurs, start-ups companies and freelancers that enjoy our wide range of facilities. They connect, collaborate, communicate and commercialize their ideas. Why Choose us?<br> We want to help your business grow <p></p> <mark>Constant Power <br> Smart Office provides constant power supply so our clients can work without interruption <p></p>WiFi/Internet Access <br> We provide WiFi Internet access that you can use on any device. Our WiFi internet is very fast and reliable. <p></p>Document Printing Services <br> Our printing services are available for your business, we also offer document finishing and more. Smart Office Desks and Spaces Abuja Services <p></p>Projector/Screen <br> We know how important presentations are. You can always use our projector <p></p>Lockers/Document Storage <br> We have adequate Locker and Document storage spaces to cater for your needs. <p></p>Adequate Parking Space <br> Space crunch for parking is a big concern in Abuja. We have adequate parking Space. </mark>

Regus - Abuja - school image
Regus - Abuja

Make a home for your business with Regus private office space in Abuja. Our serviced offices have everything taken care of - from the furniture to the high-speed WiFi - and with flexible terms allowing you to rent office space from an hour to years, you can focus on driving your business forward. <p></p> <mark>Create the right image for your business with a home in Tower C Churchgate Plaza’s stylish building at the heart of the CBD. With rapidly growing companies from oil, banking and the media close by, it’s a prime setting to build your business network.</mark> <p></p> Welcome your clients from far and wide, thanks to the convenience of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, only a 30-minute drive away. When your meetings are finished for the day, entertain your guests in style at the modern restaurants and retailers just across the street.

MRT Net Cafe - school image
MRT Net Cafe

MRT Net cafe is a highly flexible space for business professionals to conduct meetings and work in a conducive environment that is fully equipped with all the facilities you need to connect with your clients, colleagues or staff all over the world. We believe our duty to our valued clients is to provide an enabling space with high tech facilities and state of art equipment that makes it easier to accomplish your set goals without any stress. <mark>From stable and reliable internet connection, to light refreshments to keep you going as you work, MRT Net Cafe is always one step ahead at anticipating your needs and providing solutions. </mark>

Space Station - Nigeria - school image
Space Station - Nigeria

Whether you need an event space, a desk, private office, training or boardrooms, or an entire floor, we can offer turn-key spaces or can work with you to create a space that will meet your business’ every need. <p></p> At the Space Station we work independently, together to enhance productivity and community building through: <mark> <br> - Bespoke training. <br> - Simply sophisticated, well detailed and serene instant Private offices, Co working spaces, Conference, training rooms, virtual, home offices and Event spaces <br> - Well planned and curated formal and semi-formal events. </mark> <p></p> OUR VALUES Warmth and Professionalism <br>At The Space Station, We promote working together to enhance community building and productivity <p></p> Uncompromised Quality <br> We are committed to delivering quality training tailored to suit client needs, both locally and internationally. <p></p>Exceptional Support <br> Our vibrant team is ever ready to reply to your needs and questions. <p></p>Turn Key Spaces <br> At Space Station Abuja, we offer the latest office design trends like never before. <p></p> OUR MISSION <br>To ensure that everyday is a good day to not just get to work, but to look forward to the day’s job. <br>That is why we provide turn key spaces or work with you to create a space that will meet your business’ every need

Impact Cove - school image
Impact Cove

We are more than a space. We are a community of entrepreneurs and professionals passionate about changing the world through ideas and innovation. Our community offers the best experiences and inspiration for members to increase productivity and explore new ways of solving small and big societal problems. <p></p> We recently rebranded to reflect our renewed commitment to building a thriving community of social entrepreneurs and change leaders. Through our programs, events and community initiatives, we seek to foster collaboration, leverage innovation and collective action as we empower emerging social change leaders and everyday citizens with resources to maximize social impact. <p></p> Social Impact Academy <br>Designed for emerging non-profit organization and leaders, SIA is a platform to equip social change makers with the tools and resources they need to make change happen. SIA is a capacity development and skills-building program for the social sector practitioners. Our training caters for a wide range of audience within the social sector, from emerging social entrepreneurs at the initial stage of their ideas, and those who have already tested and looking to scale. <p></p> OpenGov Social Impact Challenge <br>Open Gov Social Impact Challenge (OSIC) is a competition that seeks to identify practical, original and social impact ideas (especially those that promote open government, accountability and improved citizen engagement - broadly defined) promoted by emerging social entrepreneurs across Nigeria. Designed as a pilot, the program is presented as a platform that gives emerging social entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their solutions and access some resources (mentorship, training, and workspace) and potentially funding. <p></p> Social Enterprenuer in Residence <br><mark>Our Social Entrepreneur in Residence program provide dedicated mentorship, guidance and support for our fellows and community members. With our extensive network of resources, we provide consistent support to help our community members navigate the challenges associate with starting and scaling a social enterprise. </mark>

Tongston - school image

It is critical for organizations to not only access flexible workspaces, to allow innovation, manage overheads, access a global world but also the relevant services to become entrepreneurial, in the drive for VALUE, INFLUENCE and PROFITABILITY. Read more about this in our “Going Global in the path to achieve VALUE, INFLUENCE & PROFITABILITY through Tongston Entrepreneurial Hub” blog, with more information on Tongston Entrepreneurial Hub. <p></p> The Hub is more than a platform to meet, work, learn, network & access Tongston’s world-class entrepreneurial Education, Media, Finance, Legal, Technology, HR, Data, Research & Admin services”. It offers: Entrepreneurial Workspaces: <mark><br> - Training Room <br> - Meeting Room <br> - Co-Working Space <br> - Virtual Office: Entrepreneurial Education, Entrepreneurial Media, Entrepreneurial Enterprise: <br> - “Enterprise-in-a-box” Tools & Templates with how To Guides <br> - Opportunities Centre <br> - Entrepreneurial Insights and <br> - Consulting with Admin, HR, Data, Strategy, Technology, Legal, Governance, Finance Experts </mark>

Novare Shared Office - school image
Novare Shared Office

Novare Shared Office’s is a home for fresh ideas, great people, conversations and experiences. A system designed to inspire your creative mindset, cultivate your curiosity and stimulate new ways of thinking. <p></p> <mark>We offer different types of desks suitable for every need. If your company grows and you are in need of more space, we grow with you. We accommodate everything you need in order to thrive. When you rent a space in our shared office you become a member of the Novare community and get access to everything we offer.</mark> <p></p> Enjoy the ambience, State of the art facilities, exquisite restaurants, the mall at your feet, be part of our online community and meet with new members every day.

The Abuja Office - school image
The Abuja Office

We assist small and medium sized businesses and startups achieve success. By providing affordable office solutions which greatly reduce the cost of acquiring and setting up an office space and it’s attendant issues. Our platform allows you focus on your core competence as we manage your office space. Walk into our outfit and instantly have an office. It’s convenient, tasteful and has all the features of a modern office.  <p></p> You read, work, surf, scan, print, copy and generally meet your targets. You get to network, and enhance your corporate reach and profile. Our central location gives fluidity as we are surrounded by complementary service providers. Our range of products is unparalleled. You get to have an office, a meeting place, or a hall for a few hours, days or months. What’s more, we meet correspondence needs as well. Walk in and see your business flourish <p></p> FEATURES <mark><br> - Steady Electricity <br> - Dedicated work desk <br> - Daily Use <br> - Private office <br> - Virtual Office <br> - Serviced Office <br> - Meeting Rooms <br> - Seminar / Training hall </mark>

Hub43 - school image

At Hub43, we have comfortable working spaces just for you coupled with uninterrupted internet services, it’s conducive and has been structured to accommodate multiple people at a time, with comfort in mind. <p></p> Learn <br> At Hub43, you get to learn new skills which will help grow your career and businesses. These include foreign and local languages and some business and career courses. <p></p> Connect <br> At Hub43, you get to connect with people from various works of life. Our connect program adds value to your objectives. <p></p> Some of our services include: <mark>  <br> - Uninterrupted power supply <br> - Fast and reliable broadband fiber internet connection <br> - Dedicated office staff to provide you with necessary assistance <br> - A conference room that can be used for training for your staff or workforce. <br> - Meeting room with all the services you need. <br> -  Convenience for male and female <br> - A relaxation area <br> - Parking space for your vehicle <br> - A kitchen area <br> - And a reception area for your clients and visitors where you can attend to them </mark>

Welcome2Africa International - school image
Welcome2Africa International

In line with our value for relationships and commitment to building and fostering long-term positive relationships based on professionalism and trust, Welcome2Africa International has created an atmosphere through its state-of-the-art office to provide a co-working space for a variety of social meetings, networking events, training programs, and more for an affordable and conducive rate. <p></p> We Offer <mark> <br> - Free Internet Connection <br> - Dedicated Desk <br> - Complimentary Coffee <br> - Socialization Network <br> - Flexible Working Environment <br> - Private Office Option <br> - Serene Working Environment </mark>

Civic Innovation Lab - school image
Civic Innovation Lab

At Civic Innovation Lab, we are at the front line of supporting indigenous start-ups through technical and business solutions. We empower entrepreneurs to do more good by creating successful enterprises. <p></p>Our system puts in place a number of trainings and programs where innovators and entrepreneurs within/ outside of our community get access to our mentorship and engagements programs. <p></p> <mark>Our focus this year is providing women entrepreneurs with tools, finance and information to ACCESS MARKETS. </mark> <p></p> We Empower Enterprenuers And Inspire Innovators <p></p> We empower entrepreneurs to do more good by creating successful enterprises. Our system puts in place a number of trainings and programs where innovators and entrepreneurs within/ outside of our community get access to our mentorship and engagements programs. <p></p> Our role as an impact driven hub is to act as an intermediary, initiating conversation between the government and the start-up/tech ecosystem. The aim of this interaction is to enable government crowd source indigenous solutions among Nigerian start-ups. There exists a huge gulf between the start-up space and the affairs of government in Nigeria. We know that government support for start-ups and tech innovations is the fastest, easiest and most economical route to solving the challenges peculiar to our nation. <p></p> Pitch Sessions <br> In our bid to create the perfect ambience of entrepreneurial support to our local community of social entrepreneurs, the creative in our space decided to design a bridge that connects investors to start-ups <p></p> Government Support <br> <mark>One of our primary roles is the establishment of a Government-start-up relationship. This relationship focuses on getting the Government to look at indigenous SMEs for execution of operations</mark> <p></p>Building Communities <br> Our foremost goal is community and this is what we have at Civic Innovation Lab. We have a rich tightly bonded community of diversified personalities. All coming from different places, races and colors having different strengths and skills, in this diversity lies our strength. <p></p> Dev Talks <br> <mark>DevTalks is a that provides a platform to dialogue and engage civil society on issues that affect their well-being. The aim is to articulate social problems and spark innovative ideas to tackle them. The program brings all relevant stakeholders and industry influencers to the table to discuss topics that affects civil society.</mark>

Work and Connect - school image
Work and Connect

Work and Connect is a hybrid model enterprise support organisation that holistically builds capacity, support the growth of youth-led businesses, innovation-driven entrepreneurs, accelerating MSMEs and innovates for good. The organisation offers a variety of support to entrepreneurs through its two arms; Connect Lab (An Innovation Lab) and Connect Space (A co-working space). <p></p> Connect Lab, the start up incubation arm of the company is focused on developing the next generation of youth-led ventures, and impact-driven social enterprises in Africa through implementation of entrepreneurship development support programmes learning and design thinking projects and policy advocacy workshops. <p></p> Connect space is the biggest co-working facility in Nigeria situated in the heart of FCT, Abuja. <mark>The space is focused on building a vibrant community while making room to accommodate everyone irrespective of their budget or working style. Our space is exclusively furnished and designed with leading IT facilities to support and meet the needs of modern-day workers.</mark>

ARM Labs - school image
ARM Labs

Labs by ARM 2.0 is designed to engage Nigerian post-MVP fintech startups in a series of activities aimed at exponentially advancing the growth of their companies within 12 weeks, while ensuring their investment-readiness. Selected startups will be provided with financial investment, distribution and access to investors. <mark>Participants are provided with office space, access to asset management firm ARM’s network and carefully selected mentors from the fintech industry who will provide hands-on support and valuable introductions.</mark> Applications for the second cohort of the accelerator closed on 30 December. It’s not clear if the accelerator will hold a third cohort or not, so keep an eye out for any announcement on upcoming application cycles. <p></p> ARM Labs Innovation Program Structure <br> ARM Labs Innovation Program is an incubator program by ARM to support the startup ecosystem. It usually commences with a call for application to attract high quality founders building amazing products. <p></p> Innovation Program <br> The program lasts for seven(7) weeks and during this period, founders participate in roundtables, meet business leaders within ARM and share ideas, there are also mentorship sessions and startups are prepared for demo day as well as sessions that will enable them to get more funding

uLesson - school image

uLesson coding school makes coding fun for children aged 4-18 years. Learn to build apps, games, websites with our expert tutors and equip your child with the skill of the future. uLesson Coding School - <mark>a one-on-one tutoring style and language streamlined for kids, teaches kids skills like Scratch, Javascript, HTML & CSS and Python, laying the foundation for a successful future while also equipping them with critical thinking skills.</mark>

Code Campus - school image
Code Campus

Why choose us? Global Standard Syllabus Learning to read/write codes, and develop computing programs is an ever evolving body of knowledge. When you have the current collection of this body, you'll fly high. <mark>Code Campus gives you the best in-class syllabus that are used by the tech companies in Silicon Valley. You'll gain the relevant knowledge needed to be a top player in today's completely digital universe. We give you this body of content in various formats, that impacts and ensure that your learning is both fun and accelerated. You will be building great stuff.</mark> <p></p>World Class Instructors<br> There are good teachers, and there are great ones! We bring to you the creme de la creme of the computing universe (instructional). The trend setters and trail blazers. The highest ranking, and best in the world of programming to take you on this journey. Our expert instructors take you by the hand, through various means and guide you till you become an expert. At every time in this accelerated programming bootcamp, you have access to world class instructors You will become a world class programmer. Confirmed! <p></p>Revolutionary Teaching Methods<br> We are deploying AR and VR in this process, so get ready for an immersive time at Code Campus. This approach to teaching is a breakthrough in the world of tutoring. We use different teaching formats at various times in the bootcamp - real and virtual. Stimulating Learning Environment We have set up a world class, first-of-its-type learning campus with an optimized capacity to stimulate learning in class! This is further complimented with a very robust and supportive online learning environment, with modern social learning technology that are used by Silicon Valley companies. <p></p>Flexible Payment Options<br> We have a series of options to make payment of tuition friendly for our students, so you get to pay in two or three installments depending on your unique situation. This is further made interesting with our pocket friendly pricing in comparison to what is being charged by programming bootcamps around. The 12 weeks bootcamp cost NGN250,000 only, so you just got yourself the best deal ever! <p></p>Certified Job Opportunity<br> Code Campus offers the surest, the most guaranteed, and the most certified opportunity to exciting and satisfying jobs in the tech industry. With our Global Network Access to high paying in-demand jobs across all the continents of the world, which keeps increasing and expanding, you already have an employment waiting for you. You can also choose to go the way of entrepreneurship, and launch your own startup, in which case, we got your back!

She Hacks Africa - school image
She Hacks Africa

The She Hacks Africa Coding Bootcamp is an initiative of WAAW Foundation involved in an intensive in-person and virtual training workshop, where <mark>African youths learn software programming, Mobile App development, product design and then practice what they have learned in project-based exercises that aim to simulate the every-day work environment</mark> and build their self-confidence as community change-makers, technology innovators and entrepreneurs thereby setting them up for a deep dive into a comprehensive startup to build a functioning prototype or launch their idea by the end of the program.

HiiT Plc - school image
HiiT Plc

HiiT Plc is Nigeria’s best Indigenous IT Training Establishment. We have excelled in IT Training/Education, Publishing, IT Consultancy and IT Solutions Development & Services. In our 20 years of successful existence, we have graduated over 50,000 students at our CPN-accredited IT Training Centres located in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Kano and other cities nationwide. <p></p> HiiT Plc has been offering excellent services in coding, web development, consultancy, and machine learning for several years now. Its IT learning centers are legally recognized by the IT professional bodies in Nigeria. <p></p> <mark>Its offers diploma courses on web design, digital literacy, project management, information technology, etc. It also has a strong partnership with Google, Microsoft, and Oracle to provide a global compliant for Nigerians.</mark> <p></p> If you will like to be part of this digital train, HiiT has a branch in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, and Kano.

African University of Science and Technology - school image
African University of Science and Technology

After successful completion of the M.Sc program, students are expected to be fully equipped to play leading roles on the technical side of the IT industry or to pursue a PhD. The Computer Science MSc/Ph.D programs at AUST <mark>provide the students with a strong background in the fundamentals of theory of computation, algorithms and data structures, programming methodology and mainstream computer languages, computer elements and architecture, numerical and symbolic computations and applications.</mark> In addition to the basic courses, students are introduced to important and current research areas in Artificial Intelligence, Visualization and High Performance Computing (HPC), Database and Information Systems, Architecture, Parallel Computing and Systems, as well as Scientific Computing.

Stonebricks Hub - school image
Stonebricks Hub

The Stonebricks Hub was primarily conceived by two young successful entrepreneurs with a combined work experience of over 30 years in various sectors ranging from infrastructure advisory to engineering & construction. Our network of professionals and experts in different fields are an integral part of the support system StoneBricks offers startups and early-stage entrepreneurs. <p></p> <mark>We provide a complete ecosystem that turn ideas to business solutions and eventually to markets. We work with tech-founders, innovators, creative minds, influencers and incubates within the StoneBricks academy to launch initiatives that contribute to the global economic growth.</mark>

Enspire - school image

enspire is a technology centric incubation program for early-stage startups focused on building viable businesses. The program commenced in 2013 and has supported more than 200 startups and individuals in various economic sectors in Nigeria. We run a quarterly ideation program for a maximum of 20 startups where they are mentored, advised and put on the path for minimum viable product development. <mark>The incubation programs are solely focusing on early stage businesses most especially at ideation stage.</mark> <p></p> enspire is amongst the major initiatives of Abuja Technology Village Free Zone Company (ATV). It seeks to stimulate economic growth and sustainable job creation through innovation, entrepreneurship, enterprise development and technology commercialization by providing training, mentoring, networking opportunities and access to investors.

 enspire is located in Abuja, Nigeria.

Aiivon Innovation hub - school image
Aiivon Innovation hub

Aiivon innovation hub is a social, digital and creative community strategically located at Abuja’s commercial nerve center. The hub gives valid expression to our desire to support tech development in West Africa as it is home to over 60 start-ups to whom <mark>we provide fully serviced offices and co-working spaces, capacity building programs, incubation, business development support, mentorship, access to funds and market penetration for increased traction and revenue among other things.</mark> <p></p> We are a community of motivated individuals, focused on developing solutions to local challenges by utilizing innovation from our inventive workspaces and inspiring creativity, advancing effectiveness and encouraging coordinated efforts among members. <p></p> Through our partnership with The British Council, NITDA and other reputable organizations, we are directly influencing the lives of many Nigerians who are aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs especially in the creative and information technology industries.

Ventures Park - school image
Ventures Park

Ventures Park is a curated Co-working Space in a serene environment of the city where entrepreneurs, freelancers and brilliant minds, who share common attitudes, interests, and goals can express their creativity, collaborate and build their dreams. <p></p> <mark>Equipped with high speed internet, front office services, gym, coffee and artsy finishes, you will enjoy working at the Park.</mark> At Ventures Park, we provide the modern entrepreneur desk spaces as well as Private Offices at competitive prices with flexible payment options. We will love to have you here!