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Black Umbrellas

Black Umbrellas is an enterprise and supplier development (ESD) incubation organisation that partners with entrepreneurs, enterprises, investors and communities, to drive an inclusive and sustainable economic future by enabling the success of emerging SMEs. <p></p> 1. Black Umbrellas Virtual Incubator <br> The Black Umbrellas Virtual Incubator is an <mark>online platform that is designed to offer training, mentoring support and business coaching from anywhere with an internet connection. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we’ll help you build a resilient, compliant and sustainable business.</mark> <p></p> 2. Accelerator Programme <br> Your high-growth enterprise deserves the right kind of support. With access to procurement, finance and networking opportunities, your business can scale and create jobs to shape the South Africa we all dream of. <p></p> Tap into your true potential with the Black Umbrellas Accelerator Programme. <p></p> If you’re a high-growth enterprise with the potential to create jobs and scale, this programme is for you. <br><mark>What’s In It For You ? <br> - A customised development journey <br> - Learning and training through master classes <br> - Access to an Executive Business Coach <br> - Facilitated access to procurement opportunities by way of a premium listing on our procurement platform <br> - Access to finance <br> - Exciting networking events!</mark> <p></p> A future of business excellence awaits <p></p> 3. Co-Spacing <br> Need affordable office space to get some work done? Our co-spacing offices are open to the public, no need to be a part of the BU programme! <p></p> Sign up for 6 months of co-spacing and get 1 month free! <p></p> Need an affordable office space to get some work done? <p></p> Our co-spacing offices are open to the public, no need to be a part of the BU programme! <p></p> With a range of options to perfectly fit your schedule and space requirements, Black Umbrellas’ co-spacing offices are designed to suit your productivity needs with access to the following facilities: <mark> <br> - Printing <br> - Telephones <br> - Internet connectivity <br> - Reception services <br> - Boardrooms & conferencing facilities <br> - Tea and Coffee Stations </mark>

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TECHFARM Hub is a Pan-African Enterprenurship, Innovation and Business Development Hub driven by Change Makers who are passionate promoting disruptive knowledge, skills, technologies, and resources to support next generation savvy Entrepreneurs, Agripreneurs, Innovators and Startups to upscale life changing innovative solutions for productivity and profitability. <p></p> <mark>We promote decent work and economic development to end poverty, accelerate technological tools and innovation for productivity in Agri-Tech, Agribusiness and Smart Agriculture across Ghana and Africa. We provide our youth-oriented member-based change makers with essential business development, Eureka Maker Space, SINI Creative Space, Co-working and training space, vibrant events and networking space. </mark> <p></p> Our Vision<br> Building a dynamic market-driven entrepreneurship and innovative tech savvy ecosystem of change makers for productivity and profitability across Ghana and Africa. Our Mission Statement <br>1. To apply innovative programs towards building a strong entrepreneurship eco-system to enable young entrepreneurs, techies and change makers enhance their entrepreneurship and agripreneurship skills, and access relevant information to generate, develop and up-scale innovative solutions for profitability. <br>2. To connect young entrepreneurs, agripreneurs, startups and change makers to seed funding and investment matchmaking resources. <br>3. To become a supportive change makers platform where innovative tech minds can produce solutions and tools useful to promote Agri-Tech, Smart Agriculture and Agribusiness growth in Ghana and Africa. <br>4. To promote and accelerate technology driven life–long learning and digital literacy training opportunities for young change makers and innovators to acquire hands-on skills and satisfy the increasing market demand for techies and tech savvy professionals. <br>5. To partner key ecosystem stakeholders using interactive and vibrant advocacy and professional networking events.

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UWAT (Unlocking Women and Technology)

An initiative of Ispace, Ghana to equip women with Coding, Business Management, Professional Networking, and Pitching Skills and access to Funding to kick start their businesses. <p></p> What we do <br> <mark>Tech development <br> This course has been designed to help participants transform their business ideas into viable products such as websites and apps. Students at the end of this class will <br> - Gain Programming skill <br> - Website design skill </mark> <p></p> Business Development <br> This course has been designed to help participants transform their passion and ideas into a viable business. The course will explore and apply relevant business models and concepts intended to help students “think outside the box”. Students will be challenged to explore different activities as a starting point for entrepreneurial success.

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Dansyn Innovation Social Organization (Dansyn ISO) is one of Dansyn’s line of businesses with the objective of providing business development support to the youth who want to grow their businesses but cannot procure professional services from profit-oriented organizations. Dansyn ISO is an NPO (non-profit organization) which is aimed at supporting youth entrepreneurship and IT capabilities in the Upper East Region and beyond. <p></p> The company sprang out of Dansyn Ghana Ltd which is also into business development support and consultancy but operates as a company limited by shares. Dansyn ISO operates as a company limited by guarantee—non-profit organization. <p></p> Dansyn ISO is a business hub located in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region that <mark>specializes in training and skill development in information technology (IT) and entrepreneurship with the objective of making impact on the community in which we operate while enhancing the economic and social status of the people.</mark> <p></p> Dansyn ISO being an NPO is aimed at providing growth support initiatives through training, business incubation and acceleration. Our main focus is the youth and women start-ups and SMEs

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The Neo Hub

A place where you can Co-Create, Co-llaborate, Innovate and sale up your business while being friendlier to yourself and the environment you work in. <p></p> We aim to provide a <mark>one stop shop for innovative entrepreneurs, with intentional interest in developing and propelling our stakeholders towards being sustainable key players</mark> who are locally made but globally recognized. <p></p> Who We Serve<br> Inclusive Innovation <br> Kids; Inculcating savings, technology, leadership and entrepreneurship mindset at a young age, from as young as 5 years old. <p></p><mark>Tech Innovation <br> Startups who are intentional about the use of technology to optimise processes and disrupt industries</mark> <p></p>Innovative Startups <br> Those that do not necessarily use technology but find other new, creative and better ways to do things. <p></p>Knowledge Center <br> This project is specifically for the youth and teenagers, an information sharing center, with an aim to demystify and engage young people on issues of national interest. <p></p><mark>University Students Test Lab <br> University students have the opportunity to test commercial viability of their startups within our business development unit.</mark> <p></p>Open Innovation Space <br> Partners who are open to sharing and receiving information, allow externals to make contribution within selected companies. These third parties will be consultants through TheNeoHub. <p></p>Innovation Strategy<br> We consult on growth strategies fro private companies, governments and universities. <p></p>Market Place <br> Match making place for investors and startups.

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Clean Tech Hub

Clean Tech Hub is a pioneering hybrid hub for the research, development, demonstration and incubation of clean energy ideas, technologies, and resources for clean energy organizations and environment and climate friendly initiatives across Africa. <p></p> The hub provides strategic and invaluable support to idea and early stage energy entrepreneurs to help prove the viability of their businesses and access funding. With this, we aim to build a pipeline of Nigeria off-grid energy businesses which provide solutions to Africa’s biggest challenges. We provide funding and access to funding. <p></p> <mark>Clean Tech Hub’s Incubation Program <br> Clean Tech Hub’s Incubation program focuses on idea and early stage energy entrepreneurs and provides them with the support needed to prove the viability of their businesses. The Hub recently launched the 3rd cohort of her early-stage incubation program for clean energy enterprises. Interested applicants can apply.</mark> <p></p> Climate Fintech Program <br> Clean Tech Hub in partnership with New Energy Nexus launched a climate fintech program with the aim to catalyze climate finance for green development and promote the application of financial technology for decarbonization in Africa. In the first series of events, the focus will be on creating awareness, securing relevant partnerships, and fostering collaborations that will support and enable Nigeria’s nascent climate fintech sector to thrive. <p></p> Clean Tech Hub Startup Accelerator Program <br> Clean Tech Hub Startups Accelerator Program aims to build a pipeline of innovative clean energy and climate-smart enterprises in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa. This program is designed to nurture and support viable, scalable and investment-ready businesses by providing access to resources, business training, mentoring, funding and access to funding opportunities. <p></p> Energy Access Bootcamps <br> Clean Tech Hub organises regular “Energy Access Bootcamps” and has so far impacted over 500 students across Nigerian universities. The purpose of the bootcamps for Nigerian students in their penultimate year across tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, is to teach them about renewable energy and climate change; how to build a career and start a business in the sector.

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Roar Nigeria Hub

Roar Nigeria Hub is a community that provides professional support to technology enabled startups, researchers, entrepreneurs and SME’s. Her programs are designed to develop a new generation of innovators and creators that will provide local technology based solutions with a global perspective <p></p> Roar Nigeria is hosted within University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) and is the 1st full-fledged university embedded technology Hub in West Africa, with a student population of nearly 40,000 and 12 institutions of higher learning within an hour drive from Enugu City. <p></p> <mark>The Hub is a hotbed of ideas, invention and market induced solutions created with the concept of a triple helix (An interaction between Academia, Industry and Government) and hosted in a serene environment with researchers, students, industry and government within a stone throw distance.</mark>

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Plus Innovation Hub

Plus Innovation Hub is a community of vibrant startups and tech enthusiasts in Lagos. We offer services like Annual Incubation Programme, Code Camp, Digital Skills Training, Hack SDG, Business Clinics and Masterclasses for startups, as well as organize tech meetups for incubatees. We are a founding member of ISN Nigeria. <p></p> <mark>We offer startup incubation and acceleration services, access to market, mentors and money (investors) and also provides state of the art facilities such 247 electricity, fast internet, meeting rooms, training halls, coffee corner, game lounge, shared or private office in a great ambiance with plans to open in other locations within the country.</mark>

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The CANs Park

We're West Africa's first eco-friendly tech hub. We provide amazing work spaces, support government agencies, individuals and organisations working towards social development. We are using new technology to accelerate the impact of local & international initiatives in Africa. <mark>We are committed to building an Africa where young people are empowered to become leaders who through innovation will create a lasting impact on the African continent. </mark> <p></p> Our deep understanding of the African space and modern technology as well as our network of impact investors, consultants and government agencies help us deliver the best technical support. <p></p> Our ethos of environmental sustainability and innovation drives our services. The Cans is an eco-friendly approach to designing spaces where people do creative work. We are leading by example to show that we can build great companies while sustaining the environment. Beyond infrastructure, our processes are done to minimize carbon prints on the world.

African Women In Tech StartUp - school image
African Women In Tech StartUp

Female tech hub to boost entrepreneurship and promote access to technology opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa for women, youth and community project. <p></p>A non-profit initiative born in 2016, which is a Tech Hub whose goal is to prepare women to face the empowerment opportunities offered by technology through entrepreneurship, but also to support women entrepreneurs in the use of digital as a lever for growth regardless of their sector of activity. <p></p> Goals <p></p> <mark>Empowerment <br> Digital skills trainings for women and girls <p></p>Collaboration <br> Advice and expertise for gender-related programs <p></p>Community <br> Women's Professional Network <p></p>TechHub <br> Technology hub for women and girls </mark>

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Thescathcompanies is a hybrid VC firm that is powering early stage seed funding & advisory for founders, building innovative startups that are solving real problems within northern Nigeria & globally <p></p> 1. Accelerator is a feature by THESCATHCOMPANIES which helps mentor, seed-fund and build some of Africa’s promising businesses & startups who are turning Africa’s biggest challenges into global business opportunities. <p></p> <mark>We help mentor, seed-fund and build some of Northern Nigeria & Africa’s promising startups who are turning Africa’s biggest challenges into global business opportunities.</mark> <p></p> Join our portfolio of companies transforming Africa’s future we’re early believers for the smartest & most ambitious new generation of founders, backing them by writing those first cheques of an average of $50,000 for a minimum of 7.5% equity ownership. <p></p> 2. OFFICES is a feature by THESCATHCOMPANIES that <mark>provides a conducive state of the art co-working space, seminar space, board room, private office, library & creative space for bookings by individuals, startups, businesses and companies</mark> on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & annual subscription. <p></p> 3. Code to startup (CTS) is a feature by TSC that <mark>offers paid & free certified tech courses, which helps you learn tech related skills & gain possible placement in global organizations looking to hire.</mark>

Bayelsa Tech Hub - school image
Bayelsa Tech Hub

The Bayelsa Tech Hub, is a technology and enterprise development establishment providing a wide range of support services such as Co-work spaces, Incubation, Training’s and Robotics to help the Bayelsa community build livelihood through technology, innovation and diverse enterprises. We are a people centered community focused on growing talent, sustaining businesses and developing human capital in Bayelsa State and beyond. <p></p> Established in November 2019 as a CSR project of the Bank of Industry, the Bayelsa Tech Hub is cited in the capital city; Yenagoa, as the go-to establishment for tech innovations. Through her Programs and Initiatives, the Hub exists to support the growth of Indigenous Startups, Up and coming tech entrepreneurs, SMEs, Local Tech Communities and other stakeholders. <p></p> <mark>The Bayelsa Tech Hub is positioned for the future to be a recognized center for research and development in key sectors of our economy. For this purpose, the Facility houses a laboratory for robotics, drone technology, artificial intelligence, game development and coding programs.</mark> <p></p> The Bayelsa Tech Hub is powered by Bank of Industry (BoI) and managed by Vatebra Tech Hub. <p></p> Incubator/Accelerator <br> <mark>Our incubator/accelerator program is for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs with genius tech-driven business ideas. We provide business mentorship and infrastructural support (office spaces) that will help the entrepreneurs scale. Through our incubation programs, we provide Incubation for Startups with Minimum Viable Products annually, and help them through a series of enterprise training, finance and technical support to get to Product Market Fit.</mark> <p></p> Training<br> We offer tech training as short courses, intermediary courses and professional curricular courses. Our courses cut across Programming, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Use of Microsoft Office Suite and other tech-related training’s. We also offer non-tech training in areas of entrepreneurship and business management. We provide Tech and Enterprise Development training’s to foster human capital development in Bayelsa State. Our training’s are targeted at building Tech skills among Young people while providing enterprise support for Business Owners and Startups. <p></p>Robotics <br> We also have a great in-house robotics lab. Robotics has proven to be a more interesting and engaging way to teach STEM to young people. The coming decade will be defined by the largest workforce transition in the history of mankind. Millions of jobs will be lost to technology, while new jobs will be created. Robotics and artificial intelligence will be the driving force behind future technology that will drive new jobs. Through our weekend robotics program for Kids and other in-house and onsite programs, we are building the next generation of innovators through Robotics, Drone Technology and Artificial Intelligence Programs. <p></p>Coworking <br> We offer subscription-based co-work spaces and shared offices with world class amenities. We offer a range of affordable co-work spaces to cater to the needs of up-and-coming entrepreneurs, existing startups and individuals who seek a more convenient set up structure for their business.

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Civic Innovation Lab

At Civic Innovation Lab, we are at the front line of supporting indigenous start-ups through technical and business solutions. We empower entrepreneurs to do more good by creating successful enterprises. <p></p>Our system puts in place a number of trainings and programs where innovators and entrepreneurs within/ outside of our community get access to our mentorship and engagements programs. <p></p> <mark>Our focus this year is providing women entrepreneurs with tools, finance and information to ACCESS MARKETS. </mark> <p></p> We Empower Enterprenuers And Inspire Innovators <p></p> We empower entrepreneurs to do more good by creating successful enterprises. Our system puts in place a number of trainings and programs where innovators and entrepreneurs within/ outside of our community get access to our mentorship and engagements programs. <p></p> Our role as an impact driven hub is to act as an intermediary, initiating conversation between the government and the start-up/tech ecosystem. The aim of this interaction is to enable government crowd source indigenous solutions among Nigerian start-ups. There exists a huge gulf between the start-up space and the affairs of government in Nigeria. We know that government support for start-ups and tech innovations is the fastest, easiest and most economical route to solving the challenges peculiar to our nation. <p></p> Pitch Sessions <br> In our bid to create the perfect ambience of entrepreneurial support to our local community of social entrepreneurs, the creative in our space decided to design a bridge that connects investors to start-ups <p></p> Government Support <br> <mark>One of our primary roles is the establishment of a Government-start-up relationship. This relationship focuses on getting the Government to look at indigenous SMEs for execution of operations</mark> <p></p>Building Communities <br> Our foremost goal is community and this is what we have at Civic Innovation Lab. We have a rich tightly bonded community of diversified personalities. All coming from different places, races and colors having different strengths and skills, in this diversity lies our strength. <p></p> Dev Talks <br> <mark>DevTalks is a that provides a platform to dialogue and engage civil society on issues that affect their well-being. The aim is to articulate social problems and spark innovative ideas to tackle them. The program brings all relevant stakeholders and industry influencers to the table to discuss topics that affects civil society.</mark>

Ghana Tech Lab - school image
Ghana Tech Lab

We are taking simple ideas and turning them into big startups. Our goal is to become the platform for digital innovations in Africa and beyond. Our unique programs and curriculum are designed to make your idea a product/solution that addresses a situation in the society. We inspire innovation, creativity and ideation. We inspire exceptional stories. <p></p> We are committed to equipping individuals and organisations with the necessary skills they require to increase their productivity. Our skills training sessions are based on well developed curriculums. We are not just about talking, we are about doing.<mark> Our programs take you through the fundamentals that you need to become a successful startup. From technical incubation to entrepreneurship programs, we are expanding knowledge and creating new startups.</mark> <p></p> Base Program <br> The base program is our flagship program, which prepares individuals to think and create new innovations. Trainees are enrolled in the base program, which includes one month of training and two months of intensive incubation. Our model is different because it is adopts a bottom approach to innovation.The one-month training phase focuses on equipping individuals with digital skills. In implementing the base program, we connect and work with the grassroots and ecosystem partners. <p></p>Training Program <br> Our three-months base program begins with an intensive digital skills training program. Trainees are equipped with the top-notch skills that prepare them to develop their ideas. <p></p>Incubation<br> <mark>After the one-month training program, some trainees are selected to enter our flagship incubation program, which combines technical skills with business skills training. At this stage trainees build companies with proven business models.</mark> <p></p>Seed Funding <br> During and post-incubation, startups are formed. These startups are given grants to build their ideas into world class startups. Our startups are focused on solving the problems of the society. <p></p>Internship <br> Applicants are also put on internship programs with our various partners to help hone their skills. The skills our students learn from us are put to good use during their internship periods when these skills are challenged as on the job market.

Microsoft African Development Centre - Kenya - school image
Microsoft African Development Centre - Kenya

Developer Communities are an essential part of Microsoft's mission to enable people across the world to achieve more through tech. They are the de-facto homes of passionate developers and are an anchor for great ideas, innovation, and learning. ADC's presence not only acts as an anchor for developers but also provides a source of skill and talent to enable developers everywhere. <p></p> <mark>The African Development Centre provides a great source of speakers and mentors to African developer communities. The developers have experience working for Microsoft that they can seed into the communities they work with.</mark> <p></p> The Microsoft 4Afrika Volunteer Programme (My Skills) has also played a great role in bringing in expertise from across the globe to local communities.

Somali Innovation Hub - school image
Somali Innovation Hub

SiHUB is a social innovation and technology centre that promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, development, and a strong economy by creating a conducive work and study environment for students, fresh graduates, entrepreneurs, and innovators to generate ideas and turn them into viable business models with a positive social impact. <p></p> Mission <br> <mark>To create an innovation ecosystem in which students can participate in innovation and entrepreneurial activities, as well as to assist them in developing transferable knowledge sets and innovative mindsets that will better prepare them for the future.</mark> <p></p> Vision <br> To prepare young innovators and entrepreneurs to explore ideas for social innovation and to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to bring their innovations to market. <p></p> Areas of Focus <p></p> Public Sector Innovation <br> The goal of PSI is to promote public sector and service innovation by training civil servants on how to innovate public institutions and improve social service delivery. <p></p>Inclusive Innovation and entrepreneurship <br> <mark>Our IIE aims to create an inclusive digital innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to identify ICT accessibility challenges, seek solutions, and recognize the opportunity for economic growth.</mark> <p></p>Digital transformation <br> Recognize digital transformation opportunities, build ICT capacity for youth, and create a digital community that can capitalize on the benefits of digitization

Tatweer Entrepreneurship Campus - school image
Tatweer Entrepreneurship Campus

Libya is standing at the beginning of an exciting era of opportunity. A time when the foundations can be laid to build a progressive, globally connected nation by unleashing the skill, creativity and ingenuity of the Libyan people. TEC is short for Tatweer Entrepreneurship Campus, a 3 year initiative between Tatweer Research and UNDP with European Union funding. <p></p> TEC program is unique in nature and has never been done in Libya before. It is laying down the groundwork for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Libya. TEC aims to empower Libyan entrepreneurs through providing information on actors in the ecosystem, training, consulting, office space and financial support. <p></p> TEC also aims to affect change on the university level through incorporating entrepreneurship education in the curriculum and on the government level through business regulation reform. <p></p> TEC’s end goal is that by 2020 to graduate 30 startups from the program and to inspire other 60 startups indirectly, a total of 90 startups over the next three years creating 1000 value-adding jobs in the Libyan economy. <p></p> Services TEC Incubator <br> <mark>Will provide start-ups with the support, expertise, services and tools needed to succeed in the market. The incubator will offer services such as office space, consulting, mentoring, and training to the incubatees.</mark> <p></p> Tec Talk <br> It is a bi-weekly get-together made for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, where they meet to discuss entrepreneurship and emerging technologies. We are building a community of tech-savvy young Libyans and providing them a space where they can meet to network and learn from each other. <mark>We invite experts from the community to discuss the newest technology and we encourage knowledge sharing to ensure that the community is aware of the latest developments in the IT sector.</mark> <p></p>TEC Space <br> TEC Space is the hub where entrepreneurs work, learn and network as they start and develop their business. It is the place where TEC events and training programs take place. <mark>TEC Space is the home of the entrepreneurs and start-ups, and the space will be the hangout spot where entrepreneurs get together with like-minded people and to facilitate for a growing community, the space can hold up to 70 people at same time.</mark>

MEST - school image

MEST is an Africa-wide technology entrepreneur training program, internal seed fund, and network of hubs offering incubation for technology startups in Africa. <p></p> For young aspiring and established African entrepreneurs, MEST Africa provides the skills, mindset, and experiences to build a globally successful tech company. Beyond tech and entrepreneurial skills training, MEST Africa provides a real-world advantage to entrepreneurs through funding, business incubation, and access to a global tech network. <p></p> <mark>We provide skills in Tech Entrepreneurship. <br> Prepare yourself for the rigors of entrepreneurship with our fully sponsored, graduate-level program in Software Development and Business.</mark> <p></p> We support early-stage startups to take off. <br> Get the opportunity to launch your technology business with seed funding between $50k-$250k, incubation, and access to a global tech community. <p></p> We bring the tech & startup community together. <br> Our Hubs provide startups with business support & networking across the startup lifecycle and also serve as ecosystem centers for the tech community.

Tentmaker Hub - school image
Tentmaker Hub

Tentmaker Ghana is an entrepreneurial and industry incubator business that turns ideas into economic viable ventures and build businesses for the global market whiles raising entrepreneurs. <p></p>We provide business friendly co-working offices with internet access, in-house catering, and many more on a pay as you go basis.<p></p><mark>We provide startups the supporting platform to scale up. Don’t struggle to grow, we got your back in your elevation plan; mentorship, model validation, financial structuring; we hold you to climb.</mark>

Ho Node Hub - school image
Ho Node Hub

Ho Node Hub is an incubator and accelerator that are focused on skill acquisition, job creation and innovation. Their mission is to shape the local tech conversation, support digital innovations by equipping the youth with the right skill set and attitude for Africa’s digital economy, they get most of their funding from Africa. <p></p> <mark>We provide all the ingredients young innovators need to build successful ventures and be ready for the future of work: digital skills, entrepreneurship programs, funding, affordable working space, and an inclusive community. </mark>

The Enterprise Village - school image
The Enterprise Village

The Enterprise Village Hub (EV) is committed to identifying, training, connecting, funding early and growth-stage entrepreneurs while developing thriving talent for entrepreneurs and businesses. Designed to uplift innovation and facilitate entrepreneurial processes. We offer a curated array of co-working, office, and meeting space at an affordable price. <p></p> We are a community of makers and doers for the common cause of innovation, creativity, collaboration, and change. Our world is composed of entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, thinkers, and changemakers. We’re all in this together and growing as a united global village. We would love to have you in our virtual community where we share, network and help each other grow. <p></p> Our Mission <br> To provide business development services, co-working space and accelerator programs to the startup community in Ghana <p></p>Our Vision <br> To provide managerial, technical and financial support as a turn-key solution to improve the success rate of young businesses.

iSpace - school image

iSpace Foundation is an Innovation and Technology hub in Accra, Ghana founded in February 2013. iSpace is known to offer a conducive environment for growth in the Startup Ecosystem by providing a working space, Training and Mentoring, access to Funding and other facilities for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups to launch and manage their business ideas. ​<p></p> Our diverse community showcases inclusion in the Startup Ecosystem, we welcome talent, ideas and also champion the use of Business and Technology for Social Impact. ​<p></p> Key Support Areas ​<p></p> Access to Funding <br> <mark>Leading and guiding startups to understand different funding options and introducing them to relevant investors.</mark> ​<p></p> Business Support Program <br> Designing and providing capacity building and leadership programs for members and the startup community from experienced facilitators, mentors, and experts. ​<p></p> Network <br> Linking stakeholders, startups, partners, mentors & investors sharing the same vision in the ecosystem across local and global communities. ​<p></p> Exposure <br> <mark>Assisting startups to define their business ideas to suit their business model, fine-tune their pitch through series of internal demo pitching, generate media coverage, and get their business in front of investors who need to know about it.</mark>

Turbine - school image

Turbine is the leading start-up Incubator and Accelerator in Mauritius. Launched in 2015 by the ENL Group, Turbine acts as a catalyst for entrepreneurs helping them convert their ideas into successful and sustainable businesses. Turbine is a national accredited incubator by the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC). Turbine also works closely with Sting, the leading Accelerator in the Nordics. <p></p> Incubation<br> The steps to Start and Grow a Business<br> The Turbine Business Incubation Programme helps businesses reach important milestones in their growth and development, whether securing their first clients, mapping out their supply chain, or hiring new team members. Learn how to start a business and gear it for growth. <p></p> Their people skills, experience and expertise help our portfolio companies go from strength to strength. <p></p> The <mark>Incubation Programme is aimed at entrepreneurs who are ready to register their business with the Mauritian Authorities. This programme is open to foreigner who are willing to start their venture in Mauritius and benefit from the Innovator’s Visa.</mark> <p></p> Business Accelerator<br> An Intensive Business Scale Up Bootcamp<br> The Acceleration Programme is open to businesses who are ready to scale and need investment to grow their team, increase their tractions and revenues. The Acceleration Programme is generally organised with a cohort of 8 start-ups so you can get inspiration and motivation from your peers. <p></p> The <mark>Acceleration Programme is open to more established start-ups who have validated their offering with paying customers but require a boost to increase their sales and tractions either locally or internationally.</mark>

mHub - school image

mHub is Malawi’s first technology and innovation hub located in Lilongwe, Malawi with a working space in Blantyre, Malawi and Lusaka, Zambia. The hub has facilitated over 1 million USD in financing to emerging entrepreneurs over 5 years creating more than 950 jobs and impacting over 5,000 people in diverse value chains leveraging technology to solve social challenges or civic technology for social good. <mark>The hub has trained over 40,000 youths with business and technology skills.</mark> <p></p> The hub is a social enterprise that champions the development of local technology solutions. <mark>The hub nurtures young innovators and entrepreneurs with technology, technical and business skills to create sustainable social and business solutions.</mark> mHub’s vision is to be a premium resource center for sustainable technology solutions in Malawi.

Adei Technology Hub - school image
Adei Technology Hub

Located in Ivory Coast, right in the center of Abidjan, Adei Technology Hub is a development and innovation center for entrepreneurs and technology developers to learn, grow, connect and innovate. <p></p> Since 2018, we have been developing a pool of talent capable of taking advantage of the global digital economy, through access to international expertise and cutting-edge technologies. <p></p><mark>Develop top talent, with a focus on women, basic training for the community and advanced training for professionals.</mark> <p></p> Adei Institute of Technology programs are exclusively offered in Côte d'Ivoire at the Adei Technology Hub. These cutting-edge entrepreneurship programs and digital skills training offer unparalleled expertise in our emerging African market .

250STARTUPS - school image

250STARTUPS is a multi‐partner incubation and acceleration hub which accelerates startups to be fundable for the period of six months per cohort. 250STARTUPS has created an appropriate and effective mechanism to foster technology startups from incubation into expansion phase through financial, legal, technical, and mentorship support among others. <p></p> What we do <p></p> Capital Talks<br> Every end of the month, Startups present their progress to a wide audience made of potential partners, investors and other startups. <p></p> Progress presentation<br> Every Friday, our startups go through what they have been doing during the week and present their progress to the group. <p></p> <mark>Product Development<br> Our Incubation Specialists takes founders through product development where they refine their solutions and implement features on their platform.</mark> <p></p> Finance and law sessions<br> Finance and legal associates receive training from our experts twice a week.

Sèmè City - school image
Sèmè City

Sèmè City is a space where all resources are brought together so that together entrepreneurs, researchers, students and professionals rethink the Africa of tomorrow. The economic, social and cultural challenges of the African continent require us to innovate beyond existing frameworks. Benin hopes to develop a unique venue that will train a new generation of talent, equip them for the future and foster an inclusive and sustainable growth model based on “Made in Africa” ​​innovation. <p></p> Training<br> Innovative training programs; skill acquisition in line with the changing needs of the Beninese and sub-regional economy. <p></p> <mark>Entrepreneurship<br> Programs to strengthen the capacities of Beninese entrepreneurs to stimulate the emergence of innovative start-ups and create a real boost to job creation and growth.</mark> <p></p> Research<br> Test sustainable solutions to the major problems of Benin and the subregion.

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Btech Space

Btech Space is a coworking space, business incubator and Start-up accelerator. Coworking, shared workspace, incubator and business services <p></p> Incubator<br> Need help organizing your ideas and making your dream come true? Take advantage of a rich and varied accompaniment. to grow your projects <p></p> FabLab<br> Learn to how to strengthen your business, secure your development and move quickly to the industrialization and commercialization stages <p></p> <mark>Accelerator<br> Structure your growth strengthen your strategic analysis, strengthen your expertise on the subjects marketing, sales, finance and fundraising at; the international</mark>

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StartHub Africa

StartHub Africa builds structures so African innovators can succeed. As a Social Enterprise, StartHub builds a university-based student movement, invests in and guides early-stage African startups, and runs high-quality innovation projects and consultancy all over East Africa. <p></p> Why StartHub supports African innovation and entrepreneurship <p></p> Societies have challenges to solve. Entrepreneurs solve problems, generate impact, and create jobs. The SDG's and national development plans require a generation of changemakers to achieve positive and inclusive development in Africa. Aid has proven to be ineffective – and StartHub stands for a different approach: To <mark>build systems and structures so a movement of African changemakers can build the futures they want to see.</mark> <p></p> But how to build a movement? <p></p> Take some ingredients: You start with a talent – for instance a young university student. Then, you let her break out of her theory-based education and expose her to future trends and the power of building new things. You guide and train the student – but always focus on execution. As they build an identity as an entrepreneur and get started, you support them.

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Innovation Village Hub

The Innovation Village is a destination entrepreneurs call home. We purpose to deliberately grow innovation by putting in place a platform that challenges assumption, ignites thought and questions status quo. As a launchpad for innovators, we bring together partners, startups, investors and researchers to act as one force for good. <p></p> For a long time, a standard approach to nurturing innovators has mostly been through innovation competitions and award ceremonies that focus on the top 3 winners out of 100 submissions. <p></p> The Innovation Village is a destination that the 97 who never take the trophy home come to transform their ideas into solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. <mark>We create an environment where start-ups grow in confidence and capability scaling from promising tech into fully established sustainable businesses.</mark> <p></p> We breathe for seeing people’s ideas that could transform society come to life and make a remarkable impact. <p></p> The doors are open for all that have big Ideas and the determination to work them into life. <p></p> We are an ecosystem builder at the heart of an interconnected network of entrepreneurs, academia, private sector, government, investors, believers and doers deepening the application of technology in powering socio-economic prosperity. <p></p> <mark>We promote an innovation culture that embraces experimentation, constantly evaluates and recognizes failure as a lesson.</mark> <p></p> Everything we do is built on fundamental pillars; Place, Innovation as a Service, Ventures and Data and Technology services in the development of products and services for the ecosystem.

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Hive Colab

Hive Colab is an open, community-owned, co-working hub for young tech entrepreneurs in Uganda. We offer digital entrepreneurs access to the internet, a quiet professional working environment to develop their ideas, hold events and generally collaborate. Hive Colab is an innovation and incubation hub, a collaborative co-working space for Uganda's business and tech community. <p></p> It is an innovation hub because we believe that Ugandans have Brilliant ideas that sometimes need a nudge to bring them out, we are all about new technologies for business and development of Uganda. <p></p> <mark>If you are a brilliant mind that has just not decided on what idea to build on, we will help you through activities geared towards steering your brilliant mind to think innovation! We are the first Tech Hub in Uganda collaborating with academia and private sector to inspire this and the next generation of Ugandan Technologists to build and develop apps, guiding youth into creativity and innovation to produce quality and world-class technology! We are here to facilitate Genius and we accelerate emerging companies’ development by providing hands-on assistance during vulnerable start-up years.</mark> <p></p> We are investing in Young talented technologists ideas with time, attention, capital and highlighting their careers, we offer mentors to our members, with our in-house consultants to guide and advise startups when they need it, to enable them to build their ideas to last. We give the start-up / new company the much-needed visible identity to help promote its offerings and find funding or investment capital. Located in the middle of Kampala on the 4th floor of Kanjokya House in Kamwokya, Makes it easily accessible for our members. <p></p> We have 300 square metre space, a reliable Internet connection, and electricity back up, conference space for one to one meetings, a tech atmosphere to share the latest trend on the World Technology space. If you are looking to share ideas with like-minded people, the Hive Colab offers you access to a great network of people whom you can share your ideas with.

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Flat6Labs Tunisia

Flat6Labs is the MENA region’s leading seed and early stage venture capital firm, currently running the most renowned startup programs in the region. <mark>Annually, Flat6Labs invests in more than 100 innovative and technology-driven startups enabling thousands of passionate entrepreneurs to achieve their daring ambitions and ultimately becoming their institutional co-founders.</mark> <p></p> Flat6Labs has extensive experience supporting startups of all stages across the MENA region. We work with our investors, partners, and other startup support organizations in the startup ecosystem to support startups from idea-stage all the way to Series A. <p></p> Since its launch in 2011 by Sawari Ventures, Flat6Labs has been a key player in building and re-shaping the entrepreneurial scene in Egypt, offering young innovators with unique business ideas the opportunity to turn their vision into market-leading ventures. Egypt is recognized for being such a fertile place of growth due to the remarkable increase in the number of deals and total funding (31% increase in 2020) that the country has seen in recent years.

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The Dot Tunisia

The result of a partnership and synergies between public and private actors, The DOT offers a framework bringing together the best resources to support young entrepreneurs and startuppers. <mark>The Dot also offers various services to accelerate the digital transformation of public institutions, industry and civil society.</mark> <p></p>[Expand your network] <p></p> Training and event spaces<br> Benefiting from an international network <p></p> Coworking spaces<br> For startups <p></p>[Grow your business] <p></p> An incubation space<br> For startups <p></p> Adapted services<br> To regional entrepreneurs <p></p> Public services corner<br> Guide entrepreneurs towards the relevant systems for their development <p></p> Startup Facility Support<br> Facilitate direct access for entrepreneurs to the expertise necessary for their creation and growth <p></p> Business Facility Desk<br> Offering expertise <mark><p></p> [Accelerate your digitization] <p></p> Audience innovation labs<br> Innovative solutions for public service <p></p> Industry 4.0 Hub<br> Support manufacturers for the transition to Industry 4.0 (I4.0) & Incubate and accelerate I4.0 startups <p></p> AI Hub<br> Support AI startups to accelerate the maturation and industrialization of their solutions & the implementation with the private and public sector <p></p> GSMA Mobile Innovation Lab<br> Mobile solutions for the private and public sector</mark> <p></p> [Benefits] <p></p> Support programs For the ecosystem, from pre-incubation to financing <p></p> Partnerships<br> With European companies <p></p> Partnerships<br> International strategic partnerships <p></p> Fully equipped<br> Fully equipped, open space workstations, meeting rooms, training and event spaces, anti-café <p></p> Space for collaboration and networking<br> Open to everyone <p></p> The shores of the lake 1<br> Booming business and technology district in Tunis

Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub - school image
Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub

Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub is a project by the Faculty of Computing and Informatics at the Namibia University of Science and technology (NUST). <p></p> The Hub has been fully funded from November 2017 to October 2019 by the Finnish Embassy in Namibia. <p></p> Our goal is to become a self-sustaining entity, which will keep on providing inclusive innovation services in Namibia and beyond. To achieve this goal, we work together with partners – private sector companies, parastatals, government entities, NGOs, communities and innovators – who share our vision of a prosperous and inclusive Namibia. <p></p> What do we offer? <p></p> Unlike many other innovation Hubs in the world, we are not a physical working space but a network, which brings together people, organisations and resources. Our work includes and empowers those who are usually excluded when new solutions are developed. <p></p> <mark>We are specialised in developing IT innovations, but our approach is people-centric. We understand that technologies in themselves do not solve problems. That is done with people, with help from technologies.</mark>

Botswana Innovation Hub - school image
Botswana Innovation Hub

Botswana Innovation Hub offers a unique platform for scientific, technological and indigenous knowledge based innovation with core values of integrity, openness, excellence, collaboration, and innovation. <mark>They add value to existing companies, foster entrepreneurship, and technology transfer while generating knowledge-based jobs thereby attracting innovative companies and institutions to the space.</mark> <p></p> Our Services <br> Technology Entrepreneurship Development <br> - Incubation <br> - Business Acceleration <br> - Innovation Capacity Building <p></p> First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC) is a technology entrepreneurship development and innovation commercialization programme, within the Botswana Innovation Hub. The centre is established to support entrepreneurship and innovation through technology transfer. FSVC identifies, develops and nurtures viable technology-oriented start-up businesses with potential to grow locally and into international markets. <p></p> Innovation Funding <br> - <mark>Promoting Innovation through provision of seed/earlystage funding</mark> <p></p> Botswana Innovation Hub is mandated to coordinate the establishment of a functional and integrated national innovation ecosystem. Key to this, is the creation of Innovation Fund that promotes innovation through provision of seed/early stage funding to companies or organizations registered with the Botswana Innovation Hub which may subcontract part of the development work to universities and research organizations. <p></p> First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC) <br> First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC) is a technology entrepreneurship development and innovation commercialization programme, within the Botswana Innovation Hub. <mark>The centre is established to support entrepreneurship and innovation through technology transfer. FSVC identifies, develops and nurtures viable technology-oriented start-up businesses with potential to grow locally and into international markets.</mark> <p></p> FSVC offers support to start-up companies to harness the potential for economic diversification in the technology sphere through ventures that embrace locally relevant technology and technical support. The Centre offers services such as hot desking, business advisory, brand activation and publicity, fully furnished offices at affordable rates, technology entrepreneurship coaching and mentoring and matchmaking which connects start-ups with the right partners

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249Startups is a social enterprise that fosters and supports bright and passionate entrepreneurs. Established in April 2018, with the initiative of developing a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports the growth and development of new startups in Sudan by providing them with an enabling environment and a set of different support programs and activities. <mark>A community created for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the flexible, relaxing and comfortable space, conducive to innovation and collaboration. We attract different people with unique skills and talents to connect, collaborate and grow. </mark> <p></p> Our Mission <p></p> Growth hacking the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sudan, Finding innovative solutions and providing exposure to scalable Sudanese startups through creating opportunities. <p></p> Our Approach <p></p> We create an environment that increase productivity, innovation, and collaboration. 249Startups Hub is where startups and entrepreneurs grow together. This action aims to develop a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem that supports the growth and development of new startups in Sudan that will: Support and accelerate potential startups, Generate new startups, Develop new customized solutions.

Univers Startup - school image
Univers Startup

Univers Startup et Entrepreneur is an incubator, accelerator and Coworking Space, providing Startups, project leaders, Entrepreneurs and VSEs/SMEs with a set of services facilitating their integration into the entrepreneurial ecosystem. <p></p> Univers Startup et Entrepreneur is a workspace dedicated to Startups, entrepreneurs and young wana-be-entrepreneurs offering a range of services: <mark><br> - Coworking space fitted out to boost your creativity and productivity (private office; shared space, training room, meeting room). <br> - Training & Coaching of entrepreneurs and startups. <br> - Accompaniment & Mentoring of entrepreneurs and startups. <br> - Startup Incubation and Acceleration Program. <br> - Varied business services dedicated to entrepreneurs and startups.</mark>

LaFactory - school image

LaFactory by Screendy is an incubator, accelerator and co-creation space. Through their startup programs, they host aspiring entrepreneurs, help them improve their solutions, develop their skill sets, and give them access to markets. Through their corporate innovation programs, they help big corporations find the best solutions to their challenges working side by side with our network of startups and deploying innovative solutions. <p></p> <mark>From start-up to scale-up, LaFactory supports you to bring your startup to scale. You have an idea and want to launch your own business? You are a startup with the ambition to take your company to the next level? Pre-incubation, incubation, acceleration, LaStartupFactory matches all the challenges you may face by supporting innovation and entrepreneurs with 3 different support formulas!</mark>

Silikin Village - school image
Silikin Village

SILIKIN VILLAGE (by TEXAF) is an entrepreneurship and innovation hub established in the heart of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. <p></p> <mark>A catalyst for start-ups and businesses, our mission is focused on identifying talent and developing innovative products and services.</mark> <p></p>SILIKIN VILLAGE runs support programs for entrepreneurs from ideation to acceleration. Project structuring, strategic support and support from our business network: we provide you with the support you need to develop your project.

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Ogooué Labs

Ogooue Labs provides co-working space to host incubates and start-ups, they provide business accelerator services open to any startup and/or companies requiring global or specific support, and they <mark>provide innovation laboratory to introduce young Gabonese to web & mobile development and to the development of projects with high social impacts.</mark> <p></p> Educate. Equip. Develop Ogooué Labs: Innovation laboratory<br> Because we wanted to create a digital ecosystem capable of supporting the creation and development of a thriving digital industry for Africa, Ogooué Labs was born. <p></p> We are an innovation laboratory which aims to make the African continent the digital factory of the world from different innovation hubs including Gabon. <p></p> Since 2013, we have been participating in the construction of a dynamic and efficient ecosystem in Gabon and in Africa. <p></p> We are an active innovation laboratory for the development<br> The NGO Ogooué Labs and its innovation laboratory have been supporting the Gabonese State since 2013 in the construction and animation of our ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. <p></p> We aim to make our start-up ecosystem mature in order to increase the share of the digital economy in Gabon's GDP from 5 to 15%. <p></p> Our ambition is to make Africa the next digital factory of the world.

kLab Rwanda - school image
kLab Rwanda

As Rwanda strives towards establishing a knowledge based economy and achieving its Vision 2020 goals, fostering innovative ICT based SMEs becomes critically important. kLab (knowledge Lab) is a unique open technology hub in Kigali where students, fresh graduates, entrepreneurs and innovators come to work on their ideas/projects to turn them into viable business models. The growing kLab community is also made of experienced mentors who provide both technical and business assistance to needy members. <mark>At kLab we also host events, workshops, bootcamp, hackathons and networking sessions to promote collaboration/partnerships, investment and financing.</mark> <p></p>kLab's mission is to promote, facilitate and support the development of innovative ICT solutions by nurturing a vivid community of entrepreneurs and mentors. <p></p> kLab Startups Academy <p></p> kLab Startups Academy initiated entrepreneurs &innovators program that will be providing skills to tech entrepreneurs and the software developers. The program is designed to pre-incubate entrepreneurs from the ideation stage to prototype level whereas they have a market fit prototype. <p></p> This program will be a pipeline to 250Startups for the entrepreneurs that will graduate in the program as well as SOLVIT AFRICA for the software developers where they will be channeled to job opportunities for the competent developers. With our partnering companies 250Startups and SOLVIT Africa as the channeling pipeline for the program, we believe that this program can help a lot in the creation of the tech startups and job creations hence impacting the kLab community and the ICT Ecosystem in general. <p></p> Why applying in the program? <br> <br> 1.Pre-incubation <br> 2. Market fit prototype <br> 3. Access to tech incubations such as 250Startups <p></p> Who can apply? <br>1. Tech entrepreneurs <br>2. Software developers <p></p> Criteria <br> - High school graduates, University students or graduates, TVET <br> - Being a tech entrepreneur <br> - Willing to become a software developer and entrepreneur <br> - Having worked to 1 or more IT projects (i.e ...School projects) <br> - Willing to be committed to the program <br> - Being a kLab member or willing to become one <p></p> The program duration will be 3 moths with the intensive trainings on Back-end, Front-end, Mobile App Android and IOS and entrepreneurship skills on Business model canvas , Business plan, Introduction to management ,Introduction to finance 101, Design thinking, etc. We would like to encourage kLab community and tech youth in Rwanda to apply for this opportunity for one of the category; Whether tech entrepreneur with a project or whether you are a software developer.

BujaHub - school image

BujaHub provides a multisectoral solutions in order to meet the challenge of entrepreneurship and economic inclusivity for youths and women and increase incomes by equipping them with job skills, technical support and resources that are needed in skills development, job creation and suitability in their start-up venture. This in returns <mark>helps individuals to integrate well in the socio-professional sector, develop their skills, strengthen human capital and create durable labor markets in Burundi and Africa. </mark> <p></p> The BujaHub support system comprises of three main pillars that are interconnected and interdependent in assuring the success of the job creation journey for talents, entrepreneurs and innovators in the country. When these three pillars work together, it assures the whole cycle of the journey of the entrepreneur from the beginning of the idea, to the implementation in the market. These pillars are ; discover, empower and connect.

Expresso Innovation Hub - school image
Expresso Innovation Hub

For Expresso Senegal, being the telecommunications operator for a changing world means putting innovation at the heart of our strategic challenges to be as close as possible to our customers' expectations. <p></p> Our Open Innovation Scale-up For Impact 2020 – 2023 strategy revolves around a set of entrepreneurship, incubation and acceleration programs. <p></p> <mark>Our ambition is to support the national dynamic of innovation, to develop our ecosystem by encouraging innovation with impact, to put technological innovations at the service of our customers and to set up new business models with our partners.</mark> <p></p> High-level sessions on innovation. 72 hours to bring together: ecosystem players and startups. Meetings with investors, entrepreneurs and incubators. An opportunity to boost your network and your development opportunities.

Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub - school image
Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub

There is no better time than now to be in the FinTech space, particularly as an agile entrepreneur or tech SME. Digital wallets, internet banking, alternative point of sales and mobile financial products all provide life-altering options to a largely unbanked African market. However, because of the very nature of Financial Technology, it can be challenging to get past the red tape after investing the time to innovate, particularly if it involves disrupting historically traditional industries. This is why MAFH exists, if you join the Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub you’ll: <p></p> <br> - Be plugging your business into a network of pan-African, Mauritian governments, corporates, FSPs, investors, FinTech businesses and tech experts. <br> - Get assistance with regulatory sandbox licences as well as business registration. <br> - <mark>Have access to resources and knowledge from other tech businesses that form part of the ecosystem.</mark> <br> - Have the opportunity to get in touch with potential investors and other funding sources. <br> - A number of African FinTech startups have made Mauritius their home, providing a proven template for business that want to enter African markets via Mauritius. <br> - Attend roundtable events with regulatory bodies. <br> - Be supported by the MAFH team’s in-house legal expert, with extensive experience in FinTech regulation. <br> - <mark>Benefit from Mauritian investor agreements in place that can act as buffers for businesses looking to enter new growing African markets.</mark> <br> - Free workshops with regulators, government representatives and other legislative decision-makers. <br> - Be part of innovation labs run by corporates of MAFH itself.

BongoHive - school image

BongoHive is Zambia’s first technology and innovation hub. Established in May 2011 and based in Lusaka, the co-founders, all enthusiastic programmers, sought to address the gaps they experienced working within the local technology industry leading to a lack of coordination, skills exposure and productivity. <mark>BongoHive has evolved to assist scalable startups of any background by enhancing skills, accelerating growth, strengthening networks, increasing collaboration, providing a forum for ideas exchange and reducing the barriers to entrepreneurship.</mark> <p></p> We work with great minds building viable solutions that change the world. <p></p> We do this by providing a range of startup and tech programmes, workshops and events all focused on making Zambia Africa’s next hotbed of innovation. <p></p> The programmes that we have created have been crafted to guide startups through the entrepreneurial journey; from idea right through to getting investment. We collaborate extensively with like-minded organisations and industry leaders to ensure that we are delivering relevant material that helps startups thrive. Our partners and stakeholders include a number of Zambian government entities from local to republic level alongside both local and international non-governmental, corporate and tertiary education partners. <p></p> In addition to our startup programmes, <mark>we organise issue-specific workshops and seminars, support community developer groups on a variety of topics such as gaming and robotics and host a wide range of industry networking events.</mark>

iLab - school image

iLab Liberia is a non-profit local tech hub that provides access to information, open and geospatial data, research, web technologies and expert ICT assistance through a community of volunteers leveraging technology for the good of Liberia. Founded in 2011, we develop local solutions through global standards while serving partners ranging from government, private sector & development actors. ​<p></p> ​iLab supports development actors, Civil Society Organizations and local businesses by integrating tech to enhance their services; works closely with the Governments on technology initiatives that promote access to information, peace and security, elections, Health emergencies, Open governance, climate change, research, data collection, while developing platforms and systems for anti-corruption, accountability and the rule of law. ​<p></p> Since opening our doors in 2011, <mark>iLab have offered over 300 trainings and public events for more than 3,500 Liberians ranging from web and mobile development, open data and visualization, data collection and analysis, geospatial and participatory mapping, entrepreneurship, physical computing and networking, coding, leadership among other skills that focus on open source technologies and other relevant solutions.</mark> Through these initiatives, we’ve managed to expand to all 15 counties by building the tech capacity of rural dwellers and continuously seek employment opportunities for them. ​<p></p> iLab also customizes technologies for projects across West Africa, including mobile data collection & analysis platforms, online reporting platforms for citizen engagement & good governance initiatives, geospatial mapping, web and mobile solutions. iLab has overseen the customization & implementation of surveys to more than 30,000 respondents in urban and rural settings, trained dozens of enumerators, and assisted data analysts – for governments and nonprofits – in how to best utilize the results. ​<p></p> ​ In collaboration with our long-time partner Accountability Lab Liberia, iLab co-manages iCampus – a shared innovation and community space for organizations, start-ups and government agencies working at the intersection of technology, accountability and social change in Liberia. iCampus acts as a physical and virtual space for ICT and governance training and meetups; a cross-sectoral networking and innovation space; and a focal point for elections and open governance work.

Sensi - school image

Sensi is building a technology innovation community in Sierra Leone that will contribute to local social and economic development through skills development, professional networking and technological innovation, to unleash the untapped potential of young people interested in seeking to succeed while making a difference through their careers <p></p> TRAINING <br> We train new businesses the fundamentals for successful management including developing a business plan.<p></p> INCUBATION <br> Startups receive investment capital and can be based at Sensi throughout the period of early stage in business<p></p> ACCELERATION <br> Advanced coaching, access to mentors and partners, and flexible support based on individual needs <p></p> Our digital literacy initiative looks to <mark>up-skill of young people’s in ICT skills and competency to meet current ICT demands in West Africa and globally. The programme offers beginner, intermediate and advanced ICT training and master classes to fill the gap in digital literacy in Sierra Leone.</mark> <p></p> We provide key training to young people in the following areas: Word Processing, Computer Essential, online essential, Presentation, using database, Spreadsheets, SPSS, and GIS etc. We believe empowerment is a key factor in determining the success of development. <p></p> An inclusive ecosystem allows for the fast development and flow of authentically diverse talent, information and resources so that entrepreneurs can quickly find what they require at each stage of growth. As a result, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Ecosystem building is the leading model for modernized economic development and the catalyst for net new venture, job and wealth creation. <p></p> Sensi Tech Hub is cognizant of the importance of inclusive ecosystem building in the tech, entrepreneurial, innovation and investment space. Furthermore, the central role of its people, the culture of trust and collaboration which allows for successful interaction, partnership and growth. As a result Sensi Tech Hub proactively <mark>work to build the entrepreneurial, innovation and tech ecosystem in Sierra Leone through forging partnerships with government ministries, educational institutions, the private sector, development agencies, entrepreneurs and other ecosystem building actors. </mark>

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center - school image
Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center

Do you have a project or a creative idea? Do you plan to develop a new innovative and wealth-creating activity? Do you want to start your own business and be your own boss? The Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center is a structure dedicated to entrepreneurs as well as project leaders wishing to create their own business. Supported by the Ministry of Economy and Finance responsible for industry, the scheme <mark>aims to support and accelerate business growth in Djibouti.</mark> <p></p> How it works<br> Accompaniement<br> Accompaniment by our team as well as by external experts who put their knowledge at the service of the center. <p></p> Training<br> <mark>Young entrepreneurs will have access to the various training courses offered and will benefit from the network of trainers.</mark> <p></p> Environment<br> Several spaces will be dedicated to project leaders, in particular the co-working space adapted to their needs. <p></p> Our services<br> Training<br> The CLE center (Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center) in Djibouti offers an opportunity for young Djiboutians to follow quality training on entrepreneurship. <p></p> FabLab Studio<br> Manufacturing space for entrepreneurs to take their projects from idea stage to working prototype and low-volume manufacturing. <p></p> Incubator<br> <mark>Our incubator is aimed at entrepreneurs and project leaders wishing to create their business. A team will accompany you in the realization of your project.</mark> <p></p> Co-working space<br> A free access space that will allow young entrepreneurs to have access to non-isolated premises in order to fully experience the world of start-ups. <p></p> Business Park<br> We also provide them with workstations, conference rooms and technical equipment dedicated to their activities. <p></p> Resource Center<br> Entrepreneurs will also have access to the resource center which offers specialized documentation on a number of subjects. The goal is to complete our catalog with training and support proposals.

SIMAD iLab - school image

At SIMAD iLab, we help make a positive impact on Somalia and the world through entrepreneurship and our extensive startup ecosystem. Our “A” team is proactively engaged in startups’ journey from inception to exit, to empower and enable founders to contribute to a better Somalia. <p></p> We reach our goals by working together, sharing success and failures, and inspiring a culture driven by unlimited ambition. We’re an impact-driven innovation hub from the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. <p></p> Mentorship<br> SIMAD iLab hosts regular workshops on business idea ideation & teamwork (a business idea or team not required!). Come and get: <br> - Introduction and sneak peek into SIMAD iLab’s services, programs and office spaces. <br> - Friday afternoon drinks with SIMAD iLab network including fellow entrepreneurs, our startup,s and the SIMAD iLab “A” team. <br> - The tools, knowledge, and connections to find your co-founder or newest team member. <br> - Free participation, but registration is necessary as we will select participants based on best potential matches. <p></p> Incubation<br> We admit idea-stage startups and help them grow with us. <br><br> <mark>You have a clear business idea and technology, now it’s time to validate and find your market! At the end of the program, you found your problem-solution fit and started building your team. You will acquire the right skills, receive an extensive toolset, validate your business idea, and talk to many customers, whilst learning about different aspects of your business, e.g. legal, funding, and team. We offer custom Validation Labs per focus area, with each its own ecosystem of mentors and partners to help you maximize your success.</mark> <p></p> Acceleration <br> We help micro-businesses get scaled up. <br><br> Strengthen the foundation of your startup and accelerate traction in the market. You have founded a tech startup, built a prototype or MVP and have some initial traction in the marketNow it’s time to strengthen the foundation and accelerate traction. We’ll help you to focus on the essential next steps to build a company with a scalable, profitable, and repeatable business model. After the kick-off weeks, you can join tailored workshops, masterclasses, and 1-on-1 expert sessions on topics such as personal & team development, strategy, marketing & sales, finance & funding, legal & IP, and HR. As an SIMAD ILab startup, you will have regular check-ins with experienced serial entrepreneurs and ongoing access to our services.

iRise - school image

iRise is the first innovation and technology hub that is launched in Mogadishu with the aim of unlocking the potential of Somalia’s talents and accelerating changes and economic development. Since its inception in 2017, iRise has become a thriving community, a launching pad for new ideas, a place for civic and social entrepreneurs – and a home for digital doers. In fact, our founders envisioned <mark>space and enabling environment where techies, innovators, digital-doers, and investors can connect and co-create a sustainable ecosystem for Somalia and beyond.</mark> Our founding vision was to help social entrepreneurs to hack innovative solutions to Somali’s challenges. <p></p>iRise has a vibrant, dynamic and dedicated team that has deep passion and drive for thinking outside-the-box and believes in technology and innovation. <p></p><mark>We believe Somalia is at cusp of major transformation. That transformation will come from, in part, how we address our interconnected challenges and, in other part, how we drive innovation and technology to translate these challenges into opportunity.</mak>

Techin - school image

Techin is Ethiopia’s national Innovation and Technology Institute, with facilities located in Addis Ababa. Techin leads Ethiopia’s national Tech and Innovation research and development activities. Through partnerships and collaboration, Techin coordinates and accelerates tech and innovation activities across the country. It helps other institutions in the sector and Tech startups to grow and flourish. <p></p>Think big, start small and scale fast! <p></p> Think big - reflecting the Institute's bold vision to imagine the possibilities beyond the existing institutional and national limitations <p></p> Start small - the wisdom to start at a scale manageable to our current local capacity, <p></p> <mark>Scale fast - the determination to make continued efforts to improve the application of relevant technologies and make them more responsive to local realities and demands without much delay in the process. </mark>

iceaddis - school image

Ethiopia’s first innovation hub and tech startup incubator established in May 2011. iceaddis is an innovation hub and co-creation space which facilitates technological innovations, creative projects, and startups support. iceaddis provides young entrepreneurs, local and visiting creatives with professional support and consultancy. <p></p> <mark>iceaddis is offering a place for exchange, work and support to innovative projects that are related to local demands and development. Mainly young startup founders are using the iceaddis facilities, enabling them to connect to talent, skills and capital to kick off their venture.</mark> As well as connecting with the wider iceaddis’ community. Corporates, educational institutes, government organizations, NGOs and local companies are getting involved in iceaddis’ creative community to generate and execute new ideas for their service or develop and test projects. <p></p> The activities of iceaddis are aimed at facilitating creative potential, testing uncommon ideas and experimenting with prototypes to find market-product fit, as well as complex problem solving through a co-simplicity model. Encouraging a collaborative mindset, iceaddis aims to realise the potential of its young technology community and enable active participation in changing their local environment and gaining economic empowerment.

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ActivSpaces is a tech hub with two co-working spaces and an incubator program called Activation Bootcamp. The co-working space is free to tech entrepreneurs who are actively working on a startup. <mark>Activation Bootcamp is a highly selective rigorous six-month accelerator program. The next bootcamp will launch in early 2015. ActivSpaces also hosts a variety of events for the wider tech community.</mark>

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Flat6Labs Egypt

Flat6Labs is the MENA region’s leading seed and early stage venture capital firm, currently running the most renowned startup programs in the region. <mark>Annually, Flat6Labs invests in more than 100 innovative and technology-driven startups enabling thousands of passionate entrepreneurs to achieve their daring ambitions and ultimately becoming their institutional co-founders.</mark> <p></p> Flat6Labs has extensive experience supporting startups of all stages across the MENA region. We work with our investors, partners, and other startup support organizations in the startup ecosystem to support startups from idea-stage all the way to Series A. <p></p> Since its launch in 2011 by Sawari Ventures, Flat6Labs has been a key player in building and re-shaping the entrepreneurial scene in Egypt, offering young innovators with unique business ideas the opportunity to turn their vision into market-leading ventures. Egypt is recognized for being such a fertile place of growth due to the remarkable increase in the number of deals and total funding (31% increase in 2020) that the country has seen in recent years.

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Gemini Africa

We are a One-Stop impactful entrepreneurial hub playing an integral role in leveraging the lives of bright youth and bolstering startups through innovative flagship programs, investment options and exceptional offerings backed up by our ever-growing partnership network. <p></p> <mark>Our reach extends to the African continent as well to support African youth and entrepreneurs in conquering developmental challenges & building the capacity to create sustainable businesses.</mark>

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Co-Creation Hub

CcHUB is Nigeria’s first open living lab and pre-incubation space designed to be a multi-functional, multi-purpose space where work to catalyze creative social tech ventures take place. <mark>The HUB is a place for technologists, social entrepreneurs, government, tech companies, impact investors and hackers in and around Lagos to co-create new solutions to the many social problems in Nigeria.</mark>

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SnapiLABs is a Technology Innovation lab where ideas, codes, frameworks, plugins and passion are mixed to render services and build platforms that solves real life problems. <p></p> The Hub is a community-driven coworking and co-launch space located in Port Harcourt, Niger Delta. <mark>Dedicated to tech and digital entrepreneurs, digital nomads, bloggers, digital marketers, digi-hippies, digital hustlers, designers, coders and all the free-minded people.</mark>

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720Degree Hub

We are a community of innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, creative and industry leading professionals, developers, investors, tech influencers working to create sustainable impacts that reach millions of people. We provide platform to connect, ideate and collaborate, giving birth to successful innovations. <p></p> At 720Degree Hub, <mark>we create outstanding opportunities for economic prosperity through innovations and entrepreneurship by leveraging on technology.</mark>

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Blue Sapphire Hub

Blue Sapphire Hub is the first-female owned innovation center in Northern Nigeria. We started operations since 2014. We are focused on developing sustainable solutions and building entrepreneurial communities for scalable impact. Our budding community is made up of innovators, entrepreneurs, freelancers and dare dreamers who leverage the power of tech and innovation to identify and solve the most pressing societal challenges. <p></p> <mark>Innovation and Technology are at the heart of the work we do, we believe in breaking barriers, disrupting and challenging stereotypes in order to create positive change.</mark> We provide a launchpad for Innovators and support young entrepreneurs to thrive. We provide Incubation programs, Capacity building services, Consultancy and Product Development for startups, government organizations, NGOs and companies respectively

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Start Innovation Hub

Start Innovation Hub is an ICT firm with an innovation lab in Uyo, Nigeria. We serve as an opportunity centre for technical talents and local businesses to leverage technology and start up faster. <p></p> <mark>We provide an all-in-one open space and business centre facilities for talents and entrepreneurs, to take advantage of Nigeria’s strength and capitalize on opportunities in the global economy.</mark> <p></p> We aim at stimulating economic growth in the technology community by providing key ingredients like seed funding and mentorship to early-stage entrepreneurs. We also provide other services centered around networking opportunities, peer review, pitch development, product testing and introduction to investors.

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Root Hub

Root Hub is where change goes to work. A Coworking space that is Part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community center. <p></p> A business incubator, accelerator and community center, the RootHub facilitates the expansion and growth of ideas into small and medium scale businesses. <p></p> Coworking Space<br> Choose from a variety of workspace options designed for you <p></p> Idea Lab<br> <mark>We incubate, accelerate and support ideas to increase the number of self-sufficient businesses, tackling complex issues and change.</mark> <p></p> Trainings<br> We are on a mission to close the digital skills gap through trainings and capacity development <p></p> Community<br> A thriving network of like minds connected with opportunities to enable collaboration.

Stonebricks Hub - school image
Stonebricks Hub

The Stonebricks Hub was primarily conceived by two young successful entrepreneurs with a combined work experience of over 30 years in various sectors ranging from infrastructure advisory to engineering & construction. Our network of professionals and experts in different fields are an integral part of the support system StoneBricks offers startups and early-stage entrepreneurs. <p></p> <mark>We provide a complete ecosystem that turn ideas to business solutions and eventually to markets. We work with tech-founders, innovators, creative minds, influencers and incubates within the StoneBricks academy to launch initiatives that contribute to the global economic growth.</mark>

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Aiivon Innovation hub

Aiivon innovation hub is a social, digital and creative community strategically located at Abuja’s commercial nerve center. The hub gives valid expression to our desire to support tech development in West Africa as it is home to over 60 start-ups to whom <mark>we provide fully serviced offices and co-working spaces, capacity building programs, incubation, business development support, mentorship, access to funds and market penetration for increased traction and revenue among other things.</mark> <p></p> We are a community of motivated individuals, focused on developing solutions to local challenges by utilizing innovation from our inventive workspaces and inspiring creativity, advancing effectiveness and encouraging coordinated efforts among members. <p></p> Through our partnership with The British Council, NITDA and other reputable organizations, we are directly influencing the lives of many Nigerians who are aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs especially in the creative and information technology industries.

Abia Tech Hub - school image
Abia Tech Hub

We are a team of creative tech innovators, equipped with a highly developed skill set and experiences not only in information technology, but also in business processes across a range of industries and sectors. <p></p> The need for a digital skill in our era cannot be overemphasized. <p></p> <mark>Digital skills gives people a chance to explore a wide range of careers, prepare themselves for future opportunities and enable them contribute to their communities.</mark> <p></p> ATH Academy is a gaining ground committed to impacting knowledge and building people and communities with these skills.

Innovation Growth Hub - school image
Innovation Growth Hub

IGHub is a Creative, Tech, and Business Incubation Hub that works with startups at various stages of maturity by providing Space, Mentorship, Internet, Power, Training, Business Support services, Warm Community and Network for entrepreneurs. <p></p> <mark>We encourage collaboration, nurture and help turn their ideas to products. Our aim is to stimulate economic growth in our community through technology solutions by providing support like business resources, seed funding, mentoring, training and access to business expertise.</mark> <p></p> We are always looking for new talent to train them and join us in providing these solutions.

EldoHub - school image

EldoHub is an education, innovation and technology organization targeting youth and women, with an aim of <mark>preparing them to benefit from the opportunities the emerging ICT industry offers and close the skills gap in Africa’s job market.</mark> We provide STEM education, job matching and digital work. We also run entrepreneurship development programs for them, as well as incubate startups to bring their ideas to life. <p></p> Eldohub responds to these barriers to decent employment which includes availability of skilled employees among the youth and demand by businesses to hire. We do so by </mark>supporting Young Tech Professionals to gain practical work experience and launch careers in the technology sector through job placement, training on Digital Leadership, soft skills and 1:1 mentorship by experienced professionals from the tech industry.</mark> We work with businesses and Young Tech Professionals to ensure they are mutually getting value, i.e. the business benefits from the tech talent support while the young tech professional gains from relevant skills and decent work.

SwahiliPot Hub - school image
SwahiliPot Hub

Swahilipot Hub Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Mombasa that focuses on inspiring and developing upcoming innovative technology ideas and art through networking, technical training, support, professional mentoring and coaching. <p></p> Swahiliopt Hub registered as a Foundation in Mombasa was started in 2016 working with Techies and Artists with the aim of enabling them to develop themselves and reinvesting positive growth by <mark>creating an appropriate environment for youth on the Kenyan coast to build sustainable solutions of the highest calibre around challenges in the community.</mark> <p></p> Swahilipot hub has achieved this through interventions such as training, mentorship and coaching and programs like Pwani Innovation Week that promotes innovation ecosystem in the coastal region. <p></p> Our aim is to inspire innovators, policy makers, funders, corporations, researchers, and other players to <mark>take risks on new ideas and trends, collaborate across sectors, and transform the Kenyan Coastal region through the scaling of innovation. </mark>

Sote Hub - school image
Sote Hub

The first incubator in rural Kenya, providing an open space for young innovators & startups to develop their creative genius working on local solutions. <p></p> Using digital technology, Sote Hub trains rural youth in Taita Taveta, Kwale (and Coastal region) often marginalized with less opportunities for career progression or technology) on jobs, career preparedness; support them establish startups where they create products/services and test with real customers. <p></p> <mark>Sote Hub Incubation Programme enhances business ventures empowering young entrepreneurs to gain traction and revenue, access to funding and partners, critical tools and ongoing mentorship.</mark> Over the last four years, the program has graduated 40 startups and job/internship matching opportunities to 700 youth. <p></p> UNDP reports that the Kenyan unemployment rate in 2017 is 40%. The highest in the East Africa region. However, the chances of youth to get formal employment are even slimmer. Only around 10% of the newly created jobs are in the formal sector. <p></p> Sote Hub today provides an open space for young innovators and startups to design market solutions to local challenges.

Mt Kenya Hub - school image
Mt Kenya Hub

MHUB is a convention and interaction place where everybody interested in innovation get to Research, Share, Invent and Innovate the world. <p></p> What we offer <p></p> Coworking Space <br> Work stations to fit the need of Start Ups. Dedicated work stations with all basic amenities and a vibrant community to interact with <p></p> Hot Desk <br> In this beautiful, open space there are no dedicated desks <p></p> Startup Incubation <br> <mark>Our goal is to provide support to entrepreneurs to help them grow & scale their business.</mark> <p></p> Pitch Breakfast <br> We profile possible investors and link them to innovations in the hub through a common platform “MHUB Pitch Breakfast”

LakeHub - school image

LakeHub is a growing community of creatives, programmers, hackers, designers & entrepreneurs. We learn, share, collaborate and have fun everyday. <p></p> Established in May, 2013 LakeHub was started by students and young professionals living in and around Kisumu that want to empower technologists in the region to take advantage of the limitless opportunities to improve business with technology. As LakeHub continues to <mark>grow it will create co-working space(s), grow tech-based businesses, build personal and professional networks, and support teams with creative solutions in locally relevant industries such as Fishing, Dairy, and Tea Farming.</mark> <p></p> We're bridging the talent gap. <br>We're a local Academy based in Kisumu, Kenya with the mission to fill the talent gap within the tech industry. <p></p> But that's not it! <br> Besides the necessary technical skills, you will also learn <mark>how to work in projects within a modern tech team and how to be a problem solver.</mark> <p></p> LakeHub Academy is a web development program for talented young people and other disadvantaged groups who want to power Africas 4th Industrial Revolution.

C4DLab - school image

Incubation is a process of supporting successful development of startup companies through provision of resources and services, which the startup companies do not have. At C4DLab we take startups which are multi-disciplinary but have a computing element. And with initiatives like the TUMI Startup Accelerator, startups are equipped and trained in the ways of taking their businesses to the next stage <p></p> Research and Product Development<br> C4Dlab has established several partnerships with government, private sector and multinationals to promote data driven policy making through research. With funding from various organizations and utilizing capacity at the University, C4DLab has championed development of policy and strategy documents founded on rigorous research. Get unlimited access to multidisciplinary research riding on the huge network of faculty at the University of Nairobi and partnering institutions. <p></p> Innovation Ecosystem Development<br> <mark>C4DLab runs numerous events in form of seminars, bootcamps, workshops, etc geared towards building the capacity for the university community to easily innovate.</mark> It is the home to the Nairobi Innovation Week, an annual event that celebrates local and international innovations while enhancing key aspects of the local innovation ecosystem. In addition through Nairobi Design Thinking School (NDTS) C4DLab offers practical causes in Human Centered Design and Multi Disciplinary Problem Based Learning.

Chandaria Business Innovation & Incubation Centre - school image
Chandaria Business Innovation & Incubation Centre

The directorate works to foster the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Kenyatta University through establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship programmes that have strong links with industry.<p></p> <mark>Industry collaborations are critical for skills development (education and training), the generation, acquisition, and adoption of knowledge (innovation and technology transfer), and the promotion of entrepreneurship (start-ups and spin-offs).</mark> <p></p> The directorate also works to enhance coordination of Research and Development (R&D) agendas and avoid duplications, stimulate additional private R&D investments, and exploit synergies and complementarities of scientific and technological capabilities. This collaborations also expands the relevance of research carried out in Kenyatta University, foster the commercialization of R&D outcomes, and increase the mobility of labour between Kenyatta University and industry. The industry benefits through increases in the propensity of firms to introduce new products and to patent. <p></p> Kenyatta University (KU) established Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Centre as a dedicated innovation and incubation hub. This arose since it is one of Kenyatta University’s major strategic goals aimed at responding to societal needs. Innovation is a key driver of long- term economic growth, the primary basis for competitiveness in world markets and part of the response to many societal challenges. While public expectations from technological innovation are evolving in line with social concerns (e.g. unemployment, sustainable development, aging populations), the innovation process itself is facing major challenges, especially in developing countries such as Kenya.

NaiLab - school image

Nailab has over 10 years experience in developing customized training and acceleration programs with strong mentorship elements together with our partners both in Africa and around the world. <p></p> Community<br> Mwanzo is a <mark>virtual platform that equips entrepreneurs with the skills to build sustainable businesses that practically solve Africa’s unique challenges using innovation through business mentorship and community support.</mark> <p></p> Funding<br> We run challenges to facilitate access to seed funding to enable entrepreneurs to take their ideas to the next level, grant funding to support already existing business and recognize outstanding entrepreneurs in the continent. <p></p> Growth opportunities<br> Every business needs to be alert to new opportunities. Companies must continuously strive to identify new growth opportunities such as; investment opportunities, grants and new ways to identify new markets in order to achieve long-term business success. <p></p> Capital<br> Every new business idea or existing businesses, whether it's for products or services, require one vital thing: Money. Entrepreneurs need capital to pay for the cost of production, hiring staff, renting premises, buying or leasing equipment, marketing, etc.. <p></p> Knowledge<br> The abilities that can help you launch a business are not the same as those you need to help it grow. Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind creating and growing new businesses. All too often, they are also the people holding them back by lack of relevant knowledge.

iHub - school image

We are a globally recognised organisation that is deeply steeped in the local technology innovation culture. We’ve been both the main catalyst for regional technology acceleration and a role model for technology hubs across emerging markets. <p></p> We are nurturing a generation of business owners, business leaders, business builders. We invite you to join us and grow with us <p></p> <mark>We serve the technology community, by connecting organizations and people, building market-relevant solutions and being ahead of the curve of innovation</mark> <p></p> The iHub has inspired and supported over 450 startups over the years and it continues to offer the community of technology entrepreneurs and those who want to become entrepreneurs <p></p> We strongly believe that we will play a quintessential role in leapfrogging the African technology entrepreneurship scene by creating an environment of trust and experimentation that facilitates the growth of entrepreneurs and their companies

The Innovation Hub - school image
The Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub, the innovation agency of the Gauteng Province is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency. It was established by the Gauteng Provincial Government through its Department of Economic Development to promote economic development and competitiveness of Gauteng through fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. <p></p> The Innovation Hub offers a number of incubation programmes in the Bioeconomy (agro processing and pharmaceutical), Smart Industries (ICT and advanced manufacturing) and Green Economy (Water purification, waste management and renewable energy). In addition, The Innovation Hub <mark>operates a range of enterprise development, skills development and innovation enabling programmes both in the science park and throughout the Gauteng region.</mark> <p></p> CoachLab® is a youth skills development programme managed by The Innovation Hub in collaboration with prominent industry partners, government and academia. The programme is committed to the development of a diverse skills base in the ICT, Engineering, Green and Media sectors. The aim is to instil business principles and the value of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking amongst the participating youth through mentorship by programme partners. <p></p> CoachLab® focuses on bridging the gap between academia and the demands of industry. The programme includes personal, leadership and professional development. The participants of the programme are introduced to project-based learning where the focus is on exposure and the application of project management principles in a real-time project environment. In addition to this, all participants have access to personal coaching that focuses on grooming for optimum performance and value delivery. The industry partners allocate mentors who offer technical support and provide insight on projects that the participants would embark on.

JoziHub - school image

JoziHub is a co-creation space in Johannesburg dedicated to creating sustainable change in Africa. <p></p> South Africa has the most developed telecommunications industry on the continent (there are more Sim cards than people). Within the context of this dynamic country, Johannesburg continues to be the engine room of the African economy and the perfect location for an incubator created to kickstart & accelerate innovation in the tech and social spheres. <p></p> <mark>We foster a culture of openness and innovation – providing a space to share ideas, collaborate and explore the opportunities created by the social and technological changes which are transforming our continent.</mark> In addition to providing a stimulating working environment we provide our members with access to a network of innovators and inspirational events and activities. <p></p> Jozihub is here to help and support entrepreneurs that are making an impact on the technological landscape in South Africa. <mark>The Jozihub ecosystem connects technologists, entrepreneurs and designers to bring about social change and innovation.</mark> <p></p> Jozihub is more than a co-working space, it’s an entrepreneurial ecosystem providing a community network, workspace, event space, workshops, mentorship and further benefits to its members.

SmartXechange - school image

The Durban Technology Hub t/a SmartXchange is an incubator whose core mandate is to provide enterprise development services to small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME’S) in the Media, Information Communication Technology and electronics sector. <p></p> SmartXchange manages a programme that identifies and assists in developing quality skilled MICTe SMME’s in KwaZulu Natal and also to build a pool of skilled MICTe workers that will enable KwaZulu Natal businesses to flourish. <p></p> <mark>SmartXchange partners with corporates from the MICTe industry, tertiary institutions and the government sector to work towards up skilling entrepreneurs and the youth.</mark> <p></p> Through these partnerships, SmartXchange is able to also contribute towards the creation of sustainable jobs, economic growth and the competitiveness of the province. <p></p>

Silicon Cape Initiative - school image
Silicon Cape Initiative

A community of tech entrepreneurs, developers, creatives, angel investors, and VC's who are passionate about entrepreneurship and the roles we play in the future of South Africa. <p></p> Silicon Cape is an NPO and <mark>an ecosystem enabler for tech-enabled startups in the broader Cape Region of South Africa. We work to connect stakeholders, curate ecosystem data, amplify the stories coming out of the ecosystem and advocate on behalf of stakeholders through our membership programme.</mark> <p></p> Its ultimate goal is to promote the use of technology across different sectors in the Western Cape. Silicon Cape Initiative offers various benefits through its five membership plans. These benefits include tech tours, curated access to the tech ecosystem, access to resources, and more. Interested individuals can select their preferred membership plan online, register, and pay for their membership to join the community. <p></p> The vision of the Silicon Cape is to be an organic ecosystem that functions in the Western Cape of South Africa. Its goal is to look to <mark>attract top technical talent and entrepreneurs to the Western Cape and to assist these parties in creating "world class" IP start-up companies in an environment that competes with other similar hubs around the world.</mark> Its ultimate goal is to help foster a high-technology district in the Western Cape.

22 On Sloane - school image
22 On Sloane

22 ON SLOANE is the largest startup campus in Africa. The campus offers disruptive startups and innovative SMEs a complete turnkey solution to scale, from the initial idea all the way to commercialisation, funding opportunities and access to markets. Its aim is to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset, ensure their sustainability, and explore development of new industries and contribute towards job creation in Africa. <p></p> A global and diverse team of experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, scientists, managers, CEOs, and funders support entrepreneurs enrolled at the campus, with product development, services and business models. The experts are active throughout the journey to build their companies and assist with market entry and financing through angel funders and venture capitals. <p></p> INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT <p></p> We offer students, startups and SMEs <mark>individual support and systematic mentorship and coaching in developing new products and services, guidance on building up a successful business when entering the market and in the growth stage.</mark>

Founders Factory Africa - school image
Founders Factory Africa

Launched in 2018 and headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, we’re a unique bunch of creative builders, designers, entrepreneurs and mentors, who bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to the founders and teams we work with. <p></p> Founders Factory has a heart for Africa. We are proud to be a part of its complex and flourishing fabric, and we are humbled by its history of individual and collective progress. Locally grounded and globally connected, <mark>we’re becoming the go-to innovation partner for startups, investors, governments, and corporates — throughout Africa</mark> and beyond. <p></p> The continent is blazing bright with opportunity. The creativity and agility offered by startups making it possible to reach previously excluded or underserved communities, creating accelerated access to new products and services through technology all while opening up new markets and commercial opportunities. Their ability to move fast, take risks, and truly ‘think outside the box’ benefits everyone — from governments and corporates to investors and end users — and the products, services, and knowledge developed locally are ready to be adapted for international adoption. <p></p> <mark>African entrepreneurs are the engines of growth, and we are here to fuel their momentum, helping them reach their full potential throughout the continent and across the globe.</mark>