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We consider the incubation as a privilege that allows you to take time to think about your project from an articulated approach with the proper resources. It is a support program that provides multiple means of testing hypotheses and bringing the action plan to real life. Our incubation program’s objective is to prepare the entrepreneurs for launching their projects on solid grounds. By the end of the program, the <mark>entrepreneurs would have developed their proof of concept while some would have developed their prototypes, and others would have even managed to acquire their first customer. The entrepreneurs’ projects will eventually be ready to take part in an acceleration program adapted to their needs.</mark> <p></p> Being part of Afkar Incubator’s journey requires taking time to think about one’s project from a structured approach while being accompanied by professionals. During these six months, you will be immersed in an atmosphere of collaborative intelligence, friendly environment, and a variety of experiences. you will mainly be working on: <br>– Formulating your value proposition <br>– Experimenting, testing, and validating your hypotheses <br>– Constructing your Business Plan <br>– Developing a Proof of Concept and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) <br>– Developing your brand and increasing your notoriety <p></p><mark> Afkar Incubator is a free six-month program that is based in Tunis where the involvement of the incubated entrepreneurs varies upon the phases. It is essential to show up to Afkar Incubator’s workstation in the first and last weeks of the program. The entrepreneur must be able to devote around twenty hours per week to our program activities.</mark>

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Flat6Labs Tunisia

Flat6Labs is the MENA region’s leading seed and early stage venture capital firm, currently running the most renowned startup programs in the region. <mark>Annually, Flat6Labs invests in more than 100 innovative and technology-driven startups enabling thousands of passionate entrepreneurs to achieve their daring ambitions and ultimately becoming their institutional co-founders.</mark> <p></p> Flat6Labs has extensive experience supporting startups of all stages across the MENA region. We work with our investors, partners, and other startup support organizations in the startup ecosystem to support startups from idea-stage all the way to Series A. <p></p> Since its launch in 2011 by Sawari Ventures, Flat6Labs has been a key player in building and re-shaping the entrepreneurial scene in Egypt, offering young innovators with unique business ideas the opportunity to turn their vision into market-leading ventures. Egypt is recognized for being such a fertile place of growth due to the remarkable increase in the number of deals and total funding (31% increase in 2020) that the country has seen in recent years.

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International University of Tunis

The engineering degree in software engineering prepares you as an engineer to work and innovate in software computing across all industries. After a theoretical and practical training on some basic and advanced languages, you are able to develop on any tool or language. Practical or functional training allows you to acquire analytical reflexes in software architecture, thanks to tools and platforms available at ITU such as SAP Cloud Platform, Microsoft and other software from partner companies where the student will be able to perform his end-of-studies internship with a report and dissertation. <p></p> The interdisciplinary training allows you, beyond the mastery of the tools and languages ​​of computer development and to analyze the processes and management of projects. <mark>With this degree, you learn to work in a group and lead a development team to design, develop and implement software based on a predefined need.</mark> <p></p> This national engineering degree opens up broad professional prospects thanks to a network of German and international companies, but also through partner universities which allow you to continue in research; patents and publications.

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FormaLab offers you several continuing education courses on new technologies, programming languages ​​and frameworks that are trending in the international market. <p></p> OUR SERVICES <p></p> RAPID AND CONTINUOUS TRAINING<br> FormaLab offers more than 50 continuing education programs for students, business executives, as well as professional organizations and design offices. <p></p> MONITORING & SUPERVISION FOR PFE<br> Supervision in the development and design of your application, in the writing of your reports and in the preparation of your slides. <p></p> <mark>WEB/MOBILE DEVELOPMENT<br> Beyond a technical response to bring you for your projects, at FormaLab we attach real importance to our primary commitment: to offer you a high-performance and easily usable software solution.</mark>

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Holberton School Tunis

Learn software development from the ground up. Our full-time, intensive program will first introduce you to the foundations of computer science, then specialize in what drives you. Our collaborative, project-based environment makes every student real-world ready after graduating. <p></p> <mark>Foundations of Computer Science and Full-Stack Web Development<br> Advance your skills in front-end, back-end and React development to create, maintain, and improve web applications and APIs.</mark> <p></p> Foundations of Computer Science and Low Level & Algorithms<br> Dive into the C programming language, the Linux operating system, and uncover the mechanisms behind Blockchain technology by building your own cryptocurrency from scratch. <p></p> Foundations of Computer Science and Machine Learning<br> Learn and explore the technologies behind modern-day breakthroughs in the fields of computer vision, natural language processing, recommender systems, autofocus driving and more. <p></p> Foundations of Computer Science and Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality<br> Learn C# and develop interactive mixed-reality projects in Unity3D, the world’s leading real-time game engine.

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The FabLab ENIT is a student club of ENIT, which was officially founded in September 2014. However, the FabLab space has been present since 2012, thanks in particular to European collaborative projects. In the dynamic, competitive and creativity-hungry industrial context, innovation is a key tool to meet market needs. Moreover, ENIT, as the oldest of Tunisian engineering schools, must take up this challenge and address this subject by providing adequate training to its students by providing an appropriate space. The objective of creating a FabLab is to <mark>democratize digital and personal manufacturing, to encourage individual creativity and to help the start-up of innovative companies by newly graduated engineers and to support their development.</mark> <P></P> Thanks to the efforts made by the school to materialize the upstream parts of the innovation process, an ENIT innovation platform, based on the i-Créa@ and DICAMP projects, was created within the framework of Euro-Mediterranean Tempus projects. . The FabLab ENIT is the most suitable space to encourage any form of innovation within ENIT. It is the most adapted to the pedagogical and technological context of the school. In addition, the school has the majority of the basic equipment to launch a globally recognized FabLab, enjoy all the advantages of belonging to the FabLab network, and even respond to calls for tenders at scale. international. <P></P> Supported by the school, the FabLab ENIT will have as its main objective to promote DIY (Do It Yourself) culture, to promote education in technical sciences and to democratize digital and personal manufacturing. This place dedicated to manufacturing will mainly host student projects of an academic or other nature. Ideally, the reception capacity could be extended to a limited number of users outside the school. The FabLab ENIT project is an ambitious project, which offers students an opportunity to develop the qualities sought in a future engineer, namely team spirit, respect for deadlines, curiosity, creativity.

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Factory 619

First Startup Studio & Tech Innovation Hub in Tunisia. We build and host startups. We created Factory 619 with an idea in mind: Plugging a technology innovation hub into the Tunisian startups ecosystem. <p></p> Everything a startup needs: <p></p> <>-COWORKING SPACE<br> Our Factory is 700 square meters large, dedicated to freelancers, nomad workers and startups. It grants a mixed atmosphere of friendly collaboration with the efficiency of a well equipped office <p></p><mark>-INCUBATOR<br> We run intensive incubation programs providing support, mentorship, and resources to help early stage startups build solid MVPs and scale up their business. Startups are accepted in cohorts and the program culminates with a Demo Day.</mark> <p></p>-STUDIO SERVICES<br> Factory 619 provides Startup-Friendly services. Our lean pricing system takes into account your limited budget as a startup, allowing you to develop your MVP or extend your product growth without burning your cash <p></p>-OPEN INNOVATION<br> We help establish an in-house Startup Studio mindset inside an enterprise ecosystem to assist companies in their open innovation process preventing disruption

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BIATLABS is the BIAT incubator, a non-profit incubator that offers FREE mentorship to entrepreneurs, WITHOUT EQUITY and covers the incubation’s life cycle: Pre-incubation, incubation and post incubation. <p></p> Our vision,<br> <mark>Partner in excellence, our vision is to support the youth’s innovation and ambition as well as work towards an environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship, investment and business ultimately creating value to the Tunisian economy of tomorrow</mark> <p></p> Our values،<br> COMMITMENT, EXCELLENCE and IMPACT are our key words. <p></p> Our motto is to federate a community of entrepreneurs, partners, experts and to contribute to the development of the Tunisian entrepreneurial and economic ecosystem

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CoCrea is a coworking space dedicated to the creation and development of small and medium-sized companies, as well as entrepreneurs and individuals in Tunisia. <p></p><mark>Focused on the emergence of entrepreneurs, Startuppers, CoCrea defines itself as a collaborative entity aiming to create a favorable place to undertake, create, innovate and share knowledge and skills.</mark>

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Cobeez is a coworking space ideally located in the heart of Tunis. Discover a pleasant and innovative work environment with flexible formulas. A new concept of creative and functional work. Cobeezone, coworking differently! <p></p> Are you a research entrepreneur, freelancer or student? are you looking for a calm, comfortable and motivating space to estimate your profitability? <p></p> Do not hesitate to choose #Cobeez, a friendly and well-equipped space located in the center of Tunis. <p></p> We offer you 3 types of #pass depending on your availability and commitment: <br> - Pass 1 day: 13 DT <br> - Pass 1 Week: 50 DT <br> - Pass 1 Month: 140 DT <p></p> Rates mentioned above include the following options: <br> - Tea & Coffee all you want <br> - Office supplies <br> - Printer & Scanner Access <br> - Wifi: Fiber Optic 50 Mega <br> - 1 Hour of cooking <br> - The whole space is equipped with Smart offices and 3 meeting rooms if needed

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Founded in 2012, just after the revolution, the Laboratory of Social and Solidarity Economy (Lab'ess) is an organization whose mission is to support the associative movement and to support social entrepreneurship as a lever for solidarity development, inclusive and sustainable. <p></p> The Lab’ess has been able to evolve and adapt to its context to act ever more effectively with the actors of change and increase its impact. <p></p> <mark>Today present in Tunis, within its collaborative workspace, outside the walls in the region and also in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, the Lab'ess, raises awareness, accompanies and finances all those who undertake in favor of the general interest through various innovative projects and programs.</mark> <p></p> The Lab'ess is a structure of PULSE, one of the SOS GROUP associations which carries out actions internationally.

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LEVEL1 is a Anti-Café/Coworking Space situated in Lac 1 (Tunis) that was opened for public in September 2017 and that brought a new style of coworking to the country: You come to work whenever you want without any reservation and you pay the time you spend in our spaces while enjoying unlimited and free coffee / Juice / Tea / Snack <p></p> <mark>The concept of anti-cafés is pretty simple. It's a working space, for teams or individuals, geeks, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or simply students. At an anticafé, you only pay for the time you spend with us and get unlimited free drinks (Woohoo!)</mark> <p></p> We are characterized by our gorgeous view of the Lake of Tunis, which will only inspire you to work harder and in a better atmosphere. We also have all the equipment you need, a strong internet connexion, 3 meeting rooms open to the public, a space for events with a video projector, a printer, a photocopier, and a scanner. Last but not least, we have a "prototyping lab" where all of you geeks, gamers and 3D fans can develop and test your products!

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Regus - Tunis Carthage

Located in the new business center of Tunis, our Tunis Carthage center enjoys an ideal location between the city center and Tunis airport, just 20 minutes from the mythical sites of Carthage and Sidi Bou Said. The building also offers breathtaking views of Lake Tunis and easy access to several gourmet restaurants. <p></p> Among the surrounding companies are major players in the field of telecommunications and IT, which offers you many business opportunities. From an economic and commercial point of view, Tunisia is closely linked to Europe: rid of extremely rigid state control, its economy is now partially liberalized. <p></p> Benefits <mark> <br> - 24/7 access to work the way you want <br> - Voicemail services, to make sure you don't miss a thing <br> - At the heart of a modern and innovative work environment <br> - Private meeting rooms conducive to business <br> - Unlimited high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi access <br> - Access to business lounges to get to work as soon as you arrive. </mark>

Hubio Space - school image
Hubio Space

Hubio will be the first costudying and coworking space with a café in Tunisia. A comfortable, warm and inspiring space that promotes the development of students by really giving the impression of being at home. Whether you're looking for a study space or a place to cozy up and read, Hubio fits all your needs. At Hubio, we provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for studying. <mark>Our mission is to combine an intellectually stimulating atmosphere with a lively conversational dynamic that bridges the gap between students from different backgrounds./mark>

Westerwelle StartupHaus Tunis - school image
Westerwelle StartupHaus Tunis

A beautiful green space in the heart of the city. WSH Tunis is Tunis’ first downtown coworking space and houses fast growing startups. Enjoy our services and embrace the challenges of building your business. <mark>Startup Haus Tunis is offering unique resources, local and international expertise and global opportunities for talented entrepreneurs in downtown Tunis.</mark> <p></p> Solutions <p></p> Desk <br> Your own desk for a day, week, or month. With all the benefits of a shared workspace, access to all our perks, a vibrant community and work experience. <p></p> Private Office <br> A dedicated space for you & your team. Give your co-workers their own beautiful space and enjoy all the perks that our co-working environment has to offer. <p></p> Room <br> Book a room for a meeting, class, or meetup. Create an exceptional meeting with our equipment and give your participants the experience they deserve. <p></p> Events <br> Host your event in style. Trainings, workshops or whatever you like: our spaces are designed to host small & big events, perfectly tailored to your needs.

111-CoThink - school image

111-CoThink space, offers our members a collaborative and engaging work environment that shares opportunities, good practices, resources and ideas. <p></p> <mark>co-working space<br> An inspiring community work environment. Brainstorm with dedicated professionals Networking capabilities</mark> <p></p> Meeting and conference room<br> 111 Co-Think, has a meeting room with a capacity of over 20 people, it can be used for meetings, conferences, seminars and training. <p></p> Private office<br> 111 Co-Think provides a range of serviced offices to suit your needs. Optimize your investment by renting an office whenever you need it, it can be rented by the hour, day or week...

The Dot Tunisia - school image
The Dot Tunisia

The result of a partnership and synergies between public and private actors, The DOT offers a framework bringing together the best resources to support young entrepreneurs and startuppers. <mark>The Dot also offers various services to accelerate the digital transformation of public institutions, industry and civil society.</mark> <p></p>[Expand your network] <p></p> Training and event spaces<br> Benefiting from an international network <p></p> Coworking spaces<br> For startups <p></p>[Grow your business] <p></p> An incubation space<br> For startups <p></p> Adapted services<br> To regional entrepreneurs <p></p> Public services corner<br> Guide entrepreneurs towards the relevant systems for their development <p></p> Startup Facility Support<br> Facilitate direct access for entrepreneurs to the expertise necessary for their creation and growth <p></p> Business Facility Desk<br> Offering expertise <mark><p></p> [Accelerate your digitization] <p></p> Audience innovation labs<br> Innovative solutions for public service <p></p> Industry 4.0 Hub<br> Support manufacturers for the transition to Industry 4.0 (I4.0) & Incubate and accelerate I4.0 startups <p></p> AI Hub<br> Support AI startups to accelerate the maturation and industrialization of their solutions & the implementation with the private and public sector <p></p> GSMA Mobile Innovation Lab<br> Mobile solutions for the private and public sector</mark> <p></p> [Benefits] <p></p> Support programs For the ecosystem, from pre-incubation to financing <p></p> Partnerships<br> With European companies <p></p> Partnerships<br> International strategic partnerships <p></p> Fully equipped<br> Fully equipped, open space workstations, meeting rooms, training and event spaces, anti-café <p></p> Space for collaboration and networking<br> Open to everyone <p></p> The shores of the lake 1<br> Booming business and technology district in Tunis

Workzone - school image

At Workzone, we advocate flexibility and proactivity in everything we do. Our offers can be customized according to needs and budget. <p></p> <mark>Designed to drive productivity and optimize performance, our workspaces connect, thrive and inspire. Secure and accessible 24/7, our spaces are equipped with natural light favorable to your personal development, they are housed in a high standing building in the heart of a renowned business district.</mark> <p></p> Workzone is also organized events. Training, workshop or seminar, there is always something going on at Workzone!

Jasmine Hall - school image
Jasmine Hall

Jasmine Hall is an extraordinary coworking space. The place is a total break with the conventional world of office automation. Jasmine Hall dares and fully assumes the friendliness, generosity and warmth of its decoration. <mark>The space exudes exceptional energy, character and ambiance. The interior exudes joy, peace, strength and a sense of sharing. Anyone who walks in will feel right at home and will naturally have a smile on their face.</mark> <p></p> Jasmine Hall makes people want to come and stay. <p></p> Take advantage of our meeting room The fully equipped 15m 2 room allows you to organize training, meetings and small seminars. It can accommodate up to 10 people. This service is offered every day (subject to room availability). If you are a group of 10 people and you need a place to meet and work effectively for a day or half a day, Jasmine Hall is there for you! <p></p> Our Meeting Room offer adapts to all your needs (training, workshops, group sessions, etc.) at very attractive prices.

El Space Community - school image
El Space Community

We are a social innovation hub working on the partnerships between individuals, communities, governments, companies and NGOs who share a common interest and commitment for social impact. <p></p> Features <p></p> <mark>EL Fabspace for makers. <br> EL FABSPACE is a unique fablab concept in Tunisia. It is about open digital fabrication laboratories to inspire empower youth to turn their ideas into tangible innovations by giving them access to tools and resources including digital manufacturing technologies and machines. <p></p> The COWORKING space. <br> we provide a large and sunny space at the heart of Tunis. The space is the professional nest of innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, students, and organizations. <p></p> </mark> EL Wall project. <br> EL WALL is among EL SPACE’s first projects and it’s about getting the community living in and around the space to know each other and connect to each other in a very open and collaborative way. Feel free to download this resource and try it and let us know if you need help implementing it or any feedback that we need to do. <p></p> EL Events <br> Our venues are also available for everyone who would like to organize a community event. DO you have an event idea? Let's talk!

Cogite Coworking Space - school image
Cogite Coworking Space

Cogite is a hub for impact-driven, entrepreneurial individuals and organizations that would like to actively contribute to sustainable development in Tunisia. <mark>It's a vibrant space for collaboration and knowledge sharing.</mark> A place with a true sense of community where exciting projects and initiatives are created.

The Hub Coworking Space tunis - school image
The Hub Coworking Space tunis

THE HUB COWORKING SPACE TUNIS is a shared workspace based on collaboration, exchange, sharing and pooling of resources and skills. <p></p> Your coworking space, located at Lac de Tunis, is made up of perfectly furnished private and private offices, a shared workspace and a fully equipped meeting room. <p></p> We offer several services such as business domiciliation in Tunis, web development, printing and much more. <p></p> Our Strengths: <mark><br> - A very high speed fiber optic connection by wifi or cable. <br> - Personal and secure magnetic badges give our members unlimited access to their workspaces. <br> - Our space is equipped with a relaxation and rest area, as well as a smoking balcony designed for the exchange. <br> - Our meeting room is equipped with a projection and video-conference system and has been designed for brainstorming. <br> - Our coworking has been designed to accommodate workshops and training, as well as team buildings. <br> - A space has been set up to allow our employees to display their products.</mark>

The Orange Fab Tunisia - school image
The Orange Fab Tunisia

Our primary objective is to create a commercial partnership between your start-up and an Orange Business Unit, to develop your business, by accelerating your growth and your visibility. <p></p> We know very well that each start-up is different and unique by its offer but also by its functioning! The idea is to offer you tailor-made support and a complete service offer. <p></p> The service offer <p></p> An International Network<br> Ability to internationalize startups through our international network of Orange Fabs: presence in 15 territories around the world <p></p> Personalized workshops<br> Personalized Workshops will be organized for your start-up to meet your specific needs <p></p> Infrastructure and supervision<br> Settle into the premises of Orange Fab Tunisie: access to co-working, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, cafeterias, etc. <p></p> Financial<br> Access to the issue of convertible bonds up to €15k (subject to eligibility) <p></p> cloud services<br> Take advantage of free cloud services from Orange Business Services to innovate, develop and test your solutions <p></p> <mark>Specialized workshops<br> Workshops on specialized subjects will be offered to you: Pitching Techniques, Financing, Export and International, Growth Hacking… These workshops will be provided by internal and external mentors</mark> <p></p> Events<br> Privileged access to national & international events sponsored by Orange <p></p> Demo Day<br> Strategic meetings (investors, major groups, international Orange Fabs network, etc.)

GOMYCODE Tunis - school image

We empower people by upskilling and reskilling them on digital skills through instructor-assisted, affordable and quality trainings. We provide trainings for the future of work on a wide selection of digital skills. <p></P> Our available programs <BR> - Digital Marketing <mark> <BR> - Full-Stack Development <BR> - Intro. To Web Development</mark> <BR> - Artificial Intelligence <BR> - Data science <BR> - Deep Learning <BR> - Intro. to Game Development <BR> - Kids track <BR> - DevOps <BR> - UX/UI Design

WeCode Land - school image
WeCode Land

WeCode Land is a venture delivering in-person learning experiences at scale to help bridge gaps in skills. Courses include <mark>Web Development Full Stack Training which develops your skills in both front-end and back-end web technologies. The course leads you through the fundamentals of web development, JavaScript, HTML , CSS ,PHP ,Angular ,etc. and extends your knowledge in building complex web applications.</mark>

University Montplaisir - school image
University Montplaisir

The goal of the program is to train engineers on an international scale capable of designing, producing and implementing all computer applications (information system, development, computer security, etc.) <p></p> The graduates of the University Montplaisir Tunis are distinguished from other graduates by the particular attention given to Business intelligence and Data mining and especially to the practical aspect and certifications. <p></p> <mark>Program content:<br> The courses are essentially based around: databases, Java development, information systems, Business intelligence and the dynamic web. <p></p> Required Skills:<br> Perfect mastery of databases, dynamic web, Java language and especially Business intelligence. </mark> <p></p> Professional career:<br> 100% of our Computer Engineering graduates are recruited right after graduating. They occupy positions of responsibility in various sectors of activity (Banks, development companies, etc.) thanks to the content of our programs, the practical work facilitated by the existence of the latest generation laboratories, end-of-year projects. studies carried out alternately with companies, certifications and especially thanks to the teaching staff of the University Montplaisir Tunis. <br> - Project Manager <br> - Developer <br> - Director of IT Resources

Polytechnic School of Tunis - school image
Polytechnic School of Tunis

The Information Systems and Software Engineering course at Polytech INTL aims to train professionals who master all the managerial and technical aspects of information system (IS) development. The training in Information Systems and Software includes the latest advances in information technology and its integration, as well as the dimensions related to IS governance in terms of management, new technologies, processes and people. <p></p> <mark>The specific skills expected of the Information Systems and Software engineer are grouped into poles characterizing the technical fields targeted by our training. <br> - Ensuring that servers, computers and computer applications are always working <br> - Further research into solutions to improve system performance <br> - Ensuring data security </mark>

Free University of Tunis - school image
Free University of Tunis

This training is based on high-level scientific teaching in computer science, technical teaching in the form of projects, internships, practical work in line with the latest developments in the field, an opening to the economic world in the form of teaching, conferences, internships in companies and laboratories. <p></p> <mark>It aims to train versatile engineers who are designers, developers and integrators of systems and applications related to new information and communication technologies.</mark> <p></p> The possibilities of professional integration are very wide, they concern all structures (companies, associations, administrations, etc.) wishing to develop their commercial activity using the digital dimension. <p></p> The jobs that follow after obtaining the engineering degree in Computer Engineering are: <br> - Implementation project manager <br> - Design project manager <br> - Systems Administrator <br> - Technical director <br> - Technical Architect

South Mediterranean University - school image
South Mediterranean University

MedTech’s Software Engineering (SWE) program provides a combination of advanced technical and theoretical knowledge, best engineering practices, and emerging technologies to develop software that meet high quality standards. <p></p> <mark>The SE program is based on real-world learning experiences through team-centered, and hands-on projects to prepare students to become software architects and development team leaders. Moreover, the program helps students to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset by providing them with the required theoretical and practical knowledge of the entrepreneurial process and the practical steps to identify opportunities.</mark> <p></p> After the completion of the program with 210 credits of which 114 credits are in the main field of study, an engineering degree certificate is issued with a major in Software. <p></p> Educational Objectives <p></p> Graduates from the SWE program are expected to attain or achieve the following Program Educational Objectives within a few years of their graduation: <br> PEO1: Achieving successful careers in Software Engineering or related professional fields as engineers, consultants, and entrepreneurs as well as continuing advanced studies as researchers, experts, and educators. <br> PEO2: Being an effective member in a development team and involved in the whole life cycle of computer software. <br> PEO3: Demonstrating an ability to adopt advanced engineering methods with their lifelong learning skills and remain current in the dynamic field of software engineering. <br> PEO4: Participating actively to the professional/community development activities, and contributing to the advancement of society by having leadership roles, mentoring/ outreach activities as well as public and volunteer services. <p></p> ABET Student Outcomes <p></p> The program must have documented SOs that support the PEOs. Attainment of these outcomes prepares graduates to enter the professional practice of engineering. <br> ASO1: Ability to identify, formulate, and solve complex engineering problems by applying principles of engineering, science, and mathematics. <br> ASO2: Ability to apply engineering design to produce solutions that meet specified needs with consideration of public health, safety, and welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors. <br> ASO3: Ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences. <br> ASO4: Ability to recognize ethical and professional responsibilities in engineering situations and make informed judgments, which must consider the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts <br> ASO5: Ability to function effectively on a team whose members together provide leadership, create a collaborative and inclusive environment, establish goals, plan tasks, and meet objectives. <br> ASO6: Ability to develop and conduct appropriate experimentation, analyze and interpret data, and use engineering judgment to draw conclusions. <br> ASO7: Ability to acquire and apply new knowledge as needed, using appropriate learning strategies.

Central University - school image
Central University

This license aims to train skills capable of: Design and develop computer applications. Manage IT projects. Assess and maintain computer systems. Manage and Analyze data <p></p> <mark>The knowledge acquired in computer science allows graduates of the license in Software Engineering and Information Systems to occupy technical positions in companies, computer service companies and administrations: Studies and development of computer software - Production and operation of computer systems. information - Administration of information systems - Computer and office automation maintenance</mark> <p></p> The holder of the degree in Software Engineering and Information Systems has the possibility of continuing his higher education within the framework of: <br> - From a computer engineering cycle <br> - From a cycle of Telecommunications Engineer <br> - From a professional master's degree in "Big Data" <br> - A professional master's degree "Engineering in Artificial Intelligence" <br> - A professional master's degree in "Cyber ​​Security" <br> - A professional master's degree in "Cloud Computing and Virtualization" <br> - A professional master's degree "Security of Computer Systems and Networks" <br> - A research master's and doctoral degree in computer science

University of Tunis - school image
University of Tunis

Main aim of the Computer Engineering is to prepare graduates with a strong background in Programming, Information Management, Software design, Web and Mobile Technologies, systems and architectures, Artificial intelligence, Networking and Security. <p></p>In order to enable graduates to achieve this aim, students should develop and obtain a set of competences – intended as the capacity to use knowledge and professional and soft skills in work situations – that have been identified in agreement with the identified educational needs of the labour market of reference and the resources available to the awarding institution as follows: <mark><br> - Ability to apply knowledge and understanding of engineering disciplines underlying Computer Engineering subject area with specific reference to the following disciplines: Programming, databases, software engineering, Web Technologies, systems and Networking to develop computer solutions. <br> - Ability to analyse and solve complex problems to design complex and smart products and systems to investigate complex issues in the computer engineering area with reference to the following topics: Advanced databases and software design, Mobile technologies, advanced Architectures, Security, Artificial Intelligence and data Analytics <br> - Ability to implement and conduct complex computer development projects using and applying practical knowledge, by identifying financial and managerial implications, taking appropriate decisions, and to meet deliverable, schedule and budget requirements. </mark>

University of Carthage - school image
University of Carthage

Computer engineering training allows you to acquire the skills necessary for the profession: <p></p> <br> - Master the methods and techniques of software development, <br> - Design the architecture of the systems to be implemented, <br> - Master the approaches and tools for building, evaluating and maintaining robust and scalable systems, <br> - Understand the characteristics of hardware and software components, <br> - Designing solutions taking into account specific qualitative requirements such as Security, Dependability, Quality of service, etc. <p></p> The computer engineer trained at ENICarthage has good technological and scientific knowledge, and has an approach focused on problem solving and profitability. It is also aware of the social, economic and ecological implications of its projects. <p></p> ENICarthage's computer engineering training offers the possibility of choosing, in the final class, one of three courses respectively providing professional skills specific to the profession of future engineer in order to promote their professional integration. <br> - Information system <br> | Information Systems Engineering <br> | Web development and SOA <br> | Information Systems Security <br> | Cloud and Grid Computing <br> | Software quality and validation <br> - Embedded systems <br> | Embedded Linux <br> | Security of embedded and mobile systems <br> | Validation and testing of embedded systems <br> | Systems co-design <br> | Mobile Programming <br> - Networks <br> | Mobile network engineering <br> | Network security <br> | Network switching and WAN access <br> | New generation networks <br> | Network administration

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Tunis El Manar University

The IDL Department trains engineers and students with a general and multi-professional SIL license. We follow technological developments that are so frequent in IT, serving the future of our young graduates as well as possible. <p></p> Thanks to a teaching team made up of motivated teacher-researchers, <mark>everything is done to ensure that students can be effectively supported in each of the master's, engineer and license cycles. Our pedagogy is designed to allow the acquisition of theoretical and technical skills as well as engineering, design and project management.</mark> Our graduates are operational and equipped to steer their trajectory each according to their own motivation. <p></p> The IDL Department is resolutely turned towards the business world in a win-win relationship. The links with the company have materialized through strong sponsorship relationships.