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Visa Accelerator Program

Unlock your startup's potential and fast-track your success in the dynamic world of fintech with the Visa Accelerator program. This groundbreaking initiative connects Africa's brightest minds with experienced mentors, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled investment opportunities. <p></p> Are you ready to disrupt the industry, revolutionize finance, and make an impact in the ecosystem? <mark>Join us on this exciting 3-months journey to propel your startup towards unprecedented growth and recognition. It's time to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and forge a path to success in the vibrant fintech landscape. </mark> <p></p> Benefits<br> Knowledge and Expertise <br> Gain a competitive edge with a tailored program covering product design, marketing, finance, sales and more. Receive experts’ guidance and strategic insights to accelerate your startup's growth and unlock its full potential. <p></p>Mentorship <br> Gain access to 1:1 mentoring from experts and founders in the ecosystem from Africa and beyond. Learn from the experience of others to solve your challenges. <p></p>Visa Specific Training <br> Benefit from exclusive Fintech and payment training modules designed by Visa. Enhance your understanding of the fintech landscape, payment ecosystem, and industry best practices. Startups will also get the chance to access Visa’s developer portal and experiment with Visa products and services. <p></p>Funding <br> Secure the funding you need to bring your innovative ideas to life. Showcase your startup during the Demo Day and you could be considered for an investment opportunity by Visa, Plug and Play, and our wider Venture Capital community. <p></p>Partnership Opportunities <br> Forge powerful partnerships that can drive your startup forward. The program aims to open doors to valuable collaboration opportunities with industry leaders, innovative companies, and strategic partners. <p></p>Product Perks <br> Gain access to a wide selection of product perks and discounts from over 100 vendors for a combined offer value over $200,000. Offers include credits from Google Cloud, HubSpot.

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Black Umbrellas

Black Umbrellas is an enterprise and supplier development (ESD) incubation organisation that partners with entrepreneurs, enterprises, investors and communities, to drive an inclusive and sustainable economic future by enabling the success of emerging SMEs. <p></p> 1. Black Umbrellas Virtual Incubator <br> The Black Umbrellas Virtual Incubator is an <mark>online platform that is designed to offer training, mentoring support and business coaching from anywhere with an internet connection. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we’ll help you build a resilient, compliant and sustainable business.</mark> <p></p> 2. Accelerator Programme <br> Your high-growth enterprise deserves the right kind of support. With access to procurement, finance and networking opportunities, your business can scale and create jobs to shape the South Africa we all dream of. <p></p> Tap into your true potential with the Black Umbrellas Accelerator Programme. <p></p> If you’re a high-growth enterprise with the potential to create jobs and scale, this programme is for you. <br><mark>What’s In It For You ? <br> - A customised development journey <br> - Learning and training through master classes <br> - Access to an Executive Business Coach <br> - Facilitated access to procurement opportunities by way of a premium listing on our procurement platform <br> - Access to finance <br> - Exciting networking events!</mark> <p></p> A future of business excellence awaits <p></p> 3. Co-Spacing <br> Need affordable office space to get some work done? Our co-spacing offices are open to the public, no need to be a part of the BU programme! <p></p> Sign up for 6 months of co-spacing and get 1 month free! <p></p> Need an affordable office space to get some work done? <p></p> Our co-spacing offices are open to the public, no need to be a part of the BU programme! <p></p> With a range of options to perfectly fit your schedule and space requirements, Black Umbrellas’ co-spacing offices are designed to suit your productivity needs with access to the following facilities: <mark> <br> - Printing <br> - Telephones <br> - Internet connectivity <br> - Reception services <br> - Boardrooms & conferencing facilities <br> - Tea and Coffee Stations </mark>

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Kalon Venture Partners

Kalon Venture Partners invests in and builds a portfolio of high growth technology companies, with innovative business models, geared to existing and emerging institutions and their customers. <p></p> Kalon Venture Partners <mark>invests growth capital in the form of equity to be used to assist established, but still high-risk ventures in expanding activity such as creating additional traction in South Africa, launching into Africa and then foreign markets, as well as creating new product / technology lines.</mark> <p></p> Our overriding strategy is to provide growth capital and acquire a minority stake in high growth innovative digital technology companies. We assist these companies with hands on involvement, to help build the businesses into assets of value and exit the business to trade buyers or through an IPO (a buy to flip strategy). <p></p> Kalon Venture Partners will invest most of its capital in <mark>support of African entrepreneurs who are looking for growth capital to scale their businesses, which are disrupting traditional industries, e.g. banking, insurance, retail, media and entertainment.</mark> <p></p> We have a highly experienced team to conduct detailed due diligences of potential investments to help reduce the business risk. The outcome of the DD will be presented to our Investment Committee for a decision. <p></p> These companies will most likely operate initially in South Africa with the intention to scale them to Africa and globally. We target potential returns of a minimum of 5X money (IRR > 30%) on each investment.

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Riversands I-Hub

Riversands Incubation Hub is a ground-breaking initiative with the scale to have a real economic impact by supporting small businesses, fostering job creation and alleviating poverty. <mark>Riversands I-Hub offers a professional environment and virtual ecosystem, with a range of added-value business services, resources and programs to help grow SMEs.</mark> <p></p> <Our Vision <br> To build a growing community of performance-orientated businesses and entrepreneurs. <p></p> A community that catalyses change and a thriving future. <p></p> Our Mission <br> To create a growing and powerfully enabling ecosystem of services, resources and learning experiences. <p></p> To promote high growth entrepreneurs and businesses with the intention to attract investors and customers. <p></p> To collaborate with local and international business and academia. <p></p> We offer an evolving range of business services, resources and programing. We assist SMEs with: <br> - Professional services – Back office services such as Accounting, Legal, HR, and Marketing. <br> - Low cost utility spaces – Light manufacturing and office spaces geared for small businesses. <br> - Finance – From asset funding to purchase order financing to facilitate business growth. <br> - Business advisory services – Access to our growing pool of quality business advisors. <br> - Workshops and Masterclasses – To help businesses integrate best practices. <br> - Online Modules – Stimulating content curated with entrepreneurs and their team in mind. <br> - Service Consultants – To build value-adding relationships with our entrepreneur ecosystem. <br> - Growth Programing – Industry, subject or location specific entrepreneur programs. <br> - Community – A physical and virtual community of like-minded performance entrepreneurs. <p></p> What we look for<br> Our selection criteria <br> <mark>We seek to drive inclusive economic growth and so we don’t believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' approach – as such we are continuously looking for SMEs that are the right fit for Riversands I-Hub ecosystem. This means that we are always evaluating businesses against our published selection criteria.</mark> We are not a commercial landlord – we do our best to invest our resources in businesses likely to give the best return on investment. <br> - Viability with potential to grow <br> - 51% black ownership is advantageous <br> - Entrepreneurial characteristics <br> - Ratio of benefit to cost and risk <br> - Business aligned to ecosystem model <br> - Commitment to performance and continuous learning

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Propella is one of the first business hubs in South Africa to be fully geared for Business 4.0. Exciting new IT and advanced manufacturing businesses share the same building to encourage cooperation between innovators in both sectors. <p></p> Support for the development of technologies for Smart Cities come through a partnership between Engeli Enterprise Development (EDD), a private sector business support company and Innovolve, the wholly owned commercialization company of Nelson Mandela University (NMU). <p></p> Propella helps commercialize the research and development being conducted at the NMU, as well as other technology entrepreneurs who either approach Propella for support or who are identified by Propella. <p></p> Prospective incubatees go through a rigorous selection process to qualify for access to the Propella and its support services. <p></p> Once they are selected Propella facilitators assist with mentoring and the evaluation of business concepts. <p></p> Our Vision <br> To be the "Go To", High-Tech Incubator and Accelerator for innovators and ventures delivering Smart City Solutions and Industry 4.0 Technologies. <p></p>Our mission <br> To provide a significant entrepreneurial experience and presence in Nelson Mandela Bay where innovation and technology convergence is facilitated to create sustainable and profitable ventures, through exceptional management, leadership & infrastructure in specific sectors. <p></p>Our goal <br> To be the first choice for the commercialization of smart products and services in our targeted sectors. <p></p>Values <br> Innovation.Success.Fun <p></p> 1. Pre-incubation support (Restricted to ICT) <br> <mark>All successful businesses and innovations start with an idea. Propella helps to ignite the ideas to become actions through its pre-incubation support for innovators who have a concept with potential, but need guidance on the first steps to commercialisation.</mark> <p></p> Propella doors are open to inventors or entrepreneurs who are in that all-important and delicate concept stage – the one where there is an idea but no plan. <p></p> Propella's doors are open to inventors or entrepreneurs who are in that all-important and delicate concept stage – the one where there is an idea but no plan. <br>- Desktop feasibility study of the proposed business idea <br>- Market assessment, feasibility planning and business planning <br> - Entrepreneurial assessment and feedback session <br>- Counselling and pre-incubation business advice <br>- Specific business start-up training to support the fledgling enterprise <br>- Coaching to guide them through proof of concept and business model canvas Entrepreneurs will be ready for selection for the next phase if they have: <br> - Completed the business model canvas <p></p> 2. Incubation Services <br> <mark>Propella measures its success by the number of companies which have been commercialized – in other words, they have left the building as sustainable businesses with both a product and a market. </mark> Of course, when pioneering new products, processes and businesses, not all incubatees make it to market. That failure is analyzed to ensure that the lessons learned contribute to the success of another new venture. By the way, we also celebrate failure, since it’s part of a successful journey. Look out for our FUN2FAIL events. <p></p> Propella provides four types of support: <br> - Technology and/or technology platform development - prototyping testing and preparation for scale <br> - Business Support – Guidance to establish and run a business <br> - Customer – Customer insights and access to markets within the growing Propella network <br> - Entrepreneur - Working on growing entrepreneurial ability in order to grow the business. <p></p> Business toolbox <br> Engeli Enterprise Development, which manages Propella, has developed a range of entrepreneurial, business and technology tools for the various facets of the incubation/acceleration stages. These have been customized for Propella. <p></p> Entrepreneurs accepted by Propella sign a development contract based on an assessment of the company using the diagnostic tools. The contract includes development milestones and commitments from the entrepreneur, as well as the anticipated date on which the enterprise will move into its own premises – making space for the next potentially disruptive new business. <p></p> 3. Acceleration <br> <mark>Once they have successfully proved they have a viable business concept during the incubation programme Propella is able to provide support to the owners and managers of companies ready to growth their business to the next level.</mark> <p></p> The main offerings include: <br> a. Funding <br> Few financial institutions and venture capitalists in South Africa provide funding for new technology or early stage venture capital, as they are seen as high risk. <p></p> Successful Propella incubatees who have established the potential to develop a successful and sustainable business are assisted in applying to various funders. <p></p> Partnerships with other venture capital funds (Engeli Section 12J VCC and others) and financial institutions are among the options for start-up debt and equity funding. <p></p> Some start-ups may also qualify for BBBEE enterprise development funding grants or loans. <p></p> Propella also facilitates the creation of partnerships (like JV’s) with established companies. <p></p> b. Extended tenure <br> Space permitting, Propella may offer companies ready for commercialization the opportunity to continue making use of the Propella facilities and support structure.

South African Chemical Technology Incubator - school image
South African Chemical Technology Incubator

The South African Chemical Technology Incubator is a not-for-profit business incubator, under the Small Enterprise Development Agency’s incubation program. <p></p> We are <mark>dedicated to supporting the growth of very early stage technology-based businesses in the South African Chemical sector.</mark> Chemin provides clients with an exceptional entrepreneurial business environment that promotes collaboration, innovation and encourages ingenuity as well the creation of wealth. <p></p> Chemin’s incubation program has assisted many entrepreneurs with developing ideas to profitable businesses. <mark>Our program provides an array of resources and services such as lab space, testing facilities, manufacturing equipment, office space, access to seed finance and collaboration with universities, industrial experts, financing agencies and other government departments.</mark>

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Enygma Ventures

Enygma Ventures is a unique purpose driven investment fund, led by award winning entrepreneurs with 40 years of combined experience growing and scaling businesses in Africa, US & Europe. We understand the struggles and challenges of building big businesses, having built big businesses ourselves. We wholeheartedly believe in win/win scenarios for the investor and entrepreneur and therefore have the ability to create flexible financial solutions with efficient & strategic deployment of capital whilst providing helpful tailored support. Through our networks we are able to create access to expertise, mentors, local and overseas markets. We are truly collaborative partners. <p></p> We are looking for businesses that meet these criteria: <mark> <br> - Woman founded/led or empowering of women <br> - Scalable <br> - A unique defensible business proposition <br> - A dynamic entrepreneur(s) with demonstrated ability to execute <br> - A proven revenue model & business concept <br> - Clarity of purpose <br> - Demonstrated growth <br> - Looking for early stage or growth capital <br> - Are based in SADC region </mark>

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AfricaWorks Lusaka

Lusaka is home to AfricaWorks, a co-working space where businesses of all sizes can reach their ambitions. From startups to SMEs and multinationals, you'll find the drive and resources to expand, grow, and strengthen your business here. <p></p> Lusaka is the perfect place to bring your ambitions to life with AfricaWorks. <mark>Our co-working space offers businesses of all sizes a range of services and resources to help you expand, grow, and strengthen your business. With dedicated management, a team of highly skilled professionals, and quality support services, we provide everything you need for success.</mark> Come experience truly focused leadership and calm professional research that can lead to real solutions and budget-friendly strategies! <p></p> Discover some of our solutions in Lusaka shared offices such as: Daily Pass, the Africa Pass, Meeting Rooms and Virtual Offices.

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​ WomHub is a boutique incubator and advisory firm supporting innovation along the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing) value chain, proving a holistic offering of business services tailored for female founders. The Incubator and Accelerator supports STEM innovation through providing both hackathons, venture building, virtual and in-person incubator and accelerator support. WomHub’s expertise is with female led innovation and working with female founders, however, it has run equally successful gender agnostic programmes as well. WomHub’s fit-for-purpose Hub in Johannesburg and Cape Town supports female led innovators and provides business support, eventing and co-working space. <p></p> <mark>Looking to accelerate your business and get investment ready? WomHub's Incubator & Accelerator programmes draws on our unique scale-up toolkit from business diagnostics, to venture clinics & investor readiness consulting to support your business. We also focus on the leadership capabilities of the founder to support ​your holistic growth</mark>

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Crossfin invests in high growth and established cash generative businesses, offering investors a blended exposure to technology investments in Fintech. <p></p> The Crossfin group is uniquely positioned to unlock real value through the organic and acquisitive growth of our ecosystem and the continual introduction of additional products and services through our various platforms. <p></p> Crossfin aims to influence technology across the value chain from point of processing to point of fulfillment either directly or through partnerships. all stakeholders. <p></p> <mark>Crossfin is on track through both the organic growth of its existing portfolio assets and its planned acquisition pipeline to be Africa's leading Independent FinTech Group within the next 5 years. Crossfin backs innovative companies that focus on solving specific everyday pain points that are not adequately covered by existing products in the market.</mark> <p></p> Crossfin’s portfolio and healthy partner ecosystem creates exciting opportunities to integrate a broad suite of financial products and services to support local merchants and consumers on multiple levels. <p></p> Currently Crossfin's portfolio processes over 270 million card and 20 million mobile-enabled payment transactions per annum with an aggregated value of over R100 billion ($5.64 billion). <p></p> Crossfin offers investors exposure to the exciting and fast-growing African FinTech sector through a portfolio of assets presenting various exit scenarios including IPO and/or trade sales.

Gritcube - school image

We support entrepreneurs in Africa with resources to launch growing startups. Gritcube envisions an entrepreneurial Africa filled with job opportunities and economic growth. <mark>Gritcube is a virtual startup accelerator that builds startups through direct business support, access to educational resources, and connections to global networks.</mark><p></p> We connect high-growth entrepreneurs with volunteer business consultants with strategy and operations experience, and the ambition to use their skills to contribute to social good. We engage startups with a structured business development and educational program designed to prepare startups for operations and seeking investment.

Dream Factory Foundation - school image
Dream Factory Foundation

Dream Factory Foundation works in the Education field. We design & implement programs for in-school youth, and out-of-school youth, that meet their socio-economic needs, enabling them to participate meaningfully in society. <p></p> <mark>In line with the needs of today’s connected world and a burgeoning African youth population, we have a special focus on Digital Skills Training.</mark> <p></p> Youth are Africa’s greatest asset. Our future is connected to their present. We believe that every young person, regardless of their present circumstances, can attain their boldest dreams if given the right knowledge, leadership and access to meaningful opportunities. <p></p> Digital Skills Training <br> 77% of jobs will require technical skills in the next decade. Africa has the largest and youngest workforce in the world, yet currently only one percent of African children leave school with basic coding skills. <mark>This is why we collaborate with international organizations such as Google, Facebook, Airbus Foundation, as well as local organizations to train young people with basic coding, online safety and digital literacy in all our locations.</mark> <p></p> We participate in Africa Code Week every year where millions of youth in Africa are empowered with digital skills.

The Neo Hub - school image
The Neo Hub

A place where you can Co-Create, Co-llaborate, Innovate and sale up your business while being friendlier to yourself and the environment you work in. <p></p> We aim to provide a <mark>one stop shop for innovative entrepreneurs, with intentional interest in developing and propelling our stakeholders towards being sustainable key players</mark> who are locally made but globally recognized. <p></p> Who We Serve<br> Inclusive Innovation <br> Kids; Inculcating savings, technology, leadership and entrepreneurship mindset at a young age, from as young as 5 years old. <p></p><mark>Tech Innovation <br> Startups who are intentional about the use of technology to optimise processes and disrupt industries</mark> <p></p>Innovative Startups <br> Those that do not necessarily use technology but find other new, creative and better ways to do things. <p></p>Knowledge Center <br> This project is specifically for the youth and teenagers, an information sharing center, with an aim to demystify and engage young people on issues of national interest. <p></p><mark>University Students Test Lab <br> University students have the opportunity to test commercial viability of their startups within our business development unit.</mark> <p></p>Open Innovation Space <br> Partners who are open to sharing and receiving information, allow externals to make contribution within selected companies. These third parties will be consultants through TheNeoHub. <p></p>Innovation Strategy<br> We consult on growth strategies fro private companies, governments and universities. <p></p>Market Place <br> Match making place for investors and startups.

GoWork - school image

GoWork is about more than just office space. Yes, you get all the advantages of a big office building for a fraction of the cost and yes, with the boardrooms at your disposal, you can have professional meetings and presentations at no extra charge and yes, there are countless other reasons why this is the ideal office space for you, but again, there's more to it. <p></p> <mark>GoWork provides you with the opportunity to learn and grow from fellow entrepreneurs' knowledge and experience through daily networking, the power of our community is invaluable.</mark>

Desert & Ocean - school image
Desert & Ocean

Desert & Ocean Coworking offers a new way to work: an innovative, flexible and ambitious collaborative workspace dedicated to a community of dynamic entrepreneurs, small sized enterprises, remote teams and freelancers. <p></p> HOT DESKS <br> Created for people on the go: mobile, but in need of a fully equipped work environment. <br> - High speed internet (paratus) <br> - WIFI <br> - Access from 08:00 to 17:00 <br> - Secured entrance <br> - Parking bays <br> - Printer, copier, scanner . Cleaning services <br> - Kitchen access <p></p> <mark>PRIVATE OFFICE<br> It’s your best option if you need a private, secure, quiet environment for your team but still want to benefit from the creative energy of our community. <br> - High speed internet (paratus) <br> - WIFI <br> - 24/7 access <br> - Secured entrance <br> - Parking bays <br> - Printer, copier, scanner . Cleaning services <br> - Kitchen access</mark> <p></p> BOARD ROOM<br> The meeting room can accommodate 8 to 10 people. It is equipped with a OPTIMA projector, 4K ready and good quality sound system. We can organise a tea/coffee station, on request. <br> - High speed internet (paratus) <br> - WIFI <br> - Projector and big screen <br> - 24/7 access <br> - Secured entrance <br> - Parking bays <br> - Printer, copier, scanner . Cleaning services <br> - Kitchen access

Holberton School Johannesburg - school image
Holberton School Johannesburg

Our full-time, intensive program will first introduce you to the foundations of computer science, then specialize in what drives you. Our collaborative, project-based environment makes every student real-world ready after graduating. <p></p> <mark>Foundations of Computer Science and Front-End Web Development <br> The work of front-end developers is what helps technology be usable to the average person, and companies with the best, most stable, and most usable sites are the most popular on the web. <p></p> Foundations of Computer Science and Back-End Web Development <br> Finding the perfect rental, sharing a photo from the cloud, and keeping data secure while using the web are all driven by back-end web developers.</mark>

iZone Hub - school image
iZone Hub

We are a Zimbabwean entrepreneurship and innovation hub that offers pre-incubation and linkages programs. We serve small businesses, makers and creatives helping them develop their enterprises in the digital age. <mark>We focus on developing actual skills and building people who run self-sustainable businesses. The focal point is on pre-incubation, incubation and acceleration of business ideas. </mark> <p></p> Zone was started in 2015 emerging from the need to help people move from ideas to businesses. Our training programs are centred on developing actual skills and building people who run self-sustainable businesses. Enterprise development in the digital age is of great importance to us. <p></p> Vision <br> To support the development of sustainable enterprises that solve difficult and important community problems in the digital age. <p></p>Mission <br> Equipping people with the business development skills and tools they need to build sound, solution oriented businesses.

Limkokwing University - Botswana - school image
Limkokwing University - Botswana

A broad-based programme of IT studies, which aims to acquaint students with a wide range of problems that arise in computing & information technology, together with various methods & technologies available as solutions. <mark> <br> - Programming skills: high-level languages — C++ & JAVA; <br> - Multimedia: awareness of multimedia use in computer programming; <br> - Theoretical & technical knowledge: importance of data and telecommunications to information systems, the emergence of the Internet, and the principles of underlying operating systems and their continued development; <br> - Individual development: acquiring analytical and numerical skills for computer programming, presentation and PR skills for various working environments.</mark>

Botswana Open University - school image
Botswana Open University

The Bachelor of Technology in Information Systems (B Tech - IS) program is a generic Information Systems Degree. The program allows learners to earn a bachelor degree that prepares them for employment in the IT industry or for graduate school. The B. Tech in IS <mark>degree offers courses in Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Systems Security, Database Design & Administration, Web Programming, Visual Programming, Java Programming, Intelligent Systems, Management & Strategic Information Systems, IT Project Management and Entrepreneurship.</mark>  <p></p> The programme is targeting learners with BGCSE or equivalent certificates, and also provide an opportunity for Computing Diploma holders to upgrade their qualifications to degree level through distance learning. <p></p> Graduates of the program will, among others, work as System Administrators, Networking Professionals, Database Management Specialists, Systems Developers, Web Developers, Software Engineers & Analyst, IT Sales & Marketing Professionals, and IT Project Managers.

Botswana International University of Science & Technology - school image
Botswana International University of Science & Technology

Why Is This Programme for Me? - Choose a computer science degree, and you will be at the forefront of the next greatest technological innovations. To study Computer Science means being in the lead in positively changing the world and the way we live. It opens doors to many opportunities since its transformations manifest to every other discipline. Its manifestations indirectly affect areas such as medicine, business, law, physical and life sciences therefore this means Computer Sciences related careers are available in different discipline altogether. The computation power of computers has been increasing exponentially over the years thereby allowing us to address problems that seemed intractable only a few years ago. This power is anticipated to keep increasing allowing computer scientists to solve even bigger problems. Therefore, the relevance of computer science is ever increasing in our lives and this will remain so in the coming years. Further the program readies you to further your studies to Masters’ or PhD. <p></p> Computer Science <mark>equips the graduate with knowledge of the following areas where they can specialize: Applied Mathematics, Digital Image/ Sound, Artificial Intelligence, Microprogramming, Bioinformatics, Networks and Administration, Cryptography, Ontology, Robotics and Drones Protocol Development, Computer Graphics, Simulation and Modelling, Parallel Programming and High-Performance Computing, and Mobile Development.</mark> <p></p> What Will I Study? <br> Computer Science is a discipline that has grown to be the backbone of a functional society proving pivotal to medicine, biology, entertainment, business, banking, sociology to archaeology. <p></p> <mark>The Modules You Will Study Include                    <br> - Computer Architecture <br> - Data Communications and Networks <br> - Databases <br> - Foundations of Computation <br> - Human Computer Interaction <br> - Operating Systems <br> - Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming <br> - Professional Issues and Ethics <br> - Software Engineering </mark> <p></p> Career and Graduates Studies Opportunities <br> Our graduates’ knowledge and skills represent principles which will outlast today’s technology, making them highly wanted after by industry and commerce alike. Career opportunities exist in a range of technology industries or visually every industry that relies on technology to develop products or provide technological services. Popular computer science careers include: Software Engineers, Programmers, System Administrators, Network Engineers and many more. The CS graduates can also continue at the PG level, as the department has MSc and PhD programmes in Computer Science.

The Clicking Generation - school image
The Clicking Generation

The Clicking Generation – ICT Academy for kids and teens is a social enterprise that offers computing and technology curriculum to kids and teens in both urban and rural areas of Botswana. Our curriculum offers <mark>STEM and technology related exploration to underserved learners who are future technology creators of socially relevant ICT solutions. Early child technology education is key if young innovators are going to become global player in the digital economy. </mark> <p></p> Digital literacy is the new currency! <p></p> Mission statement <br> The Clicking Generation intends to deliver the most appropriate computing skills and knowledge of ICT aspects to Batswana using appropriate interactive learning techniques. <p></p> Our Why! <br> <mark>We love what we do and our WHY is simple, we hope to contribute to the economy of Botswana and related national efforts towards the delivery of quality education to all learners. </mark> <p></p> In the spirit of ‘leaving no one behind’ we are contributing to equitable access for ALL, TCG continues to advocate for increased participation for women and girls in ICT and STEM related fields.

Francistown College of Programming - school image
Francistown College of Programming

Francistown College of Programming (FCP) is a tertiary and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) based in Francistown, Botswana established in 2014. FCP is recognized by Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA) the regulator of qualification, examinations and assessments in Botswana. We offer <mark>specialized hands on training in Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Cyber Security, we also develop software’s for the local market.</mark> <p></p> Programming courses Cisco Certified <mark> <br> - Java <br> - C++ <br> - Php <br> - Visual Basic <br> - Python </mark>

BrainSTREAM - school image

BrainSTREAM's aim is to help learners in Botswana achieve their innovative potential and equip them with the skills they need to be more employable and ready to meet the current labour demand. <p></p> <mark>Our core focus is on Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics! S.T.R.E.A.M education puts an emphasis on preparing future generations to be successful in their careers and The skills gained from our curriculum extend beyond those needed to be successful in S.T.R.E.A.M fields.</mark> <p></p> We have designed our courses to prepare our learners for the future and equip them with skills such as Problem solving skills, critical thinking and collaboration whilst instilling the ability to think critically and challenge standards is the basis of innovation. <p></p> Our Mission <br> The BrainSTREAM mission is to <mark>educate and upskill our learners, enabling them to become the problem solvers and future thinkers of tomorrow.</mark> <p></p>Our Vision The brainSTREAM Vision is to be the leading innovative educational centre in Botswana, enriching the educational sector and to impart STREAM skills to local learners and educators. <p></p>Purpose <br> The purpose of BrainSTREAM is to introduce and develop STREAM Education in Botswana. We believe that by partnering with local educators and schools that we can develop innovative education and become the Gold Standard in Botswana. <br> 100% local owned - BrainSTREAM aims to change the face of education in Botswana!

Africa College of Technology - school image
Africa College of Technology

This course introduces intermediate to advanced web design techniques. Topics include customer expectations, advanced markup language, multimedia technologies, usability and accessibility practices, and techniques for the evaluation of web design. Upon completion, students should be able to employ advanced design techniques to create high impact and highly functional websites. <p></p> Upon completing requirements for this course, the student will be able to: <mark><br> A. Create web pages using HTML5 and CSS following industry standard web design techniques. <br>B. Design web sites to meet strategic goals. <br>C. Create accessible and responsive web sites. </mark>

neighbourgood - school image

To create connected workspaces built for collaboration and productivity, aligned to your business needs <p></p>Physical space has the power to make or break your focus, your mindset and your mood. It shapes behaviour and moulds culture, and when it falls short, your productivity and creativity often do the same. But what about when it’s amazing? That’s where we come in. We apply the best in design, technology and hospitality services to unleash human potential. We transform the workspace into a place you want to be. <p></p> Value added workspaces <br> We take care of all your needs, so that you can do your best work. <mark> <br> - Flexible memberships & fixed costs <br> - Furnished offices designed for productivity <br> - Concierge & Community Manager <br> - High-speed Wi-Fi <br> - Commercial grade Wi-Fi <br> - Private offices, dedicated desks & hot desks <br> - Discounts from local businesses <br> - Community events & workshops <br> - Technology enabled platform </mark>

Venture Workspace - school image
Venture Workspace

Coworking and flexible virtual office spaces are a global trend. And a growing offering in Cape Town. So why choose to work with us? <p></p> Where it all started <br> Venture Workspace was born out of a passion for client service. A response to the need for a South African-owned and operated coworking and serviced office provider. As a result, we bravely opened our first space in 2016. Our very first location was at the Brookside Office Park in Claremont. Home to the oldest rugby club in the country, called Villagers. <br> Then, growing from strength to strength, our second space opened in December 2019 at the brand-new Constantia Emporium Mall. Exactly a year later, we followed suit with our third space at the Sanctuary Mall in Somerset West. A tailor-made virtual office space <br> Our ethos is a no-nonsense, client-focused approach to coworking. Hence, <mar>we offer members a variety of tailor-made coworking options. Options are based on flexibility, affordability, productivity, and community. Furthermore, with the revolution of work and the move away from the traditional office towards a more virtual office space at Venture Workspace, we assist large businesses in streamlining their operations through alternative working solutions.</mark> <p></p> A focus on simplicity <br> Moreover, we provide start-ups and entrepreneurs with a professional platform to springboard their businesses. This means no red tape or unnecessary costs. Keeping you focused on growing your business. <p></p>The future of coworking spaces <br> Our state-of-the-art collaborative workspace offering includes fully serviced ready-to-use office spaces. <mark>Our virtual office spaces provide the perfect venue for meetings and events, shared workspace solutions; as well as virtual offices.</mark> Our workspaces are functional spaces where businesses and individuals can boost the credibility of their business with a prestigious address and call answering service. <p></p>We also offer specialised packages <br> We also offer a wide range of services depending on the package you take. These services include professional receptionists, a welcoming receptionist area for clients and guests. A fully equipped communal kitchen and friendly support staff. Access to copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, tenant parking, and projector screens. <p></p>An inclusive workspace for all <br> In short, Venture Workspace strives to create a workspace that not only accommodates all the needs of the workplace, but also everyone’s unique needs too. As such, we offer a wide range of packages, ensuring the space is suitable for all.

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In the rapidly changing landscape of our world, Roamwork fuses a modern work environment centred on adaptability and a shared network of like-minded people with the traditional values of privacy and containment at work. <p></p> Roamwork responds to ever-changing workspace demands, prioritising your productivity and adapting to how your needs shift depending on the day, task or mood. <p></p> <mark>Roamwork aims to help you achieve a sense of wellbeing at work. The carefully considered design of the space allows for complementary contrasts in the atmosphere, providing quiet focused spaces for intense concentration alongside communal areas where you can easily engage with the community.</mark> <p></p> The Roamwork environment allows members the opportunity to change their pace without leaving the building, able to select their preferred workspace for each task of the day and allowing flexibility for productivity.

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106 BizzHub

Taking care of business in Cape Town? Or need a new office space? We'll take care of you. With our spacious co-working spaces, high speed WiFi, coffee shop, mini offices and so much more. We are Cape Town's premier Co-working & Conferencing space situated in the heart of the City Centre. <p></p> Whether you are starting your own business or just in need of an office to work from, we have you covered. <p></p> For only R2 300 per month, <mark>we will provide you with a safe, lock up and go office with FREE Wi-Fi and no utilities charges.</mark> We have a new coffee shop on the 3rd floor, up and coming gym facilities and lovely apartment in the same building.

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CreateSpace is a collaborative shared co-working space for creatives in Sea Point, offering workstations with High Speed Fiber WiFi and access to Production quality digital printing, large format printing and a wide range of finishing. Ideal for graphic designers, architects and entrepreneurs needing a trendy work space with access to high end production printing. <mark>CreateSpace is a collaborative shared co-working space for creatives in Sea Point, offering workstations with access to production print facilities & more.</mark>

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WeWork - South Africa

Whether you’re an established enterprise or a scaling startup, find an office space that's right for you. Get the workspace you need, when and where you need it so you can focus on your business <p></p> Flexible spaces that meet your needs<br> Whether you need a desk for hybrid or remote employees, move-in ready offices for teams of any size, or a new headquarters — we have the solution. <p></p> Workspace when you want it<br> Book by the hour or day, get monthly global access, or settle into an office for as long as you want.  <p></p> Do your best work anywhere<br> Your membership lets you tap into a global network of 700+ prime locations, each filled with business essentials and a friendly community. <p></p> <mark>Find space to focus and collaborate <br> Take a break from working from home with your choice of hot desks, phone booths or comfortable lounges. Meet with coworkers or customers in bookable private offices or conference rooms.</mark> <p></p> One membership, hundreds of locations <br> Get out of the house and enjoy the convenience of working near or far from home with 24/7 access to hundreds of WeWork locations worldwide. <p></p> Your best work is just around the corner <br> Take on the workday and be more productive in spaces that offer high-speed internet, business-class printers, and conferencing A/V tools. <p></p> Our commitment to health and safety We’re prioritizing the health and safety of all members and employees in our spaces so you can continue working with peace of mind.

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MAX Serviced Offices

MAX Serviced Offices offer a range of Office Rentals and Co-working desk space in Sandton with amenities to make suit every work type, be it the on the go professional or someone needing a permanent work base. <p></p> Private Offices <br> Private, secure office space to rent in a luxurious Sandton office building for teams of all sizes, from single desk offices to suites which include a meeting table. <p></p> Day Offices <br> For the professional who wants a lockable office rental with flexible terms. <p></p> Business Lounge <br> Co-working access and a locker, perfect for the professional needing an escape during office hours. <p></p> Virtual Membership <br> Business address, dedicated telephone number with answering and message taking service including limited Day Office access. <p></p> Boardrooms<br> Meeting space for up to 8 people available by the Hour or Day. The MAX Boardrooms are fitted with state-of-the-art technology and fast Internet for those important zoom meetings. <p></p> Services & Amenities <br> - Full Reception Service <br> - Free, fast Wi-Fi <br> - Office Services <br> - Exam Hall <br> - Company Branding <br> - Meeting Rooms <br> - Breakaway Areas <br> - Phone Booths <br> - Storage Rooms & Lockers <br> - Rooftop Function Venue <br> - Onsite Generator & Borehole <br> - MAX Café

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BlackBox66 is designed to create a flexible and productive working experience for the nomad's. Our pricing structures range from hourly, daily and monthly rates to meet your specific working requirements. <p></p> The workspace is a boutique coworking space with 12 hot desks, two meeting rooms, a lounge and access to a conference facility on the premises. <mark>The centre offers high-speed uncapped fibre, uninterrupted power supply and load-shedding backup systems, and a water backup system. The space provides lockers where you can store your personal belongings and complimentary beverages.</mark> The space has been designed with a modern, welcoming feel to encourage business people and creatives to feel at home as they go about their day.

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POD Off Grayston

The POD Office concept was born out of the need for affordable, high end office space in a central location. Most small businesses and start ups today are run on very tight budgets – rent accounts being a major overhead of any business are almost always a wildcard expense and the monthly bills are loaded with unbudgeted extra expenses (rates & taxes, security levies & electricity to name a few). <p></p> At the pods we understand what it takes to run businesses on tight budgets and keep overheads to a bare minimum which is why we came up with the POD Office concept. You will always know where you stand with us, no nasty unbudgeted surprises on your monthly rent bill. <mark>We cover your electricity rates & taxes, 24 hour security & armed response as well as give you uncapped fibre internet – All at no cost to you! </mark> <p></p> Our all inclusive rates are simply unbeatable. Our location is amazing with some of the best amenities Sandton can offer all within walking distance. What you see is what you pay – No Hidden Costs <p></p> Our offering<br> Get a prestigious Sandton address with access to boardrooms & meetings. <mark>Our serviced offices are available on flexible agreements and provide access to a wide range of facilities and support services, enabling you to scale and grow.</mark> Now you can focus on your core business without worrying about setting up an office and long-term contracts: there are no hidden costs or unnecessary fees.

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96 on Fourth

Here at 96 on Fourth, we believe in entrepreneurs, business owners, the professional expanding from a home office & the startup launching, like you, that’s who we are. <p></p> 96 on Fourth is owned & developed by Bruce Jones a passionate & successful entrepreneur. He built 96 on Fourth for you and entrepreneurs just like you who need a professional & productive yet warm and friendly office space to run your business from in Sandton. <mark>So we offer more than serviced office space, we offer you the opportunity to be part of the 96 on Fourth family where internal networking creates business synergies and lasting friendships.</mark> <p></p> Choose 96 on Fourth for your serviced offices in Sandton & enjoy: <br> - Professional, flexible serviced office space just off Sandton Drive  <br> - Executive offices, executive suites, single offices, double offices & team offices available for immediate occupation <br> - All inclusive pricing with packages offering excellent value at affordable rates <br> - Best Price: We will match* any written quotation for service offices in Sandton. <br> - Flexible leasing terms with only one month deposit required <br> - A warm, welcoming environment for you and your clients <br> - High productivity with a conducive working space with natural light (all offices have windows), no cubicles, comfortable chairs and spacious desks <br> - The perfect location - on the edge of Sandton for easy access to Sandton CBD, while missing the bulk of Sandton traffic in your daily commute <br> - Excellent Security <br> - Advertising space available on Sandton Drive

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Most of your life is spent working towards your goals and dreams. We feel you need the best possible platform for such an important task. That is why we have built FutureSpace – to give you products that help you perform your best work. Supported by our four pillars of design, flexibility, technology and location, FutureSpace has organised everything you need so that you can focus on what matters – your business. Join the community, feed on the energy and build your dreams with us.<p></p>FUTURESPACE FACILITIES<br> <mark>High-Speed Internet <br> High-speed fibre internet with line-of-sight back up and 24/7 IT support so that you are always connected. <p></p> Business Hub <br> Place your business in a modern business hub, surrounded by companies from different countries and industries. <p></p> Reception & Concierge <br> Welcoming of guests, and incoming call and switchboard management for your business, as well as hotel or restaurant reservations, airport transfers, dry cleaning or tailoring <p></p> Meeting Rooms <br> An array of meeting rooms to meet your needs, from informal to large presentation rooms fitted with the latest technology. <p></p> Fully Serviced <br> Our model is for you to plug-in and play. Focus on your business, not on managing an office. <p></p> Secure <br> Whether it is charging lockers in our lounge, access doors between areas or CCTV, we take the integrity of our offices very seriously. </mark>

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The Business Exchange

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for stylish Coworking office space in an upmarket location, The Business Exchange is the place to visit. We rent permanent 24/7 access desks in spacious, light, modern serviced offices with flexible leases and NO capital outlay. <p></p> Each desk in a shared office is rented with a comfortable office chair, credenza and access to handset telephones. In addition, we also offer a centralised document station, post and courier services, on-site office management assistance as well as attendance to on-site business networking and pitching events. <p></p> All you need to bring to your new Coworking Space is your laptop and connect to our high-speed fibre-optic internet. <p></p> Coworking Space Benefits <mark> <br> - 24/7 access to open plan work areas <br> - Uncapped fibre internet, telephone line & parking <br> - 5 hours of boardroom/video conferencing bookings per month <br> - 4 days of private office usage per month </mark>

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Ambassade by Ideas Cartel

We are a comfortable and friendly co-working space that offers both flexible and fixed office options to suit the ever-growing need for an adaptable work-life in a beautifully designed space. <p></p> <mark>We know that you've been working from home and missing that connection to your team and other people, so we facilitate great work culture throughout our spaces. Whether you want to do your own thing, have a meeting or just get out of the house to get some concentration things done, we have you covered.</mark> <p></p Features <br> - A desk in a beautifully designed space <br> - A comfortable seat <br> - Fast Internet <br> - Boardrooms <br> - 24/7 Access <br> - 24/7 Security <br> - Aircon <br> - Internet and electricity during load-shedding <p></p FACILITIES <br> - Concierge and 24/7 security <br> - M&F change rooms with showers <br> - High speed internet <br> - Dedicated support <br> - Business address <br> - Healthy Café <br> - Charging points <br> - Airconditioning <br> - Fully furnished reception <br> - Golf Simulator <br> - Business WhatsApp <br> - Truth Coffee

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Hello Work

Hello Work is a coworking office space in Stellenbosch focussing on delivering a modern, creative, focus-friendly environment for creative entrepreneurs and startups. <p></p> Don’t spend a fortune setting up your own office and pay unnecessary amounts on overheads each month. We supply you with all the services you need to manage your business. <p></p> Our Services <br> <mark>Hi-Speed WiFi <br> We will make sure you always have fast, reliable internet. <p></p>Always-on Electricity <br> Our building generators will make sure we forget about loadshedding. <p></p>Printing/Scanning <br> You will have access to the communal printer/scanner for your admin needs. <p></p>Dedicated Parking <br> A dedicated parking space for you and your employees. (Unheard of for Stellenbosch, right?) <p></p>Everyone needs coffee! <br> Coffee shops with some of the best coffee in town. <p></p>Boardrooms <br> Different options of meeting rooms according to your needs. <p></p>Flexible options <br> Daily, Weekly and Monthly options available to suit your needs. <p></p>No traffic <br> We are situated in a quiet but vibrant part of Stellenbosch. No hassles getting here! <p></p>Lounge/relax areas <br> Put your feet up and take a break in our comfortable lounge areas. </mark>

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Business Suites

We specialise in executive office facilities. Business Suites is your first class office space solution. We provide companies, entrepreneurs, staff, directors and even major global businesses with office space to suit their needs and their budgets. At Business Suites <mark>we strive to provide our clients with top class service in our world-class office facilities.</mark> <p></p> Business suites started the first concept in Bloemfontein in 2012 as "PBS or Preller Business Suites". At this stage one of the founder's properties was standing open and an opportunity presented itself for a multi-tenanted, serviced office space. Owing to the high demand for affordable office space the second centre (2014) and third (2015) followed soon after. By this stage of development we had improved to a higher standard of excellence. Using this centre as our benchmark we designed a shop front reception within a high traffic area, utilising high end finishes and incorporating the latest technology and trends. <p></p> We could thus enable our customers to close deals in a boardroom with all the relevant facilities close at hand and freely available. This model is a true reflection of class, elegance and exclusivity. Today known as Business Suites (SA) it is our goal is to build serviced office space in 5* centres, referred to as the Hotel of Offices. With 1000 new offices planned for 2017/2018 we aim to fill the demand and set the standard for the best office facilities in the world. <p></p> Business Suites Features <p></p> Perfect for freelancers, startups and SME's <br> With our stunning receptions, your clients will be greeted with a fresh touch of class and our friendly reception staff will handle your clients with hospitality and ensure that they feel relaxed before you are ready to receive them. They will answer all your incoming calls and then direct them accordingly. If you are out of the office they will take a message and notify you as soon as you are back in office <p></p> <mark>Our state of the art boardroom facilities give our clients the ability to close their business deals in style while enjoying a beverage from the beverage bar. 10 hours of boardroom use is included in the rent and R300 p/h for every hour thereafter.</mark> <p></p> Features <mark><br> - Fully Furnished Move in 24H <br> - Receptionist <br> - Boardroom Facility <br> - Kitchens <br> - Telephone Service <br> - Printing Facility <br> - Internet Facility <br> - Parking <br> - Cleaning <br> - Prime Locations <br> - Water & Electricity </mark>

Co.Unity - school image

Our vision and purpose are to provide the Hermanus business community, with a hub, where ideas are brought to life, and businesses can grow and thrive, bringing revenue into our local community. <p></p> Because we are not always able to collaborate and share our ideas in a physical space, our members can continue to grow their businesses and share ideas through our Connect Co.Unity platform. <p></p> <mark>Co.Unity Space offers a vibrant, hygienic, and safe hub for our members to meet up, and enjoy excellent office facilities with all modern amenities. </mark> <p></p> Our Services: <br> - Pay for Use workspace  <br> - Shared Desk or Private Office <br> - Uncapped Fast Wi-Fi <br> - Generator Power <br> - Boardroom Facilities <br> - Events  <br> - Front Desk Services and Call Answering <br> - Airport Transfers and Taxi Services <br> - Undercover and Onsite Parking <br> - Co.Unity Membership <br> - Access to Co.Unity Café  <br> - Virtual Office Services for members

Regus - Pretoria - school image
Regus - Pretoria

Make a home for your business with Regus private office space in Pretoria. Our serviced offices have everything taken care of - from the furniture to the high-speed WiFi - and with flexible terms allowing you to rent office space from an hour to years, you can focus on driving your business forward. <p></p> <mark>Make a home for your team among the stunning jacaranda trees of Pretoria. Set in the heart of the city’s eastern suburbs, Steven House puts you within easy reach of the bustle and opportunity of the central business district.</mark> <p></p> Welcome guests into the modern and stylish business lounge, or take advantage of the outdoor seating area when the sun is out. And at the end of a busy day, head to the nearby Brooklyn Mall to shop, relax and refuel.

Spaces  - Menlyn Maine - school image
Spaces - Menlyn Maine

Spaces Menlyn Maine offers affordable, sustainable, serviced office space to rent in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria. The stylish and energy efficient building, built with LEED and GreenStar SA standards, offers easy access to a range of restaurants, shops and hotels. <mark>At Spaces Menlyn Maine you will be situated amongst a range of like-minded people. It’s a place where you can pause to enjoy a really good cup of coffee or a healthy lunch, and where super-fast, unlimited wifi ensures you can both work quickly and efficiently.</mark> <p></p> Office Space <br> Make a home for yourself and your team with a private office. Fully-serviced and flexible, with everything included. <br> - Flexible contracts <br> - Access your office 24/7/365 <br> - All inclusive - includes WiFi and services <p></p> <mark>Coworking Membership <br> Access coworking space at this location, or anywhere across our network of 3,000 locations worldwide. <br> - Choose your plan: 5/10 days per month, or unlimited <br> - Access during business hours <br> - Join our thriving community</mark> <p></p> Dedicated Desk <br> Enjoy your own private desk in a beautifully designed shared workspace. <br> - Includes a personal locker <br> - Access 24/7/365 <br> - Free access to over 3,000 coworking spaces worldwide <p></p> Virtual Office<br> Establish a presence for your business at this location, and enjoy on-demand access to coworking space. <br> - Business address and mail handling <br> - Telephone answering and call forwarding <br> - On demand access to office and coworking spaces <p></p> Meeting Rooms<br> Book meeting rooms on-demand, with all the support and services that you need. <br> - Choose from a variety of room sizes and types <br> - AV and presentation equipment <br> - Catering available

The Workspace at The Club - school image
The Workspace at The Club

The Workspace at The Club provides stunning coworking and serviced office space to rent in one of the trendiest shopping centres in the Pretoria Old East precinct. Position your company in this world-class business environment on affordable, flexible terms and you’ll also enjoy easy access to The Club’s superb selection of boutiques, cafés and restaurants. <p></p>Full reception service Our branch managers will greet your visitors and forward your calls <p></p>Meeting rooms - Access to professionally appointed meeting rooms and two meeting booths <p></p>Cleaning services - Free weekly cleaning services and daily bin emptying <p></p> <mark>Free fibre internet and WiFi - 100 Megabit high-speed fibre internet and unlimited WiFi</mark> <p></p>Backup generator - Our backup generator keeps you safe from blackouts <p></p>Training room - A 20 person training room at an additional cost <p></p>Telephone line rental - Landline telephone rental is available at an additional cost <p></p>Open plan areas - Comfortable open-plan areas for collaborating, bouncing ideas around, socialising or relaxing <p></p>Nationwide access - Benefit from nationwide access to all of The Workspace branches <p></p>Communal kitchen - Make use of a fully serviced and equipped communal kitchen <p></p>Rack space - Rack space in our server rooms at an additional cost <p></p><mark>Coworking lockers - Coworking lockers for on-site storage requirements</mark> <p></p>Secure parking - Secure basement parking at an additional cost <p></p>Tea and coffee - A fully equipped kitchen with coffee and tea making facilities <p></p>Business services - Printing, copying, binding and laminating services at an additional cost <p></p>Security - 24 hour security, CCTV and alarms <p></p><mark>Networking events - Get free access to GrowthHub’s quarterly networking event and many more</mark> <p></p>Business address - A credible address and mail handling service

Ideas Assembly - school image
Ideas Assembly

Ideas Assembly is focused on providing workspaces for a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses. <p></p> As self-starters ourselves, we enjoyed the freedom of being self-employed but missed the community of colleagues during the work day. <p></p> The premises became our primary location of doing business. Even though we had great coffee, we lacked control and the amenities to be successfully productive in the long term. <p></p> This is where we conceptualised Ideas Assembly; a holistic view of co-working space and business services, provided by a passionate community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses with a place to call work. <p></p> As an Ideas Assembly co-worker, you are provided with a clean-designed workspace shared among a passionate community of like-minded people. <p></p> With access to our facilities, you can focus on being productive while everything else is taken care of. <p></p> Please see our services for more information. <mark> <br> - Dedicated work stations <br> - Co-work  <br> - Virtual office <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - Training rooms <br> - High-speed internet <br> - Printing & scanning facilities <br> - Specialty coffee on site </mark>

Grounded Work - school image
Grounded Work

Grounded Work is a coworking space - a work environment that has infrastructure; internet, printers and desks to rent on a monthly or daily basis… but most importantly it has coworkers. <p></p> Coworkers work independently, for themselves, or for the same organisation, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the way they share their skills and experience, collaborate, and inspire each other by simply sharing a communal work space. In that way Grounded Work is MUCH more than just a shared office space or internet café. It’s the home of coworking energy goodness. Grounded Work was launched in 2015, after we saw an increased need for a café-like space that was more conducive to productive work and most importantly entrepreneurial growth and community. <mark>At Grounded Work you will find just that. By just spending time with like-minded individuals in a shared workspace, or by attending our regular meetups and events - a coworking membership with us will be the best investment you can make in your dreams.</mark>

NetworkSpace - school image

As NetworkSpace, we exist to provide flexible and professional office space at a fraction of the price because we believe in the shared success of South African businesses. That’s what we’re about – more of what your business needs and less of what it doesn’t.  <p></p> NetworkSpace centres are purpose-built for productivity, connection and to empower businesses. <p></p> <mark>We take pleasure in providing a professional home and corporate image to many businesses from international head offices and project offices to satellite branches and start-ups. Our tenants range from attorneys to real estate agents and consulting services.</mark>

Treehouse Workspace - school image
Treehouse Workspace

We offer our clients the choice of an open work space or a private office in Umhlanga including boardroom facilities which are perfect for those professional presentations! <p></p> Everyone is relaxed, friendly and considerate which makes for a great working environment.  <p></p> <mark>We created a comfortable, friendly and professional environment. Whether you prefer an open space or a private office, we cater for any business requirement!</mark>  <p></p> We welcome consultants, entrepreneurs, tech start-ups, regional teams and anyone who is looking for a modern and comfortable, high tech, friendly and professional office in the heart of Umhlanga. ​<p></p> We are located in the Gateway area, close to parks and coffee shops (Opposite Chris Saunders Park). We have great coffee and fast wireless ... these two go without saying. <p></p> OFFERED AT OUR WORKSPACE <br> - Serviced Offices with Reception <br> - Boardroom Sessions <br> - Access to a community of <br> - Innovative Individuals  <br> - Superfast Internet Speed <br> - Coffee that you can boast about <br> - Chill under the trees in the park and still connect to Wifi <br> - Showers to clean up after your morning run <br> - Delivery address for your mail <br> - Less than 15 minutes to the King Shaka Airport <br> - Close to all transport routes <br> - A host of restaurants, bars and coffee shops - 2 min from Gateway <br> - 24/7 manned security and access controlled building

Regus - Umhlanga - school image
Regus - Umhlanga

Make a home for your business with Regus private office space in Umhlanga. Our serviced offices have everything taken care of - from the furniture to the high-speed WiFi - and with flexible terms allowing you to rent office space from an hour to years, you can focus on driving your business forward. <p></p> <mark>Create a future-ready home for your team at this vast, contemporary development with impressive views. Liberty Life Building is a distinctive, easily accessible building just a 20-minute drive from Durban’s Central Business District.</mark> <p></p> Surround yourself with large finance, insurance and telecoms companies in the area and network with them in our on-site coffee bar. And when it’s time to switch off, take advantage of the commercial, hotel and leisure facilities in the surrounding area.

ExecuSpace - school image

EXECUSPACE offers affordable, fully furnished, professional and spacious flexible private office spaces to suit your every business need. The facility is situated in the prime office building Island Office Park in the heart of Riverhorse Valley. The park has 24hr Manned Security with biometric access control. There is a convenient and popular Cafè on the ground floor as well as a Pharmacy. A generator services the entire park including air-conditioning. <p></p> FACILITIES <mark> <br> - Air-conditioned offices with individual control <br> - Office Furniture according to number of seats <br> - Shared ablutions, canteen and balconies <br> - Rates, electricity and filtered water <br> - Free uncapped wi-fi enabled internet <br> - Cleaning Services <br> - Shared receptionist to answer calls and take messages <br> - Reception with welcome chairs <br> - 24hr security into the park <br> - 24/7 access to Execuspace (receptionist only available during working hours) <br> -  Shared Boardroom Facility: Five Hours Free Use per office per month. Thereafter R250 per hour excl. VAT <br> - Catering services available from the Urban Café in Island Office Park – with delivery and zapper payments from your desk <br> - Printing services available <br> - Basic Kitchen Amenities: Self service coffee, tea and milk <br> - Generator for all the offices including the running of the air-con </mark>

Worcoza - school image

We have crafted flexible and affordable workspaces that are designed to meet 21st Century business needs. We facilitate financial guidance, business support, creative collaboration, and forward thinking - offering a social environment that encourages entrepreneurs to evolve. <p></p> Whether you are a young freelancer looking for a get-up-and-go hot desk; a growing business that needs a shared boardroom space to communicate, pitch, and close; or an aspiring CEO that requires a more private office to focus. We make it work for you. <p></p> BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED WORKSPACES <br> <mark>We encourage you to work at your own pace in our workspace. We provide an efficient environment for you to work in, as well as a relaxing space to unwind. Our offices are kitted out with comfortable seating and desks, uncapped Wifi, printing facilities, drinks and snacks, soft bean bags, beautiful Nguni rugs, and so much more!</mark> <p></p> WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED <br> A secure parkade and access control, as well as 24-hour armed response, ensures that you will not have to worry while you work. Fix yourself cups of fresh coffee and request catered snacks for extra energy throughout the day. For added support, our team of international leading executives are readily available to assist you. Annual members will enjoy additional perks, like a personal postbox and a free Cell C Android phone to name a few.

Open Plan - school image
Open Plan

The Open Plan office area has become a busy hub attracting creative, technology and lifestyle specialists. This co-working atmosphere is creating great cross over as tenants and clients benefit from the close proximity of various services on offer. <p></p> <mark>Our shared studio means shared services which relates to cheaper rentals and cost savings to tenants and clients. This along with flexible leasing creates a perfect platform for start ups, freelancers and satellite branches.</mark> <p></p> About the Office Space <p></p> We have 14 offices with various sizes and features. Tenants have 24hr access to all amenities. <p></p> What is included in the rental? <mark> <br> - Great atmosphere! <br> - Wifi <br> - Electricity <br> - Kitchen, free coffee, tea <br> - Meeting space <br> - Reception area <br> - Weekly office clean <br> - Access control security <br> - 24hr security on site </mark>

Pinnacle Terrace - school image
Pinnacle Terrace

Pinnacle Terrace boasts a brand new modern and sleek design which shows off the overall office environment perfectly. The furniture was specifically selected from Cecil Nurse to compliment the professional feel of the space and hand-selected artwork adds the perfect finishing touch. <p></p> Specific Features of Pinnacle Terrace <mark><br> - Premium Business Address <br> - Receptionist <br> - Upmarket Furniture <br> - Fibre Internet Connectivity <br> - 24 Hour Security <br> - Dedicated Phone Line <br> - Office Equipment <br> - Fully Fitted Kitchen <br> - Meeting Room <br> - Generator <br> - Utilities <br> - Sound-Proofed </mark> <p></p> Advantages of a Serviced Office? <br> - Cost-effectiveness: No hefty start up costs. Everything you need is provided. <br> - Instant access: Serviced offices are ready-to-use. <br> - Set price: The rent you pay includes all services mentioned above. <br> - Short-term solution: Serviced offices are available on short-term leases. <br> - Stress-free management: Eliminate distractions and manage interruptions. <br> - Professional image: Leaves a good impression with clients

The Corner Office - school image
The Corner Office

The Corner Office is a dynamic and flexible coworking space designed for you to run your growing or established business, with all the perks of being in a larger office. The inspiration for The Corner Office was born out of two main factors. <p></p> The first is our personal experience of working from a home office and shared offices, and the challenges that come with it, as well as Jill’s experience as a training consultant and the variety of work environments she encountered over the years: <br> - Home offices can be a challenge on the rest of the family who have to agree to “office” rules. <br> - The feeling of never leaving the office <br> - An isolated office can be lonely! <br> - Being in an office environment can be refreshing and if you meet like-minded people in similar circumstances, the networking and inspiration opportunities grow. <br> - Meeting venues can be expensive and a coffee shop sometimes isn't appropriate for confidential issues <br> - Travel time to work is often an issue when your head office is several traffic jams or even a flight away <p></p> The second factor was to realise we were by no means unique and there was indeed quite demand for a space like The Corner Office. <br> - We can provide a variety of work solutions, from a private space, to a desk in an open-plan office, whether you want your own desk or just a desk now and then. <br> - We can offer a meeting room for confidential meetings and more casual options for those smaller powwows. <br> - In every scenario the environment is friendly, professional and has the amenities you would want in an office. This without the outlay in the cost of setting one up for yourself. <p></p> Why “The Corner Office” <br> <mark>We believe that you all deserve a Corner Office, all of us entrepreneurial spirits are champions and leaders in our own way! <p></p> From our research with the local market we believe firmly that work needs to be close to your home – around the corner. We spend too much of our lives travelling and in this age of great internet connectivity, there is so much we can do with a good connection, great coffee and the odd bit of company from like -minded people who are working in the same way as we are.</mark>

The Yard Office - school image
The Yard Office

Did you know that these majorly successful companies once started out in a co-working space? Working in a collaborative environment is the best way to get a fresh perspective and bounce ideas off of one another. Are you looking for the advantages of a professional office environment, but don’t need the excess space and expenses? At The Yard Office, we have the perfect solution to fit your business needs! <p></p> We’ll Find You The Perfect Space <br> <mark>Big or small, come and experience the advantages of taking up a private space in a coworking environment and take your business to the next level. You get all the amenities of a large office environment without any of the hassle.</mark> <p></p> What we have <p></p> Serviced Office <br> We offer fully serviced and private office spaces with all the amenities of a larger office environment including wifi, boardroom, receptionist and so much more. <p></p> Workstation <br> Are you getting distracted at home? Why not take up a space at one of our fully functional workstations and have access to all the amenities you would in a large office! <p></p> Virtual office <br> Looking for a professional business front? Get a business address, phone number, receptionist and so much more when signing up for a virtual office with us. <p></p> Boardroom <br> Needing space to host those important meetings? We have a state-of-the-art, fully functional boardroom available for hourly or daily rental, equipped with food and drink services.

Flexible Workspace - school image
Flexible Workspace

Flexible Workspace is a provider of fully serviced offices and virtual offices in prime locations in Johannesburg, Midrand, and Durban. <mark>Our fully furnished and equipped offices offer immediate availability with flexible terms.</mark> Enhance your company image with a prestigious business address while you work from virtually anywhere with Flexible Workspace.

The Sett - school image
The Sett

The Sett is a uniquely designed collaborative and agile cowork space which can be used for individual day-to-day working, workshops, training sessions or meetings. Our purpose is to provide the space for a diverse community of people to cowork, connect and create, within a quality environment which offers flexibility, convenience, value added services and other opportunities. <p></p> With the growing need for shared workspaces in the city to work and meet, The Sett is conveniently placed in both Umhlanga Ridge and North Beach. Our flexible pricing options range from per hour rates to 20-work-day packages which can be used across both venues. <p></p><mark>The Sett is a coworking space and training venue based in Umhlanga, Durban. A shared office space that is set apart from the traditional office, home office or café. We aim to create a community of people who cowork, connect and create within a quality environment which offers flexibility, convenience, value added services and other opportunities. </mark>

Latitude 13 Degrees - school image
Latitude 13 Degrees

Taking your business strategy to the next level? Launching your latest product? Or getting the entire board together to discuss that possible merger? Get away from the office and the distractions of daily office life, and really raise the attentiveness level to the task at hand. <mark>Our stylishly designed, modern private boardrooms and conferencing spaces accommodate up to 70 people, and all have access to WiFi, large screen Smart TV’s or projector screens, and anything else you may need to create the perfect environment for your meetings.</mark>

Le Wagon Cape Town - school image
Le Wagon Cape Town

Learn Software Engineering and Data Science with us on campus or online - Join a community of career changers, tech creators, and entrepreneurs who changed their lives with us. <p></p> Join our immersive bootcamps in Cape Town. You will learn the most in-demand skills in weeks and land your dream job in tech! <p></p> Master the fundamental skills of a web developer in just a few weeks <p></p> Learn software fundamentals and databases.<br> Grasp programming foundations, write robust code with object-oriented programming and build MVC software from scratch. Master relational databases and SQL. <br> - Terminal <br> - VS Code <br> - Ruby <br> - SQL <p></p> <mark>Master front-end development & web design.<br> Develop responsive web pages with HTML and CSS. Master modern JavaScript and all the tools and environment like Webpack and Node.js.</mark> <br> - HTML <br> - CSS <br> - JavaScript <br> - Webpack <p></p> <mark>Deploy your app from scratch.<br> Build complete web applications and deploy them online on real domain that everyone can access. You're not a real developer until you've pushed something in production!</mark> <br> - Heroku <br> - Ruby on Rails <p></p> Adopt best-in-class development workflow.<br> Understand product development tools & workflow. Validate your UX on Figma, organise team work and collaborate on GitHub. Cover your code with automated testing and continuous integration.

Launch Lab - school image
Launch Lab

We are transforming Africa's biggest challenges into its greatest opportunities by serving as a confident, commercial co-builder for world-shaping startups. <p></p> What we build<br> Entrepreneurial Mindset + World-Shaping Startups <p></p>Community<br> We create and foster an entrepreneurial environment in a safe, empathetic manner focused on co-working, events & business support. Our aim is for our community members to learn something new, meet someone interesting and have fun in the process. <p></p> Innovation<br> <mark>We help teach a new problem solving method and the mentality that goes along with it to universities, corporate partners and anyone interested in viewing the world in a new way. This effort is made possible through various bootcamps, pitch competitions, experiential learning workshops and teaching support.</mark> <p></p>Business Building<br> We transform startups from across Africa into high impact, sustainable organisations through standardised content, bespoke support and access to a deep network of mentors, experts and investors. We have two business builder programs: University Startup Lab and Climate Lab. Five day Builder Sprints allow us to work with non-university or climate startups in a focused, high impact manner potentially leading to consulting mandates and brand recognition.

Savant - school image

Savant is a commercially-focused hardware technology incubator that provides bespoke business development support. Savant partners with highly skilled science and technology inventors for their start-up growth journey. <p></p> Value Proposition<br> Savant brings unrivalled technology commercialisation know-how and experience to the South African start-up landscape. Savant offers bespoke commercialisation support to hardware technology inventors through long term, risk-based partnerships. Inventors stand to gain a streamlined journey from minimum viable product development to early market traction, both locally and internationally. Investors stand to gain early access to a pipeline of professionally de-risked technology companies to invest in. <p></p> Our Approach<br> <mark>Savant typically partners with early stage ventures if it sees the value in the venture’s prospects, inventor capabilities and potential commercial product offering.</mark> While Savant may have multiple stages to its approach, some may inventors partner with Savant further along the business life cycle than others. Savant systematically de-risks these partnered ventures and gets them ready for commercialisation and investment.

Akro Accelerate - school image
Akro Accelerate

Akro is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses. We offer events, venture funding and consulting services, and we have a painfully practical attitude towards entrepreneurship. <p></p> HOW WE DO ACCELERATION <br> In partnership with Imvelo ventures<br> We build rather than just support startups. We work alongside companies to write code, make sales calls and close commercial contracts. As a venture-builder that’s been in the business for more than four years, we know what founders need to build and scale their businesses. We’ve taken all our learnings and knowledge and packaged it into a 20-week programme. We aim to get companies investment-ready and funded within five months of starting our programme. <p></p> 2 PHASES <br> <mark>We begin the 8-week Core Phase with a 1-week period of workshopping and mentorship, after which the final 10 startups are chosen to have a high touch rapid building, and scaling period, provided digitally. The other 20 startups continue with mentoring and coaching.</mark> <p></p> This is followed by the Extended Phase, a 12-week period of continued mentorship and accountability for the top 10 startups. <p></p> STARTUPS GET <br> Dedicated time and active business-building with our experts and advisors, including time with software architects, designers and other product-builders. <br> Post-programme mentorship with our advisors. <br> R100,000 in digital infrastructure services. <br> Access to potential partner and client networks, valuable startup-specific resources, and investors. <br> Access to our co-working spaces.

Black Umbrellas Virtual Incubator - school image
Black Umbrellas Virtual Incubator

The Black Umbrellas Virtual Incubator is an online platform that is designed to offer training, mentoring support and business coaching from anywhere with an internet connection. <mark>No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we’ll help you build a resilient, compliant and sustainable business.</mark>

Innovation Edge - school image
Innovation Edge

Innovation Edge is an impact-first investor focused on solving early childhood challenges in South Africa. <p></p> We help mission-aligned entrepreneurs and organisations by de-risking early stage product and service development. We ignite the ecosystem around them; and provide multiple rounds of funding, strategic coaching, operational support and connections to social capital. <p></p> <mark>Find<br> We’re always on the lookout for courageous people with creative concepts for solving early childhood challenges <p></p> Support <br> Our flexible funding and hands-on non-financial support is customised to suit the stage of the solution <p></p> Ignite <br> Our work also focuses on igniting greater innovation and entrepreneurship in the early childhood ecosystem </mark> <p></p> Our impact Areas. <p></p> More than 6 out of 10 children in South Africa are at risk of never reaching their full potential. <p></p> Over 60% of South Africa’s children live in poverty. Challenging life experiences during their first six years, compounded by systemic failure, reduce their possibility of present-day and future well-being. Our investments aim to improve the chances of children’s life-long success by influencing the quality of their first six years of life. <p></p> We strive for impact in 4 areas: Daily Brain-Building Interactions <br> A child who has daily brain-building interactions right from birth develops strong learning foundations <p></p>Quality Early Learning Programmes <br> A child who attends a quality early learning programme for at least 2 years is more likely to start school on track <p></p>Early Health Care and Nutrition <br> A child who receives nourishing food and good healthcare is able to grow to their full potential <p></p>Safety and Protection <br> A child who feels safe and is protected from toxic levels of stress is free to thrive

Cortex Hub - school image
Cortex Hub

The Cortex Hub is the home for innovative start-ups building socially impactful solutions.The Cortex Hub is structured as a non-profit, seed-funding incubation hub. ​<p></p> Located at East London’s 33 Church Street, the Cortex Hub is a business incubator with a strong focus on innovative product design, good team dynamics and customer satisfaction. <p></p> <mark>Successful applicants enjoy our free working space and leverage the business support resources and peer-to-peer learning environment where creativity and tech innovation meet.</mark> ​<p></p> To ensure time spent at the Cortex Hub is dedicated completely to the development of game-changing products, we provide each start-up with early-stage funding ensuring each entrepreneur is able to pay expenses and keep a roof over their head whilst they get started.

Sw7 - school image

Sw7 partners with technology businesses, portfolios and their investor networks pre and post fundraising to prepare for technology business valuations, to fundraise & find matched funding, to provide business support, board advisory, to assist with off-shore expansion and sale of the business. <mark>Sw7 are one of the leading technology accelerators in Africa, having run 9 cohorts including the first Fintech Accelerator in Africa and have worked with over 300+ technology businesses & Founders from early-stage to growth, funding & exit with shared insights from 100+ experienced Technology Founder CEOs.</mark> The Sw7 LinkedIn group in Africa has over five thousand members & partners include Amazon, Microsoft & Google. <p></p> For Founders, COOs, CTOs and Product Owners in B2B technology businesses and ISVs <br> - Get To Market <br> - Create Predictable Revenue <br> - Grow Your Business <br> - Expand Your Network <br> - Get Funded <br> - Scale <br> - Exit <p></p> Sw7 work directly with founders of B2B technology businesses to build the sales and marketing processes that generate predictable revenue. <p></p> This accelerates your path to high growth and scale, enables you to expand to new markets and puts you in the best position to get ready for your first or your next funding round or even prepare for exit. <p></p> <mark>Through a blend of private one-to-one workshops, board advisory and mentoring sessions, we work together on priority areas of focus that will move your business forward. We craft a compelling storyline with cohesive messaging that powers and connects your sales, marketing, funding, talent acquisition & team culture strategies.</mark> <p></p> Peer-to-peer learning and sharing of know-how happens on our platform and in our curated private round tables and group webinars with a network of resourceful founder CEOs, mentors, technology platform partners and investors. <p></p> Sw7 is fully virtual so you can join Sw7 from anywhere, anytime. This means that you can build your business and expand your network without the need to travel or to take time off from your business.

Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum - school image
Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum

AWIEF is a women economic empowerment organisation that supports women entrepreneurs in Africa to grow their business and fulfil their potential. <p></p> Our mission is to foster women’s economic inclusion, advancement and empowerment through entrepreneurship support and development. <mark>Our vision is an inclusive and thriving Africa where women-owned businesses are empowered to create and grow high-impact and sustainable businesses, contributing to increasing Africa’s GDP and economic growth.</mark> <p></p> Passion and purpose <br> Nothing is more exciting and fun than being an entrepreneur, chasing your dreams on your own terms. Yet, the entrepreneurial journey and building a thriving business isn’t easy, especially for females in Africa who face many additional challenges and barriers. Founder and CEO of AWIEF, Irene Ochem, grew up as an ambitious young girl in Nigeria, understanding first-hand the imperatives of economically empowering women and girls. She built her career at the global stage and learned to be resilient and never give up. She knew that one day she would be the leader she wished she had, and help other women achieve their goals too. “If I can do it, they can do it!” <p></p> Irene turned her words into deeds and founded AWIEF in 2015 and has built a powerful platform, driving inclusive economic transformation for women, and working to close the gender gaps in entrepreneurship in Africa. She has achieved this feat with a dedicated team and collaboration with partners who believe in what she believes, who are passionate about empowering and inspiring women to maximize their potential and build successful businesses. <p></p> Key to success <br> <mark>We believe the key to success is to facilitate, support and inspire women entrepreneurs in multiple areas of their business by providing knowledge, tools, resources, and valuable connections.</mark> <p></p> AWIEF offers a range of programmes that are tailored to the needs of female entrepreneurs in Africa. Whether you are at idea or launch stage in your entrepreneurship journey, you fit into one of our programmes. <br> - Digital Skills Training <br> - AWE South Africa 2022 <br> - SMEs Investment and Export Readiness program <br> - LeadTech Incubation Program <br> - AWIEF Growth Accelerator Programme <br> - FemBioBiz Accelerator Programme: Season 4 <br> - Solutions Catalysing Increased Access to Capital for the Success of Women Entrepreneurs <br> - FemBioBiz II Accelerator Programme | AWIEF <br> - VALUE4HER: Strengthening Women's Agribusiness Enterprises in Africa | AWIEF

Aurik - school image

Aurik works with established businesses that have sufficient complexity for our approach to have an impact. We work with the business owner and their team to deliver results quickly, with buy-in and accountability across the business. <p></p> What we do <br> To grow your business and secure a successful future exit, it is critical to address the following issues: <p></p> <mark>LEADERSHIP <br>1 Respond to a changing environment <br>2 More time leading; less time doing <br>3 Hand-over via delegation & succession <p></p>OPERATIONS <br>1 Find, win and hold customers <br>2 Grow without chaos <br>3 Find, win & hold the right team <p></p>VALUE <br>1 Grow revenue & profit <br>2 Ensure the business runs without you <br>3 Increase value & saleability </mark>

OceanHub Africa - school image
OceanHub Africa

OceanHub Africa is launching the second cohort of its six-month online acceleration program to support up to six of Africa’s most promising impact-for-profit startups focused on preserving and restoring the health of the ocean. <p></p> The accelerator is on a mission to support ocean-minded start-ups with the express aim of nurturing an environmentally conscious and profitable economy that effectively mitigates the effects of global warming as well as the overexploitation and pollution of the oceans. Leveraging its highly qualified network of stakeholders and facilitators, it will deliver to the accelerated start-ups a program that seeks out sustainable pathways yielding stable profits (ROIs) and avenues for scalable growth throughout Africa. <p></p> What you can expect <p></p> Becoming part of OceanHub Africa portfolio will allow you to: <mark><br> - Unlock a network of leading ocean experts, mentors (entrepreneurs, investors, innovation experts, impact experts, scientists, lawyers, etc.), impact investors and potential clients. <br> - Engage with like-minded entrepreneurs within the Blue Economy space in Africa and abroad. <br> - Get support to fast-track your growth by acquiring new customers or running your first <br> - Proof of Concept, and scaling your business through commercial contracts and fund raises. </mark> <p></p> What we offer <p></p> Service Package <br> - Up to $75k worth of cloud services thanks to our partner AWS Activate <br> - Free access to IoT prototyping thanks to our partner Macrocomm <br> - Over $40k worth of mechanical engineering design software licences and support for prototyping and virtual testing, thanks to our partner 3DExperience Lab <br> - Access to Dassault Systèmes, Amazon Web Services and international marketplaces and/or salesforce for finished products of accelerated startups <br> - Advisory sessions with: Cullinan & Associates (international environmental law firm), Cape AI on machine learning and AI implementation, Macrocomm on data management and implementation of IoT, SWEN Blue Oceans Partners (ocean impact Venture Capitalist fund), Ocean14 Capital (ocean impact Private Equity fund), WWF – South Africa, Dept of Oceanography University of Cape Town, EuroSIMA (oceantech experts) and more! <p></p> Mentorship & Support <br> - Participation to an in-person training bootcamp in Cape Town <br> - Tailored business skills and personal development 1-to-1 coaching <br> - Sales, Product Development, Communication and Business Development Support <br> - Access to our network of scientific, business, impact and investment experts from international corporations, foundations, universities and IGOs <p></p> Network <br> - Access to networking events and conferences, including a stand and stage time at the Ocean Innovation Africa annual summit <br> - Access to potential clients (market leads) for local and international expansion <br> - Access to our international network of ocean-impact incubators/accelerators to scale overseas <br> - Access to key external partners <p></p> Fund-Raising Support <br> - Potential funding of up to 10k USD from OceanHub Africa <br> - Support in preparing and running investor pitches, including training sessions with partner investors directly <br> - Support in structuring deals, including reviews by transactional and commercial lawyers <br> - Access to a large portfolio of impact investors part of our ecosystems (inc. SWEN Blue Oceans, Ocean14 Capital, Finca Ventures, Conservation International Ventures, Builders Vision, AquaSpark, Athelia …) as well as corporate venture capitalist funds

Injini - school image

Injini's programmes and research aim to support great founders with a mission to improve educational outcomes across the continent. <p></p> ​Injini is a registered Non-Profit Company that exists for the sole purpose of improving educational outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. We do this by supporting key stakeholders to increase the quality, access and relevance of education throughout the region. Injini’s Acceleration Partnership <p></p> Injini’s Acceleration Partnership is an <mark>EdTech-specialised venture development programme uniquely designed to support high-growth, high-impact companies using technology and innovation to address pressing education challenges across sub-Saharan Africa.</mark> Participating EdTech companies - or "Acceleration Partners" - are working to improve educational outcomes across pre-primary, K-12 and teacher training and professional development. <p></p> WHAT WE OFFER <p></p> ​Key Objectives of the Injini Acceleration Partnership Programme: <p></p> Equity-free support that takes a partnership approach to business acceleration, broken down into two phases with a variable timeframe: ​ ​​ <p></p> PHASE 1: <br> 6-8 months of intensive acceleration support focused on increasing capacity for the team in three key areas: <br> - Impact Measurement and Management, <br> - Market Access, and <br> - Financial Sustainability ​​​ <p></p> PHASE 2: <br> Bespoke support tailored to your strategic goals, for example: <br> - product development and commercialisation, <br> - curriculum design, <br> - assessment integration, and/or <br> - financial modelling and resource planning ​<p></p> <mark> - Facilitate market access with a lens to increase reach to beneficiaries at the “bottom of the pyramid”; <br> - Design and implement, or refine, impact measurement, monitoring, and evaluation systems; and <br> - Improve financial sustainability, including investment readiness support, where appropriate. </mark>

Grindstone Accelerator - school image
Grindstone Accelerator

Grindstone Accelerator is a structured entrepreneurship development programme. It takes South African SMEs with proven traction through an intensive year-long review of their strategies and provides them with the necessary support to build a foundation for growth in becoming more investable, sustainable, marketable and exit-ready. <p></p> Jointly owned by South African venture capital firm Knife Capital and Thinkroom Consulting, the Grindstone Accelerator <mark>assists high-growth innovation-driven small businesses to become sustainable and fundable through a year-long programme. Ten South African startups are selected per cohort. </mark>

Code Your Future - Cape Town - school image
Code Your Future - Cape Town

Welcome to Code Your Future Cape Town. We are a community of students and volunteers, passionate about tech and creating opportunities. <p></p> The tech industry is the way of the future and has many job prospects but everyone doesn't have equal access to tech education. We are here to help bridge that gap. <p></p> At CodeYourFuture, we believe everyone should have a chance to lead a thriving life. <p></p> <mark>Many people started CodeYourFuture feeling unconfident, but wanting a better future. Many had never coded before. Some had a little coding experience but were struggling to progress on their own.</mark> <p></p> Some were unemployed for a long time or stuck in low wage jobs. Some were over 40 and worried if it was too late to change career. Some were women returning to the workplace, others were refugees and asylum seekers - or faced other barriers: social, financial or otherwise. <p></p> We helped them get the skills they needed to change their lives. <p></p> If you are facing barriers to get the skills you need to change your future, CodeYourFuture is for you.

Gesprin Business Center & Coworking - school image
Gesprin Business Center & Coworking

Gesprin Business Center & Coworking is a company dedicated to sharing workspace or shared offices. We have a very eclectic coworking space, and we are eager to welcome aboard new coworkers into our space. <mark>Being in one of safest areas of Luanda we believe that we offer the best price/benefits relationship among all coworking spaces in the country.</mark> <p></p> The Angolan economy is not growing at same rate that it was 10 years ago, but still one of the biggest economies in Africa and at same time it has one of cheapest labor force, this is gold for entrepreneurs. <p></p> Networking consists of the activity of making professional contacts, maintaining lasting relationships that can benefit your professional career. Coworking space Gesprin is a good example of this. Learn about our services, choose the best for you and maintain a professional relationship with the company and professionals you want to work with.

O4U - Office for you - school image
O4U - Office for you

Its shared work space in Angola that allows companies and independent professionals to enjoy a functional, flexible and accessible office structure. <p></p> <mark>We provide independent professionals and micro-companies/startups with access to all the necessary resources of a conventional office in a calm, comfortable and inspiring environment.</mark>

MAMD-Office Center - school image
MAMD-Office Center

It is the ideal space for activating the creative sense to encourage productivity, an environment composed of promising startups, which together with the structural environment end up exuding an energy capable of giving the most creative ideas possible, <mark>the space is composed of two environments, one corporate environment based on private rooms, and other on shared workstation system, as Coworking services taker Coworkers have access to meeting room, training room, Wi-fi and a lounge for your breaks during work. </mark> <p></p> We have available the Virtual Office Service that gives access to the takers, the Lounge, the training room, the meeting room and a post to serve their customers and have some productive hours. Within this environment. We offer consulting services and access to our contact network.

FOCUS Workplace Solutions - school image
FOCUS Workplace Solutions

Located in the Millennium Building and in one of the most prestigious areas of the city of Luanda, on Avenida Lenine, next to Largo do Kinaxixi, FOCUS - Workplace Solutions, provides an enriching work experience, which boosts learning, networking and the growth of those who choose it. The FOCUS to work. <p></p> With a team totally dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers, at FOCUS you can focus on what really matters, your business! <p></p> FOCUS - Workplace Solutions is a business developed by the Real Estate area of ​​the Teixeira Duarte Group. With more than 95 years of existence, the know-how and experience of the Teixeira Duarte Group are associated with a consolidated business capacity optimized by multiple synergies between resources. <p></p> FOCUS OFFICE<br> Private office spaces, fully equipped and with all services. This solution is ideal for companies that want to make the contracted area more flexible, according to their current and future needs. <p></p> <mark>FOCUS CO-WORKING<br> Shared workspaces in a co-working model including all the services you need. Ideal for those looking for a short-term workspace. Flexible model with duration contracts starting from one day.</mark> <p></p> VIRTUAL FOCUS<br> Mark your presence in the Angolan market, receive correspondence and telephone calls at one of the most prestigious addresses in Luanda.

Agostinho Neto University - school image
Agostinho Neto University

Universidade Agostinho Neto (UAN) is an Angolan public university, multi-campi, based in the city of Luanda. Established as a State University, UAN forms the intellectual base of Angola and is today the largest and main university in this country, being also a reference in Angolan higher education. <p></p> In the Computer Science program, you won’t just be sitting through lectures. Instead, your coursework will focus on learning by doing. This includes: <br> - Building a strong foundation during your first two years with computing, mathematics and general science classes. <br> - Talking a series of upper-division courses that will help you develop an expert knowledge in the field. <br> - Selecting electives that can help you deepen your knowledge in one area or expand your skill set. <p></p> Your program advisor will be helping you throughout the program to tailor your course schedule to align with your interests and goals. <p></p> Where This Degree Will Take You <p></p> Computing crosses several fields of study, so there are no limits to what you can do with a Computer Science degree. <p></p> Our graduates find positions as systems engineers, software architects, cybersecurity specialists and bioinformaticians. Here are some common career paths: <br> - Artificial Intelligence Engineer: Build systems that leverage machine learning and big data to automate complex tasks requiring human-level expertise. <mark><br> - Software Developer: Research, design, develop, and test operating systems-level software, compilers, and network distribution software for applications.</mark> <br> - Systems Analyst: Plan, direct or coordinate activities in such fields as electronic data processing, information systems, systems analysis and computer programming.

Catholic University of Angola - school image
Catholic University of Angola

Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering , lasts 5 years, taught in daytime and after-hours regimes. It is organized in semesters, but it is two-stage. In a first stage, the high school (six semesters in the daytime course and eight semesters in the night course and a second stage of three semesters for the Bachelor's degree. <p></p> Professional Outings <p></p> <mark>The degree in Computer Engineering can perform the following functions: <br> - Computer Network Engineer; <br> - Computer Systems Engineer; <br> - Application Programming Engineer; <br> - Software Project Engineer; <br> - Information Technology Services Manager; <br> - Data Center Manager and Designer; <br> - University Professor. </mark>

Fidelyos Coworking - school image
Fidelyos Coworking

Ideal for Start-Ups, Micro-Companies, Liberal Professionals or others with smaller space needs and for variable periods of time. <p></p> Coworking spaces, in addition to allowing a cost reduction of more than 70% in most cases, are an <mark>excellent way of networking with other companies where potential partnerships and exchanges of services are explored.</mark> In addition to having properly equipped work desks, you will benefit from the guarantee of amenities and services such as: <br> - Cleaning, Energy and Water; <br> - Cup Service and Maintenance; Internet and Communication; <br> - Personalized Customer Service; <br> - Reception of Correspondence; Meeting rooms; <br> - Complementary support services.

Óscar Ribas University - school image
Óscar Ribas University

FCT's mission is to create and disseminate knowledge and provide its students with a solid foundation and skills to improve, change and shape society through science, technology and entrepreneurship, combining teaching and research, development and innovation (ID&I) of excellence and in accordance with the highest national and international standards involving students, teachers, researchers and non-teachers. <p></p> This objective will be achieved by <mark>attracting and creating talent, who will develop their activity in a culturally diverse environment, endowed with efficient management, modern infrastructures and based on responsibility, demand and quality.</mark>

Technical Univeristy of Angola - school image
Technical Univeristy of Angola

The IT area is strategic in all countries. It permeates all human activities, from the arts to technologies, and one cannot imagine a modern society without a computer. Furthermore, the acceleration of a country's development process depends on how much Information Technology is present. It is therefore not without reason that the most developed countries in the world lead the development and application of information technologies. <p></p> Motivated by the growing needs of professionals in the areas of convergence between computer applications and computer networks, and in the guidelines of national scientific development strategies; The Degree in Computer Science <mark>allows graduates to acquire skills that will allow the development of projects in the areas of computer systems in the management of data and voice network systems, information security, data encoding, in the development of applications such as e-commerce, distributed systems, Web Services , among others.</mark>

Regus - Luanda - school image
Regus - Luanda

Occupy a prominent position in Talatona, one of Luanda's most prestigious neighborhoods. Enjoy quick access to the city's international airport from our Belas Business Park workspace, while working with the largest national and international companies, right in the vicinity of downtown Luanda. <p></p> <mark>With tinted glass windows and convenient parking on the premises, these elegant and modern offices are ideal for welcoming clients. The surrounding area has everything you need to keep you busy, including top quality hotels, leisure facilities and popular local restaurants.</mark>

Methodist University of Angola - school image
Methodist University of Angola

Computer Engineering is a strategic area in the technological development of societies and has a transversal domain in industrial activities and in the service sectors of competitive economies. The Angola Methodist course focuses on current laboratory equipment, present in Industry, as well as on computational means of calculation and simulation. It thus <mark>offers theoretical and practical training in the area of ​​information and communication technologies, allowing the development of skills and competences, and providing versatility and adaptation to the conditions of the labor market.</mark> <p></p> The acquired skills allow the performance of functions at the level of middle management and management in different types of companies. Among the various outputs we can highlight: Systems administration, auditing and consulting in information technology, database administration, administration of computer networks, scientific research and System analyst, project management and System development.

Disruption Lab - school image
Disruption Lab

We are a laboratory whose main objective is to promote an ecosystem to foster entrepreneurship and digital innovation in Angola, through the incubation and acceleration of ideas with the potential to create value, adding skills originating from Starttechs , Universities and national and international financial institutions. <p></p> <mark>Innovation is not a matter of coincidence. Follow a definite plan. Ours is divided into three successive phases: Ideation, Incubation, Commercialization.</mark>

ATWORK Coworking Center - school image
ATWORK Coworking Center

ATWORK is a brand that was created thinking about the difficulties and costs of entrepreneurs and large companies. We put ourselves in the shoes of every entrepreneur and ask ourselves what are our biggest difficulties as entrepreneurs. That's why we came to the conclusion that the <mark>biggest costs are with offices and the services they require</mark>. It was then that the idea of ​​investing and preparing ourselves to be the answers and solutions for other companies arose. <p></p> Our Services <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - Office leases <br> - Coworking Center <br> - Sale of computer equipment <br> - Sale of office supplies <br> - Training <br> - Insurance Consulting <br> - Financial Consulting expertise; portfolio management; service mediation and risk analysis.

Mandume ya Ndemofayo University - school image
Mandume ya Ndemofayo University

The Degree in Computer Science has the central objective of transmitting the scientific and technical knowledge that allows meeting the growing needs in human resources with higher education in the fields of Computer Science, as well as the architecture of computer systems and information and communication technologies. <p></p> Professional Opportunities<br> Graduates in Computer Science are intended to integrate or support industrial and service companies, public administration, laboratories and research institutes. These specialists will be particularly <mark>able to master the environments for development, use and management of computer systems and applications, regardless of the physical realities to which they relate.</mark> Among the many possible professional outputs of this degree, the following stand out: <br> • Intelligent data analysis <br> • Computational Learning <br> • Intelligent algorithms <br> • Intelligent systems <br>• Optimization

Gregorio Semedo University - school image
Gregorio Semedo University

In recent years, companies and institutions in our country have witnessed a growing use of information technologies, both in administrative services and in areas directly linked to industrial production. <p></p> The increase in available solutions and technologies in these fields has led to a <mark>growing demand in the labor market for professionals who not only have adequate scientific training that generally covers areas located in the field of information technologies, but also who also have specialized training in their specific area of ​​activity, be it the development and operation of specialized software, or the installation and administration of systems and networks.</mark> <p></p> In response to this trend, the Degree in Computer Engineering at UGS offers dominant training in the areas of software development and management of computer systems and networks. <p></p>Professional exits <p></p> The main professional opportunities foreseen for Computer Engineers graduated at UGS are the exercise of technical and management functions: <br> - IT services and companies; From services and software development companies; training units or services for users of computer <br> - equipment and application software; <br> - Data processing and security services; specialized technical assistance services and planning, installation and management of computer systems and communication and data transmission systems for companies and the Public Administration.

Nossoffice & Coworking - school image
Nossoffice & Coworking

We provide shared work spaces, which allow independent professionals and micro companies to enjoy a functional, flexible and accessible structure (office), supporting them in the exchange and sharing of knowledge to succeed. <p></p> It works like this:<br> <mark>If you are a company, startup, freelancer, entrepreneur who needs a space to work, hold meetings, events or training, rent a workstation at a shared table, rent a private room or training room.</mark> <p></p> Some facilities offered by this model are included, such as receptionist, wifi internet, physical structure and other services that each coworking can provide. <p></p> Here at Nossoffice & Coworking, the customer only brings their computer. You already find everything ready <p></p> You can pay an amount according to your needs, monthly, weekly or by the hour you use, depending on the package you choose. <p></p> In addition, as they are collaborative and shared spaces, for them to work in an organized way, you must follow certain rules of good coexistence.

Katyavala Bwila University - school image
Katyavala Bwila University

The Polytechnic Institute (IP) is an integral part of the Katyavala Bwila University (UKB), in the province of Benguela. The Nucleus that gave rise to the IP began its activity in the academic year 2005/06 as the Informatics Nucleus and an integral part of the Centro Universitário de Benguela, as a result of PRODESB, by protocol signed between the UAN, the Provincial Government of Benguela and the Lisbon Technician, where the Computer Science course was taught. At IP, the <mark>Computer Science</mark> and Mechanical Engineering course is taught. The IP counts on the services of effective national teachers and collaborators, and also counts on the collaboration of teachers of Cuban nationality. As a complement to the theoretical – practical. What can you do with a computer science degree? Most people would immediately think of software development, others might say gaming development. However, <mark>a degree in computer science could take you into many exciting places. You could work anywhere: Banking or oil industries, consulting firms and software companies are a few examples.</mark> Most industries need computer science graduates.

KiandaHub - school image

KiandaHub is angolans' first technology and innovation hub, that offers a coworking space, consulting services and events for the community. Founded in 2015 by a group of young <mark>people who believe in the power of collaboration as a key element to change the world</mark>, KiandaHub is an organization motivated by the passion to entrepreneurship and innovate.

Launchpad Angola - school image
Launchpad Angola

We provide flexible, professional, workplace and concierge solutions for businesses and organisations starting or maintaining operations in Angola. Use our infrastructures, experience and network to bring your projects to life. <p></p> Spaces we offer: <p></p> Corporate Serviced Offices<br> Outsourced solutions for corporates <p></p> <mark>Private Offices & Coworking<br> Flexible spaces and membership plans</mark> <p></p> Meeting Rooms<br> Flexible meeting rooms available by the hour <p></p> Services we offer: <p></p> Virtual Offices <br> Your own prestigious business address <p></p> Concierge <br> Your on the ground operating partner <p></p> Advisory <br> Draw on our experience to bring your project to life

Private Univeristy of Angola - school image
Private Univeristy of Angola

As a student of Computer Science and Engineering you learn the basic principles and methods to develop software systems and web services, and how to take the user perspective into account. You will be able to scientifically reason about the correctness and efficiency of programs, using formal mathematical methods. <mark>You will know how to further develop the technology and software that underpins the internet.</mark> In addition to expanding your knowledge and skills, you will also learn how to apply these to solve specific problems.

Independent Higher Polytechnic Institute - school image
Independent Higher Polytechnic Institute

The degree course offering theoretical and practical skills to solve engineering problems, create cutting-edge controller software, pair electrical and computer systems engineering or software engineering with computer science to create innovative solutions. <p></p> The program provides solutions to the ever-increasing information challenges in the modern world. <mark>Industry needs people who can extract and analyze information from the massive datasets generated by engineering processes and devices.</mark> Big data is the new challenge and opportunity in engineering practice across industries from construction and manufacturing, to transport and the energy sector.

International University of Cuanza - school image
International University of Cuanza

Today's global society is immersed in new services and products that appear and are updated daily, most of them based on the technological component. It is difficult to imagine, in this context, a business organization oblivious to these needs, quite the contrary: correct business management requires an operational and strategic approach to information technology. <p></p> The Degree in Computer Engineering occupies an essential role in the value chain of companies, being a fundamental part of the strategic vision of organizations and an essential pillar when facing changes. <p></p> The Degree in Computer Engineering will guide the student through the technological foundations that exist today until he is able to achieve a strategic vision in its application. The International University of Cuanza <mark>trains professionals who can solve problems in an analytical and strategic way and are able to understand the fundamental principles that govern technologies.</mark>

Standard Bank Business Incubator - school image
Standard Bank Business Incubator

The Business Incubator is a venture conceived within the scope of Standard Bank's vision and strategy, whose materialization involves the implementation of initiatives that foster innovation and entrepreneurship, which are the engines or drivers of the country's economic growth. <p></p> The space was conceived with a view to creating a favorable environment for the business in its first years of existence, also guaranteeing the insertion of the enterprise in the competitive market in a gradual and programmatic way. <p></p> <mark>Designed to drive inclusive growth, creating the foundations for a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, the incubator works on five pillars, namely Loyalty, Incubation, Acceleration, Local Content and Inclusive Growth.</mark> <p></p> In addition to the physical space, the incubator offers from training to interaction with other companies and government agencies or entities, with a view to creating conditions for the emergence and establishment of sustainable enterprises, which will have a positive impact on the economy and its value chain, generating wealth and financial inclusion for citizens. <p></p> Idealization<br> Promote and cultivate intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial mindsets. <p></p> Incubation<br> To help companies still in the initial phase to reduce the risk rate. <p></p> Acceleration<br> To identify companies with high potential for scalability and support to unlock challenges for growth. <p></p> Local content<br> Identify and support potential local SMEs with high potential for supply chain integration opportunities. <p></p> Inclusive Growth<br> Promote inclusive growth across all pillars, such as gender, youth and informal sector inclusion.

ideiaLab - school image

ideiaLab is a Mozambican business founded in 2010 with the guiding purpose of inspiring entrepreneurs, supporting the <mark>development of start-ups, accelerating the growth of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation</mark> <p><p> Vision<br> We dream of an entrepreneurial country. A country that sees challenges as opportunities. A country whose people believe in themselves, have the courage to innovate and take the first step forward to make a difference. Where the spirit of collaboration is alive and where together we build a vibrant country of inclusive development. <p><p> Mission<br> We act as a catalyst of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. <mark>We enhance entrepreneurial capacities for sustainable and innovative business development and we promote actions that strengthen the business environment as a whole.</mark> <p><p> Mission<br> <br> - Share … because from sharing, dreams grow and ideas are born. <br>- Courage … because it is courage that leads to the first step toward success. <br> - Building to flourish… because only ideas built to flourish become sustainable and succeed in the market <br> - Persistence … because the true entrepreneur persists in order to transform obstacles into opportunities

Ignite Business Exchange - school image
Ignite Business Exchange

Ignite Business Exchange is a premium business hub situated in the prominent JAT business hub, we offer fully furnished cutting-edge, high-end office design solutions to our members and their partners. <mark>Our unique amenities and sleek designed working spaces exemplify our commitment to complement your business with a prestigious corporate infrastructure.</mark> <p></p> Our unique office space is ideally located to the best amenities the city of Maputo has to offer. Ignite Business Exchange is a stone’s throw away from the best 4 & 5-star hotels and the country’s biggest business corporations’ hub. <p></p> Our purpose is to provide individuals and businesses with innovative space solutions that meet modern needs. Through our services, we believe we can play an important role in supporting entrepreneurs and making it easier for businesses of all sizes to grow and thrive in Mozambique. <p></p> Ignite Business Exchange aims to provide individuals and companies with a flexible bespoke, fit-out and fully furnished workspace solutions where the imaginative backdrop for new ideas and innovation can flourish while maintaining their brand identity. <p></p> Our services stand out for a number of reasons, but at the heart of our success is exceptional, friendly and committed service.

Eduardo Mondlane University - school image
Eduardo Mondlane University

The B.S. in Computer Science gives you the broad computational thinking, programming, and problem-solving skills you’ll need to succeed as a computing professional in a range of emerging careers and industries - from automated vehicles to biomedical devices and sensor-based technologies. The Department of Computer Science offers a comprehensive <mark>curriculum that favors a pragmatic, problem-solving approach to computing.</mark> The program builds upon a mathematically rigorous foundation, while challenging you with physics, chemistry, and other sciences to round out your ability to frame problems and think analytically.

Pedagogical University - school image
Pedagogical University

It is a teaching and research unit that aims to provide basic and advanced knowledge in different areas of computer science. Created in 2002, the department is guided by the objectives of the Higher Education Law, which advocate <mark>scientific, technological and cultural training and research, as a means of solving society's problems and supporting the country's development; linking courses with the job market in all sectors of economic activity and; Realization of extension activities, which promote the dissemination and technical-scientific exchange.</mark> Since its creation, courses in Information Technology and Computer Engineering have already been given. And, with the 2014 curriculum review, these courses were merged into a single course with several outputs. The course is called a Degree in Informatics with outputs in: Software Development Engineering, Network Engineering, Teaching of Informatics and Multimedia. The department also offers an Applied Informatics course, which is taught in the distance education model.

Catholic University of Mozambique - school image
Catholic University of Mozambique

The graduate in Information Technology at UCM is a professional capable of managing technologies in three main areas: programming, systems and networks administration, and databases. Graduates of this program are professionals with the ability to promote the use of information technologies, prepared to respond and adapt to the technological needs of today and the future, of the world in general and Mozambique in particular. From this general profile, students will be able to specialize in a specific area at master's level. <p></p> Skills <p></p> Graduates in Information Technology will have the following skills: <p></p> In Programming: <mark><br> - Understand the basics of programming, data structures and algorithms. <br> - Know the basics of imperative programming languages ​​and object-oriented programming. <br> - Know the mathematical foundations that support computer technologies. <br> - Know how to identify, analyze, design and implement solutions to problems related to Information and Communication Technologies. <br> - Know how to manage projects and services in the area of ​​information technologies. <br> - Know how to design, develop and operate systems, services and computer applications, both centralized and distributed, integrating hardware, software and networks.</mark> <p></p> In System and Network Administration: <br> - Know how to design, assemble, dimension and manage an ICT network. <br> - Know the main theoretical concepts underlying the main access and core technologies, knowing how to exemplify and discuss the use of these technologies in different network scenarios. <br> - Know how to prepare and execute projects and specifications of Structured Cabling. <br> - Select the most appropriate network services to support a given application. <br> - Identify and discuss the differences and concepts underlying IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and understand the principles and features inherent to mobility, implementing for IPv4 and IPv6. <br> - Know how to manage and configure internet services. <p></p> In Databases: <br> - Know how to design and implement databases. <br> - Specify and dimension equipment to support Database. <br> - Evaluate available Database Management Systems in order to choose the most appropriate one. <br> - Know how to manage, administer and maintain Database Systems. Transverse: <br> - Know how to communicate in writing and orally in both Portuguese and English. <br> - Know the English technical terminology in the field of modern Informatics <br> - Understand the professional, ethical, legal, security and social responsibilities and challenges of the use of information and communication technologies. <br> - Have a spirit of leadership and innovation, and the ability to integrate into a work team.

16NetO - school image

16NetO is a unique, creative and hybrid space in the center of Maputo, Mozambique. The space also offers co-work spaces, a restaurant, a craft workshop and has a dynamic cultural program with exhibitions and performing arts. It is a reference space for the discovery of young talents and a platform for visibility, innovation and creativity for emerging artists in Mozambique. <mark>We have open space and balcony, private and shared desks and offices with unlimited wireless internet, UPS access, unlimited scanning, limited copying and printing, lockers and lounge areas.</mark>

São Tomás University of Mozambique - school image
São Tomás University of Mozambique

The Degree in Software Development (LDSW) course has a duration of 4 years, that is 8 (eight) semesters, and is composed of 39 subjects, of which 8 (eight) subjects are general, 6 (six) basic and the remaining are core according to the curriculum. This course was created with the aim of directing the student from the beginning to a single specialization, focusing on the fundamental guidelines of the area of ​​Software Development. <p></p> Skills acquired <br> - Perform Data Modeling and Software Design <br> - Satisfactorily implement a Software according to its socio-economic environment <br> - <mark>Produce Software by applying Structured and Object-Oriented Development Methodologies</mark> <br> - Build Software using Object Oriented languages ​​and in a Web environment as well as in standalone <br> - Carry out a survey of Software Requirements according to the context in which it is requested <br> - Apply purely mathematical concepts in software production, thus creating products that are smarter and easier to interpret <br> - <mark>Design the structure of a relational and object-oriented database and know how to materialize it in environments such as Oracle, MySQL and PostgSQL (or SQL SERVER)</mark>

University of Zambeze - school image
University of Zambeze

The Computer Engineering course at Unizambeze covers a wide range of subjects, making the graduate of this course a very versatile professional and enabling him to work in diversified and, sometimes, even complementary sectors. Thus, this course does not include options or specializations, seeking to cover most fields of activity for IT engineers in Mozambique. <p></p> The main objective of the Computer Engineering course at UniZambeze is to train computer engineers with a <mark>solid scientific basis, with general and specific knowledge, covering most of the traditional fields of Computer Engineering and with preparation for constant progress and adaptation to the unpredictable evolution of science, technology, technique and the socio-economic, cultural and environmental environment.</mark> <p></p> At the University, teaching, research, extension activities and associated laboratories are recognized as particular agents of change of the processes of preservation, transformation, acquisition and dissemination of knowledge. Furthermore, the need to reinforce the University's exposure to increasingly competitive environments has been constantly highlighted, in order to make UniZambeze's IT engineers and graduates professionals of reference at national, regional and international levels.

Mozambique Managed Offices (MMO) - school image
Mozambique Managed Offices (MMO)

In 2012, Mozambique Managed Offices opened a serviced office in the Maputo city centre. It was the MMO’s first shared office as well as the first of its kind in Mozambique and was at capacity within 2 weeks. <p></p> What began as a business providing workspaces for small companies and independent consultants did not remain that way for long. MMO quickly grew in both size and scope, opening more office locations and tailoring services to accommodate international companies at varying stages of operations in Mozambique. <p></p> One aspect of the company that has not changed is the highest level of service provided to our clients. We are proudly uncompromising on our standards. <mark>Our fully equipped offices feature stylish modern design in first class buildings, ensuring that you are in a safe and secure executive environment.</mark> <p></p> Today, as an affiliate of Maris Capital, MMO has significantly expanded operations to provide premium serviced offices in 3 prime Maputo business district locations. <mark>We also provide complete integrated facilities management, virtual offices and facilities project management to over 60 international companies at varying stages of their operations in Mozambique.</mark> <p></p> We can help provide an office solution specifically tailored to your business. If you have any questions, or would like to organise a tour of our office locations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Polytechnic University of Mozambique - school image
Polytechnic University of Mozambique

Trains professionals with solid technological and scientific knowledge necessary for the processes of elaboration, development, execution and monitoring of projects and the creation of sustainable technological solutions, in perfect harmony with the environment, in the regional and international context. Promote the humanistic and creative values ​​of the Mozambican citizen. <p></p> Mission:<br> <mark>Train technicians with a high level of preparation in the human, cultural, scientific and technical aspects, to intervene at a national or international level, in the areas of engineering, management, economic, social and business sciences.</mark>

Higher Institute of Science and Technology of Mozambique - school image
Higher Institute of Science and Technology of Mozambique

The Degree in Computer Engineering at ISCTEM (LEI) began in 1997, having been the first to be taught in Mozambique with the aim of filling the gaps of technicians with higher education in the field of ICT's. <p></p> With its own characteristics, it provides students with scientific, technological and methodological knowledge to solve problems related to Computer Science, Electronics, Communications and Management, so that they can, in a comprehensive and effective way, formulate and solve problems of specification, design, design, operation and maintenance of computer systems and applications. <p></p> <mark>The course also allows stimulating the acquisition of knowledge, techniques, approaches and multidisciplinary skills that foster innovation in processes, tools, methods and computer technologies.</mark> <p></p> Of the characteristics that distinguish the course and allow it to have added value, we highlight the inclusion of theoretical/practical subjects taught by visiting professors from universities based in Portugal (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Coimbra and Minho) and a <mark>strong practical component in programming, security, computer networks, database and a professional internship carried out in companies with which the institution has partnerships.</mark> <p></p> The first two years of the course are essentially based on the production of knowledge, development of basic course skills and student guidance. The third and fourth year of the course consolidate the skills of previous years and guide students in choosing the areas that best fit them, such as: programming, database, systems security, computer networks. <p></p> The practical component is carried out in specialized laboratories, which allows the consolidation of the contents acquired in the theoretical classes, internships and visits to institutions such as: mobile phone companies, banks and other similar institutions.

Regus - Maputo - school image
Regus - Maputo

Get to work in the heart of Mozambique's capital, just a ten-minute drive from the airport. Surrounded by national and international companies in downtown Maputo, <mark>our Millennium Park workspace with excellent connections is an ideal destination for networking opportunities in the city.</mark> <p></p> Impress clients with the marble entryway and awe-inspiring views of the botanical gardens and Maputo Bay, while working productively in spacious, modern offices. Relax in the lounge area and enjoy easy access to shops and restaurants on the ground floor.

CoWork Lab - school image
CoWork Lab

CoWork Lab spaces in Maputo have been designed to allow exploration of new ways of work in order to ensure your company’s dedication to its business growth. At each one of them, resident companies and businesses can enjoy and take advantage of several integrated services, designed to enhance process optimization, productivity, creativity and work satisfaction. <p></p> Our purpose is to serve different types of professionals and companies, offering tailored solutions, using a cost benefit-ratio, according to our client’s demands and needs. We can offer you furnished and climate controlled private offices, cowork stations, rental of meeting rooms and virtual headquartering, among other available services. <p></p> Currently <mark>we have six Business Centres in Maputo, all situated in strategic places of the city and each one with different office solutions, between coworking spaces, private offices, meeting rooms and virtual headquartering.</mark> With areas from 10 to 200 m2 and always with turn key solutions and several associated services, at any CoWork Lab you will find comfort and flexibility, combined with unique professionalism to ensure your entire dedication to your company’s growth.

Ideario Hub - school image
Ideario Hub

Helping African emerging creators Start-up, Build-up, and Scale-up asset-light business ventures. Ideario Hub is an innovation center with the goal to create better entrepreneurial experiences trough knowledge and technologies. <mark>We crafted our way to understand and help freelancers, universities, and organizations co-create and impact local communities.</mark> They get most of their funds from Europe.

Jean Piaget University of Mozambique - school image
Jean Piaget University of Mozambique

Computer Engineering (CPE) is a field that blends hardware engineering and software development. Computer Engineers design and build digital systems, including computing devices and networks. <mark>Computer Engineers are particularly concerned with the interactions between software and hardware (programs and chips).</mark> Application examples include smart devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence. In this program, special focus is placed upon embedded systems design and the integration of sensors, actuators, and communication technologies.

Higher Institute of Transport and Communications - school image
Higher Institute of Transport and Communications

Computer science is the study of algorithms - problem solving methods — and how to express solutions in software to be run on a computer. In today’s world, Computer scientists are found working in almost every field, from healthcare to entertainment to the environment. They use problem-solving and teamwork skills to solve real-world problems. <p></p> Where can I perform this role of Computer Engineer?<br> Computers are vital to most industries today - from banking and communication to film production and transportation - and new jobs are rapidly emerging. The computer science degree develops depth of knowledge in all aspects of computer science. It also complements the broader analytical skills of a liberal arts education. <p></p>Classes & Curriculum <p></p> The computer science program includes programming in: <mark> <br> - Object-oriented programming <br> - Data structures <br> - Algorithms <br> - Computer organization <br> - Systems programming with Linux <br> - Operating systems <br> - Database <br> - Software engineering </mark>

Zim Code - school image
Zim Code

Zim Code is bringing coding to the forefront of youth education and socio-economic empowerment in Zimbabwe. <p></p> The majority of the schools we work with have inadequate resources and equipment to support our coding courses. We solve this by using our mobile coding lab (laptops, projectors and internet) to deliver coding lessons to high schools. <mark>Every student gets to use their own computer and code at their own pace.</mark> <p></p> Our tutors are young college students below the age of 25, so our lessons have a peer-to-peer structure. Most of our students have remarked that Zim Code tutors are more relatable and for that reason, they learn more comfortably. <p></p> Our nonprofit model allows us to bring our product to those who need it the most: socio-economically disadvantaged youths. There exists traditional computer colleges and night schools for coding, but they are beyond the reach of the greater majority of Zimbabweans. Our coding school model is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe.

Batanai 2 Create - school image
Batanai 2 Create

Harare's freshest Coworking space and incubator that provides an enabling environment for sustainable economic empowerment and social transformation in Zimbabwe and the region through Innovation and Entrepreneurship. <p></p> <mark>A business accelerator and incubator, B2C Coworking offers entrepreneurial services for both those just starting up and those looking to reinvent themselves. This is the space where you can develop an established business or launch and grow a new one whilst strengthening and diversifying the local economy. The core focus of B2C Coworking is to foster innovation, commercialization, create jobs and facilitate investment in the Startup Ecosystem.</mark> <p></p> Various programs, which include workshops and events give plenty of opportunities or coworking individuals to meet likeminded souls in a creative and collaborative way. Coworking membership fees are on an all-inclusive monthly basis that allow you to turn up, switch on and start working. The mandate of B2C is to unlock the full potential of diverse and ambitious entrepreneurs to economically transform communities providing job and wealth creation by providing high-impact assistance working one-on-one to establish and achieve value-creating milestones of growth. <p></p> A non-profit organization it offers small offices, office suites, labs and a co-working space sitting in Harare's hippest street cloaked in colour and diversity and known as Zimbabwe's innovation district. If you are at all interested in joining this dynamic space that catalyzes entire communities of startups through business acceleration, incubation, co-working and events then you should get in touch with them.

Impact Hub Harare - school image
Impact Hub Harare

Together, we grow a locally rooted, globally connected community for measurable positive impact. We believe that large-scale social change, innovative solutions and world-altering ideas stem from collaboration, connectivity and community. That the <mark>dreamers and makers of the world need a place to call home, to connect to others, to collaborate and to be part of something bigger.</mark> We inspire, connect and enable social impact initiatives while driving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

WeCode Harare - school image
WeCode Harare

For those with kids or adults who want to learn coding, graphic designing, digital market, social media management and website designing we offer online lessons. <mark>Learn how to design and build your own website as you learn the basics of web development.</mark> Investing in the future generation now for the benefit and betterment of their tomorrow by introducing them to tech skills like programming and robotics . Bring the curious minded to us so that we can change the tech space together.

Workspace Harare - school image
Workspace Harare

Individual spaces in a modern, tastefully furnished open-plan setting provide all amenities in a flexible and cost effective way. <p></p> Ideal for entrepreneurs, free-lancing professionals or visitors to Harare, our personal desk space helps you stay productive by offering all the amenities of a modern office in a flexible manner, tailored to suit your needs. <mark>A private workstation in an open-plan, executive co-working space can be booked online, by phone or in person to secure a desk for a few hours, a day, week or month. </mark> <p></p> Shared Space Service Offering <br> - Use of a fully furnished workstation <br> - Receptionist services <br> - Message taking, receiving your packages and forwarding to you <br> - Call screening <br> - Desk & chair, deep filer & drawers, dustbin, art-work <br> - WIFI access <br> - Use of physical and postal address (monthly clients) <br> - Tea/coffee/bottled water (self-service) <br> - Access to meeting room at discounted rates <br> - Access to printing/copying/faxing facility (pay-per-use)

Eight2Five - school image

Eight2Five is an Innovative Hub that partners with entrepreneurs to achieve a shared vision of solving real world and business problems through technology. We provide an enabling environment for innovation and entrepreneurship for our startup and SME community. <p></p> Programs <p></p> Pitch Perfect<br> Business Model Deep Dives.<br> Every Thursday we allow our Hub members to pitch their business ventures and get feedback from our core team and fellow hub members. This platform is designed to prepare our Hub members for investor pitching. <p></p> Start-up Meet Up<br> Meet your Business Heroes.<br> A virtual and hybrid weekly session with a guest speaker. We select business leaders and influencers to network, share advice, discuss strategies and exchange ideas. <p></p> <mark>Incubation Workshops<br> Tailored Business Development.<br> We foster the development of early-stage companies and start-ups by providing mentoring, workspace, funding and networked services designed to accelerate their success.</mark>

Afrotopia - school image

Afrotopia is a physical & virtual co-working, co-learning, co-earning space which facilitates Afro-optimistic expression, collaboration, connections, and creativity. Here ideas, stories and innovations defy convention and transform the African narrative. <p></p> <mark>Afrotopia is a new digital-creative, co-learning, co-earning & co-working space in the urban heartbeat of downtown Harare. Our industrial chic space is home to Zimbabwean urban youth who hustle. From students, entrepreneurs and artists.</mark> <p></p> Not only is our space the most affordable spot but it is also a safe welcoming community with a unified purpose.

University of Zimbabwe - school image
University of Zimbabwe

Graduates from the programme will be able to design, implement, and evaluate computer-based systems, processes, or components to meet desired user requirements. <mark>They will have skills to plan, implement, secure, maintain, and troubleshoot converged enterprise networks.</mark> Confronted with a computer science problem, graduates can identify concepts, algorithms, and applicable data structures to find a solution and can break the problem down into its component parts to formulate computer-based problem-solving methods. They will also be capable of creating software development or networking companies for the benefit of themselves and the country

The Oasis - school image
The Oasis

The Oasis is a platform designed to bring together Bulawayo’s creators and change-makers and to empower them to create solutions to the city’s challenges through entrepreneurship and the arts. <p></p> The Oasis is a place of <mark>convergence for entrepreneurs</mark>, creatives, corporates, non-profits, charities, churches and any stakeholders with a concern to build Bulawayo. The Oasis was built to inspire ideas that will change people’s lives for the better. <p></p> Our Amenities <p></p> Our work space is equipped with tools that will make work hassle-free for our creators. Gain access to inspiring facilities that make work fun. <p></p> Here is what is available: <mark><br> - Work spaces <br> - Broadband Internet <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - Phone booths <br> - Kitchen</mark>

Midlands State University - school image
Midlands State University

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science which is under the Faculty of Science and Technology. The Department seeks to produce the best quality professionals by imparting hands-on experience and quality training. The needs of the society, industry and the nation are at the heart of the Department, and this is made possible by pursuing creative research and new technologies. <mark>In order to be a leading Department that produces competent professionals with technopreneural, research and innovation skills, two programmes namely Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering are offered.</mark> The two programmes combine creativity with rigour: students apply underlying principles to understand real-world systems, and to create purposeful and usable artefacts.

Bindura University of Science Education - school image
Bindura University of Science Education

The Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Computer Science equips graduates with a strong foundation of study in Computer Science that includes Networking, Software engineering and Programming all concerned with the practicalities and technicalities of developing and delivering software. <p></p> The four year course aims to <mark>prepare graduates to be scientific "Self Reliant" and "Scientific Competitive" which is a hybrid of inward looking and global approach.</mark> Graduates are well trained to have the requisite theoretical, technical and practical knowledge and enjoy a highly versatile course of study that prepares them ultimately for a number of high technology and entrepreneurship careers in the field of Computer Science. Their <mark>skills include Networking, Software Engineering and Project Management, Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Databases, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Security and Management of Information systems.</mark> <p></p>The programme is accredited with the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE).

Chinhoyi University of Technology - school image
Chinhoyi University of Technology

The BSc (Honours) Information Technology degree is a practical-oriented programme with a strong emphasis on the ability to critically analyse, design, develop and maintain computer software and hardware. The degree programme is <mark>designed to meet the challenges of modern computing practice as well as maintaining international standards of professionalism.</mark> Information Technology is a discipline that seeks to establish and apply mathematical, computing, scientific and engineering disciplines to meet the computing needs of business, government, healthcare, academic and other organizations. <p></p> Our Vision <br> To achieve a nationally leading and internationally competitive position in niche Engineering Sciences and Technology Education and Research fields which are globally visible and widely recognized. <p></p>Our Mission <br> <mark>To provide excellent science and technology education and cutting edge research at all levels with the aim of producing innovative graduates through the enhancement of entrepreneurship and provision of engineering solutions to community problems.</mark>

Great Zimbabwe University - school image
Great Zimbabwe University

Computer Science BSc (Hons) enables students to acquire a range of theoretical principles. This is done through engaging with concepts and theories, developing practical skills across the broad range of fields within the subject, and applying these in the creation of tools and systems to solve real world problems. <p></p> <mark>Our course is carefully designed to strike an all-around balance among key aspects of computer science. The course covers essential theories in the field with an emphasis on practical skills for implementation of a variety of applications.</mark> We are very confident that our graduates will be equipped with all the key skills needed for their future career in the computing industry.

CITE - school image

Our mission is to create space for creativity and promote “ARTIVISM” which is the creative integration of art and activism for social change. <p></p> We believe in African Innovation, discovering the innovation opportunities is the first step in our process at the Centre For Innovation & Technology we provide an <mark>open community space, an incubator that is vibrant and enables a collaborative environment for innovators and startups to think through their ideas, and develop their solutions, so as to turn these opportunities into meaningful products, services, and businesses</mark>, Sometimes we have a pretty good sense of where the opportunities are and the real challenge is to come up with ideas to take advantage of the opportunity.

Lupane State University - school image
Lupane State University

he Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Information Technology is a four-year full time degree programme. The programme aims at producing IT specialists with knowledge and technical skills in computing who can competently work in the software development, hardware support, computer networking, website development, IT consultancy and other computer-related disciplines. The programme is designed to produce <mark>highly skilled IT experts to serve in the dynamic and multi-faceted computing field.</mark> <p></p> The BSc (Honours) Information Technology degree is practical-oriented programme with a strong emphasis on the ability to critically analyses, design, develop and maintain computer software and hardware. The degree programme is <mark>designed to meet the challenges of modern computing practice as well as maintaining international standards of professionalism</mark>. Information Technology is a discipline that seeks to establish and apply mathematical, computing, scientific and engineering disciplines to meet the computing needs of business, government, healthcare, academic and other kinds of organizations.

Karimapondo Space Station - school image
Karimapondo Space Station

Make your booking today. Don't miss out on the opportunity to have an office without setup hassles. At Karimapondo Space Station we provide you with chair, desk, WIFI, electricity from as little as $5 per day and on-site restaurant (Karimapondo Tea Room). All you need to bring is yourself and your laptop to work in a professional environment. <p></p> Karimapondo Space Station is a <mark>professional co-working space targeting entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals who need professional working space at affordable prices.</mark> This place is unique as it comes with luxury office chairs, desks, and reliable fast internet. There is a restaurant on the same floor hence no need to leave the building looking for food. Karimapondo Tea Room has a variety of food from breakfast to lunch meals.

CitiSpace Gweru - school image
CitiSpace Gweru

CitiSpace is a co-working space in Gweru CBD targeted to serve the freelancing and small business community of the city with workspace needs. <p></p> Here is what we got for you <p></p> Clean Environment<br> We have a clean environment which is really ideal for working and so ideal in the wake of the COVID19 era. Currently the space is not overcrowded and only accomodates a maximum of 7 people <p></p>Community <br> <mark>Benefit from our comumunity of freelancers, independent contractors and startup founders working in the space. Saves you the loneliness of working alone from home too.</mark> <p></p>Office Resources <br> Comfortable chairs, office desk, printers, scanners, copiers, coffee machine, etc (you can even request what you desire to have) we strive to have it for your use in our space <p></p>Work Life Balance <br> Bring structure to your day and increase productivity compared to working from home without the cost of setting up your own office or signing a long term lease which you may fail to handle in the long run.

The Creative Factory Hub - school image
The Creative Factory Hub

The Creative Factory Hub is to provide facilities for the promotion and development of the start-up. Arterial Network Zimbabwe is a dynamic, civil-society network of artists, cultural activists, entrepreneurs, enterprises, NGOs, institutions, and donors active in Africa’s creative and cultural sectors. The Creative Factory Hub <mark>seeks to facilitate for inclusion of LGBTQAI+ persons into the Zimbabwean mainstream economy through providing entrepreneurship training, mentorship and safe working stations, which empowers LGBTQAI+ youth with skills and tailor made support in order to start and sustain their own enterprises and advocacy for inclusion of LGBTQAI+ in the mainstream economy.</mark>

Africa University - school image
Africa University

The mission of the Department is to provide programmes at undergraduate levels, which produce and develop IT experts and other IT professionals capable of utilizing human and other resources to meet development needs and take advantage of the opportunities of Africa within the global context. <p></p> The Department aims at programmes which develop both the intellectual and the managerial potentials of its students. Specifically, the objectives of the Faculty programmes are to: <br> - Provide knowledge which develops the students. intellectual and critical thinking ability as well as their managerial and entrepreneurial skills <br> - <mark>Foster the ability to organise, analyse and interpret information for decision making; instil and inculcate high moral standards of personal and professional behaviour which are consistent with positions of trust and leadership in society’s) imbue in students sensitivity and commitment to efficiency in the use of resources as well as integrity, accountability and transparency</mark> <br> - Encourage and develop a sense of curiosity and inquiry needed for innovative thinking and the development of new knowledge

Harare Institute Technology - school image
Harare Institute Technology

The BTech (Hons) Computer Science programme provides suitable multi-disciplinary training for a career in this important field. Computer science is a rapidly expanding feature of most engineering and scientific enterprises. This field is primarily concerned with information processes, the structure and procedures needed to represent them, and the systems needed to implement them. It spans a broad spectrum of basic and applied sub disciplines which range from foundations in logic and the computational complexity of algorithms through compilers, operating systems, and databases. <p></p> Programme Aims <mark><br> - To provide a suitable, multi-disciplinary training for a career in the important and expanding field of computing. <br> - To satisfy the needs of both of the students who intend to pursue a career in the computing industry and of those who might like to pursue further research.</mark> <p></p> What do Software Engineers do? Skills to be gained from the program (Graduate competencies) <p></p> The programme is designed such that on completion of its courses, the graduates should be able to: <br> - Become Technopreneurs in the field of Software Engineering. <br> - Analyze, identify and define the Software Engineering requirements appropriate to various problems <br> - Design, implement, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs. <br> - Analyze the local and global impact of software engineering on individuals, organizations and society. <br> - Use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for software engineering practice. <br> - Evolve and re-engineer legacy software . <br> - Manage the Software Project from initiation through to closure. <p></p> Graduate Attributes <br> - Technopreneurship Skills <br> - Critical thinking & Problem Solving Skills <br> - Analytical Skills <br> - Leadership skills and Proactiveness <br> - Teamwork Skills <br> - Communication Skills <br> - Information Management & Lifelong learning Skills <br> - Learning Skills <br> - Ethics & Integrity <br> - Project Management Skills <br> - Software Quality Management Skills

Zimbabwe Open University - school image
Zimbabwe Open University

Zimbabwe has a growing Information and Communications industry. The sustained growth of that sector is among other issues reliant on human capital development. Currently this industry is serviced by graduates from conventional universities, technical colleges and polytechnics. The Faculty of Technology exists to <mark>empower students with relevant skills to meet these industrial challenges and needs through open distance learning pedagogies.</mark> <p></p> Today, the computing field has grown into a number of distinct bodies of knowledge. These include Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and many other variations. <p></p> Information Technology (IT) as a body of knowledge requires specialised training and orientation. Today there is a glaring training gap in the information and communication technologies industry. Most universities are offering Computer Science. <p></p> The Bachelor of Software Engineering is designed to provide an in-depth coverage of topics in software engineering. Throughout the program, <mark>students will develop skills to confidently perform and manage activities at every stage of the life cycle of large-scale software systems.</mark> <p></p> The Software Engineering programme is aimed at: Producing graduates who will utilize state-of-the-art knowledge, techniques, and technologies in requirements analysis, design, construction, testing, implementation, and evolution of software systems. Producing graduates who are capable of undertaking research and development in the field of software engineering and software-related technology. Producing graduates who will assume professional and managerial roles guided by knowledge of technopreneurship and ethical, legal, and social issues. <p></p> SE Professional Career Prospects <p></p> Today, information technology is such an integral part of most businesses that the profession of being a computer expert has broadened into a multitude of specialised occupations, involving networking, software development, computer security, and designing graphics or interfaces. The following are some of the possible professional options for a graduate of this programme: <p></p> Maintenance Technician-Hotline technician (Hot Liner), Network technician, Network Administrator, Databases Administrator, System engineer, Network engineer. <p></p> Conception / Realisation- Analyst-programmer (developer), Information systems architect, Website administrator (webmaster), Web designer, Interface designer <p></p> Marketing/ Commercial/ Management -Product manager, Consultant, Project engineer, IT project manager, Information security officer (ISO), Information systems Director (ISD) <p></p> Academic-Postgraduate work, Lecturer/ Teaching, Research and development

Women's University in Africa - school image
Women's University in Africa

The objectives of the programme are to: Produce highly qualified graduates who are able to understand and operate effectively in the world of challenging and changing information and computing technology. <p></p> Gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in both computing and management. <p></p> Strikes a balance between <mark>learning current techniques, which are important in the marketplace, and learning the underlying fundamentals and theories, which will be longer lasting</mark> and which will provide a sound basis for understanding and evaluating new approaches, techniques and technologies, and even new theories. <p></p> Produce graduates who, with appropriate experience, will become hybrid managers i.e. managers/information systems analysts/computer scientists, well versed in the tools, techniques, approaches and philosophies necessary for the successful introduction of complex information and communication technologies in today's fast-changing world.

The Tech Village - school image
The Tech Village

The Tech Village is an innovation hub that runs incubation and acceleration programmes focused on skill acquisition and youth engagement. <p></p> The TechVillage is the first and only collaborative working space for young entrepreneurs in Bulawayo, aiming to help build and launch 20 start-ups in and around Africa every year. Leveraging on the collaborative brilliance of our community and the use of technology to greatly reduce cost whilst significantly multiplying impact, <mark>The TechVillage seeks to empower the youth through the provision of relevant education, affordable access to information and technology and ultimately inspire creativity through experiences. While the TechVillage is physically based in Zimbabwe, it actively grows and connects with entrepreneurial communities across the continent that are called Tribes.</mark> Through the provision of resources, infrastructure, community, education and working space, the TechVillage will create employment, foster collaboration through peer driven learning and contribute to the development and commercialisation of Africa’s abundant intellectual and human resource.

Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University - school image
Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University

We are in the digital era in which information acquiring, processing and storage is done digitally or remotely. The degree aims at transforming computer systems by producing graduates who develop systems that enable the generation, storage, retrieval and transmission of digital information for public and private corporates. The gained knowledge can be applied to high performance computing, data science among other domains. <p></p> <mark>Digital Technologies are now driving rather than enabling business enterprises. Thus, a new genre of manpower is required to harness the awesome capabilities of Digital Technologies and to tap the potential of this tool to its maximum.</mark> The university has partnered with a local Networking Academy to training our students in IT Professional courses like CISCO, CEH among other professional areas they desire to pursue. Course highlights includes Emerging Technologies in Practice, Computer Ethics, Systems Analysis and Design, Integrated Business with ERP Systems with ERP Systems, Electronics, Mobile Application Development, Technoprenuership, Cloud Infrastructure and Services; Information Systems Security and Wireless communications. In addition, the students will do a compulsory Entrepreneurship Course to equip them with knowledge on how to start and manage their technology businesses.

Arrupe Jesuit University - school image
Arrupe Jesuit University

The program focuses on building the students’ mathematical, analytical and programming skills relevant to the Information Age. It is an interdisciplinary major for students who wish to combine information technology with management, leadership and entrepreneurship. The students will learn cutting edge technology, web design, systems programming, software development, computer and mobile networking, and communication technologies. <p></p> <mark>They will also learn social and business skills for delivering information using creative, intelligent and innovative methods. It is a practice-oriented, critical analysis based, development and maintenance of computer infrastructure in a highly professional and ethical manner.</mark> <p></p> The programme seeks innovation and creativity from the students to solve business, government, medical, academic and every day problems using sustainable ICT. <p></p> Career Opportunities/Matophonic Journey <br> - Systems Administrator <br> - Computer Programmer <br> - Software Developer <br> - Cisco Certified Technician <br> - Web Designer and Developer <br> - Systems Analyst <br> - Software Support Specialist/Engineer <br> - Networking Solutions Consultant <br> - High School ICT Tutor <br> - Network Administrator

Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences - school image
Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences

Computer Science is the systematic study of the feasibility, structure, expression and mechanization of the methodical processes (or algorithms) that underlie the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of and access of information whether such information is encoded in bits or bytes in a computer or transcribed in genes and protein structures in a human cell. <mark>It focuses on preparing graduates who are concerned with issues related to advocating for users and meeting their needs within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies.</mark> It seeks to establish and apply mathematical, computing, scientific and engineering disciplines to meet the computer technology needs of business, government, healthcare, schools, and other kinds of organizations.

European Business Centres - school image
European Business Centres

Premium grade fully furnished and serviced offices in Malawi.When we conceptualized the EBC vision, it was to bring best in class office environments to emerging Africa. <p></p> We are delighted to present Malawi’s best premium serviced offices, come in a range of sizes and configurations, designed to accommodate all businesses small or large, ranging from suites one-person offices up to greater areas suitable for larger corporate entities. <mark> <br> - A serviced reception with welcoming staff <br> - Secured premises <br> - Fully furnished ready-to-use offices <br> - All utilities - air conditioning, electricity and water <br> - Free Internet / Wi-Fi <br> - Communal Kitchen/Pantry <br> - Daily cleaning service for offices </mark>

Mzuzu E-Hub - school image
Mzuzu E-Hub

Mzuzu E-Hub is an entrepreneurship and innovation hub providing working space and technical assistance to start-up and early-stage companies by linking them to a network of services for success. <p></p> They <mark>connect business experts, co-working facilities, investors, networking events, and capacity-building sessions for the benefit of 25 youth-led startups annually. These startups will get mentorship on their business model, market strategy, and investor proposals.</mark> The class runs for 6 months (3 months capacity building and 3 months implementation support) and is sector agnostic.

mHub - school image

mHub is Malawi’s first technology and innovation hub located in Lilongwe, Malawi with a working space in Blantyre, Malawi and Lusaka, Zambia. The hub has facilitated over 1 million USD in financing to emerging entrepreneurs over 5 years creating more than 950 jobs and impacting over 5,000 people in diverse value chains leveraging technology to solve social challenges or civic technology for social good. <mark>The hub has trained over 40,000 youths with business and technology skills.</mark> <p></p> The hub is a social enterprise that champions the development of local technology solutions. <mark>The hub nurtures young innovators and entrepreneurs with technology, technical and business skills to create sustainable social and business solutions.</mark> mHub’s vision is to be a premium resource center for sustainable technology solutions in Malawi.

Synergy Co-working Space - school image
Synergy Co-working Space

Synergy, is located in New Area 12, Lilongwe. It is an enterprise support organisation offering workspace solutions to small + growing organisations; business development + advisory support and events design + facilitation. <p></p> Many businesses are choosing to work from agile coworking spaces because they provide business space for rent at a lower cost than having an actual office space. A coworking space not only provides a place to work, but also additional benefits that are solely available to members and here is a list of why you should consider Synergy CoWorks; <br> - Finding Your Spot – it allows a person to move around the common areas, indoors and outdoors, to find the ideal area for themselves. Experimenting with different spaces on offer allows you to enjoy your work and increases your productivity. <br> - Flexibility - choose the day and time of your work and get here, as renting office space from an agile workspace offers you the chance to take charge of your day without the hassle of owning an office. <br> - <mark>Place to Learn - our working environment allows for interactions with people from diverse backgrounds and professions enabling conversations from different mind-sets, skills, and knowledge; improving a person's outlook. </mark> <br> - Professional Address – our coworking space offers not only a professional registered office address but also dedicated meeting solutions, and these can be indoor and outdoor options. <br> - Attend Events – our aesthetic and creative infrastructure equally offers a great place for eventing. It offers solutions where people remember them not for their size or theme, but for their social impact. <br> - Networking – our networking sessions increase the chances of meeting like-minded people, as a great incentive for your social capital development, and sense of belonging to a community of mavericks. <br> - Reduce Operational Costs - working in a coworking space means you do not have to be concerned about the overheads such as internet, electricity, maintenance and servicing your office, as we take care of that.

Malawi Assemblies of God University - school image
Malawi Assemblies of God University

The interaction between Information Sciences and Mathematics will continue developing in remarkable new directions. Mathematical scientists enormously benefit from information technology in the performance of research, in communicating and disseminating scientific information and results, as well as in career environments involving data analysis and management. Mathematicians also contribute to making inroads toward the development of new information technologies. Information sciences and technology are already playing a very important role in mathematical education, at all levels, and will experience an overwhelming increase in the near future. <mark>Giving undergraduate ICT students the opportunity to minor in Mathematics will not only enrich their educational achievements but it will also help them succeed in the employment searches.</mark>

Malawi College of Accountancy - school image
Malawi College of Accountancy

The Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems is an undergraduate Degree that aims to give students the opportunity to gain current technology, business and management skills, as well as the understanding of the fastpaced world of technology with the organization and structure of business management. This is to be achieved through intensive training approach to be offered to the students. Integrating hands-on and applied learning with theory, the degree is on the cutting edge of computer technology designed to deliver a transformative learning experience. It offers a better variety of attractive modules not offered in other universities/colleges degree programmes. <mark>This diversity produces well trained, well rounded computer professionals who should have both theoretical and practical understanding of the use and management of information systems and technologies.</mark> By the end of the programme, graduates will be able to provide added value to their organizations in areas of IT/IS.

Exploits University - school image
Exploits University

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program is to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to take on professional positions in the fields of information technology, business, and management. The program is designed to merge the IT fundamentals of databases, human-computer interaction, networking, programming, and Web systems; and it covers technologies such as mobile applications, non-relational databases, and cloud computing. <mark>Students are taught to develop a solid understanding of the underlying theories and concepts and practical hands-on applications while applying their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to handle all types of real-world computing and informational problems.</mark> In addition, students are exposed to a well-rounded learning experience where they work in teams to master oral and written communication.

Unicaf University - school image
Unicaf University

With the world being driven by computers, a degree in Computer Science is vital. Areas like computing and information technology, security, database and web development will be explored. <mark>The degree will provide students with both theoretical and practical computer science knowledge and skills thus enabling them to work in the industrial, banking, commercial and government sector.</mark> The student among others will acquire and develop problem-solving, analytical and computation skills that will enable them to excel in the career they choose to follow. <p></p> This degree is ideal for people wishing to enhance their position within their organisations while at the same time it offers excellent prospects for future employment. <p></p> Delivery Mode: Online and through Supported Open Learning

Malawi University of Science and Technology - school image
Malawi University of Science and Technology

Our vision in the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology is to be a recognised leader in Computer Science and Information Technology tertiary training, research and innovation in Malawi and beyond. Our mission statement is to provide relevant and excellent undergraduate and post-graduate training in Computer Science and Information Technology to local and International students. <p></p> Through our academic programmes, <mark>we aim to develop outstanding thinkers, leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and engaged citizens who are able to think critically, act logically and apply knowledge appropriately.</mark> We also aim to generate relevant knowledge through cutting-edge research with both local and global impact; foster innovation and entrepreneurship and ensure that we are a positive addition to the community around us by engaging in outreach programs.

University of Livingstonia - school image
University of Livingstonia

The computer engineering bachelor's program at Livingstonia teaches you the innovative problem-solving skills you need to become leaders in such fields as software development, data structures and algorithms, computer communications and graphics. <p></p> The objectives of this Programme are to: <br> - produce graduates capable of practicing computer engineering to serve Malawi and the regional industries, government agencies, or national and international industries; <br> - produce graduates with the necessary background and <mark>technical skills to work professionally in one or more of the following areas: computer hardware and software design, computer-based systems, computer network design, system integration, electronic design automation;</mark> <br> - prepare graduates for personal and professional success with awareness and commitment to their ethical and social responsibilities, both as individuals and team environments; <br> - prepare graduates capable of entering and succeeding in an advanced degree program in a field such as engineering, science, or business; <br> - produce graduates with the necessary background and technical skills conduct research in related computer technologies; <br> - produce entrepreneurship-oriented graduates who are able to provide products and services to the community.

Mzuzu University - school image
Mzuzu University

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was established in the year 2005 under the Faculty of Information Science and Communication and now belongs to the Faculty of Science, Technology and Innovation since 2018 due to the University restructuring. It was primarily established to reduce the acute shortage of ICT professionals in Malawi by responding to various policies such as the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS II), National ICT Policy, ICT for Development (ICT4D) Policy and Vision 2020. These strategic documents realize that <mark>rapid development in all sectors of the economy will require highly skilled and educated workforce, in particular the application of science, technology and innovation.</mark> <p></p> Throughout the years, the department has grown and expanded her operations significantly. <p></p> This programme offers students a rich learning experience that blends theoretical, practical and industrial skills. <mark>Its structure and delivery methods equip students with analytical and problem solving skills in the fields of Networking, Programming, Databases, Software Development and Algorithms.</mark> <p></p> In addition, students obtain advanced skills in Multimedia Technologies, Computer Security and Mobile Applications Development. Career options to graduates include; Software Developers, Systems Analysts, Database Managers, IT Managers, Researchers in Computing and several other computing careers. <p></p> As a requirement towards partial fulfillment for the award of the degree, the students will complete a research project to demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills acquired throughout the tuition. In addition to the research project, the students will undergo an assessed industrial attachment. The attachment exposes the students to real work environment. Furthermore, all students will complete a mini project during the third and fourth year as a requirement. It is a four-year face-to-face multiple entry and multiple exit programme. The generic students enter the programme at Year 1 (Level 1).

University of Malawi - school image
University of Malawi

The Department of Computer Science is one of the departments in the Faculty of Science at University of Malawi. It was established in 1980 as a Section under the Mathematics department. In 2012, Computer Science became an independent department. Until recently, <mark>it was the only department offering Computer Science in Malawi</mark>. Currently, we offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses to Faculty of Science and Faculty of Education Students. <p></p> This degree program, with an emphasis on software development, <mark>prepares you to be a productive professional in the tech field.</mark> You'll gain a practical, useful understanding of operating systems, computer architecture, algorithms, programming languages and more. <p></p> Equipped with a computer science degree, you'll have a host of career opportunities available to you. If you want to continue to develop your expertise on a higher level, this pathway helps you meet your goal of getting into grad school.

Startup Hatchery - school image
Startup Hatchery

The Startup Hatchery is a virtual business incubator for entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers. We provide a hands-on virtual learning experience through online entrepreneurship training, mentorship and business support accessible anywhere, anytime. <p></p> Adopting an online approach, specifically packaged for South African entrepreneurs, we provide a hands-on learning experience through interactive online and facilitated entrepreneurship initiatives, training, mentorship and business support accessible anywhere, anytime. We work with you to design, build and implement Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) solutions that aim to increase the participation of black-owned SMEs within your corporate supply chain to secure your ESD points and maximise business impact. <p></p> Why The Startup Hatchery? <mark><br> - Building a pipeline of black-owned companies for inclusion into supply chain <br> - Creating sustainable and meaningful impact on entrepreneurs <br> - Starting with the end in mind, Co-Creating ESD Strategies to maximise business impact and ESD Points <br> - We are 100% Black Femaled Owned and our proven programmes meet the BBBEE code requirements <br> - Rigorous monitoring and evaluation through our impact assessments to understand your investment</mark>

Vtech Training Academy - school image
Vtech Training Academy

Vtech Training Academy is a leading seminar and training Program Company based in Windhoek which offers training programs and seminars for small, medium and large corporations, government and individuals. We provide Inhouse, Onsite and customised training that suit your needs. Our course structure is flexible and designed to match clients’ available time and budget. The academy produces its own materials and on an as-needed basis can source reputable materials on the open market We are able to provide off- and on-site training. <p></p> <mark>IT certification programs ensure the technical competence of IT professionals through a tangible measurement of skills and knowledge. The certification is one of the proofs with an aspirant which allows to manager to make sure the candidate’s ability, through a very competent way.</mark> <p></p> <br> - Web design & Development: HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, CMS, Java <br> - Application Development (PHP & MySQL, HTML 5, JavaScript)

Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub - school image
Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub

Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub is a project by the Faculty of Computing and Informatics at the Namibia University of Science and technology (NUST). <p></p> The Hub has been fully funded from November 2017 to October 2019 by the Finnish Embassy in Namibia. <p></p> Our goal is to become a self-sustaining entity, which will keep on providing inclusive innovation services in Namibia and beyond. To achieve this goal, we work together with partners – private sector companies, parastatals, government entities, NGOs, communities and innovators – who share our vision of a prosperous and inclusive Namibia. <p></p> What do we offer? <p></p> Unlike many other innovation Hubs in the world, we are not a physical working space but a network, which brings together people, organisations and resources. Our work includes and empowers those who are usually excluded when new solutions are developed. <p></p> <mark>We are specialised in developing IT innovations, but our approach is people-centric. We understand that technologies in themselves do not solve problems. That is done with people, with help from technologies.</mark>

The Business Bee Hive - school image
The Business Bee Hive

Got business meetings coming up and want to impress your investors and clients? Come visit The Business Hive on 8 Simeon Shixungileni Street to host your meetings and impress your clients and investors while doing so. <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - Boardrooms <br> - Training facility <mark><br> - Private office <br> - Co-working (Hot Desks)</mark>

Regus - Windhoek - school image
Regus - Windhoek

Base your business in Windhoek, one of Namibia’s key commercial hotspots. Mareua Mall is close to major highways and Hosea Kutako International Airport, allowing commuters and visitors to arrive with ease and park on site. <p></p> <mark>Plenty of natural light floods this modern workspace, with an outdoor terrace for those who want to work flexibly. Based within the shopping centre, access plenty of amenities, and entertain clients easily at the end of the day.</mark>

Dololo DoBox - school image
Dololo DoBox

Dololo DoBox offers Workhops, mentoring networking events, digital training and as well as project management for Start-up competitions, programmes and Corporate innovation projects <p></p> <mark>In addition to this, we connect organisations and leaders with the next generation of change-makers. Businesses engage with us to gain insights on trends, identify risks, access innovation and market views.</mark> <p></p> What can we do for you? <p></p> Pitchtraining in groups <br> In a small group together with like-minded young entrepreneurs we are practicing your pitch until its pitch-perfect! <p></p> Pitch Competition Prep <br> We are working with you individually before your pitch competition to make sure that both rhetoric and content are blowing the judges away! <p></p> Optimizing Pitchdeck <br> <mark>You have been in touch with an investor, who is interested in your business and asked for a pitchdeck? We can help you bring your business presentation to another level!</mark>

International University of Management - school image
International University of Management

The Bachelor of Science in Software Development is developed to aid eradicate the shortage of software developers in Namibia and the whole of Africa. This qualification <mark>equips students with the essential tools and proven techniques (including business as well as IT skills specialising in the development of software) that can help solve specific technically problems to spearhead major developmental initiatives and create culture of innovation and engagement.</mark> <p></p> Upon completion of this qualification, graduates would have acquired knowledge of software development, computer systems and management that will enable them to analyse, design and implement software solutions in a wide range of real world problems. They will be able to recognize the multidisciplinary nature of information systems and be familiar with Software Development. They would also be able to evaluate software effectiveness in a business enterprise.

University of Namibia - school image
University of Namibia

From instant messaging to contactless payments, we interact with computers every day. Computing helps enhance our quality of life and can be used to meet the challenges that ongoing advances in technology create. This course helps you acquire the knowledge and skills that are invaluable in the computing industry. <p></p> In this course, we aim to help you explore a range of topics, such as, <br> - Programming <br> - Software engineering <br> - Distributed computing <br> - Artificial intelligence <p></p> <mark>We'll look at both the theory and practical side of things to help you develop your abilities. Having knowledge of both makes all the difference when you seek employment in this rapidly expanding industry.</mark> <p></p> Your tutors will encourage you to identify problems, and then work out how to solve them using software. You might get involved in developing software solutions that use artificial intelligence (AI). Or perhaps you’ll look at how to use computing applications in engineering or scientific experiments to combat environmental problems.

Namibia University of Science and Technology - school image
Namibia University of Science and Technology

The department aims at providing educational opportunities for students who are interested in and motivated to work as Computer Scientists, Software Developers, Systems Administrators or Networks Specialists. <p></p> <mark>This programme is purposefully designed to provide skillful, competent and motivated graduates for the increasing and numerous challenging tasks of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) in the country and the Khomas region at large.</mark> <p></p> Students will have the opportunity to develop the required cognitive/intellectual skills, practical as well as key transferable skills, and apply these to address/solve CIT related problems/challenges in the context of an organisation, or the community.

Botswana Innovation Hub - school image
Botswana Innovation Hub

Botswana Innovation Hub offers a unique platform for scientific, technological and indigenous knowledge based innovation with core values of integrity, openness, excellence, collaboration, and innovation. <mark>They add value to existing companies, foster entrepreneurship, and technology transfer while generating knowledge-based jobs thereby attracting innovative companies and institutions to the space.</mark> <p></p> Our Services <br> Technology Entrepreneurship Development <br> - Incubation <br> - Business Acceleration <br> - Innovation Capacity Building <p></p> First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC) is a technology entrepreneurship development and innovation commercialization programme, within the Botswana Innovation Hub. The centre is established to support entrepreneurship and innovation through technology transfer. FSVC identifies, develops and nurtures viable technology-oriented start-up businesses with potential to grow locally and into international markets. <p></p> Innovation Funding <br> - <mark>Promoting Innovation through provision of seed/earlystage funding</mark> <p></p> Botswana Innovation Hub is mandated to coordinate the establishment of a functional and integrated national innovation ecosystem. Key to this, is the creation of Innovation Fund that promotes innovation through provision of seed/early stage funding to companies or organizations registered with the Botswana Innovation Hub which may subcontract part of the development work to universities and research organizations. <p></p> First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC) <br> First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC) is a technology entrepreneurship development and innovation commercialization programme, within the Botswana Innovation Hub. <mark>The centre is established to support entrepreneurship and innovation through technology transfer. FSVC identifies, develops and nurtures viable technology-oriented start-up businesses with potential to grow locally and into international markets.</mark> <p></p> FSVC offers support to start-up companies to harness the potential for economic diversification in the technology sphere through ventures that embrace locally relevant technology and technical support. The Centre offers services such as hot desking, business advisory, brand activation and publicity, fully furnished offices at affordable rates, technology entrepreneurship coaching and mentoring and matchmaking which connects start-ups with the right partners

SatoshiCentre - school image

It is a lab for learning new developments in the bitcoin space, including both second layer technology. <p></p> Mission <p></p> To mentor and train potential businesses and members of the fintech and blockchain community <p></p> To build an African blockchain hub that will incubate fintech and blockchain-based startups <p></p> To connect fintech and blockchain startups to investors with the aim of securing funding <p></p> To provide start-ups with access to funding in a stable environment where all stakeholders concerns are fulfilled <p></p> To provide online live pitch competitions where startups will be given an opportunity to pitch their ideas to onlive live investors <p></p> To select startups to be given an opportunity of being incubated at the SatoshiCentre Lab <p></p> To encourage collaboration between individuals, groups and startups in the fintech and blockchain industries <p></p> To explore fintech and blockchain use cases by actively identifying and developing selected business models for public use

Regus - Gaborone - school image
Regus - Gaborone

Thrive in eco-friendly office space in a vibrant business district. Build both your business and your green credentials at our iTowers offices in Botswana’s rapidly growing capital city. The business centre is built to the highest environmental and technical specifications and puts you at the heart of Gaborone’s thriving central business district. <p></p> <mark>Be productive in workspaces flooded with natural light, then grab some refreshments in the on-site coffee bar. When your day’s work is done, discover your new favourite place to eat from the selection of restaurants in the area.</mark>

Wena Work - school image
Wena Work

Whether it’s working for yourself, or remotely, it’s great to be independent. Entrepreneurship is key to a vibrant and functioning modern economy. The financial and emotional burden of starting a business can be challenging. Having an affordable and creative space to work shouldn’t be one of those challenges. <p></p> At Wena Work, we believe the only thing you should be thinking about is your future. Come join a truly inspirational community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Our purpose is to create an environment that allows you to focus on what’s really important, getting your work done and meet interesting people. All these in one place! <p></p> BENEFITS <p></p> <mark>Below are just a few things that make us unique. <br> - 24 Hr Access <br> - Mail Service <br> - Modern Open Design <br> - Reliable Internet <br> - HD Projectors (future) <br> - Conference Rooms (future) <br> - Group Events </mark>

University of Botswana - school image
University of Botswana

Get coding immediately with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After gaining a thorough understanding of the fundamental theory, you’ll apply your new knowledge to portfolio-building projects that will prepare you to enter the professional world with confidence. <p></p> The Value Proposition <mark> <br> - Get the fundamentals down, then specialize. Learning theory trains critical thinking, meaning you’ll become a qualified problem-solver—even with unfamiliar problems. <br> - Build your portfolio with project-based learning that develop your skills, teamwork, and passion. </mark>

Botswana Accountancy College - school image
Botswana Accountancy College

The programme aims to equip students with the necessary skills to use mobile technologies in a business and societal context by learning how to design, implement, support and evaluate a variety of mobile solutions for the enterprise customer. <p></p>CAREER PROSPECTS <mark> <br> - Mobile Application Developer <br> - Mobile Hardware Engineer <br> - Security Specialist <br> - Technoprenuer </mark>

Botho University - school image
Botho University

Students enrolled in this programme learn the basics of internet applications and design principles to produce effective websites using PHP at the front end, and MySQL at the back end. Graduates will be able to work in various positions in the IT industry such as Application developer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Database Administrator, Software Tester, among others. In addition, the module on Entrepreneurship equips them the skills to be self-employed if they wish to that direction. <p></p> What we offer <p></p> As a student of Certificate Level 3 in Web Designing you will: <mark> <br> - Benefit from the holistic teaching approach that instills not just the knowledge but the practical skills that will be deployed throughout your career. <br> - Leverage on opportunities to learn directly from peers and professionals in the industry through exchange programmes, internships and industrial training placements. <br> - Graduate with an internationally recognized qualification from Botho University that will see you become a qualified and competitive professional in your respective industry. </mark>

ABM University College - school image
ABM University College

The Computer Engineering program at ABM University College integrates pertinent science and mathematics courses with electrical engineering and computer courses in order to develop an engineer capable of designing and analyzing all aspects of modern computer systems. <mark>Students learn to think outside the box to develop creative solutions to problems including the design and analysis of computer hardware and software.</mark>

AfricaWorks Cape Town - school image
AfricaWorks Cape Town

Located in the heart of the Cape Town CBD, we offer our members with the inspiration they need to build their business and network. <p></p> Our mission is to unlock Africa’s business potential by providing high-quality office and coworking space solutions in cities across Africa including Abidjan, Accra, Cape Town, Dakar, Dar Es Salaam, Lagos, Lusaka and Nairobi and in turn creating vibrant and successful business communities across the continent. <p></p> Connect<br> <mark>AfricaWorks encourages the free flow of ideas to create a vibrant Pan-African community that grows together. Our community is made up of 2,000+ self-driven entrepreneurs/founders, C-Level executives, independent freelancers and creative artists from every industry imaginable across the continent.</mark> <p></p>Grow<br> Since we launched in 2019, we have recorded tremendous growth and helped a number of Africa’s best businesses grow under OneRoof®. We are ambitious for continued growth, and we do this by working with the best minds to provide new age thinking & solutions that address the continent’s potential. <p></p>Succeed<br> We are committed to your success, and we strive to share your success with our AfricaWorks Pan-African community. If you're looking to scale your business to the next level, our flexible spaces guarantee your success and growth under OneRoof ®

HillCross College of Higher Education - school image
HillCross College of Higher Education

The purpose of this qualification is to build a foundational entry into the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, specifically into the field of Systems Development, covering basic knowledge needed for further study in the field of Systems Development at Higher Education Levels. <p></p> A qualifying learner at this level will be a <mark>well-rounded entry-level Computer Systems Developer with a good fundamental knowledge of the Information Technology field, coupled with interpersonal and business skills, preparing for later specialization in Systems Development fields.</mark> <p></p> The qualification is designed to: <br> - Provide learners with an entry level for further study in Information Technology and related fields, as well as for initial employment in the computer industry. <br> - Provide a foundational qualification for people who are pursuing a career in the computer industry, or related fields. <mark>People with this qualification have an introductory level of understanding about computer industry concepts and/or are able to work in areas of Information Technology with little technical complexity, for example entry-level computer programming, as junior project team member.</mark> <br> - Have a flexible structure to allow for changing requirements in the computer industry, and to allow providers to create learning programmes with a predominantly Information Technology component but tailored to meet local, national or international needs. <p></p> Why study with us? <br> We provide high quality academic trainings that will enable you to get qualified in your chosen field; you will also be provided with a solid foundation to help you build your career or business. We’ll help you achieve your ambitions no matter how big they are and at the same time open your mind to possibilities you didn’t even know existed. Our standards are very high yet, we are easily accessible and affordable to everyone irrespective of their socio-economic background.

The Hive - school image
The Hive

One of the biggest challenges faced by start-up companies is finding an affordable office space. Give us a ring and get a quote for our reasonable weekly office rates. We also have co-sharing spaces. We are the perfect hive for your business. <mark>Our co-working space and virtual offices come with full service from our efficient staff to answer your calls as well as assist with any office work.</mark>

University of Eswatini - school image
University of Eswatini

The department works tirelessly on improving industrial participation and entrepreneurship. The key scholastic objective is to prepare students for research and being strong economic drivers. <p></p> Through our excellence in teaching, cutting edge research and commitment to community service we seek to become the Department of Choice in Africa. Our main goal right now is to grow into a School – one that will play a pivotal role in the country’s attainment of the 1st World Status in 2022. In a nutshell, GROWTH is our mantra. <mark>Currently, we are working on a number of direct and professional programmes which we hope will attract a lot of technology enthusiasts from all over the continent.</mark> <p></p> To boost our research profile we have formed a research group that will focus on Computational Intelligence and Health Informatics (Computational Intelligence and Health Informatics Research Group). The aims of this group are to mentor our students to become young researchers and to use research to respond to national problems e.g. fighting HIV and TB, and advancing agriculture. As a Department, we are also doing our best to create ICT awareness in the country and to make our voice heard in the country’s ICT discourse.

GrindNation Lesotho - school image
GrindNation Lesotho

"The entrepreneurial spirit in Maseru is alive and well. We just need a platform to showcase it" Unlike a traditional office, coworking spaces share an office environment among members who work for a range of different companies, ventures, and projects. <mark>This coworking space offers flexible and accommodating options where members can support each other, collaborate and thrive. We encourage entrepreneurship and the chance to inspire others with your story. We also believe in the importance of offering value, a community, and efficiency.</mark> <p></p> There are various packages GrindNation can offer you, including: <br> - Private offices: starting at M3500 per month <br> -Hot Desks: M1000 per month (Early bird special) <br> -Workshops / Networking Events – contact us <br> -Incubation

Progressive Co-workers Hub - school image
Progressive Co-workers Hub

Progressive Co-workers Hub is a Collaborative, and Flexible co-working Space, Members share a common boardroom, Reception and Kitchen. We have <mark>Dedicated Desk which can be rentable for a day/week or a month as well as private offices.</mark> <br> - Dedicated desk Package <br> - Common Boardroom, <br> - Reception, <br> - Kitchen with micro-wave, Tea/coffee and fridge <br> - Fridge <br> - Internet

National University of Lesotho - school image
National University of Lesotho

The Faculty of Science and Technology offers excellent opportunities to local and foreign students interested to build a career in any of the disciplines of Pure Sciences, Applied Sciences, Engineering and <mark>Technology</mark>. It has excellent teaching and research facilities and well-qualified staff. <p></p> Our vision is to be a leading faculty of the sciences, applied sciences and engineering in both teaching and research in order to provide innovative solutions to societal problems. <p></p> The mission of the Faculty is to utilize its share of resources for research, effective quality teaching in the major disciplines of the natural and applied sciences. In pursuit of its mandate the faculty shall take due cognizance of the overarching University Mission to place science and <mark>technology as drivers for developmental processes for the nation.</mark>

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology - school image
Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

This programme will direct students to the development and use of multimedia systems. Students are exposed and trained in the relevant programming skills with use of multimedia applications: Theoretical & Technical: Understanding the role of communication technology and tools as applied to distributed multimedia; <mark>Programming Skills: Developing skills and in-depth understanding of the use of multimedia tools (applications) with programming languages for Internet and World Wide Web applications;</mark> Design: Learning the importance of interactive design in computer programming.

TechTribe Accelerator - school image
TechTribe Accelerator

The TechTribe Accelerator (TTA) leverages a technology based e-learning and virtual mentorship system to support technology driven impact ventures across Africa to become investment ready, access capital and new networks. <p></p> <mark>Holistic entrepreneurship support and development</mark> <p></p>e -Learning <br> Flexible self-paced world class content to fit any founder’s schedule. <p></p>OnDemand Virtual Mentorship <br> Captains of industry available at the click of a button. <p></p>Community <br> A tribe of African innovators supporting and inspiring each other. <p></p>Access Investment <br> Facilitated introductions coming from reliable sources.

Algorithmics Zambia - school image
Algorithmics Zambia

Kids learn how to code in Python and test their skills in the most future-oriented IT fields, from game development to machine learning expertise. <p></p> Programming in practice <br> We focus on solving concrete problems, not abstract tasks: how you can send a friend an encrypted message, or add a scoring system to your game <p></p>Real work experience<br> <mark>Kids learn the A to Z of creating IT products: ideas and project plans, distributing tasks, teamwork, testing and presentation</mark> <p></p>Portfolio of projects<br> Students put together a developer portfolio of 3D games, sites, bots and apps that they’d be proud to show an employer <p></p> Teenagers learn to <br> - Develop 3D games in the most popular genres, just like real game designers <br> - Create websites using HTML and CCS, like real web developers <br> - Extract useful information from large data sets and build models, like true data scientists <br> - <mark>Launch mobile apps and present their products to a live audience, like real startup entrepreneurs</mark>

Hackers Guild - school image
Hackers Guild

Hackers Guild (HG) is a Zambian non-profit organization whose primary roles include innovative educational services in computer science and programming training, youth development and workforce development. Best place to embark on a journey as a professional software developer. Learn how to build web and mobile application in just 3 months. What We Do<br> Coding Bootcamps <br> <mark>The flagship program at HG is its 3 month-long intensive coding “bootcamp” that teaches professional software development from a beginner level leading to marketable skills, with focus on web and mobile application development. This program allows participants to learn how to be a programmer and builds adaptive skills that may be utilized in any programming language, leading students to be capable of solving complex problems using technology.</mark> <p></p> Hackerthons <br> To promote collaboration and sharing of knowledge we use hackathorns as a good place to highlight skills gained from respective coding clubs, Students are challenge to start solving real world problems using the skills gained from coding club activities. <p></p> School Clubs <br> As an initiative to spark computer science interest in high school, HG works with school age youth through coding clubs. The school coding clubs are meant to groom upcoming developers, as such we will set them up to be more than just an ordinary school club but a place to have fun as they build skills that will inform their career path. HG’s approach is to mentor a group of pupils who will take up the leadership role of the club with supervision of the teacher. They are then exposed to basic Web and mobile app development, electronics and game development.

BongoHive - school image

BongoHive is Zambia’s first technology and innovation hub. Established in May 2011 and based in Lusaka, the co-founders, all enthusiastic programmers, sought to address the gaps they experienced working within the local technology industry leading to a lack of coordination, skills exposure and productivity. <mark>BongoHive has evolved to assist scalable startups of any background by enhancing skills, accelerating growth, strengthening networks, increasing collaboration, providing a forum for ideas exchange and reducing the barriers to entrepreneurship.</mark> <p></p> We work with great minds building viable solutions that change the world. <p></p> We do this by providing a range of startup and tech programmes, workshops and events all focused on making Zambia Africa’s next hotbed of innovation. <p></p> The programmes that we have created have been crafted to guide startups through the entrepreneurial journey; from idea right through to getting investment. We collaborate extensively with like-minded organisations and industry leaders to ensure that we are delivering relevant material that helps startups thrive. Our partners and stakeholders include a number of Zambian government entities from local to republic level alongside both local and international non-governmental, corporate and tertiary education partners. <p></p> In addition to our startup programmes, <mark>we organise issue-specific workshops and seminars, support community developer groups on a variety of topics such as gaming and robotics and host a wide range of industry networking events.</mark>

The Bookworm Cave - school image
The Bookworm Cave

Providing you with serene environment for working, reading and studying with free fast and reliable WiFi. The Cave offers the following services for weekly and monthly subscriptions: <mark><br>1-Quiet reading, working and studying space <br>2-Small groups discussion rooms (useful for bookclubs) <br>3-Cafeteria <br>4-Complimentary refreshments and snacks for certain subscriptions packages <br>5-Outdoor space for reading, studying, working and small group discussions</mark>

Jacaranda Hub - school image
Jacaranda Hub

Jacaranda Hub is a Social Enterprise and Ecosystem developer providing support to young people and the youth through the provision of collective services, infrastructure, and specialized tools and equipment. <mark>We provide a conduit of resources and programs for aspiring MSMEs and entrepreneurs with growth potential; all targeted at improving the Startup/MSME landscape in Zambia. </mark>

Blue House - school image
Blue House

Focus and thrive in a prominent business location. Give your business an impressive new base in one of the most prominent commercial areas in Lusaka. Located in the first modern-style shopping centre to have been established in the Zambian capital, our Blue House workspaces have a major conference centre on the doorstep. <p></p> <mark>Work productively in vibrant modern office spaces that feature a comfortable lounge area and videoconferencing studio, as well as secure underground parking.</mark> When it’s time for a break, stroll across the road to a wide choice of shops, restaurants, cinemas and hotels.

DigiHub Lusaka - school image
DigiHub Lusaka

Connect with local entrepreneurs and talented professionals while building your company by opting for one of our Co-Working Packages. You can book online via Credit Card or Mobile Money. <p><mark>We give entrepreneurial-minded people the freedom to thrive in a collaborative working environment. Our co-working space encompasses gathering talented individuals under one roof in a shared environment, which promotes innovation, collaboration, creativity, community spirit and exchange of ideas.</mark></p>

Victoria Falls University of Technology - school image
Victoria Falls University of Technology

Our programmes are properly curated and will enable students to familiarize themselves with the latest trends in technology and meet the business needs of their employers. Information technology – often shortened to just IT – is a buzz phrase you’ve probably heard ad nauseum if you happen to work with IT personnel or went to school for anything related to computers. IT workers are highly specialized in their field, which is probably why they’re often just called “IT nerds.” <mark> Our ICT students engage themselves in a number of inspiring and brilliant projects each year. Thanks to our highly specialized lecturers and lab equipment, our students get all their hands on training they need.</mark>

Mukuba University - school image
Mukuba University

The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 2016 with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science. The Department has modern facilities for teaching, learning and research. The Department embarked on a wide array of research opportunities and programs of study at undergraduate and postgraduate level. A basic level of Computer science is not required by anyone who wishes to study in any computer programme as the Department embarked on 2- year certificate programme, 3- year Diploma programme and currently running a 4 year undergraduate programme jointly with school of education. <mark>With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation there is high demand of skilled computer scientists and to bridge this gap, the department of Computer Science under the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has proposed a coordinated suite of programs that shall provide the greatest number of pathways to prepare our students for becoming computer science engineers and be part of great asset to the institution and the nation at large.</mark>

Eden University - school image
Eden University

Learning at Eden university is more than a Course or a Certificate. Our vision is to Nurture Possibility and Stir Change. We do this by caring for our students individual needs and keeping our classes small and friendly. Our tutors value your individual experience, and students learn from one another. In this atmosphere of respect and encouragement, new possibilities and life-changing learning thrive. Eden University is a thriving hub in lusaka where you can <mark>learn new skills, meet new, interesting people and change the direction of your life. If you are looking for a Certificate that opens employment opportunities, a Short Course that offers new skills, or a Lifestyle Course to add fun and sparkle, we welcome you!</mark> <p></p> What you will learn<br> - All PHP Fundamentals and Building Blocks with practical implementation in Projects <br> - Form Validation with most Secure way using Regular Expressions <br> - Making web pages dynamic with the variety of PHP Techniques <br> - Employee Management System CRUD Application in PHP From Scartch <br> - Complete CMS ( Content Management System) with Admin-Panel <br> - Getting Started with Bootstrap 4 FrameWork from scratch without using any Bootstrap Template <br> - Using PHP Sessions in a more sophisticated way and pass information easily on different modules of Project <br> - Powerful Web Forms which will be Free of Hack <br> - Build Professional CRUD

The Sandbox Co - school image
The Sandbox Co

We are a boutique membership based coworking space situated in Mass Media, Lusaka. We've created a unique and flexible working experience, the perfect office alternative for the suburban entrepreneur and start-up looking for a productive environment in the Age of Distraction. A Creative Collaborative Co-Working Space with boutique flair, industrial inspired furniture, quirky open workspaces. We are passionate about creativity. The first week is on the house. Come check us out. Oh and there's pour over coffee too. <p></p> Fully adaptable <br> Focus on your passion. Let us streamline your operations so you can keep doing what you love. We act as the central platform for all your activities and we create spaces for you too. <p></p> Business Support <br> You We will offer you compliance, legal and printing services all in-house. You do not need to leave to get things done anymore. <p></p> Collaborative Environment <br> <mark>We understand the important role your contacts play in your business eco-system, which is why the Sandbox creates an environment to create contacts by interacting with other members.</mark>

Mansfield University Lusaka - school image
Mansfield University Lusaka

In the Information Technology, B.S., you’ll learn to design, implement, and evaluate computer-based systems and programs to solve an organization’s challenges. You can also tailor your degree to build skills in business, telecommunications, digital media, and database management to suit your goals and interests. <mark>Information Technology and Computing is an excellent choice to help advance your career. It covers a wide range of topics but some themes include software applications, hardware, programming, security, business applications, design, artificial intelligence, databases, medical records, and others. </mark>

DMI St Eugene University - school image
DMI St Eugene University

The Department of Computer Science offers programs of study related to computing, information technology, software design and application. The Computer Science Department’s aim is to <mark>present our students with up-to-date curricula and pedagogy in the computer science and information systems disciplines, to ensure that they have a solid foundation in the core concepts, equip them with problem solving and decision-making skills, and prepare them for lifelong learning in the discipline.</mark> The department provides for and encourages collegial, intellectual, and academic growth of its faculty. The department supports and encourages local and regional technology initiatives contributing to educational and economic advances. Students may pursue full-time or part-time study leading to a Certificate in Diploma in Computer Science or to B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees.The students of undergraduate programme spend 8 weeks for Industrial Practical trainings (IPTR).

The Zambia Catholic University - school image
The Zambia Catholic University

The Bachelor of Information Technology Degree is a four year programme designed to equip students with Information Technology skills that are in demand in industry. Students are not only given technology skills but will also learn how to morally and ethically apply their knowledge in the workplace. The programme aims to <mark>give students industry skills that are required in the rapidly changing world of computing technology.</mark> Students can take on various IT roles such as positions in web development, database administration and network administration.

Impact Hub Lusaka - school image
Impact Hub Lusaka

Impact Hub Lusaka (IHL) offers Co-working space for entrepreneurs and Social Innovators. Our co-working space provides an inspirational environment that allows deliberate collaboration and mutual inspiration among the members. <mark>We connect entrepreneurs and innovators to large organizations, investors and the public sector. Why? To enable inclusive and sustainable innovation at scale. We believe that the time to act is now. And the way to act is together.</mark>

Rusangu University - school image
Rusangu University

Prepare yourself for a rewarding business information systems career. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Computer Information Systems at Rusangu University provides a foundation in critical thinking and analysis of systems development, including training to prepare for diverse business information technology careers. <p></p> <mark>As a BBA Computer Information Systems student, you will build a well-rounded, business-savvy skill set that combines analysis, design, development, and management of information systems. This business-focused degree will enrich your problem-solving skills, data communications capabilities, and your ability to analyze, design, and build systems.</mark> <p></p> Talk with an advisor to find out how you can pursue a micro-credential (9 credit hours) while pursuing this degree. Micro-credential options: Business Analytics & Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Financial Management & Analysis, Project Management, and Supply Chain Management.

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The Quorum

Everything you need for business is at your fingertips in the The Quorum’s business centre, The Hub. It is a state-of-the- art facility where members can work seamlessly, <mark>offering private meeting rooms, communal workstations and private work pods all equipped with curved screens and dex stations.</mark> The luxurious boardrooms and conference rooms are kitted out with 75” flat screen TVs and interactive digital flip charts with the aim of synchronised accessibility for seamless collaboration and integrated audio and video conferencing facilities for real time global conferencing.

AnakaziWorks - school image

AnakaziWorks was created to meet the need for Women to have a space just for them: a space to share ideas, connect, and support each other. The space is designed to help women to truly have a voice, surrounded by other inspiring and encouraging women who are ready to listen. <mark>In terms of community, the AnakaziWorks provides a space for female friendships, support circles, professional mentoring, networking, and bonding. The AnakaziWorks is your personal office with meeting rooms, desk-spaces, events spaces, out-door arts area, and an in-house mini-cafe.</mark> The AnakaziWorks is an affiliate of Anakazi Center which is also incredibly involved in business development and advocacy, supporting women entrepreneurs, and partnering with organizations that work with underserved women and girls. Enjoy speedy Wi-Fi, coffee, quiet rooms, lockers, and support our women economic empowerment programs by shopping at our gift shop and fashion studio.

Northrise University - school image
Northrise University

The BIT Web and Software Development program emphasizes the acquisition of software design and development skills. Students pursing this program will <mark>learn how to develop innovative and usable software, describe key processes for software acquisition, development and maintenance, select the most appropriate life cycle for a given development as well as estimate the effort, resources and time required to execute a project.</mark> The course will explore software development from a managerial perspective putting emphasis on the selection of appropriate development life-cycle for the problem at hand, estimating effort and development times, in understanding the unintended consequences of common project management actions within and across projects and challenges of outsourcing and working with distributed teams. <p></p> Program Objectives <br> This understanding means that after the course, students should be able to: <br> - Perform background research and a feasibility study prior to embarking on a development project. <br> - Develop and customize quality software solutions applicable to Zambia and the international market. <br> - Understand software development methods and practices, and their appropriate application in Zambia. <br> - Demonstrate basic competency in Web development, programming and deployment. <br> - Collect and analyze user requirements using a formalism such as UML, including business process modeling. Explain and apply Web design and usability principles applicable to a Zambian context.

ZCAS University - school image
ZCAS University

In order to develop, maintain systems in operation, and evolve software systems that are of high quality, it is imperative that the Computing professionals must understand software development and its evolution as an engineering discipline. <mark>This program will facilitate an understanding of the theoretical foundations of software engineering and demonstrated critical application of software engineering theory to real world problems.</mark> <p></p> The overall aim of the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSE) degree programme is to provide learners a thorough understanding of the relationship between the processes used in the engineering of software systems, the software products produced, and the theory, laws, and models that provide a rational basis for the practice of software engineering.

Cavendish University Zambia - school image
Cavendish University Zambia

This is a 4-year programme designed to prepare students to apply the skills, knowledge and competencies in the computing domain thus allowing them to contribute to the computing and Information technology professions. <mark>It trains students in current technologies such as databases, operating systems, network systems, mobile and web development, artificial and business intelligence and data security.</mark>

Zambian Open University - school image
Zambian Open University

What you'll learn, Core PHP and Fundamentals of MySQL Databases for PHP Web Applications. Object Oriented Programming Concept in PHP. Creating Web Applications using PHP and MySQL. Bootstrap Framework for creating responsive web designs. Basics HTML, CSS for Web Page Designing. PHP

Mulungushi University - school image
Mulungushi University

The objectives of the Bachelor of Computer Science include: To provide an academic, research and training environment whose standards match those of recognised institutions of computer studies elsewhere. <mark>To furnish Zambia with the computer skills and professional expertise necessary for national development. <br> - To produce graduates who are able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles, and theories relating to computer science and software applications. They must have an understanding of the elements of computational thinking.</mark> <br> - To produce graduates who are able to deploy appropriate theory, practices, and tools for the specification, design, implementation, and maintenance as well as the evaluation of computer-based systems. <br> - To ensure that graduates are guided by the social, professional, legal and ethical as well as cultural issues involved in the use of computer technology. <br> - To produce graduates with practical capabilities and skills to specify, design, and implement computer-based systems. They must be able to apply the principles of effective information management and human computer interaction while taking into account security issues. <br> - To produce graduates who are able to effectively use and deploy tools for the construction and documentation of software or system development and implementation. <br> - To produce graduates who are able to communicate and work effectively as members of software development and/or implementation team while at the same time able to manage themselves.

Copperbelt University - school image
Copperbelt University

The BSc. degree in the Computer Science department started in the 1996 academic year and has been operating continuously since then. This programme is in line with contemporary programs offered in many countries and follows Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) best practices and curriculum recommendations. <p></p> The key learning outcomes of this programme are to produce graduates: <br> - <mark>Who can design and develop computer software systems, and maintain those as necessary; <br> - Who have the knowledge of the principles and practice of information technology;</mark> <br> - Who have knowledge and understanding of computer hardware and software; <br> - Who have the ability to organize and manage material and human resources; <br> - Who are well equipped to initiate, maintain and enhance a computer installation in different organisations; <br> - Who can contribute to programmes of applied research in commercial and industrial problems; <br> - Who can readily work with people in other disciplines; and <br> - Who can continue their studies in post-graduate programs in Zambia and abroad.

University of Zambia - school image
University of Zambia

The objective of the department is to provide an academic, research and training environment whose standards match those of recognized institutions of computer studies elsewhere. <mark>To furnish this country with the computer skills and professional expertise necessary for national development.</mark> The department is currently offering programs to both undergraduate and postgraduate level. At undergraduate level, the main program offered is Bachelor of Science in Computer Science while at Postgraduate level, the department is currently offering the Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science. Plans are under way to introduce Master programs. The department is also a CISCO Networking Academy and offers short courses in CCNA and IT Essentials.

Craft + Graft - school image
Craft + Graft

Craft+Graft is an inspiring coworking space in Gardens, Cape Town. We offer a collaborative workspace for co-working, meetings and events in a beautiful building <p></p><mark>Choose the membership plan that best fits your need, and access a shared or private office space in the heart of the CBD. Ultra-fast uncapped WiFi, a shared kitchen, a well-stocked coffee shop, and a friendly team will allow you to focus on work and your next big idea.</mark> <p></p> Our direct ties to Silicon Valley in the United States make Craft+Graft particularly interesting for startups seeking funding or looking to grow their business overseas. Experience a shared workspace in Cape Town like never before!

Regus - Cape Town - school image
Regus - Cape Town

Make a home for your business with a Regus private office. Our fully-equipped workspaces have everything taken care of – from the furniture to the high-speed WiFi – so you can focus on driving your business forward.<p></p> Our coworking spaces are designed with collaboration in mind. Choose your perfect location from thousands around the world and get to work among a like-minded community in our shared office space. <mark>Reserve a dedicated desk or drop in and hot-desk, and open your business up to new possibilities.</mark>

Cape Town Office - school image
Cape Town Office

Can’t work from home? You're not alone. Join the community of coworkers at Cape Town Office, whether you're on your own or a small team. <mark>Network | Collaborate | Grow | Productive Desks with dedicated LAN points - Fibre internet</mark>

House Of_ - school image
House Of_

A serviced office space in Cape Town, South Africa where the dream you're building comes to life. <mark>Whatever field you're in – finance, science, creative, logistics, or any of the millions out there – our doors open.</mark> Let’s make our house, your home.

Office and Co - school image
Office and Co

Beautifully curated, covid compliant, fully serviced office spaces in South Africa. <mark>We aim to inspire creativity in a productive, artistic corporate, work space environment.</mark> Situated in Kyalami and Rosebank in Gauteng and Bree St in Cape Town

Cube Workspace - school image
Cube Workspace

Cube Workspace is a South African company providing premium serviced office and co-working space for the <mark>modern professional looking to either start-up a business or expand their footprint.</mark> <p></p> Our "Co-Space" solution comes with the benefits of flexibility and mobility while you work and grow your business. It allows you to fulfill your day-to-day business activities in a shared, productive and secure workspace environment, as well as providing you the added benefit of networking with like-minded people. "Co-Space" empowers you to choose from various custom-made services to suit your business requirements. <p></p> No matter what your office space requirement may be, we have options to fit your business and budget. Our workspaces can be altered to accommodate your needs to create an environment that suits you best.

Hustle House - school image
Hustle House

At Hustle House, we believe that co-working should be fun, inclusive and provide you with a network of like-minded individuals with the same goal - getting sh!t done. <p></p> <mark>We're more than just a place to go to work. We believe in fellow Hustlers working together, and helping each other out.</mark>

Oribi Village - school image
Oribi Village

We are a local initiative aiming to bring social entrepreneurs together in the Mother City and its surrounding townships, by providing a comfortable place for professionals to gather. <br> Inspire<br> <mark>Raise global awareness on entrepreneurship & social responsibility in South Africa.</mark> <p></p> Connect<br> Bring a sense of commitment & reciprocity in the SA entrepreneurial mindset. <p></p> Experiment<br> Drive entrepreneurs, organisations, public authorities & companies to impact society through tangible action.

Explore Data Science Academy - school image
Explore Data Science Academy

EXPLORE is a team of passionate scientists committed to delivering the highest quality Data Science education money can buy. We have worked in various industries solving seemingly impossible problems for clients all over the globe.<mark>We are experts in data subjects, technology design, experiential educational and aligning teams to achieve great things - that’s a potent combination.</mark> <p></p> We believe that humans with the right aptitude and attitude can change the world, and that’s what we’re set on doing, and empowering our learners to do throughout their time studying with us. <p></p> Our philosophy is to teach our students how to solve problems in the real world. We emphasise teamwork, collaboration and working within constraints, under deadlines … while understanding context, audience and implementation challenges.

MasterGrade IT - school image
MasterGrade IT

We offer a wide range of training courses and learning methods. Classroom, Part Time Classroom, Online and Live Online. Training for the beginner to the advanced user. <p></p> <mark>Programming Courses. Do you want to create your own software? Get hands-on experience with Microsoft Visual Studio.Create Mobile,Web and Desktop Applications. Get started with C#, Java, VB and many more.</mark>

Blockchain Academy - school image
Blockchain Academy

The Blockchain Academy was established in 2015 and is the first of its kind in South Africa. Entrepreneurs, developers and institutions from many different industries attend our training and consulting sessions to learn about the innovative potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. We have provided training in the following seven African countries: Swaziland, Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa as well as in the Sultanate of Oman. <p></p> Many industries are now paying close attention to this technology that could radically improve business processes between companies and individuals. The African Development Bank, Barclays Africa, Standard Bank, Old Mutual, Direct Axis, Absa and the Central Bank of Swaziland and Oman have already attended some of our courses and presentations at our offices in Cape Town, on-site or at another convenient locations in various countries. <p></p> <mark>Experts say blockchain technology is broadly applicable, highly disruptive and could shape our future as much as AI or the Internet. But what’s hype, and what’s true? What should you learn first to separate the signal from the noise?</mark> <p></p> We provide these answers during our presentations, training and consulting sessions.

Torque IT - school image
Torque IT

With over 20 years of experience, Torque IT is recognised throughout the globe as the principal Information Communication Technology (ICT) training solutions provider to blue chip companies and the public sector. The Torque IT business is based on a culture of customer service and an unwavering commitment to always providing the highest quality product and service available. Torque IT offers completely customizable training and enablement solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements whilst retaining the quality and credibility associated with standard vendor authorized training courses. Torque IT promotes international certification in all cases, this leading to a better industry reputation, higher-quality work and improved efficiency, competence and competitiveness, thereby enabling the current and future generation of IT Professionals. Training and Certification Solutions: When selecting an IT training, enablement, and certification solutions partner there are key factors that, when combined, make for a high quality; successful and memorable learning experience. Torque IT takes training to the next level by: Offering training on 24+ key vendor technologies, all under one roof; Maintaining a 92 % Client satisfaction rating; Providing 65 state of the art training facilities; Offering our Clients 6 different training methods: Virtual training, Onsite training, Customised training, Distance learning, a rolling six month public schedule and various blended training solutions; Scheduling 320+ vendor accredited courses per month; Training in over 20+ African countries Main line of business: Torque IT assists Clients to strategically master their technology investment by providing the ever so popular, industry-preferred, instructor-led training methodology. Training is conducted in a dynamic practical and theoretical environment through the use of hands-on-labs, vendor accredited courseware and interactive discussions, overseen by a team of internationally certified Instructors.

Zaio - school image

Zaio is dedicated to creating training programs that promote life-long learning in order to cultivate leaders that will drive the future of African and Global innovation. <p></p> Coding powers every corner of our digital world. The applications and softwares that we use on a daily basis are written in code and their very existence is the reason why coding is so important. <mark>Zaio aims to equip individuals and companies with the necessary skills to code and become their own problem solvers, builders and architects of the digital age. </mark>

TuksNovation - school image

TuksNovation is a non-profit technology incubator and accelerator that is located at the University of Pretoria. TuksNovation provides start-ups with specialised product and business development support throughout their start-up growth journeys by assisting entrepreneurs to refine technologies and validate business models for the relevant markets. <p></p> <mark>Our programmes enable start-ups to commercialise innovative technology into new sustainable enterprises with social and economic impact.</mark> <p></p> We create an ecosystem that fosters innovation by connecting science and technology innovators with corporates, academics and government.

Future Females Coworking Space - school image
Future Females Coworking Space

We are beyond excited to have officially launched one of the first female focused coworking spaces in South Africa, in partnership with Inner City Ideas Cartel. <p></p> We partnered with Inner City by Ideas Cartel to build an organic, supportive, holistic, coworking space, designed to facilitate female entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives and out-of-the-box thinkers to meet, connect and build the future! <mark>Our aim was to create a space where female entrepreneurs can collaborate, connect, inspire each other and feel safe to fail, and to win!! P.S. we are pet friendly!</mark>

Cape Town Garage - school image
Cape Town Garage

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of renting and running an office? Don’t have time or funds to invest in furniture and pay a huge deposit? We provide why trade binary options an affordable, hassle-free office solution with great facilities. <mark>Tap into business networks and bring clients to a stylish space.</mark> Grow your space as you grow your business. <p></p> Open plan, beautiful, co-working space for startups, techies, entrepreneurs and new economy businesses. We provide a flexible, all-inclusive office solution in a great part of the city. Work around some of Africa’s most innovative enterprises and enjoy our growth-focused events. <p></p> Connect > co-work > create. <p></p> The Cape Town Garage is one of 3 co-working tech hubs in Africa – There are also Garages in Nairobi and Lagos. Our vision is for Africa to be a power-house of tech, innovation and entrepreneurship, and our hubs are home to those making that happen. By providing affordable, flexible office space, the Garages allow companies to focus on what is important – growing their business. We do more than provide a practical and effective office solution – we create the environment for young businesses to build networks, share ideas and collaborate on new projects. The Garages are the go-to places for entrepreneurship, investment and tech in Africa.

Incus Data - school image
Incus Data

At Incus Data, we believe that good programming is both an art and a skill. We believe that training programmers and software developers in new skills - such as Java, C, C++ and web development - requires a different approach to training users. <p></p> User training involves training new users how to do a specific task. Training programmers, on the other hand, means <mark>training people to understand the methodologies, tools and thinking processes involved for a new language or technology, and how to apply these to real-world problems.</mark> <p></p> We also understand that training adults is very different to training children. For example, did you know that a lecturer has to repeat something more for adults than a teacher would have to for children?. <p></p> We teach you more than just a new programming language or technology. Our courses also teach you good coding practice and better ways to make your code cleaner and easier to maintain. <p></p> In the words of respected coding guru Rick Osborne: "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live." <p></p> Why? <mark>Because coding matters.</mark>

Code College - school image
Code College

Our Coding Bootcamps are designed to get you on employment - graded coding levels. <p></p> Expert teachers <br> Our founder has 30 years experience in coding and teaching after he did his BSc Hons in Computer Science. He worked locally and abroad. All our trainers follows his example of learning practically. <p></p> Trusted certifications <br> Our competency certificates are well-respected in the industry and many students found work by obtaining these. Many professionals found career advancement after doing one of our short courses. Our Java Bootcamp is aligned with the international ORACLE JAVA OCP Certification. <p></p> Since 1990 in Consulting, Since 2004 in Training <br> We are very well entrenched in the IT Industry. Our founding company, Compuways is in the recruitment and consulting industry since 1990. Our cutting-edge training courses are in shaping careers since 2004. <p></p> Become a first-time software developer with us <br> <mark>Our Coding Bootcamps are designed to prepare you for a job by teaching you the hottest skills in a practical way. How many people can say they have done a course, but how many can say they have done a course and learned to apply their knowledge at the same time.</mark>

Tshimologong - school image

Cities around the world are developing high-tech digital clusters that lead to the advancement of innovation, business and economic growth as well as job creation. Johannesburg is a connecting node to the world with the development of Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct, strategically located in Braamfontein. We form the nexus point where the vibrancy of inner-city life converges with the creativity of youth, the scalability of big business, the academic rigour of Wits University and proximity to other educational institutions. <p></p> With the intention of <mark>creating world-leading African digital entrepreneurs, we actively identify emerging talent to create and grow digital ventures. We are also the place for the business community to develop your digital innovation capacity by investing in relevant enterprise and supplier development, along with creating your digital skills pipeline. </mark> <p></p> We are unwavering in our pursuit to normalise African excellence, solving local challenges and taking action on opportunities with digital solutions. This is made possible by the Pan-African focused programming, international partnerships and a supportive local government – City of Joburg and Gauteng Provincial Government.

IT Academy - school image
IT Academy

Learn, Practice writing Code with instant feedback in a Live Environment. Partners with IT certification vendors Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft & MICT Seta. Courses are designed and led by Certified Professionals, Mobile Access. e-Learning content delivered via Video, Quizzes, Virtual labs & Mentoring. Free One-on-One Live Mentoring with Certified IT Experts. Take Practice Tests designed to mimic the actual exam. <p></p> Become a Software Developer in 9 months. The software development(PROGRAMMING) course covers the <mark>3 most crucial programming languages C#, Python and Java.</mark> The Software Development course includes Software Fundamentals (MTA), Database Fundamentals (MTA), MCSA, MCSA Web App Development, MCSA Database Query, C#, Microsoft Azure, Python, Software Testing and Java Programming courses.

RLabs - school image

RLabs is a South African award-winning non-profit company, established in 2009 in Bridgetown, Cape Town. We have since expanded the RLabs model to 23 countries across 5 continents impacting more than 20 million people through our work. The main aim of RLabs is to create environments and systems where people are impacted, empowered and transformed through HOPE, Innovation, Technology, Training and Economic Opportunities. To date, more than 200,000 people have accessed RLabs skills, training and economic empowerment programmes <p></p> The RLabs innovation lab currently partners with a variety of international organizations, private companies and public sector partners to develop solutions to drive social change. RLabs creates and provides spaces in communities for co-creation events and workshops that connects community members with the networks and resources to solve some of the social challenges impacting the community. <p></p> <mark>Labs provides a support programme for small businesses and entrepreneurs assisting them in growing their enterprises.</mark>

Eastern Cape Information Technology Initiative - school image
Eastern Cape Information Technology Initiative

The Eastern Cape Information Technology Initiative (ECITI) is a non -profit company, established by the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) in 2004. It was setup to facilitate the sustainable development for small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs) in the information communication and technology (ICT) and film sectors in the Eastern Cape. <p></p> Our programmes are designed to stimulate the Eastern Cape’s ICT sector with the aim to position the province as one of Africa’s leading centres for ICT excellence. <p></p> Our incubation programme is designed to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through various support resources and services. Incubation is offered to resident (in-house) companies in our East London head office and Queenstown satellite office. We also offer a virtual programme to companies based in other parts of the Eastern Cape province but want to benefit from our business support services geared to assist with the early stage development of their companies.

Workshop17 - school image

We provide a unique and holistic option for an interesting and dynamic response to the changing nature of work. <p></p> We provide a continuum of space from your home to the office. Our spaces include phone booths, meeting rooms, boardrooms and auditoriums which <mark>allow you to work, meet and collaborate in an optimal environment.</mark> <p></p> Our memberships offer a sanctuary away from home. Work, meet and network in a safe hygienic environment. Whether you occasionally need a space or a dedicated seat, we have a membership to suit your needs.

Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative - school image
Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative

CiTi does so by creating globally competitive tech and innovation sectors, to enable sustainable economic growth and greater employment. <p></p> CiTi was established in 1999 and works at the intersection of business, government and society to positively shape the future of the economy and society with the use of innovation and technology. We see this model as the key driver for systemic, regional change and progression. <p></p> Our success at building successful regional technology ecosystems are recognised in a recent Endeavor Insight, 2018 report “Evaluation & Network Analysis of the Cape Town – Stellenbosch Tech Sector”. <p></p> The report concluded “Cape Town is arguably the most productive and impactful tech hub in Sub-Saharan Africa.” <p></p> CapaCiTi Digital Career Accelerator is the skills development division of CiTi. CapaCiTi’ s vision is to enable inclusive growth of the digital economy by ensuring a supply pipeline of future-fit, <mark>skilled employees with relevant digital skills matched to industry demand.</mark> <p></p> We do this through innovative training and experiential learning programmes that focus on both technical and professional development. <p></p> CapaCiTi brings together expertise, technology and resources from industry, academia, government and impact funders in order to <mark>develop young South African talent with in-demand skills, giving them a foundation for successful and fulfilling careers.</mark> <p></p> Candidates receive blended training at our Tech Campuses via an online learning platform that promotes self-learning and group work as part of a holistic programme designed to develop digitally confident candidates. Industry mentors provide teams with a business challenge and ask them to investigate a solution and present back to their mentor weekly. These activities enhance team work, communication and create a culture of solution-driven design thinking.

mLab - school image

Technology and Entrepreneurship are the pillars on which Africa will build a prosperous and sustainable future. <p></p> mLab is a tech-centred business working alongside partners to build a vibrant, robust innovation ecosystem. We do this by identifying and nurturing the tech-talent among our youth, supporting budding tech-entrepreneurs and their fledgling businesses, and creating tech that brings about change and improves the lives of all South Africans. We also run a number of pan-African programmes to broaden the reach and impact of our participants and stakeholders alike. <p></p> <mark>mLab places great importance on driving social and economic impact within the ICT sector. The organisation has a strong focus on empowering youth and driving inclusive innovation within the digital economy. It does this by providing support to its programme participants in order to de-risk them for relevant industry opportunities. These programmes include; Skills Development, Enterprise Development and Technology Development.</mark> <p></p> mLab runs the CodeTribe Academy which aims to drive inclusive digital innovation in South Africa. The coding programme provides training and work experience to talented youth in the townships to <mark>develop – Android, iOS and Web solutions. Participants are also up-skilled in cloud technologies, scrum agile project management and other soft skills to drive employment and self-employment.</mark> With over 500 developers trained and 48% being females, the programme assists graduates pursue employment and self-employment careers in ICT.

The Innovation Hub - school image
The Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub, the innovation agency of the Gauteng Province is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency. It was established by the Gauteng Provincial Government through its Department of Economic Development to promote economic development and competitiveness of Gauteng through fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. <p></p> The Innovation Hub offers a number of incubation programmes in the Bioeconomy (agro processing and pharmaceutical), Smart Industries (ICT and advanced manufacturing) and Green Economy (Water purification, waste management and renewable energy). In addition, The Innovation Hub <mark>operates a range of enterprise development, skills development and innovation enabling programmes both in the science park and throughout the Gauteng region.</mark> <p></p> CoachLab® is a youth skills development programme managed by The Innovation Hub in collaboration with prominent industry partners, government and academia. The programme is committed to the development of a diverse skills base in the ICT, Engineering, Green and Media sectors. The aim is to instil business principles and the value of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking amongst the participating youth through mentorship by programme partners. <p></p> CoachLab® focuses on bridging the gap between academia and the demands of industry. The programme includes personal, leadership and professional development. The participants of the programme are introduced to project-based learning where the focus is on exposure and the application of project management principles in a real-time project environment. In addition to this, all participants have access to personal coaching that focuses on grooming for optimum performance and value delivery. The industry partners allocate mentors who offer technical support and provide insight on projects that the participants would embark on.

JoziHub - school image

JoziHub is a co-creation space in Johannesburg dedicated to creating sustainable change in Africa. <p></p> South Africa has the most developed telecommunications industry on the continent (there are more Sim cards than people). Within the context of this dynamic country, Johannesburg continues to be the engine room of the African economy and the perfect location for an incubator created to kickstart & accelerate innovation in the tech and social spheres. <p></p> <mark>We foster a culture of openness and innovation – providing a space to share ideas, collaborate and explore the opportunities created by the social and technological changes which are transforming our continent.</mark> In addition to providing a stimulating working environment we provide our members with access to a network of innovators and inspirational events and activities. <p></p> Jozihub is here to help and support entrepreneurs that are making an impact on the technological landscape in South Africa. <mark>The Jozihub ecosystem connects technologists, entrepreneurs and designers to bring about social change and innovation.</mark> <p></p> Jozihub is more than a co-working space, it’s an entrepreneurial ecosystem providing a community network, workspace, event space, workshops, mentorship and further benefits to its members.

SmartXechange - school image

The Durban Technology Hub t/a SmartXchange is an incubator whose core mandate is to provide enterprise development services to small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME’S) in the Media, Information Communication Technology and electronics sector. <p></p> SmartXchange manages a programme that identifies and assists in developing quality skilled MICTe SMME’s in KwaZulu Natal and also to build a pool of skilled MICTe workers that will enable KwaZulu Natal businesses to flourish. <p></p> <mark>SmartXchange partners with corporates from the MICTe industry, tertiary institutions and the government sector to work towards up skilling entrepreneurs and the youth.</mark> <p></p> Through these partnerships, SmartXchange is able to also contribute towards the creation of sustainable jobs, economic growth and the competitiveness of the province. <p></p>

School of IT - school image
School of IT

School of IT is a leading tech education company, created and started by an IT enthusiast in 2015. 2x Internationally Award-winning courses (Best Online Coding Bootcamp winner 2020 & Best Online Coding Bootcamp winner 2021). We have the vision to be the leaders in the IT training Industry, in South Africa and Internationally. <p></p> What separates us is:<br> <br>- Overall we believe in the <mark>practical approach to programming and any IT course, hence you will have a portfolio of industry related work</mark> <br>- Flexibility: we fit into your schedule! Start a course anytime! Once you register, your personal mentor contacts you and arranges times and dates that fit into your schedule! (PS: sessions should be a minimum of 2 hours long) One on One training, private attention! <br>- Vast Knowledge, all our mentors are certified and have that fun/serious edge to them (IT should be fun) <br>- Have the option to get internationally accredited and recognized in under 6 months! <br>- We assist you in getting a job! <br>- Furthermore what you gain in 5 days to 6 months with our short courses is most often more than what you gain in 1-3 years at other institutions.

Umuzi - school image

Umuzi works with top employers to support young people to access high-value tech and creative careers. Umuzi Academy offers free one-year full-time paid learnerships in coding, data, and design in Johannesburg. The program teaches a variety of skills including JavaScript, Node,js, Python, SQL, and UX/UI design. <p></p> Youth unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing South Africa. Since 2014, we’ve been building an alternative to higher education: a 12-month, paid training programme, that’s demand-driven, project based, Agile, and human-centred. <p></p> Over 80% of the young people who enter our programme secure high-value jobs at top employers. <p></p> Youth Unemployment is a massive problem <br> There are a tremendous number of talented young people not reaching their full potential. In South Africa, millions are unemployed, and locked out of the economy, or under-employed in dead end jobs, vulnerable to automation. <p></p> There are many barriers that prevent these talented young people, particularly those from lower income communities, from accessing high-value careers. The costs of traditional education are prohibitive. Most lack the social capital to access opportunities, and many face a more urgent need to get a low-paying job just to survive. <p></p> Our solution: Umuzi’s holistic user journey <br> <mark>Young people can discover high-value tech and creative careers through our community content platform, Ez’Ntswembu. Anyone interested can start learning immediately through our online learning application process.</mark> The most successful candidates from our online learning are interviewed and assessed in-person. If selected, these young people enter our full-time, paid, on-the-job training programme where they learn human-centred design, Agile, and specialise in a scarce tech and creative skill, including:<br> <br>- Data Science & Data Engineering <br>- Web Development <br>- UX Strategy <br>- UI Design and Copywriting <br> - Multimedia <p></p> Included in the programme is 3 months of work experience at a leading employer. We continue to support our alumni to reach their full potential through Umuzi Plug, our talent recruitment offering.

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North West University

There is an urgent need in South Africa (and globally) for computer scientists and information technologists. The different programmes in the School of Computer Science and Information Systems (SCSIS) aim to equip students with applicable expertise and skills in Computer Science and Information Systems. <p></p> The goal is to provide our students with knowledge and skills of modern and relevant programming languages, phases of a relevant system development life cycle (SDLC), database techniques and technologies, IT project planning and management techniques, and human-computer interface design. Students are educated in the ethical aspects of system planning and development to make a professional contribution to the IT industry. <mark>Students are expected to have knowledge and understanding of the value of information in enterprises and the technical functioning and processing of information sources, to make a meaningful contribution to strategic decision-making and management of information systems.</mark> <p></p> With the skills that the student acquired through successful completion of these qualifications, he/she will also be equipped and eligible to continue with postgraduate studies in the field of Computer Science and Information Systems at NQF level 8, thus either a BSc Honours degree or a Postgraduate Diploma in cognate fields.

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HyperionDev is southern Africa’s largest tech education provider. It was founded in 2012, as a small grassroots movement of Computer Science students working towards a single goal: to build and deliver better technical education for anyone who wanted to learn digital literacy and programming skills. <p></p> Today, that small team has expanded to two physical campuses and a large online education platform to offer an accessible alternative to the expensive and time-consuming traditional learning models, which many South Africans simply can’t afford. HyperionDev <mark>teaches code using an accessible learning structure, so that anyone can learn to code without expensive laptops or high-speed internet connections.</mark> This is paired with a unique human-led approach, where students have access to a team of expert code reviewers who will help them throughout their coding journey. <p></p> However, while most learning institutions stop their support at graduation, HyperionDev continues its support, with a post-bootcamp Graduate Program and dedicated career services division that aims to <mark>connect entry-level coding graduates with the jobs they’ve been dreaming of.</mark> Today, HyperionDev has brought coding skills to thousands of students in more than 40 different countries. Through our commitment to quality jobs placements and student support, we hope to continue expanding and diversifying the talent tech pools for jobs in South Africa.

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This qualification addresses the human resource development needs of the country. There is a growing need for graduates with a qualification in web development & associated digital multimedia information design. <p></p> This programme will equip students with knowledge of the most current industry standard & cutting edge web development technologies, including web-based marketing, enabling students to become part of one of the fastest growing sectors of the creative industry. It relates closely to the knowledge economy where all individuals, companies & organisations depend on information for effective decision-making. The programme was designed around fundamental, conceptual & applied competence in this context. <p></p> <mark>At the exit point students will be able to design websites including interactive designs & multimedia. A large portion of the programme consists of coding including developing in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET & PHP. Students will acquire knowledge of Mobile App development & database-supported web applications. </mark> Students will graduate with a cutting edge portfolio which will reward them with an excellent career in online/web-based communication. Career opportunities are extensive given that computer-based information systems are almost universal. Graduates are likely to find employment as a Website & Applications Developer, Games Developer, SEO Specialist, Social Media Manager, & many more.

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University of Mpumalanga

The purpose of this qualification (Advanced Diploma ICT in Applications Development) is to provide learners with a career-focused professional qualification featuring advanced industry referenced computing knowledge, technological competencies and soft skills. Students will be knowledgeable and competent in the discourse and practice of the ICT discipline. Students will also have advanced specialist knowledge of computer applications development. This will involve effective application development skills in the creation of software applications that are critical for organisational competitiveness in the fourth industrial revolution. <p></p> Upon completion of this qualification, graduates will have an ability to: <br>- Develop ICT solutions that are aligned to the business strategies. <br>- <mark>Analyse a problem and identify and define the technology requirements appropriate to its solution.</mark> <br>- Develop applied and cognitive competences in the acquisition, interpretation and application of ICT principles. <br>- Apply knowledge of technology appropriate to the discipline. - Design, implement and evaluate an applications development system, process, component and program to meet desired needs. <br>- Function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal. <br>- Understand professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities. <br>- Communicate effectively with a range of audiences. <br>- Analyse the local and global impact of ICT on individuals, organizations, and society. <br>- Use and apply current technical concepts and practices in the creation of information technology solutions. <br>- Understand best practices and standards and their application in applications development.

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Varsity College

The IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Application Development provides candidates with a thorough theoretical grounding and knowledge base in the key principles of information technology (IT), programming, mobile application development across platforms, web development, database design, troubleshooting, testing, connectivity, customisation and project management. <mark>Graduates will develop meaningful software development acumen grounded in a deep understanding of holistic application programming and development. This qualification has been designed to develop graduates’ abilities to design, code, implement and manage solution-focused by producing systemic thinkers who can develop software solutions for any device or platform.</mark> <p></p> The outcomes for this qualification were identified as critical to drive a successful career in software development providing competent desktop and mobile application developers in the private and the public sectors. By understanding business processes in the context of business rules, graduates will be able to solve business problems and meet business needs through software application development. Graduates will be suitably prepared to demonstrate competencies in application development, and to contribute to the economic well-being of their organisation in a responsible manner.

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iXperience designs innovative programs that teach in-demand skills blended with internship experience, online or abroad. <br><br>Start building your dream career. For any major, no experience required. <br><br> Around the world, companies are looking for skills that many college curriculums struggle to provide. This makes it harder for students to land high quality college internships, often leaving them in a challenging position. iX bridges this gap. No matter your major or year, our programs provide you with the opportunity to learn in-demand skills – from data science to finance, consulting and more – and get a guaranteed high-impact internship. <br><br>High-demand skills, taught by industry experts - Our courses are taught by highly qualified professionals with a passion for inspiring the future of their field. We keep our class sizes small, so you get individualized attention and build lasting relationships. <br><br>High-impact internships, all over the world - We'll match you with an oversees company so you can gain real-world work experience to add to your resume. But unlike other internships, we won't leave you alone: your teaching team will be there to support you every step of the way. <br><br>A global community of exceptional people - Every year, iX draws driven, talented students from more than 50 universities around the world. On the program, you might find your next mentor, business partner, or lifelong friend. <br><br> // Join a rapidly growing network 1500 alumni from top universities, making waves in the real world. // <br><br> <mark>"iX was the first thing employers asked about during interviews. No experience compares to the ability to learn a completely new skill and deliver multiple complex projects. On the job, iX has been incredibly useful. Most of the analytics work I do today is based off of what I learned while at iX."<br> ––– Matthew Biggins, iX Alum, University of Notre Dame, Landed a job at Accenture after iX</mark> <br><br>Two program options <br>- iX Remote: an innovative 6-week program in which you take a career-focused course blended with an internship. No matter your major or intended career path, you'll gain industry-relevant skills and join a global network of exceptional students and professionals. <br><br> - iX Abroad: the ultimate integrated summer program for college students. Cultural immersion, high intensity skills development, and a guaranteed international internship, all in just six weeks abroad in an incredible city. <br><br> What you get with iX.<br> - Live classes and workshops with vetted experts and TAs who work in your chosen industry. <br>- A hands-on Internship with an international company, where you will work in a group to apply your classroom learnings and build a portfolio. <br>- New friends, mentors, & global connections. <br>- Certification of program completion. <br>- Workshops, training, and community events outside of class. <br>- Access to the iX Alumni Network platform. <br>- (iX Coach only): Personalized, 1:1 career coaching throughout the program.

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Sol Plaatje University

BSc Honours in Computer Science programme supports the development of research skills and creative interventions in the fields of software engineering, design and analyses of algorithms, security and cryptography, and machine learning. <mark>Excellency in these fields is heavily integrated in the development of most large scale enterprise systems in demand today.</mark> It is, thus, important that more computer scientists be trained by way of a BSc Honours in Computer Science

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Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University

The department has since established links with keen industry players. We are an academy for CISCO, HUAWEI, ORACLE, and IBM South Africa. In addition, we make use of software products widely used in the job market, the likes of ORACLE and Microsoft Suite. This has enabled us to <mark>incorporate industry specific modules into our academic offering necessitating a student to have certification from the respective companies upon completion at SMU, hence giving the student competitive edge over peers from other Universities in the country as well as abroad when seeking employment.</mark> We strive to continue with such relationships because of the employment benefits it brings to our graduates in building our community and nation. <p></p> In response to the call by the national government to produce more ICT graduates, the department is embarking on introducing a standalone programme in Computer Science & Information Technology at the undergraduate level to feed into the post graduate programmes. That work has already begun with the new PQM application expected to serve before all University structures and further submission to DHET early this year 2021. This certainly will see further tremendous growth in the department as well as student enrollment.

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Digital Regenesys

Upskill yourself with Digital Regensys online courses for digital-age skills to become future-ready for the dynamic workplace in the disruptive digital age. <p></p> The ongoing digital revolution demands a new breed of professionals to succeed in the new digital world where new technologies have sparked rapid innovation. <p></p> <mark>To give you a competitive advantage, we have developed cutting-edge digital technology programmes in the areas of information technology and management. Our programmes are facilitated by leading experts, entrepreneurs, and academics from top local and international institutions.</mark> <p></p> Get inspired and energised to transform your career with programmes grounded in the realities of the new digital world.

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Central University of Technology, Free State

CUT is the foremost higher education institution in the heartland of South Africa. The university has two campuses – one in Bloemfontein, the judicial capital of South Africa, and one in Welkom, in the heart of the Free State goldfields. <mark>The two campuses offer education opportunities in a number of technological fields, including science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM);</mark> management sciences; humanities; and education. <p></p> It prepares students for research (including academic), managerial and technical careers in the field of IT. As such, MIT is more inclined to serve the needs of students who either ultimately plan to continue their Masters or are simply interested in performing research. <p></p> The world is increasingly becoming a global village, with Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) playing a fundamental role in our day-to-day lives. South Africa, like other countries, realises that ICTs can indeed bring about positive change in its socio-economic development. CUT’s contribution to this national agenda is realised through diploma, BTech and MTech programmes offered in the Department of IT. Through these programmes, <mark>the university contributes to the ever-increasing demand for a wide range of highly skilled information technology professionals in fields such as web applications, communication networks and software development. The department is particularly unique in the country, as it offers courses in mobile programming and games development. The department has state-of-the-art Cisco equipment through which students get hands-on experience in computer networking, which provides opportunities for various professional certification pathways.</mark> <p></p> Our graduates will be able to take up jobs in: <br> - Systems analysis: System developers, application designers, business analysts, information analysts, management information analysts, system analysts. <br> - Programming: Application developers, games and mobile application developers, software developers, internet application developers. <br> - Database development and management: Business database analysts, database administrators, database managers. <br> - Project management: Information Systems (IS) project leaders.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology - school image
Cape Peninsula University of Technology

The Department of Information Technology offers a wide range of formal qualifications and non-formal courses in IT and related disciplines. The department offers <mark>specialized training in Information Technology in the areas of Applications Development (Software Development), Communication Networks and Multimedia Technology. The department supports a large graduate and postgraduate programme where the research is directed at both community and industry interests.</mark> <p></p> The department also offers a wide range of non-formal courses in collaboration with the IT industry. There are several semi-autonomous business units operating within the department. These units are focused on the professional development of undergraduate and graduate students in delivering research and development services to the community and industry. <p></p> The department continues to provide leadership in curriculum development to especially the University of Technology sector. In this regard the department also has a defining role in the Higher Education ICT Association (HEICTA) and within the Further Education and Training (FET) sector.

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IIE Monash South Africa

Demand for information technology graduates exceeds supply in most economies – developed and developing. Whether you’re looking to study a wide range of IT modules or specialise in a particular IT niche, the globally relevant and recognised Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences degree offered at IIE MSA can get you there. <p></p> This IIE bachelor of computer science degree is divided into two focus areas based on the interest of the students; 1. The Business Systems focus area, and 2. The Application Development and Networks focus area. The IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences will provide candidates with a thorough theoretical grounding and knowledge base in the key principles of Computer and Information Systems. These are the key disciplines that inform the professional practice of Information Technology (IT). <mark>Graduates will be equipped with the practical skills to apply the theory obtained in the degree in enterprises. The design for the computer science degree has been informed by a demand identified in industry for Information Technology specialists and to graduate solution-focused, logical and creative thinkers geared for both South African and international markets.</mark> This computer science degree will also develop graduates’ abilities to design, implement, and manage innovative, integrated IT solutions, and will nurture an understanding of the role IT plays in the information systems and applications in a business environment. Graduates will be able to engage appropriately with management executives and stakeholders in planning and designing corporate solutions. <p></p> IT professionals are found across organisations and enterprises with the current move to online business, connected offices, cloud computing and global trends in the economy. Only when IT professionals understand the relevant technologies and how they fit together can they design, upgrade or implement effective corporate solutions. The success of organisations is dependent on information and communications technology meeting the needs of the business in ways that align with corporate strategy. <p></p> Computer science studies range from non-technical areas, such as organisational needs, to hardware, software, network and multimedia technologies. <mark>Students also learn the development and management skills needed to create and implement computer-based systems. Further skills include advanced programming, system analysis and design, project management software engineering and information and networks depending on the focus area of interest.</mark> <p></p> Students who continue on to the IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences honours programme will polish their knowledge, preparing them for a more specialised career in the IT industry, further study or research. <p></p> Successful completion of this Information Technology programme leads to an IIE qualification.