Algorithmics Rabat - school image
Algorithmics Rabat

Algorithmics Rabat uses a 2.0 learning platform that introduces children aged 6 to 18 to science and computer science in a fun and interactive way. No need for books, notebooks or pens! Everything is done on our platform, on any device connected to the Internet. <p></p> Children learn at their own pace, with modern and varied tools: <mark><br> -I.T training courses, more than 20 educational tools, a video platform, a global social network and a project laboratory. <br> - Parents can follow their children's progress, tasks and projects in real time on the platform. </mark> <p></p> And the best: all the lessons are in English, the language of the future! Children immerse themselves in the language while developing essential soft skills like communication, creativity, collaboration and problem solving. <p></p> It's a unique method that allows them to learn three subjects at the same time, faster and better than with traditional lessons. Algorithmics Rabat is education 2.0, which stimulates children's critical thinking, logic and creativity while preparing them for the world of tomorrow. <p></p> Enroll your child today at Algorithmics Rabat and give them a chance at a futuristic education <p></p> How much of what a child learns at school will they manage to apply to real life? To make sure our students not only build their knowledge but also achieve results, we’ve developed our own teaching methodology <p></p> Our key principles are:<br> <mark>1. Exciting topics<br> Whether it's launching a spaceship to Mars, going undercover as a special agent, or a career in an IT company, every course at Algorithmics is an adventure with a captivating story</mark> <p></p> 2. Sparking passion<br> We focus on solving concrete problems, not abstract tasks. How do you make a cartoon character move? Say hello to degree angles! <p></p> 3. No overloading<br> We switch topics regularly so that our students don't get bored. A single class might include a comic on a new topic, physical activities, and discussing the latest IT news. <p></p> Learn, Create, Communicate<br> All our classes take place on our online learning platform. You don't need to download new software, buy textbooks or check homework because the Algorithmics platform does all three: <p></p> Smart school book<br> Your kid will learn at their own pace — our platform analyzes their progress and suggests tasks with the right difficulty level <p></p> <mark>Laboratory of projects<br> Here students apply their knowledge in practice right from the start: build games in Scratch or develop apps in Python</mark> <p></p> Community of interest<br> Children share their projects right in the platform: like, comment and find friends among Algorithmics students all around the world

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Outlierz Ventures

Outlierz Ventures is a pioneer African Seed-focused VC firm backing outstanding founders solving Africa's most pressing challenges and re-inventing the continent's future. <p></p> <mark>We believe Technology creates tremendous opportunities for talented entrepreneurs to change the status quo.</mark> Our mission is to channel capital, knowledge, and networks to Outlierz founders solving Africa’s pivotal problems. Thus, generating outsized returns while creating long-lasting socio-economic impact. <p></p> We invest at Pre-Seed, Seed, and Pre-Series A stages in companies using Technology to transform key traditional industries across Africa's main tech hubs. <p></p> INVESTMENT STRATEGY <br> We invest in Pre-Seed, Seed, and Pre-Series A companies solving fundamental problems and digitizing key traditional industries, across four main target markets: Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya. <p></p> We also back African diaspora founders building companies anywhere in the world, as we believe they have a harder time accessing capital. <p></p> <mark>We add value by providing access to our deep network of industry experts, as well as by building bridges between the North and Subsaharan African markets for expansion, especially opening doors to Francophone Africa.</mark> <p></p> With Fund II, we like to lead or co-lead rounds but don't necessarily have to.

Developers Institute Morocco - school image
Developers Institute Morocco

Developers.Institute is a selective and intensive coding bootcamp dedicated to nurturing the next generation of tech talent. We offer cutting-edge courses in web development, with coaching from the best professionals in the industry, allowing you to learn the softskills and technical languages ​​to go from being a beginner to being a ready-to-go developer. job in just 3 months. <p></p> Become a Full Stack Web Developer and learn the most in-demand skills in web development! <p></p> This is the bootcamp you need to become a modern web developer. It covers everything you need to know to be ready for employment at the end of the training, go from beginner to professional with a rich and complete CV that will allow you to land the job of your dreams. <p></p>You will learn everything you need to build a website from scratch. Indeed our trainings cover programming, third party services and iterative design for development sprints. During this program, you will follow intensive courses, online videos and exercises. At the end of the training, you will be able to: <mark> <br> - Design real applications and complex websites. <br> - Design, as a group, an image recognition application that you could add to your portfolio. <br> - Go to a job interview knowing that you understand the fundamentals of web development. <br> - To be able to improve your skills as a web developer by having a solid foundation. <br> - Discover how the front-end works, how servers and databases communicate and how they fit into a complex environment.</mark>

Impact Lab - school image
Impact Lab

We support start-ups, companies and public institutions to enable them to respond in an innovative way to their growth and transformation challenges in Morocco and Africa. <p></p> Today, it is becoming increasingly critical to reconcile economic development on the one hand, and inclusion and sustainability on the other. <p></p> At IMPACT Lab, our mission is to accelerate the deployment of innovative African models to meet the socio-economic challenges of the continent. <p></p> AN AFRICAN VISION <p></p> Capitalize on synergies in Africa<br> Today Africa not only represents the last economic frontier of our planet, but also a unique opportunity to build innovative, sustainable and inclusive socio-economic models. This opportunity comes first and foremost through the ability to create synergies between African innovation ecosystems. <p></p> <mark>Based on this conviction, IMPACT Lab is positioned as a privileged innovation partner to support the growth of startups and private and public institutions in the main hubs of Africa and to deploy concrete projects and solutions, carrying these new models.</mark>

212 Founders - school image
212 Founders

212 Founders, is a support and funding program in Seed and Series A, to accelerate the development of its startup in Morocco and internationally. The first support and funding program aimed at bringing out world-class startups linked to Morocco and Africa. <p></p> CDG Invest is the investment branch of the CDG Group. Through its minority investment strategy in sectors and companies with high development potential, CDG Invest participates in the structural transformation of the Moroccan economy. <p></p><mark>212Founders is free and open to all business sectors and targets all high-potential entrepreneurs.</mark> A program structured in two stages and offering a Seed and Series A investment of up to €700k (~7m MAD) at the end of the support.

Impulse Accelerator - school image
Impulse Accelerator

A unique acceleration program developed by Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and supported by OCP Group and its subsidiary OCP Africa <p></p> IMPULSE is a 12-week acceleration program dedicated to innovative startups in the fields of Agritech, BioTech, Mining Tech and Materials Science & Nano Engineering. IMPULSE will help entrepreneurs take their startups to the next level and bridge connections with OCP Group, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), MassChallenge and their ecosystems. <p></p> Why Impulse ? <p></p> <br> - <mark>World-class mentorship from MassChallenge, OCP and UM6P networks of seasoned executives and entrepreneurs</mark> <br> - Access to business opportunities via OCP, OCP Africa and UM6P Networks <br> - Access to UM6P resources: FabLab, experimental and living labs to help startups develop and test prototypes of their products and services <br> - Best-in class co-working space <br> - Equity-free cash prize of USD 250,000 to be shared between winning startups. <br> - <mark>Investment opportunities through our network of national and international venture capital firms and angel investors</mark> <br> - All-expense-paid training on UM6P Campus in Benguerir, Morocco and two study trips to the ecosystems of Boston and Lausanne

National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications - Digital Innovation - school image
National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications - Digital Innovation

The Digital Services Development engineer designs, develops and perfects application and software solutions, from the study phase to development, using the appropriate language for the benefit of a client or a company according to functional and specification. <p></p> With solid skills in IT development, student also <mark>masters concepts and technological environments that allow him to participate in their definition and structuring (databases, servers, etc.). Able to formalize the appropriate documentation (user guide, etc.), he can also be in charge of the maintenance and evolution of the product.</mark> <p></p> The skills to be acquired have been thought out and designed with a view to enabling the student's integration into the professional world, while meeting his training needs in terms of interactivity, know-how and interpersonal skills.

National School of Applied Sciences of Marrakech - Engineering school - school image
National School of Applied Sciences of Marrakech - Engineering school

This training cycle aims to train computer engineers capable of leading and intervening in the study and implementation of several computer projects. Students will be able to integrate teams of software development, design as well as programming, testing and integration of IT solutions. With this versatile training in the computer engineering cycle, engineers can analyze the needs of different users in terms of computer systems to set up a complete and adequate solution. <p></P> <mark>The students are trained to design innovative solutions and thus benefit from several disciplines in order to manage, plan and monitor the development and maintenance of appropriate solutions. The training mainly aims to provide engineers with the basic and dominant scientific foundations, the necessary technical expertise as well as cross-functional knowledge in management and means of communication in order to ensure better integration of the graduates into the national and international job market. </mark> <p></P> The ENSA Marrakech computer engineer can ensure with excellence the link between the know-how of the professional in the field and the design and development know-how of the engineer to finally participate in the complete process of setting up relevant solutions from the design to completion. The winners can intervene in several complex problems that require multidisciplinary skills in terms of network infrastructures, information systems, services and new information and communication technologies.

EuroMed University of Fez - school image
EuroMed University of Fez

Leading to an engineering degree, SaaS/Mobile application engineering training offers cutting-edge training in the field of software development and interactive mobile applications. The field of SaaS and Mobile solutions marks the beginning of a major transformation, which will profoundly affect many sectors. This situation contrasts with the large deficit of FullStack and DevOps developers who work in collaboration with Data Scientists or Big Data Developers currently existing all over the world. Companies increasingly need agile profiles who master the latest development and design technologies. The majority of startups that are launching recently are digital startups that offer digital services via their SaaS portal and/or mobile application. <p></p> The opening of this training at the UEMF is in line with the desire of the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education to develop training in Moroccan universities, to promote scientific research in the field and to associate with world leaders. of the sector to provide Moroccan universities with tools and the latest technological developments. <p></p> Skills Acquired: <mark><br> - Analyze specific customer needs <br> - Technical design of a software solution <br> - Develop a Web or SaaS solution on the Cloud <br> - Develop an Android and iOS Mobile solution <br> - Perform software testing with these various steps <br> - Manage a team of developers and/or designers <br> - Develop augmented reality solutions</mark> <p></p> Opportunities: <br> - Software Architect <br> - Web developer <br> - Mobile Developer <br> - Full Stack Developer <br> - Project Manager

International University of Casablanca - school image
International University of Casablanca

The School of Engineering has the mission of former high-level engineers capable of creating, innovating, designing and carrying out major projects in their field of specialization, combining high technicality and strong soft skills. It supports the national program aimed at training 10,000 engineers per year. <p></p> The Engineering Cycle in Computer Engineering takes place over 6 semesters. Its objective is to <mark>train versatile computer engineers capable of integrating into their professional environments. They have both advanced technical skills and managerial skills allowing them to manage projects and teams while participating in the most innovative projects.</mark> They integrate into several sectors such as consulting, software development, banks and insurance, telephone operators, SS2I, industries and many others.

HEM - school image

HEM Engineering School offers its students the opportunity to develop 3 important skills that are in high demand by the labor market: <br> - <mark>Solid skills in IT techniques based on current and future advanced technologies, allowing them to provide the company with innovative solutions in a constantly changing environment.</mark> <br> - Soft skills, in particular ease of expression – communication, a positive attitude based on an assertive personality, strong autonomy and both personal and professional fulfillment allowing them to grow and expand their structures. <br> - A mastery of the basics of management, in particular project management, and a good general knowledge of the company and its environment.

Mohammed First University - school image
Mohammed First University

The main objective of this DUT is the training of technicians specialized in the development of computer applications, while emphasizing: <br> - Programming languages ​​(C/C++, Java, PHP), <br> - Information systems and databases <br> - Computer Architecture, Systems and Networks It is also important to point out that this sector perfectly meets the qualification needs as expressed by the project "Casa Offshoring Morocco 2010" <p></p> Skills to acquire <p></p> <mark>At the end of this training, the laureates must have acquired the following skills: <br> - Mastery of the development cycle of an IT application, from design to deployment. <br> - Database management. <br> - Maintenance of computer applications. <br> - Object-oriented and web programming</mark> <p></p> Outcomes of training <p></p> The training program is entirely technical, its scripting has been designed to promote practical learning and awareness of the reality of business life. The graduates of this sector should experience no difficulty in integrating into the socio-economic fabric, since their profile perfectly meets the needs of the job market on the one hand and also because of their preparation for the integration of the active life. They can hold positions as developer/programmer/analyst/designer in the IIS or the IT departments of companies or public administrations. As they will also be able to continue their studies in a professional degree or in an engineering cycle.

Superior Institutions of Science & Technology - school image
Superior Institutions of Science & Technology

The BSc Software Engineering bachelor degree programme is designed to develop your knowledge and expertise in designing, developing and delivering software solutions in a digital world. You will study a wide range of software development tools, methodologies and technologies to help you in this regard. <p></p> The course will also <mark>teach you about coding and software architecture so that you can create functional software applications and platforms.</mark> <p></p> In the initial year of the course, you will cover the basics of computer science to make your foundation strong, and after that the emphasis of the course will be on design and development of software for specific applications. In addition, you will also explore different architectural paradigms, including distributed and parallel computing. <p></p> The programme gives you the flexibility to specialise in specific domains within software engineering, like data security, network security, augmented and virtual reality, and web technology.

National School of Mines of Rabat - school image
National School of Mines of Rabat

The purpose of the Computer Engineering training is to train State computer engineers capable of understanding and anticipating the evolution of information technologies so that they are actors in the current technological revolution and to practice in different fields. information and communication technologies. Engineers trained in this way are equipped with solid methodological and technical bases allowing them to develop a set of skills that follow the evolution of technology and the socio-economic world, exploitable according to the requirements of the job market. The course offered facilitates their integration into the professional environment and offers them the best possible career development. <p></p> The Computer Engineering training will allow engineering students to: <mark> <br> - Master the fundamental concepts of Management of Information and Communication Technologies. <br> - Master the methods and tools to understand the issues related to technologies in terms of strategy, organization, management and innovation. <br> - Have a transversal and global understanding of a company's business processes <br> - Know how to work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team on complex high-tech projects. <br> - Be a leader in the transformations brought about by ICT in organizations, know how to propose and support them. <br> - Know how to manage change. <br> - Develop their ability to evolve at all levels of responsibility, in an international, uncertain context and complex. </mark> <p></p> Targeted skills <p></p> Engineering students in the Computer Engineering sector will be able to acquire overall skills in information systems and master their analysis, design, integration, acceptance and production, as well as management. At the end of this training, they will be able to acquire: <br> - a solid base in IT with good methodological and technical knowledge adapted to the needs of the job market; <br> - great versatility in Information and Communication Technologies; <br> - great managerial skills with a good knowledge of the company; <br> - good training in IT project management; <br> - an openness to the socio-economic and socio-cultural world to prepare them for the role of actors in society. <p></p> Outcomes of training <br> - Software engineer <br> - Data Engineer <br> - Process Digitalization Engineer <br> - Security Engineer <br> - Information System Manager <br> - IT Project Manager <br> - ICT Advisor to General Managers <br> - Consultant in IS governance, change management in organizations <br> - Assistant to the project management or project management <br> - Innovation Manager

Hassania School Public Works - school image
Hassania School Public Works

This course is designed to train computer engineers capable of practicing in different fields of information and communication technology. Engineers trained in this way are IT generalists. They are equipped with solid methodological and technical bases allowing them to develop a set of skills that follow the evolution of technology and the socio-economic world, exploitable according to the requirements of the jobs and the characteristics of the individuals. By avoiding a strong specialization, this course facilitates their integration into the professional environment and offers them the best possible career development. <p></p> Training aims <p></p> Provide the engineer: <mark> <br> - A solid base in IT with good methodological and technical knowledge adapted to the needs of the job market; <br> - Of great versatility in Information and Communication Technologies; <br> - Of great managerial skills with a good knowledge of the company; <br> - Good training in IT project management; <br> - An openness to the socio-economic and socio-cultural world to prepare him for the role of actor in society.</mark> <p></p> Opportunities and benefits of training <br> Design engineer, Project manager, Development engineer, Network engineer, Network administrator, System administrator, Quality engineer, Security engineer, Consultant, Teacher, Researcher, etc.

Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences - school image
Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences

The purpose of the Computer Engineering and Networks course at EMSI is to train versatile engineers in the fields of computer engineering, while combining the spirit of analysis and design with that of implementation and production. <p></p> This complete training, in computer engineering and networks, allows to train essential actors in business brought to intervene at all levels of the network and the information system of an organization. The computer and network engineering course leads to two paths of deepening: <p></p> Computer Methods Applied to Business Management option (Miage) <p></p> This computer and network engineering option enables the engineer to acquire dual skills in computer science and management. It makes it possible to train highly qualified executives who actively participate in decision-making in relation to the company's strategy. <p></p> The Systems and Networks option <p></p> The systems and networks option in computer engineering and networks trains engineers capable of designing architectures and business information systems. With a coherent approach to networks, systems and applications. The engineer is prepared to lead projects in the field of IT infrastructure. <p></p> Opportunities for Computer Engineering and Networks <p></p> Finally, the graduates of the computer and network engineering course are capable of designing, developing and piloting projects, as well as modeling information systems, administering and securing networks. The engineer in this sector can exercise several professions: IT project manager, project coordinator, consultant, research and development engineer, information systems engineer, network, systems and security engineer, systems administrator engineer. Functions in computer and network engineering also vary depending on the structure of the organization in which the engineer evolves. <p></p> To conclude, the computer and network engineer <mark>must have rigor and demonstrate responsiveness and a sense of anticipation. This will allow him to be able to find adequate solutions quickly. The engineer must also have good interpersonal skills by knowing how to take into account all the needs of users.</mark>

Mundiapolis University of Casablanca - school image
Mundiapolis University of Casablanca

Training in Computer Engineering supports future engineers to understand and master the latest technologies required in the fields of design and development of software applications, architecture of information systems, design and development of embedded software and mobile applications. <p></p> This training is aimed at candidates who are looking for a general training in computer engineering and which offers a solid foundation with a lot of practice. <p></p> OPPORTUNITIES<br> The graduates of the Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science will be able to occupy various positions in the field of computer development, in the field of computer security or in the fields of virtualization, data management and cloud computing. <p></p> <mark>They will be able to work, among other things, as: <br> - software developer <br> - mobile application developer <br> - web master <br> - web application developer <br> - front end, back end, or full stack developer <br> - IT project manager <br> - information technology consultant <br> - computer systems database administrator <br> - network manager <br> - computer system integrator <br> - cloud administrator <br> - devops consultant <br> - system administrator <br> - virtualization manager </mark>

Sultan Moulay Slimane University - school image
Sultan Moulay Slimane University

The objective of the "Computer science" License is to provide a scientific base culture, to teach the fundamental bases of the computer science discipline and finally to give a solid competence for professional computer developments. <p></p> Our pedagogical objective is to provide training that is as complete as possible, coherent, progressive in IT with a solid competence for professional IT developments. <p></p> Our scientific objective is to discover the different technologies and problems in computer science. It is possible to return to working life immediately after the license - towards the professional world or a continuation of study in Master. <p></p> <mark>The "Computer science" sector is a solid basic training in computer science which makes it possible to train generalist computer scientists, in three years, capable of developing applications in several fields and of integrating into software development teams.</mark>

School of Information Sciences - Rabat - school image
School of Information Sciences - Rabat

The purpose of the sector is to provide organizations and Moroccan society with highly qualified technological profiles likely to work in these fields, to exercise the trades and functions that result from them and to adapt to the changes and mutations that are required. <p></p> The content of the training for this sector takes into account the new changes that have generated new concepts or even new fields and disciplines: <br> - Digital society <br> - Information Society <br> - Business intelligence <br> - IS governance <br> - Ubiquitous system <br> - Digital transformation <br> - Economy of knowledge and knowledge <p></p> <mark>Opportunities <br> - Information Systems Engineer <br> - Software development engineer <br> - Software integrator consultant <br> - Urban planner – functional architect of the IS <br> - Web and mobile developer <br> - Full stack developer </mark>

Private University of Marrakesh - school image
Private University of Marrakesh

The information systems in a company allow its proper functioning, facilitate its economic and technological development, they also allow better communication between the different departments of the entity. <p></p>PROGRAM OBJECTIVES The UPM's Engineer in TICSE – Computing and Information Systems program aims to train engineers capable of occupying positions of responsibility in the IT departments of companies and administrations, of establishing development strategies and of managing teams. <mark>In a socio-economic environment where information and communication technologies play an important role in the development and continuity of the company, the computer and information systems engineer is the key person in the organization.</mark> <p></p> PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS <p></p> - Two years of integrated preparatory classes. <br> - A diploma recognized by the State. <br> - Project-based teaching all year round. <br> - Preparation for the professional world via the internships that punctuate your course from the first year. <br> - Computer laboratories, networks, for practical work. <br> - Possibility of European co-diploma and international exchange. <p></p>CAREER OPPORTUNITIES - System administrator, <br> - Computer security expert, <br> - IT Project Manager, <br> - Integrator, <br> - open data manager, <br> - Mobile Application Developer, <br> - Business Analyst, …

Higher School of Technology Meknes - school image
Higher School of Technology Meknes

Train professionals specialized in the development of integrated applications or based on components, for the functions of analyst-programmer, application developer, developer of system-network solutions, industrial or maintenance programmer. More overall, <mark>we teach work-study students to adapt quickly to any environment work, by presenting them with a wide range of programming languages ​​and methods analysis and problem solving, with in-depth notions of project management, system and network.</mark> <p></p> OUTLETS: <br> - Project manager for the design and administration of application servers. <br> - Project manager for the design and development of distributed applications (Architecture n- third parties, .Net technologies, and J2EE) <br> - Database / systems / network administrator of a SMI / SME. <br> - Network administrator, system administrator, computer operating pilots, manager computer systems and networks, operating business networks <br> - SME IT Manager

HESTIM - Engineering & Business School - school image
HESTIM - Engineering & Business School

If you are passionate about the field of computer science, and you dream of a career in the field of artificial intelligence and software development as a computer engineer. The higher school of engineering and management offers you the possibility of following its training "Computer engineering and artificial intelligence" which will allow you to design computer systems for the diversified sectors of activity since artificial intelligence is used by multiple companies. <p></p> Indeed, HESTIM has created this Computer Engineering course with its two options "Software Engineering" and "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data". <mark>It thus aims to train students to apply creative thinking and algorithmic design.</mark> Not to mention the coding skills to build AI systems that are modern; through the appropriate algorithms corresponding to the processes to be created. While equipping them with a solid technical background highly qualified in programming skills, data analysis and mathematical modelling.

Private University of Fez - school image
Private University of Fez

The IT engineer (INFO) is a generalist engineer in the Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (STIC) sector. He masters not only the aspects of software engineering, networks, systems, architecture, but also information systems, decision support. <mark><br> - Trained in the latest technologies, the Computer Engineer exercises his skills in constantly evolving sectors, such as information systems (database, intranet), digital communications (multimedia, mobile telephony, intranet of the future) . He can be involved in research and development, specification, design, simulation, implementation, testing and integration.</mark> <br> - His general scientific culture and his qualities of creativity and reactivity allow him to adapt quickly to new situations and innovative concepts. <p></p> Opportunities <br> The knowledge provided in the sector is such as to allow future engineers to quickly access the functions of team leader in the IT departments of large companies, banks and insurance companies, companies specializing in Internet and e-commerce. , the gaming industry as well as research and development centers.

Institute of Management & Business Technology - Rabat - school image
Institute of Management & Business Technology - Rabat

The objective of the Computer Designer Developer Bachelor 's degree is to enable students to acquire the following skills: <mark><br> - Design and develop computer applications <br> - Develop web applications <br> - Create and manage databases <br> - Manage Computer Networks <br> - Automate one or more business processes</mark> <p></p> This Bachelor prepares you to become: <br> - System administrator <br> - Programmer <br> - Network administrator <br> - Webmaster <br> - Web designer

SUP'ISI - school image

This diploma is prepared in 3 years of training. Its objective is to train young experts in Computer Engineering capable of leading a project in all its phases, from the establishment of the specifications to its completion. It is issued by the American University of Professional Studies. <p></p> Opportunities <p></p> The graduate can occupy positions such as: <br> - IT Asset Manager <mark><br> - Senior Developer in Java - Dot Net <br> - Web and Mobile Developer</mark> <br> - Database Administrator <br> - Information System Designer <br> - Commercial Director of IT Products <br> - IT Trainer <p></p> 1st year <p></p>Algorithm, C Language, Data Structure, Introduction to Computers, Image Processing, FrontEnd Web Development, BackEnd Web Development in PHP, Javascript, Framework: Bootstrap, Database Handling, Computer Architecture, Network Architecture CCNA1 , CCNA2 Network Architecture, Computer Mathematics, Computer Logic, Business Organization, French, English, Desktop Project in C, Web Frontend Project, End of Year Project, Portfolio. <p></p>2nd year <p></p> Java Object Oriented Programming, PHP & Mysql Web Development, Java and SQL, DOT NET Development in VB.NET, Framework: Anular JS, Analysis and Design of Information Systems, UML, CCNA3 Network Architecture, Commerce, Resource Management human resources, Writing techniques, English, Project in Java development, Project in Web development, Project in VB.NET development, End-of-year project, Portfolio update. <p></p>3rd year <p></p> Python Development, Android & Java Mobile Development, ASP Web Development, Framework: Laravel, DOT NET Development in C#, Distributed Application Architectures in J2EE: Sprin Boot, CCNA4 Network Architecture, Digital Marketing, Job Interview Technique, Project English in Dot NET development, Project in Mobile Development, Project in Python development, Project in J2EE Development, End-of-study project or internship.

Higher School of Rabat in Management and Engineering - school image
Higher School of Rabat in Management and Engineering

The objective of this training is the acquisition of solid knowledge on all the repositories, concepts and techniques of information systems and their implementation. <p></p> The main objective of the course also remains to provide graduates with the level of competence and qualification expected of an IT executive in several fields of activity: <p></p> - Implementation, administration of commercial and open source operating systems <br> - Implementation, administration of computer networks <br> - Implementation, administration of IT security <br> - The development of management and multimedia applications, in particular using Object-Oriented programming languages <br> - Knowledge of database management systems. <p></p> Purpose of the sector:<p></p> <mark>The control of the information system and its integration constitute today a strategic axis of development. It mobilizes managerial, technical and professional skills. There is a strong demand from companies for professionals with such a profile.</mark> <p></p> To assume these responsibilities, trained computer scientists must, of course, be technologically competent, but they must also master the socio-economic and organizational environment in which they will have to exercise their profession, possess a good level of general knowledge – especially in economics and management systems) and have excellent communication skills - especially in French and English.

School of Advanced Engineering Studies - Oujda - school image
School of Advanced Engineering Studies - Oujda

The objective of the training is to provide engineering students with comprehensive training in the tools and methods used in software engineering, enabling them to <mark>design, model and analyze an organization's information systems</mark>. This training also offers Computer Engineering students an apprenticeship in operating systems, computer networks and computer security in order to increase their chances of easily integrating the world of work.

Tiny Tetouan - school image
Tiny Tetouan

You’re in transit or on a mission/project in Tetouan, and you’re looking for a coworking space where to work quietly and to remain productive. <p></p> Tiny Tetouan, is a coworking space that may surprise you. <p></p> In fact, Tiny Tetouan, by the <mark>simplicity of its interior design, the ergonomics of it furniture, and the wide range of it amenities, helps you concentrate on your work and project and complete it quickly.</mark> <p></p> And as we are native from Tétouan, we can assist you and advise you on all what concerns the city of Tetouan and it surrounding. <p></p> Out coworking space is based in the new business district of Tetouan, Center Commercial Wilaya Center. Come share the space !

Smart Win - school image
Smart Win

A real workspace equipped according to your needs with more than 15 services and services designed to meet all your needs, such as: <mark><br> - An individual or shared office, a prestigious business address, <br> - A high-speed internet connection to keep in touch with all your customers <br> - A rental cost within your reach and more. <br> - Take advantage of this professional working atmosphere surrounded by other dynamic and motivated entrepreneurs with whom you can share to develop your business.</mark> <p></p>Tomorrow begins now! <p></p> A pleasant workspace at a lower cost, personalized support, a network of entrepreneurs and quality services. Rent workspace in a coworking environment

Regus - Casablanca - school image
Regus - Casablanca

Be inspired by this amazing waterfront workspace. Offer your company an enviable address on the Casablanca seafront. You will be able to impress your clients with the magnificent ocean view from our prestigious Crystal Building 1 workspace, located just 5 minutes from the Casa Port train station and close to the commercial heart of the city. <p></p> <mark>Work efficiently in a modern setting with amenities such as a gym, daycare and plenty of shopping nearby.</mark> After work, you can entertain your guests in the cosmopolitan hotels and restaurants that make up this modern and popular growing district.

Studyo - school image

Are you a freelancer, an employee, an entrepreneur, an association looking for a place to work peacefully while enjoying stimulating interactions with peers? <p></p> Conceived and designed in a spirit of sharing and conviviality, our objective is to offer a working environment adapted to nomadic activities in the form of a nursery of ideas, where everyone can develop their skills by benefiting from those of others. <p></p> <mark>On more than 160 m², take advantage of our different atmospheres, our equipped offices, our meeting rooms / training room of our open space coworking space, but also our outdoor terraces to take your breaks.</mark> <p></p> Come and work at Studyo!

Le 133 - school image
Le 133

Think of le 133 as your happy place from where you can manage your current projects or launch new ones. A place where you can hold that business meeting to impress you client, or have an aspiring conversation with a supporting community around a home cooked meal. We are simple, we are mindful, and we want to connect with good like minded souls. So if you are ready for the next step in your entrepreneurial life. <p></p> <mark>Le 133 provides you with more than just a well designed&professional working space. Flexible Coworking Plans are designed to meet your highest expectations, grant you the freedom to work in a friendly environment surrounded by people who share your vision of life and who are willing to grow as humans while growing achieving with their goals.</mark>

La Station - school image
La Station

Sit where inspiration takes you. An offer designed for freelancers, consultants and project leaders looking for an inspiring place and a stimulating environment. <p></p> <mark>Services included: Fiber optic connection, meeting room, management of mail and telephone calls, equipped cafeteria and relaxation area.</mark> <p></p> OUR EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES INCLUDED <p></p> UNLIMITED SECURE WIFI<br> Connect securely and unlimitedly to our wifi network. <p></p> TERRACE<br> Recharge your batteries in our relaxation area <p></p> PRINTER<br> Print, scan and photocopy your professional documents using our latest generation printers. <p></p> MEETING ROOM<br> Schedule your meeting in our fully equipped room. <p></p> TEA & COFFEE<br> Have unlimited coffee and tea at any time <p></p> CONCIERGE<br> Make your life easier with our concierge service for managing calls and mail <p></p> KITCHEN<br> Warm up your meals and have lunch in our fully equipped kitchen.

WeStartUp - school image

Westartup aims to offer any company an environment conducive to its development, through a set of services: creation, domiciliation, work and <mark>coworking spaces</mark>, outsourcing of administrative tasks, partnerships. <p></p> Services Included: <mark><br> - Private 24-hour access to the office <br> - Wi-Fi: Fiber Optics <br> - Load: Electricity and Water <br> - Reception of customers: waiting room <br> - Business address included <br> - Printing and Scanning <br> - Daily maid service <br> - Air conditioning: reversible - wall remote control <br> - Security: Security guard for the building </mark>

O'work - school image

O'work is a quiet and pleasant coworking space dedicated to student-researchers and entrepreneurs as well as all other people looking for a suitable place to study or work. <p></p> Our space is : <br> - In the city centre <br> - Non-smoking area <br> - Optical Fiber <br> - Coffee maker (capsule, sachet and powder) and electric kettle (herbal tea) available in self-service. <p></p> Alongside the coworking space, <mark>we have developed a training program covering several fields and specialties in order to help our participants better integrate into the professional world and achieve their career goals.</mark>

WorkHub - school image

WORKHUB provides a warm and efficient workspace as well as many services to ensure optimal comfort for all our customers. <p></p> <mark>The idea is to create a lively and inspiring space where entrepreneurs can discuss and share their skills and know-how.</mark> <p></p> Our goal is to provide the means and tools necessary for the success of our customers, while creating an atmosphere of motivation, sharing and mutual aid. <p></p> At WORKHUB, we greet each other, we smile, we communicate and we respect each other.

Minerva Coworking - school image
Minerva Coworking

Minerva a coworking space on Ghandi which puts at your disposal its infrastructure and its workspace. Whether you are a freelancer, association, consultant, student or trainer, MINERVA offers different levels of services.

Hello Desk - school image
Hello Desk

Hello Desk is a furnished and equipped premium workspace located in the heart of the historic business district of Casablanca, close to the Place des Nations Unies (avenue des F.A.R) and the Casa Port train station. <p></p> <mark>In a wooded and green atmosphere, Hello Desk provides 600m² of functional and ready-to-use work positions, including relaxation areas and a rooftop with a view of the port of Casablanca. </mark> <p></p> The workspace is built around a community of leaders, entrepreneurs, project leaders and freelancers, thus promoting the exchange of ideas, collaboration, creativity and project success. <p></p> Our values: FLEXIBILITY, SHARING, PROFESSIONALISM and WELL-BEING.

L'Blassa - school image

L’BLASSA is a creative coworking space in Marrakech that provides to entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers a convivial and pleasant working environment,It is equipped with all the means and the necessary resources for the proper functioning of their members. <p></p> <mark>L’BLASSA offers you a variety of services, aiming to help you work efficiently, to be more engaged and to increase your productivity and your performance, besides increasing your networking opportunities by being part of a community of professionals in different sectors that meet in the same place</mark> <p></p> As well as hosting an incubator whose objective is to support young project holders and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in Morocco generally and in Marrakech particularly. <p></p> Which makes of it the spot that allows you to reach your full potential, to perform at your high level and to advance professional growth in your career.

MY Desk - school image
MY Desk

By renting a dedicated desk, we offer your startup the ideal environment for its success. This Coworking option gives you access to My Desk shared spaces and many benefits & services. <p></p> What you get:<br> Your dedicated workstation is equipped with a large comfortable seat, as well as a lockable filing cabinet and personalized electrical and fiber optic connections. <p></p> <mark>Services included: <br> - high-speed Internet <br> - Mail management <br> - Impression <br> - Hot & cold drinks <br> - Cleaning <br> - 24 hour access - Our business centers are accessible 24/7 <br> - Printer and scanner - Take advantage of our printing and scanning services to optimize your procedures <br> - Partner services - Take advantage of our many partners to meet all your needs</mark>

L'House Co. - school image
L'House Co.

The only coworking space in the city of Meknes. For students, entrepreneurs, NGOs and freelancers. We offer space, drinks (tea and coffee), we have a microwave, a good internet connection and the atmosphere. You work in a good mood, in a <mark>productive environment and you network. we organize trainings and workshops from time to time (entrepreneurship, digital marketing, e-commerce, soft skills...)</mark>

Spaces - Anfa Place - school image
Spaces - Anfa Place

Spaces is a creative platform for a dynamic, entrepreneurial community. We offer you the space to think, create and grow. <p></p> We believe that people and ideas are central to any business. Therefore, everyone at Spaces is an elite group of thinkers, innovators and influencers who are effective and confident in achieving their goals. Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, or a corporate entrepreneur, at Spaces we help our community expand its horizons. <p></p> <mark>Our lively atmosphere attracts positive and open-minded business thinkers, who love meeting new people, hence our lively community. Spaces' full program of professional events and hospitality services, combined with the cutting-edge and inspiring European design of our business clubs, engages people in the dynamism and energy of Spaces and makes them feel at home in their own right.</mark? <p></p> By creating dynamic workplaces with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, we help you think, create and collaborate, as our friendly team handles all services as well as essential logistics. Our goal at Spaces is to make sure our community can focus on whatever drives its business

Sector 21 - school image
Sector 21

In the Start-up spirit, Sector 21 is a project that offers itself as a platform for exchange between project leaders, mentors and investors to develop a dynamic community around innovative projects. <p></p> <mark>Our vocation is to offer a one-of-a-kind workspace in Rabat, in a quiet setting, far from the usual stress of urban space and the monotony of buildings.</mark> <p></p> The work environment offered by Sector 21 is exceptional. Located in an isolated villa in Hay Riad, this office space is furnished in a Startup style and offers a magnificent garden to alternate between work and relaxation.

Univers Startup - school image
Univers Startup

Univers Startup et Entrepreneur is an incubator, accelerator and Coworking Space, providing Startups, project leaders, Entrepreneurs and VSEs/SMEs with a set of services facilitating their integration into the entrepreneurial ecosystem. <p></p> Univers Startup et Entrepreneur is a workspace dedicated to Startups, entrepreneurs and young wana-be-entrepreneurs offering a range of services: <mark><br> - Coworking space fitted out to boost your creativity and productivity (private office; shared space, training room, meeting room). <br> - Training & Coaching of entrepreneurs and startups. <br> - Accompaniment & Mentoring of entrepreneurs and startups. <br> - Startup Incubation and Acceleration Program. <br> - Varied business services dedicated to entrepreneurs and startups.</mark>

Cowork in Marrakech - school image
Cowork in Marrakech

A wide and luminous coworking space open for exchange with other entrepreneurs. At Cowork in Marrakech You will meet freelancers, ambitious project leaders, SMEs, students, graphic designers, artists, geeks, SEO strategists, designers, sportsmen, clubbers, TPEs, associations, Dataminers, social media and community managers, coaches, startups, cryptos addicts, traders, webdesigners, etc <p></p> All these different personalities rub shoulders, discuss, exchange, work together, imagine solutions, share ideas, contacts and good deals. These women and men overflowing with energy are truly around the same mantra: “Make a break, come and work.” <p></p> <mark>Cowork in Marrakech is a story of entrepreneurs looking for independence, autonomy, flexibility and collaborative work. The Cowork in Marrakech community is enriched daily new opportunities.</mark> More than just a friendly, flexible and collaborative workspace, women and men who settle in Cowork in Marrakech space succeed in innovating, imagining and creating value.

Emerging Business Factory - school image
Emerging Business Factory

The Emerging Business Factory is the first private IT and Media incubator in the Marrakech-Safi region and the only one of its kind in Morocco. <p></p> <mark>Also a coworking space, the Emerging Business Factory was a former textile factory nestled in the industrial district of Sidi Ghanem, the industrial and creative culture hub of the ocher city.</mark>

Kowork - school image

Kowork provides high quality plug & play workplace solutions, to allow you to focus on your core business. Start your activity today with no additional expenses. <p></p>We offer a wide range of services <mark> <br> - Serviced offices <br> - Coworking <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - Virtual offices <br> - Emergency offices <br> - Lounges <br> - Company Registration <br> - Front desk <br> - Mail management <br> - Fiber-optic internet connection <br> - Parking </mark>

Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship - school image
Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Founded in 2012 by a group of people enthusiastic about social change in Morocco, the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (MCISE) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding entrepreneurial and innovative solutions to every social challenge in Morocco. <p></p> <mark>We believe that supporting social entrepreneurs with system-changing ideas can provide benefits for Morocco and the wider global community.</mark> <p></p> In 2017, MCISE joined the Ashoka network of international change makers. <p></p> Our Vision <br> A world where innovative ideas and opportunities are at the service of the common good. <p></p>Our Mission <br> Find innovative and entrepreneurial solutions for every social challenge in Morocco.

Overflow Space - school image
Overflow Space

Overflow coworking space is your new place to get full of your capacities and work comfortably in a multi-zone open space with high quality internet connection, free tea & coffee and more. Our Coworking space is located in the center of Mohammedia (Parc), near to all what you will need. <p></p> <mark>We Offer You Everything You Will Need <br>- Coworking Space <br>- Meeting Room <br>- Visio Room <br>- Comfort Zone <br>- Printer Zone <br>- Reception Zone <br>- High Internet Connection <br>- Coffee & Tea Free <br>- Regular Cleaning <br>- Power Sockets <br>- Modern Design <br>- GreenSpace View </mark> <p></p> Why Choosing Overflow Space <p></p> You don't have to search for a new place to find the great environment, with Overflow Space you will : <br>- Have a full comfortable environment <br>- Focus on you work <br>- Work on your goals <br>- Build valuable network <br>- Be apart of new events

Bridges to the Future - school image
Bridges to the Future

We exist to complete the existing entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing quality expertise to entrepreneurs but also to those involved in entrepreneurship (training, support, incubation, networking, etc.) <p></p> We aim to "Develop Fez, Morocco and Africa through responsible, necessary, autonomous, useful and sustainable companies" <p></p> <mark>Coworking space<br> After the launch of one of the first coworking in Fez, the first in Fez El Bali, Bridges To The Future launched the new concept of the business center in Fez with private offices and dedicated spaces <p></p> Entrepreneurship-innovation<br> Pack of services and programs at the service of project leaders or entrepreneurs (incubation, training, support, etc.) in partnership with local and international programs</mark>

Commons Zerktouni - school image
Commons Zerktouni

Established as one of North Africa’s strongest economies, Morocco’s coworking scene is on the rise as freelancers, entrepreneurs and enterprises look for the ideal place to grow. Offering all that companies, both large and small, could ask for; start your journey with us at Commons Zerktouni. <p></p> Located in the beating heart of Casablanca’s business district, minutes away from the Twin center and Harbour train station, Commons Zerktouni is an oasis of calm in the center of this magnificent and bustling city. Occupying two floors in an eye-catching building facing beautiful tranquil gardens, Zerktouni’s unique fusion of English Moroccan interior will undoubtedly inspire you to work wonders. <mark> <br> - 24/7 access <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - Private lockers <br> - Printing <br> - Lightning Wifi <br> - Micro-roasted coffee <br> - Dog friendly <br> - Phone booths <br> - Bike parking <br> - Events </mark>

GO4WORK - school image

Go4Work is an uninhibited and ambitious state of mind that invites nomadic workers from all trades to meet in an exceptional setting. This inspiring, bright and flexible place is the professional ground for coworkers who all contribute to the dynamism of the community. <p></p> <mark>GO4WORK is both a coworking space but also the entire community that composes it in which freelancers can work flexibly, from a few hours a week to an unlimited time. It also has meeting, relaxation and brainstorming rooms, and a conference and training room.</mark> <p></p> GO4WORK is also: <br> - All the coworkers who make it up. <br> - Activities allowing meetings and exchanges both between them, but also with the outside world.<br> GO4WORK is: <br>1. A vibrant community. <br>2. Effective collaboration. <br>3. A platform for creativity and innovation. <br>4. Support for startups

Dar Digital Nomad - school image
Dar Digital Nomad

Dar Digital Nomad offers coliving space in Morocco originally planned and created with the needs of the modern digital nomad. <p></p> The Co-living space concept: an apartment to be shared by nomad professionals, people of the tribes of the world, with common interests and lifestyles, who live with their eyes on the road. <p></p> Having the concept of coliving in Morocco is very important since many people come to this amazing country for short term living. <p></p> Living in Morocco is easy, safe, and developed enough so that you have all the necessary facilities to live and work online on your own projects. <p></p> Dar Digital Nomad is located in the quiet neighborhood of C.G.I. in the Hay Al Mansour Dahbi district of Ouarzazate, in Morocco

SunDesk - school image

The SunDesk coworking space is on the second and third floor of the building, and offers amazing ocean view from all desks. <p></p> ​Our office can host a maximum of 16 coworkers. The main indoor coworking area is equipped with ergonomic chairs, tables of different heights, an adjustable standing desk, and private lockers. The office space is directly connected to an outdoor coworking area which has cosy couches and laptop desks. Both areas have consistent 200/20 Mbps fiber internet connections. <p></p> Got a conference call or private meeting ? We have a bookable complementary Skype room for all coworkers. <p></p> To keep your focus while working, we keep your coffee supply strong, the tea topped off and the drinking water flowing. If you need a healthy snack, grab some juicy fruit. <p></p> What’s in the Office Space? <mark> <br> ✓ 2 x 200/20 Mbps fiber internet connections <br> ✓ Ergonomic chairs <br> ✓ Standing desk <br> ✓ Indoor & Outdoor work areas <br> ✓ 24/7 office access <br> ✓ Private Skype room <br> ✓ Lockable storage <br> ✓ Scanning & printing <br> ✓ Refreshments & fresh fruit <br> ✓ Welcoming, multilingual staff </mark>

3W Academy - school image
3W Academy

Today more than ever, the African continent is developing at high speed in the IT sector. Many young people now find an opportunity to create a career in the field, but in order to keep up with it, accelerated training is required. Our programs, designed to integrate you into the market, are focused on field issues, to give you every chance of succeeding in your professional life. <p></p> <mark>3W Academy is the specialist in accelerated training in web development with the objective of rapid integration into the market. </mark> <p></p> Face-to-face or online, in day or evening classes, 250+ young people have already passed the challenge. <p></p> If you too want to realize your ambitions and take charge of your future – Marhba bik !

International University of Rabat - school image
International University of Rabat

The main mission of the Higher School of Computing and Digital (ESIN) is to train highly qualified computer scientists and to carry out research activities capable of supporting the technological and economic development of Morocco. <p></p> The Higher School of Computing and Digital (ESIN) offers quality training nourished by the contributions of scientific and technological research in the fields of computing and digital. <p></p> <mark>Designed and created to support the development of companies and meet their needs in terms of skills, the programs offered by the school are aligned with the structuring projects of Morocco and aim to train the specialists of tomorrow.</mark> <p></p> ESIN's pedagogy is entirely focused on the professional integration of the student. For this, the latter is led to think about his professional project, to carry out professional internships and to get as close as possible to the socio-economic world (professional seminars, tutoring, etc.)

YouCode - school image

YouCode… It's not just a name. It's a whole philosophy. YouCode is an inclusive school that opens up opportunities for everyone. You… like… you. YouCode places the individual at the center of its pedagogy at the same time as it helps him to develop a working synergy with others. Code… as code. From the website to the algorithms via the apps. Located in cities like Youssoufia or Safi, cities conducive to studying the code, far from the effervescence of the big cities. <p></p> <mark>Learning with YouCode is, in a way, changing universes. Not only will YouCode transport you to a world of code and new technologies, but the way to enter it will also be different. YouCode is self-learning projects. An active pedagogy where you are confronted, individually or in groups, with concrete situations.</mark>

GOMYCODE Casablanca - school image
GOMYCODE Casablanca

We empower people by upskilling and reskilling them on digital skills through instructor-assisted, affordable and quality trainings. We provide trainings for the future of work on a wide selection of digital skills. <p></P> Our available programs <BR> - Digital Marketing <mark> <BR> - Full-Stack Development <BR> - Intro. To Web Development</mark> <BR> - Artificial Intelligence <BR> - Data science <BR> - Deep Learning <BR> - Intro. to Game Development <BR> - Kids track <BR> - DevOps <BR> - UX/UI Design

National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis - school image
National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis

The Software Engineering program covers the techniques, algorithms and theory necessary for building software, including subspecialties such as video games, bioinformatics and computational biology, computer forensics, geographic information systems, Web applications, enterprise computing, scientific computing and databases. <p></p> The computer engineering degree requires several classes in analog and digital circuits in addition to the core computer science classes. The degree <mark>provides students with a deeper knowledge of how computers work, thus it is for students interested in either developing computing hardware or software that communicates directly with the hardware, such as VLSI, embedded systems, device drivers, real-time operating systems, robotics and others. </mark>

Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - school image
Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane

The Bachelor of Science in Cloud and Mobile Software Design and Development (BSCMS2D) program will help students design and develop enterprise-grade mobile and cloud applications using software engineering principles, modern design patterns, new paradigms of cloud computing, and web services. Students will learn how to build adaptable and scalable software solutions. They will also learn about modern development frameworks and middleware issues in the context of cloud computing. <p></p> Approach <br> <mark>Emphasizes learning by doing through course projects and use of state-of-the-art open-source and proprietary full-stack software tools and development platforms for practical learning and final projects.</mark> <p></p> Motivation <br> Cloud is the foundation for the new agile business world. Together with mobile apps, they are the platforms for enabling agile application development necessary for the digital transformation of enterprises. The markets for mobile and cloud application developments have been increasing steadily over the past ten years. “Mobile App Developer is the Fastest Growing Jobs.” (CNN Money, Jan 5, 2017) <p></p> Acquired Skills <br> Graduates of the BSCMS2D will be able to: <br> 1. Design and develop mobile and cloud application architectures to harness the power and flexibility of cloud-based web services. <br> 2. Use the latest enterprise and cloud application development frameworks to build scalable software. <br> 5. Analyze a complex computing problem and to apply principles of computing and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions. <br> 4. Design, implement and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a given set of computing requirements in the context of the program’s discipline. <br> 6. Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts. <br> 7. Apply computer science theory and software development fundamentals to produce computing-based solutions. <br> 8. Analyze, design, develop, deploy and maintain mobile application architectures to harness the power and flexibility of cloud-based web services and build scalable software. <p></p>Career Opportunities <br> Graduates of the BSCMS2D program will be able to work as: <br> - Mobile Software Engineer <br> - Cloud Software Engineer <br> - Software Engineer <br> - Software Integration Engineer <br> - Information Systems Manager <p></p>Key Courses <br> In addition to Core Computer Science Courses, the program consists of specialization courses including the capstone project: <br> - Enterprise Application Architecture, Design, and Development <br> - Mobile and Cloud Application Architecture, Design and Development <br> - Agile Software Engineering and DevOps <br> - Blockchain Business Application <br> - Software Project Management

Solicode - school image

SOLICODE is a solidarity and inclusive training center, open to motivated young people interested in Web and Mobile Development professions. The learner at SOLICODE considers himself as the main actor throughout his learning process. It is he who builds his knowledge through the realization of projects, individual or in groups, inspired by the professional environment in order to promote better integration into the labor market. Training within SOLICODE focuses on different aspects: technical, soft-skills, entrepreneurship and project management. At the end of this training, learners will benefit from a double certification issued by SIMPLON and OFPPT. <p></p> OUR VALUES <p></p> INCLUSIVE TRAINING<br> Whatever your level of study, a passion for technology and a desire to learn are the only criteria for joining us. <p></p> INNOVATIVE METHODOLOGY<br> <mark>The SOLICODE center is equipped with innovative educational and technical means that promote the learning and practice of knowledge in the best conditions. The training offered at SOLICODE focuses on the digital technologies most in demand in the labor market.</mark> <p></p> ACTIVE PEDAGOGY<br> SOLICODE adopts an active pedagogy and by projects where the learner finds himself in real situations which guarantees professional integration. The learner is accompanied by expert referent trainers throughout the training period.

Ibn Tofail University - school image
Ibn Tofail University

The Computer Engineering sector trains senior computer technicians who master the technical and software aspects of computer science (hard and soft). Statistics show that the most requested profile is that of the Bac + 2 and especially in the specialties relating to NTIC. The graduates of this training will easily fit into the world of work and find employment with service companies, computer manufacturers or in all sectors of industry and services. <p></p> Goals<br> <br> - <mark>Mastery of design methods and computer application development languages.</mark> <br> - The theoretical and practical knowledge acquired aims to master the entire life cycle of computer applications <br> - Mastery of techniques for the design, implementation and operation of computer networks <br> - <>The theoretical and practical knowledge acquired aims to master the following techniques: assembly and configuration of networks, administration and security of networks and study of telecom systems

Play & Code Academy - school image
Play & Code Academy

Play & Code Academy, is a Moroccan robotics center supported by a young start-up operating in technological integration in the field of education. Armed with a young team and justifying 7 years of experience in the field of educational robotics, the start-up has supported a hundred schools and centers in Morocco to <mark>immerse young people in the world of robotics and new technologies.</mark> <p></p> Robotics<br> Transversal learning of Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics through scenarios and projects <p></p> Coding<br> <mark>Develop programming skills, one of the most demanded skills in the job market.</mark> <p></p> Maker<br> An opportunity to experiment and learn how to use a multitude of tools and machines to complete personal projects

Le Wagon Casablanca - school image
Le Wagon Casablanca

Casablanca is an African hub for technological innovation! Global giants have settled in Casablanca to make it a gateway to Africa.​ <p></p> <mark>Learn to code and develop great web applications in Casablanca while discovering the dynamism of Moroccan culture, steeped in centuries-old traditions and open to modern creative trends, offering a cultural showcase rich in colors, sounds and flavors!​</mark> <p></p> Become a full stack developer or be part of the Moroccan entrepreneurs who are bringing a tech revolution, and boost your career by joining our 9-weeks immersive coding bootcamp in Casablanca!

LaFactory - school image

LaFactory by Screendy is an incubator, accelerator and co-creation space. Through their startup programs, they host aspiring entrepreneurs, help them improve their solutions, develop their skill sets, and give them access to markets. Through their corporate innovation programs, they help big corporations find the best solutions to their challenges working side by side with our network of startups and deploying innovative solutions. <p></p> <mark>From start-up to scale-up, LaFactory supports you to bring your startup to scale. You have an idea and want to launch your own business? You are a startup with the ambition to take your company to the next level? Pre-incubation, incubation, acceleration, LaStartupFactory matches all the challenges you may face by supporting innovation and entrepreneurs with 3 different support formulas!</mark>

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University - school image
Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) is a Moroccan non-profit private research university. Its main campus is located in Ben Guerir, near Marrakech, with branches in Rabat and Laayoune. The university is an institution oriented towards applied research and innovation and is engaged in economic and human development, with a focus on African development. <p></p> <mark>UM6P-CS aims to train highly qualified students and researchers in the field of digital technologies. Located in the green city Mohammed VI in Benguerir, UM6P-CS offers a world-class university education with internationally renowned professors and researchers and promotes research and innovation in computer science.</mark>

1337 - school image

1337 is the first to provide IT training in Morocco, completely free of charge, open and accessible to anyone between the ages of 18 and 30. No need for an IT degree, or of having undergone extensive IT training. The only criteria for admission in Treize, Trente-Sept is CREATIVITY. <p></p> The Treize, Trente-Sept educational approach is based on peer-learning. A participatory operating style allowing students to unleash their creativity through project-based learning. <mark>To train the future coders of tomorrow, we had to rethink learning. We had to make IT something fun, exciting and at odds with the restrictive vision that the general public may have about it.</mark> <p></p> 1337 is the coding school par excellence, completely free of charge and accessible to all with no prerequisite of a degree. It offers a full immersion in a universe where the future is already present. Where IT and the lines of code are way more than a vague and off-putting concept… <p></p> Treize, Trente-Sept, a forward-looking school from the present.

MakerLab Workshop - school image
MakerLab Workshop

At MakerLab Space we create flexible experiences that shift students between the excitement and hands-on activities of our indoor activities and the freedom and exploration of the outdoors. <mark>Participants utilize imagination, hand-eye coordination and STEM applications to conquer challenges and missions – all in a team-oriented environment. Under the umbrella of a friendly competitive and gamified teaching and learning methodology, participants collaborate in a team setting to deconstruct challenges and then solve them.</mark> <p></p> The core foundation of our company and the programming we work diligently to develop is built upon creativity, exploration, technology and fun. Our commitment and passion is derived from the unlimited positive applications of innovative technology. Throughout all of our kids camps and teen programs students thrive under the supervision of an adult-led staff committed to the development of the individual and team.

Moulay Ismail University - school image
Moulay Ismail University

The Moulay Ismail University of Meknes was created in October 1989 by a Royal Dahir. The UMI is a Moroccan public institution of higher education and scientific research. It is fully accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive Training. With its 9 establishments, the UMI offers a wide range of education in different disciplines. In the computer science program at UMI, <mark>you will study topics in all major areas of computer science including hardware, programming languages, databases, software engineering, web development, networking, robotics, security, parallel processing and AI. You will be prepared for immediate employment, a long-term professional career or advanced studies.</mark>

Hseven - school image

We accelerate world class African Startups led by Moroccans, Africans, and Africans at heart. Discover our incubation and acceleration programs. <p></p> IMPACT <br> <mark>We provide entrepreneurs with access to an Incubator, an Innovation Lab, an Accelerator, and to Funding</mark> <p></p> We provide investors with access to the most promising deal flow. <p></p> We provide Corporation with access to promising startups and disruptive ideas & technologies for their open innovation programs. <p></p> We provide Institutions & Governments with an ecosystem to implement their Entrepreneurship & Innovation initiatives

Enactus - school image

Enactus is a community of students and academic and business leaders committed to using entrepreneurship to improve lives and shape a better, sustainable world.<p></p> Our Vision and Goals: <mark><br> - In entrepreneurship - our ability to identify opportunities and our talent to transform them into value-creating projects; <br> - Action - our desire to take action, to set up concrete projects on the ground; <br> - Us - a community of professionals and educators supporting a new generation of young leaders to become agents of change.</mark>

Hassan II University of Casablanca - school image
Hassan II University of Casablanca

Our program offers a bachelor of science in the field of computer science. A concentration in computer science will familiarize students with the various areas of knowledge that make up the field. <mark>Students will develop a firm understanding of the fundamental skills and core theories that will endure the rapid technological change we experience daily.</mark> A bachelor of science in computer science, more importantly, prepares a student for graduate studies in computer science or in other fields that are strongly associated with computer science.

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New Work Lab

New Work Lab has become THE SPRINGBOARD for young entrepreneurs, the meeting place for the Casablanca entrepreneurial scene. <p></p> New Work Lab supports entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs through various programs. You can <mark><br> - Attend weekly WORKSHOPS and TRAININGS that we organize, <br> - Work in our COWORKING space. <br> - Be part of a dynamic COMMUNITY. <br> - Strengthen your OPPORTUNITIES.</mark> <p></p> Become a member of the New Work Lab community and build the entrepreneurial and digital scene of tomorrow with us today!

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Cadi Ayyad University

The Mathematics and Computer Science Applied to Engineering Sciences (MIASI) degree was developed taking into account the experience of the old accreditation which will end this academic year. This project also takes into account other training recently accredited at the level of the establishment (in particular the LST in computer science). This new sector project is therefore predominantly mathematical. <p></p> The objective is to give mathematics the place it deserves to occupy in our society. And this taking into account the evolution of mathematics at the level of teaching, research and applications to engineering professions. <p></p> The first four semesters allow the student to acquire basics in general mathematics, mechanics, electricity, electromagnetism, computer science and communication techniques. They also allow the student to acquire a solid training in applied mathematics with simulations and computer experiments which will also allow the student to broaden his knowledge of computer science. <p></p> During the license cycle, the modules are programmed in such a way as to gradually provide students with: <br> - The elements of integration and functional analysis necessary for the mathematical study of mathematical models modeling certain physical or chemical phenomena. <br> - Scientific computing tools. <mark><br> - Object-oriented programming.</mark> <p></p> Semester 6, during which students will have to complete a graduation project. <p></p> The content has been designed to achieve several objectives: <mark> <br> 1) Consolidate the student's general scientific knowledge in fields as diverse as mathematics, physics, computer science, corporate culture, etc.; <br> 2) Develop the student's ability to reason, pose and solve problems; <br> 3) Acquire the necessary skills to tackle innovative fields in mathematical engineering and computer science </mark> <p></p> Targeted skills <br>Mastery of the mathematical, theoretical and applied tools necessary for engineering sciences.

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Mohammed V University of Rabat

The main objective of the Software Engineering sector is to train computer engineers to dominant in Software Engineering and Information Systems, specialists in the discipline, at the forefront of technical, autonomous, communicative and able to meet the needs of public bodies and private and to improve their competitiveness. <p></p> The proposed course gives the engineer a <mark>complete and solid training both scientific and technical</mark>. The training also covers management, languages ​​and communication techniques. communication as recommended in the national educational standards book. After a common core of 2 semesters dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge and skills essential to any computer scientist, particularly in the fields of software engineering and Information system. <p></p> Opportunities: GL training covers a wide spectrum of IT professions in perfect harmony with the market demand and that the ENSIAS GL engineer can occupy or towards which he can evolve, we can quote: <br> - Multimedia development engineer <br> - Enterprise application integrator <br> - IS Urban Planner / Enterprise Architect <br> - Cloud Solutions Architect <br> - DB/BigData Administrator <br> - Head of IT Operational Management