Sahel Green Hub - school image
Sahel Green Hub

Sahel Green Hub is a circular economy Green Tech that promotes high-impact green innovations for the Sahel. <p></p>Sahel Green Hub aims to be a hub for research and of <mark>technological innovation for the development of agribusiness by providing Training Support, Incubation, Guidance, and Support-Advice for young project leaders in development.</mark>

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StartOpp Zone

StartOpp Zone, the place where everyone comes to start their ambitions. It connects to resources, tools and opportunities to support talent growth and promote innovation and stimulate creativity. <p></p> StartOpp Zone is a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster. <p></p> <mark>We nurture a local network of like-minded and focused entrepreneurs, providing space for them to work, meet, collaborate, learn and have fun. By getting the right people together in a physical space, good things happen.</mark> <p></p> StartOpp Zone is an expansion of a successful initiative that offers startups with a dedicated co-working space, community gathering point and network for driving entrepreneurial success. <p></p>StartOpp Zone provides young Chadians with a framework and opportunities for development that will enable them to create positive change, in several strategic areas, within their communities through the culture of leadership and Promoting entrepreneurship in young communities at their disposal a collaborative workspace and accessible special programs.

Saint Monica Higher Institute - school image
Saint Monica Higher Institute

Software engineering is a young profession that has become vital to our society. Industries, services, health care, finance, security, education and the government depend on software assets and services. Relying on computer science, engineering and mathematics, <mark>software engineering provides principles and processes that help developers produce high-quality software that is safe, secure and reliable.</mark> <p></p> BS in software engineering is based on a mathematical foundation that includes calculus, linear algebra and discrete mathematics. The two programs also have the same computer science core, including modern programming methodologies, the analysis of algorithms and data structures, and the study of operating systems. While the computer science program continues with courses in advanced data structures, programming languages and automata theory, the <mark>software engineering program includes courses in engineering, software validation and testing, and software architecture.</mark> There is also a rich choice of application areas, including digital systems design, computer networks, embedded systems, computer imaging, artificial intelligence, machine learning and human-computer interaction.

Cosendai Adventist University - school image
Cosendai Adventist University

The Faculty of Management and Computer Science is committed to training computer technicians who will be competitive both globally and locally. <p></p> It is a privilege and an honor for the faculty to offer a refined education and excellent training both academically and professionally corresponding to the present and future needs of our society. <p></p> The management program of the Faculty of Management and Computer Science of the UAC <mark>trains qualified and God-fearing management professionals, whose mission is to make a difference in the creation and use of computer tools, and to contribute to the positioning of African countries in this area. We believe that we Africans have a say, we can bring a touch that will make a difference, but it starts with good training, at the grassroots level.</mark> <p></p> Expected job roles: <br> - Web development <br> - Mobile development <br> - System Administration <br> - Computer networks

FOMIC Polytechnic University - school image
FOMIC Polytechnic University

Our strong software engineering program, led by highly credentialed faculty committed to undergraduate education, offers a project-based curriculum with a great deal of faculty/student collaboration solving real-world problems. <p></p> FOMIC’s software engineering program - <mark>provides a systems-oriented curriculum that encompasses software requirements, design, construction, testing, maintenance, configuration management, engineering management, engineering process, tools and quality assurance.</mark>

University Institute of the Coast - school image
University Institute of the Coast

This specialty trains senior technicians who, with the help of their capability to study the needs of the society, can analyse (MERISE, UML), design and implement computer applications in various fields. <p></p> OBJECTIVES: <mark><br> - Design and develop computer applications; implement and ensure the maintenance of computer programs; <br> - Develop software or systems based on software by following professional standards adequately; <br> - Put in place and customize distributed applications; <br> - Diagnose the main faults affecting the computer system and replace defective parts; plan, monitor and control a computer project. </mark> <p></p>JOB OPPORTUNITIES: <br> - Head of IT project; <br> - Software Consultant; <br> - Developer of applications; <br> - System Administrator.

University of Dschang - school image
University of Dschang

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers programs in Mathematics (BA an BS) and Computer Science (BS). The department also offers a minor in mathematics and a minor in computer science. <p></p> The objectives of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science are threefold: <mark> <br> - To prepare students for professional careers in mathematics, and computer science; <br> - To satisfy the mathematical needs of students majoring in other disciplines; and <br> - To help all students develop or review basic mathematical skills and understanding. </mark> <p></p> The Department seeks to achieve these objectives through its course offerings, and a variety of supplemental learning resources. <p></p> The department implements the missions prescribed by the Ministry higher education, namely: <p></p> Teaching <br> Training of middle and senior managers that the country needs. <p></p> The research <br> <mark>Scientific innovation: Studying, researching and proposing innovative solutions to national and international problems.</mark> <p></p> Development support <br> Transfer of advanced technologies, knowledge and know-how, implementation / enhancement of expertise in the service of development. <p></p> Specific objectives<br> Train middle and senior managers capable of participating in the design, build, market, install, manage and maintain large computer or mathematical analysis or security systems, for companies, design offices and individuals. Students trained are scientifically and technically competent <p></p> We have a computer laboratory for practical work and developments, equipped with: <br> - “core-i9” Micro-Computers (PCs and Laptops) <br> - File and database servers, UPS <br> - Biometric Readers, Printer / Scanner <br> - Network equipment (Routers, Switches, AP-Wireless, Modems, etc.) <br> - IoT Sensors and Network Programming Kits Microcomputers are equipped with: <br> - Environments: UNIX-Linux, Windows-Svr_2016/2012/2008, Win_10/8/Vista; <mark><br> - Tools: Java, C++, C, Python, Perl, Ruby, Shell, Fortran, Pascal, Visual studio, Android studio, Eclipse, Oracle, MySQL, PotgreSQL, Access, Dbase, XML, JavaScript, PhP, VHDL, AutoCAD, Scilab, Prolog…</mark> <br> - Others: Mathematica, Scilab, Flash, Adobe suite, Open Office

University of Maroua - school image
University of Maroua

A degree in computer science is a gateway into nearly every industry. Technological advances have created a requirement for organisations across all sectors and industries to employ people who are competent, fluent and experienced in multiple areas of computing.  <p></p> Our BSc Computer Science is a dynamic and varied programme covering all the key areas, from cybersecurity to machine learning, algorithm design and programming, that you will need to graduate with the knowledge, skills and practical experience ready to start your career. <p></p> <mark>You will learn key programming skills across languages and platforms so you will have the fluency to work on any software development problem. You will understand AI, learning how machine learning works and to employ it. You will be exposed to computational and algorithmic thinking and will learn how to provide data solutions and secure systems. You will be introduced to innovative concepts around algorithmic impact on energy consumption, and discover the social and ethical implications of AI, including considerations of automation.</mark> <p></p> Through problem-based lab learning, you will develop software applicable to the home, web, corporate, and many other fields. You will deliver solutions to people’s problems, be they personal, social, or industrial.

The ICT University - school image
The ICT University

This program enables students to discover how engineering techniques can be applied in software development and employ their practical experiences in building effective software products. Students are taught how to deliver efficient working products on time. The best practices in software development will <mark>prepare students for work as computing professionals.</mark> <p></p> Students learn to develop their self-sufficient learning skills by taking an array of projects all the way through the course. They will be presented with a variety of scope to localize their area of study with a choice of two from five optional units in Year 3, together with an individual software engineering project. The course focuses on providing students with a combination of computing theory and practice to prepare them for immediate entry into computing profession after graduation. Students can also choose to spend the third year on an industrial placement, returning to complete their degrees in the fourth year. <p></p> This is a three year program for students taking classes in the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Regular and part-time students are allowed to go above three years, however, students cannot be allowed in the program after five years. Students are required to complete at least 96 credit hours selected from a list of the core, required and elective courses offered. All students prior to graduation must carry out a scientific research project supervised one-on-one by a faculty member. <p></p> <mark>As a software engineering major, you’ll study the scientific and mathematical basis of computer software. You’ll learn a variety of programming languages and how to design, analyze and maintain software.</mark>

Mountains University Bangangté - school image
Mountains University Bangangté

A software development degree that encompasses technical issues affecting software architecture, design, and implementation as well as process issues that address project management, planning, quality assurance, and product maintenance. <p></p> As software becomes ever more common in everything from airplanes to appliances, there is an increasing demand for engineering professionals who can develop high-quality, cost-effective software systems. The BS in software engineering combines traditional computer science and engineering with specialized course work in software engineering. This software development degree encompasses technical issues affecting software architecture, design, and implementation as well as process issues that address project management, planning, quality assurance, and product maintenance. Students are prepared for immediate employment and long-term professional growth in a range of software development organizations. <p></p> <mark>Students learn principles, methods, and techniques for the construction of complex and evolving software systems. The major encompasses technical issues affecting software architecture, design, and implementation as well as process issues that address project management, planning, quality assurance, and product maintenance. Upon graduation, students are prepared for immediate employment and long-term professional growth in software development organizations.</mark> <p></p> We offer a challenging undergraduate program that prepares students for the demands and challenges of the software industry. The undergraduate degree consists of both core and elective courses that focus on the software engineering lifecycle.

Protestant University of Central Africa - school image
Protestant University of Central Africa

The educational and professional objectives of the program of the CSEE Department (Computer Science, Electronic & Telecom Engineering - CSEE) of UPAC is to train young women and men capable of being useful (operational) from the end of the first year PREPA. They must be able to: <p></p> More generally, the educational objectives of the programs of the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering of UPAC are to bring students to: <mark> <br> - Develop the ability to apply the necessary mathematical tools, basic sciences, and fundamental knowledge in the fields of electronic and computer engineering. <br> - Develop capacities for professional understanding of electronic and computer engineering in order to be immediately operational for the company. </mark> <br> - Understand the importance of the social, business, technical, and human context in which a process or product that is designed will operate. <br> - Students are offered an educational foundation that prepares them for various careers in electronics and computer engineering. <p></p> Expected results <br> The inherent results of this training program are: <br> - Fundamentals: understanding principles and basics of science and engineering and the ability to apply them. <br> - Diversity and versatility: Familiarity with multiple and important technical fields, including fundamental elements of Electronic and Computer Engineering. <br> - Intensity and detail: ability to apply detailed knowledge of one or more areas of electronic, computer specializations. <br> - Management and direction: appreciation of projects (of various dimensions) designed in the fields of electronics and IT with a view to meeting major development challenges. <mark><br> - Design: Ability to participate in creative, synthetic, integrative design activities of electronics and computer science. <br> - Curiosity: desire and ability to observe, interpret, exploit life as a universal school. <br> - Communication Skills: Ability to express ideas persuasively in written and oral form.</mark> <br> - Social skills: ability to work with others in professional and social settings. <br> - Global view: appreciation of the diversities in the world and in intellectual fields. <br> - Professional ethics: ability to develop, recognize and appreciate the importance of ethical standards in professional work .

LocalHost Academy - school image
LocalHost Academy

LocalHost Academy is a practical training and certification center for digital professions in Cameroon. We train students, entrepreneurs, employees and business executives to discover and master digital professions. Based in Douala, Cameroon, LocalHost Academy aims to quickly become a leader in Training and Certification for Strategic Technological Professions. <p></p> A Unique Pedagogical Approach<br> At Localhost Academy learners are at the center of the educational program. The training provided is 90% practical for a better understanding. Our formula is simple: A carefully developed pedagogical approach, centered around the acquisition of skills immediately usable in the workplace, combined with the use of modern pedagogical means. <p></p> Our Vision<br> Become an Elite Institution that democratizes access to quality IT and Digital Training for Africans in a high-level learning environment supervised and taught by the best professionals in the industry. <p></p> Our Missions<br> TRAIN AND SUPPORT THE DIGITAL ELITE OF THE CONTINENT. <mark>We are determined to provide Cameroonians and Africans with high-level IT and digital skills, strategic areas in which Africa must be able to play its part. At the risk of seeing his future definitively compromised.</mark> <p></p> We want to be able to democratize quality technical training by making it accessible to the less privileged so that they too can bring value to society.

IUGET - school image

This specialty aims to train specialists capable of developing computer applications in various fields, using their skills in needs study, analysis (Merise, UML, etc.) and coding. <p></p> Required Skills (Generic and specific) <mark><br> - Participate in / lead an IT project management process <br> - Know and use the professional and institutional networks of the IT sectors <br> - Design, develop and upgrade IT applications intended for business information systems. </mark> <p></p> Opportunities <br> - IT Project Manager ; <br> - IT project analyst; <br> - Software consultant; <br> - Application developer; <br> - System administrator

ESCM Pigier - school image
ESCM Pigier

Design and implement the economic intelligence strategy of the organization (company, institution or territory). Support digital uses in the organization: information collection, online communication, cyber security, analysis and visualization of “Big Data”. <p></p> This degree will present you the opportunity to: <mark> <br> - Select a concentration in healthcare, finance, human resources, or business ventures, which are a direct reflection of the AI value potential in these industries. <br> - Graduate with a portfolio of work samples that demonstrates your range and depth of competencies and skills with machine learning and artificial intelligence. <br> - Gain exposure to our experiential AI courses, which includes an introductory course, as well as an advanced course with an end-to-end AI education that thoughtfully prepares students for evolving technology and the challenges it presents. </mark>

ESIAC - school image

ESIAC is a private school, which prepares students for higher education diplomas, among others (Engineers, Masters and professional license, Higher technician certificate, HND). <p></p> Software Engineering<br> TRAINING OBJECTIVE<br> <mark>This specialty aims to train specialists capable of developing computer applications in various fields, using their skills in needs study, analysis (Merise, UML, etc.) and coding.</mark> <p></p> BIG DATA or Artificial Intelligence<br> TRAINING OBJECTIVE<br> In order to effectively use their data, companies and organizations need professionals capable of mastering all the analysis tools used to process this information for decision-making or predictive purposes. <p></p> CYBERSECURITY<br> TRAINING OBJECTIVE<br> In an interconnected global economy where digital is at the heart of our system, companies are increasingly interested in cybersecurity. <p></p> PRODUCT OWNER<br> TRAINING OBJECTIVE<br> The Product Owner is a conductor in charge of the creation, management, and improvement of websites, applications or IT infrastructures. He must ensure that the different teams work together to meet the client's needs. <p></p>Computer Systems Maintenance<br> TRAINING OBJECTIVE<br> Also called Help Desk Technician, the Computer Systems Maintenance Support Technician is most often called upon for diagnostic tasks, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and repair of computer hardware and software.

Douala Institute Of Technology - school image
Douala Institute Of Technology

The main function of specialists in the IT sector ( Software engineering, Design and maintenance of computer systems and networks, Computer management ) is to design and build complex systems for processing information on the one hand, and on the other part to ensure their maintenance. This includes in its entirety the organization of Man-Machine-System work where the organization of the unfolding of the regulation processes and that of the construction of interdependencies are fundamentally to be considered and structured. <p></p> <mark>At the end of the training, students must be able to develop hardware systems and software “ Software ” in their various fields of application. They then have the capacity to be able to simulate practical problems, to state possible solutions and to transform these into programs. They can analyze and assess alternative solutions, choose and adapt existing programs to solve specific problems.</mark> <p></p>For their specialization, students in this course have the following options. <br> Specialization options: <br> - Software engineering; <br> - Industrial Computing & Automation; <br> - Maintenance of computer systems; <br> - Computer graphics & Web-design; <br> - E-Commerce & Digital Marketing;

Cowork Africa - school image
Cowork Africa

We are the first premiun co-working space in Douala Cameroon, the best place in town to innovate, share, and achieve incredible results! We provide a comfortable, connected, and secure environment to work independently, meet with clients and partners, and interact with other professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives from across the Central Africa region. <p></p><mark>Beyond simply offering a superior workplace for our members, we aim to incubate innovative startups at Cowork.Africa and thus attract, nurture and develop these key actors of tomorrow's digital age in the most enabling environment. </mark> <p></p> Our space is located on the third floor of the golden Building opposite Serena Hotel in Bali, the heart of downtown Douala and in close proximity of Bonapriso, Bonanjo & Akwa.

MOYO - school image

Is having premises for the current development of your business superfluous? MOYO has designed its Mo'Packs for you, giving you access to a range of services allowing you to stay focused on your core business. <p></p> At MOYO you can: <mark> <br> - Work comfortably alone or with a colleague <br> - Organize your meetings with a client or partner <br> - Organize your training sessions and company meetings.</mark> <br> - Receive and draft your business and administrative correspondence <br> - Benefit from many other services on demand. <p></p> BUILD A COMMUNITY Consultants, entrepreneurs, and other freelancers go through great moments of loneliness. <p></p> MOYO offers you a platform that promotes openness to others through meetings and exchanges with exceptional people through conferences, seminars, and other meetings. <br> - Conferences <br> - Seminars <br> - And other encounters

Bureau807 - school image

We provide you with fully equipped, accessible and ready-to-use workspaces. Bureau807 is an Accurate initiative to give entrepreneurs and organizations the opportunity to have administrative and logistical support for their activities. Bureau807 is a dedicated team to establish with the client the formula that best meets their needs. Bureau807 is operated as a trademark owned by Accurate. <p></p> <mark>Benefits <br> - workspace perfectly adapted to your business configuration: <br> - office equipped with 1 workstation <br> - executive office with meeting table <br> - landscaped area with several workstations <br> - high-speed Internet access for your exchanges <br> - courier service <br> - access to all professional spaces and services: photocopiers, printers, scanners, <br> - meeting rooms, coffee area, etc. </mark>

University Institute of the Gulf of Guinea - school image
University Institute of the Gulf of Guinea

This specialty trains senior technicians who, with the help of their capability to study the needs of the society, can analyse (MERISE, UML), design and implement computer applications in various fields. Through GG's courses, students will develop strong communication skills and learn to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team environment. Leadership capabilities will also be explored by collaborating effectively with others, recognizing various leadership styles and examining the consequences of choice. <p></p> Expected Skills <mark> <br> - Design and develop computer applications; <br> - implement and ensure the maintenance of computer programs; <br> - Develop software or systems based on software by following professional standards adequately; <br> - Put in place and customize distributed applications; <br> - Diagnose the main faults affecting the computer system and replace defective parts; plan, monitor and control a computer project. </mark>

Mankis LLC - school image
Mankis LLC

Our Office rentals, conference rooms, event spaces, coworking spaces in Yaounde and Douala are available 24/7. Office space has become more and more expensive in the Cameroon and Yaounde , and there are many people who can’t afford it. One solution for this problem is to move into a Mankis coworking office.  <p></p> <mark>Our offices are cheaper than renting an entire office because they have shared workstations and only some private areas where companies that don’t want to share their space can go if they need more privacy.</mark> Another option is renting our conference rooms or our other venues for a few hours on the day that you need them instead of buying an entire conference center all year long.  <p></p> Lastly, Our event spaces like kitchens which provide food service or meeting space are also a great way to find affordable office rental options. <p></p> Amenities <br> - Free Wifi <br> - Fast Internet connection <br> - Equipt with ACs <br> - Very Accessible <br> - White Board <br> - A Standby Generator <br> - Free Coffee <br> - 24/7 Front Desk Assistance <br> - Equipt with desktops <br> - Clean and organised <br> - A Projector

TriConex - school image

TriConex is a small IT startup with a big dream to spread computer literacy in Douala and Cameroon. We offer courses that are geared towards increasing the IT literacy of the younger generation, starting from the very basics of Computer Science, teaching kids how to code with the simplest language and moving on with advanced methods and programming languages.   <p></p> Our Vision is to <mark>equip the young generation with a bright tech future and build up young entrepreneurs who will be experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), Robotics and Data Science etc. </mark> <p></p> After doing research, we discovered communication, leadership, and effective project management skills are crucial factors that IT recruiters look for. Our students and employees needed to be taught self-management and adaptability skills to work well under any circumstance and grow a sense of ownership with their project. <p></p> Services Offered <p></p> <mark>Tech Startup and Software Training<br> Enroll in our software training program to equip yourself with excellent IT skills, build projects and gain a sense of the job market. We offer intensive training and hands-on experience to hone both your critical thinking and creativity skills. <p></p> Exposure to JavaScript and Python will allow you to focus on your back-end development and a chance to look at actual projects to get an understanding of market requirements. We offer training based on your skill level, therefore everyone gets the most out of their experience with us.</mark> <p></p> Our tech startup program will teach you the basics of how to create your own IT business, how to get clients and build your firm from scratch. Don’t miss out on this amazing learning opportunity and enroll now! <p></p>Coding for Kids<br> Do your children have a passion for learning? Do they often struggle with math? We’ve got you covered! Sign them up with TriConeX and get their coding journey started! <p></p> Our coding camp aims to instill a passion for programming and mathematical skills in children. We have children from ages 7-17 from all kinds of backgrounds. Teaching them the fantastic world of AI and game development allows them to become better at problem-solving and increases their computer literacy. <p></p> Coding and math work hand-in-hand. Our aim is to produce the next generation of coders from Cameroon. There’s live coding, website development, math, programming, and so much more! Sign your child up now! <p></p>Co-working Spaces<br> TriConeX aims to offer a friendly co-working space to foster a sense of community in its team. Working across from your fellow employee not only makes you approachable to your colleague but also allows you to be surrounded by people that can help you grow. <p></p> friendly co-working space to foster a sense of community in its team. Working across from your fellow employee not only makes you approachable to your colleague but also allows you to be surrounded by people that can help you grow. <p></p> Learning from other people and their experiences creates the stepping stones for our growth. Our team has also noticed a boost in productivity from our co-working environments as compared to an individual focus. This also gives our employees and members a chance to connect with each other and build a larger space with good quality utilities. <p></p> Learning from your peers and connecting with a diverse group of people on a personal level helps you understand what you’re lacking and what you need to grow.

Smartwork - school image

No matter what side of town you are, smartwork coworking is near you. We are 15 min by cab from bonamoussadi, kotto and logpom. 10 min from Deido, akwa and bonapriso. Come work and meet cool guys. Collaborate, network, have fun and make history. <p></p> Office spaces for every size and needs. <br> We are flexible and can accommodate our members' you need more space? special set-up? Just let us know. <p></p> <mark>Consultant <br> Large private office with individual toilet, storage cabinets etc. <p></p> Start Up / SME <br> Available in open space or as a private office. 4 to 6 seats <p></p> Workstation <br>Shared tables, dedicated tables and workstations available. </mark> <p></p> Just work, we handle everything <br> - Fast & unlimited WIFI <br> - Unlimited water, coffee and tea <br> - Backup Electricity and Water Supply <br> - Kitchenette with microwave <br> - Secretary and reception seats <br> - print, photocopy and scan <br> - Happy hour <br> - Air-conditioned offices

Genius Challenge Hackathon - school image
Genius Challenge Hackathon

We all have ideas that pop into our minds and might have the business potential, but at the end of the day do not materialize. The first step is always the hardest and this is why we are here- to push you and guide you towards that first clickable prototype.  <p></p> If you have a novel idea that solves a problem under the sectors of FINTECH, EDUTECH, HEALTHTECH or CYBERSECURITY – now is the time to share it with others! <p></p> A team of experienced mentors will be there to guide you through the process of getting from an idea to a prototype in 48 hours. Tech and design mentors to help you to build the minimum viable product and business mentors who will show you how to validate the idea and sell it. <p></p> Categories <mark> <br> - Cyber-Security <br> - Edutech (Educational Technology) <br> - Fintech (Financial Technology) <br> - Healthtech (Health Technology) </mark> <p></p> We want to grow a strong community of developers, designers, entrepreneurs, startuppers and innovators with all of our events. Join us now! <p></p> For the hackathon, we are welcoming all young people – regardless of age, gender or nationality. If you have the spark inside and passion to make the world better, please join us for the Genius Challenge hackathon!

MBCODE - school image

We are MBCODE, a social and solidarity company that offers to learn digital professions in Cameroon for free. A great opportunity is offered to all young Cameroonians wishing to learn web programming, software and digital marketing. Whatever your level, you can become an expert at the end of the training offered by MBCODE. <p></p> Our Method <br> The MBCODE learning method is an active and project-based pedagogy where the learner is confronted with concrete situations through individual and group projects. The projects submitted to the learners meet the aspirations of national and international companies. <p></p> Our objective <br> Our goal is to enable today's talents to become the best developers of tomorrow and thus facilitate their socio-professional integration. <p></p> DEALING WITH YOUTH IMMIGRATION <br> Young people constitute more than half of the Cameroonian population. This youth of working age encounters enormous difficulties in finding a job. More than 70% of young people of working age are unemployed. This situation is one of the reasons for their immigration to the West in search of "a better life" , often at the risk of their lives. <p></p OUR TRAININGS<br> Mbcode, The Ideal Framework For Training… An airy room, a high-speed internet connection, spaces for workshops and seminars, qualified and competent trainers <p></p <mark>Full stack web developer<br> This training extends over 7 months and gives the right to a certification in web coding</mark> <p></p Javascript, HTML & CSS<br> Our Javascript training is intended for front-end and mobile developers <p></p Python Developers<br> This training is intended for those who want to operate in the field of AI and data science</mark> <p></p Digital Marketing<br> Knowing how to create software is good! Knowing how to sell them is even better. This training consists of giving… <p></p UX & UI Design<br> It is not enough for software to have sophisticated functionalities for it to be successful with users. one of the key elements of success is its ease of use (User Experience) <p></p Intro to Coding<br> This training is for toddlers. It comes in the form of an introduction to the world of programming in a fun way. this is the discovery of coding <p></p Database Design<br> Learn how to design and model your programs and software with our database training modules <p></p Ecommerce<br> This training is mainly based on the creation of online stores and sales platforms

KmerTech - school image

KmerTech is the Cameroonian network of support structures for innovative entrepreneurship and startups with the mission of promoting and enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem for a solid economy. <mark>It constitutes itself as the Cameroonian network of support structures for innovative entrepreneurship.</mark> Prepares the ecosystem for a better influence of innovative entrepreneurship in order to boost the digital economy.

African Women In Tech StartUp - school image
African Women In Tech StartUp

Female tech hub to boost entrepreneurship and promote access to technology opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa for women, youth and community project. <p></p>A non-profit initiative born in 2016, which is a Tech Hub whose goal is to prepare women to face the empowerment opportunities offered by technology through entrepreneurship, but also to support women entrepreneurs in the use of digital as a lever for growth regardless of their sector of activity. <p></p> Goals <p></p> <mark>Empowerment <br> Digital skills trainings for women and girls <p></p>Collaboration <br> Advice and expertise for gender-related programs <p></p>Community <br> Women's Professional Network <p></p>TechHub <br> Technology hub for women and girls </mark>

BBIncubator - school image

The Boris Bison Incubator programme will coach, train and mentor young entrepreneurs every 3 months, that will expose them to how the corporate environment works, with good corporate governance, project management, while learning best business practices. The programme will help participants develop a business plan, understand business policies that create successful enterprise. The programme will train participants on how to use the internet to grow their business with proper commercial correspondence and communication skills, using modern payment gateways for faster business transaction, and how to get loans to facilitate their business. <p></p> <mark>Ideation <br> - Ideation workshops, Masterclasses, Co-working spaces, Newsletters, Events/Networking, Ecosystem Access <p></p> Build and Grow <br> - Tech-enablement, Workshops on a variety of topics or to accelerate business growth, Online learning, Mentorship <p></p> Grow and Scale <br> - Mentorship, Preparation for funding, access to specialised skills </mark>

The Ucac-Icam Institute - school image
The Ucac-Icam Institute

Scientific and technical branch of the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC). Created in 2002 in Pointe Noire (Congo) for the 1st cycle; and in 2004 (Douala) for the 2nd cycle. Courses: General Engineers by work-study program, Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Development, Professional Bachelor's degree in Petroleum, Master's in Process Engineering and Sustainable Development (new) and Manager of Information Systems (Computer Engineer). <p></p> The IT department of the Ucac-Icam Institute is made for you. <p></p> Why? <br> - Pedagogy is completely innovative in Cameroon. You will be placed in real business situations in order to develop the skills you will need in your professional life; <br> - Based on the PBL learning method (problem based learning), you are taught to learn and acquire the techniques, methods and professional behaviors of a good computer scientist; <br> - You are accompanied individually to help you define your professional project and progress at your own pace. Personalized follow-up interviews guide you in the development of this project; <mark><br> - The school's equipped laboratory immerses you in a high-tech environment allowing you to progress and prepare for your professional career in the best possible conditions</mark>; <br> - Finally, certifications that will help you improve in your field are included in the cost of training.

PIDERC Specialization Institute (ISP) - school image
PIDERC Specialization Institute (ISP)

The objective of the Professional License in Software Engineering (LPGL) is to train well-equipped professionals in the areas of knowledge of Networks, Multimedia and Distributed Systems. <p></p> Computing has for years become network computing, that is to say that all large-scale systems are network-based. The demand for specialists in Software Engineering is obvious. <p></p> In addition, although its vocation is professional, the LPGL can be part of a longer academic training course, leading to a Masters and then to a Doctorate. <p></p> Opportunities <br> The diploma of the Professional License in <mark>Software Engineering is able to participate in projects relating to the design, installation and operation of corporate networks including the interconnection of public networks. He can also design, produce and operate software adapted to the requirements and problems of companies.</mark> <p></p> In addition to the use of software, registration and distribution can adapt software.

SING SA - school image

Gabon’s first digital incubator offers your startup execution support and innovative financing solutions. We are a private digital innovation services company. Our goal is to contribute to the competitiveness of African companies through digital transformation. We strive to remain as close as possible to African markets. As a result, we developed an expertise in innovation that is pragmatic and fits the highest standards. <p></p> OUR SERVICES <p></p> What we have for startups seeking financing and growth support through training and mentoring <p></p> Incubation<br> <mark>Our incubator provides execution support to startups at every stage of their development.</mark> <p></p> SING Capital<br> Our financial assistance allows early stage startups to reduce expenses and grow without worry. <p></p> What we have for companies and administrations maintaining their leadership position <p></p> Conseil<br> We run audits and help you innovate to add value to your organization and your strategy. <p></p> SING Logiciels<br> We design IT and engineering solutions that boost your digital transformation.

Mountain Hub - school image
Mountain Hub

We germinate business ideas and attract the talent to execute. Entrepreneurs in Cameroon and Africa often struggle to find the capital or source expertise required to develop their idea into thriving businesses. Mountain Hub seeks to fix these issues by <mark>providing co-working spaces, accelerator programs, and mentorship opportunities.</mark> As a result, fintech-based startups can get the funding, training, and connections they need to transition from concept to implementation

Kobo Hub - school image
Kobo Hub

Kobo Hub is a Congolese platform dedicated to accelerating startups and young companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kobo Hub helps train and mentor startups to help them grow. <p></p> <mark>We support project leaders by providing them with a network of multidisciplinary experts, access to the skills, resources and infrastructure essential to the success and growth of their projects.</mark>

WenakLabs - school image

WenakLabs is both, a Media Lab and a Tech Hub. We define ourselves as a space of collective intelligence and social innovation. Within WenakLabs, we defend a horizontal and transparent way of working, while involving citizens in solving the problems they encounter in their daily lives. It brings together multiple skills ranging from journalists, bloggers, computer scientists, managers, innovators to geeks of all kinds. Our goal is to contribute by all means to reduce the digital divide in Chad. We also object to <mark>promoting entrepreneurial culture, relying on ICT. We intend to achieve these objectives through training, incubation, and networking programs.</mark>

Chad Innovation - school image
Chad Innovation

Chad Innovation represents a community of young volunteers, Chadians and foreigners, entrepreneurs, executives, students whose objective is to raise awareness, mobilize, engage and equip young Chadians to learn and explore careers in entrepreneurship to build a resilient generation. young Chadian leaders. <p></p> Incubator<br> A collaborative <mark>workspace that will allow young people to incubate their ideas and turn them into businesses</mark>. A hub for workshops, conferences, case studies and peer-to-peer sessions related to smart technology, business, society and infrastructure. <p></p> Crowdfunding<br> The organization of a major conference on participatory financing before the launch of the first participatory financing platform or "crowdfunding" in Chad. A means that will be used to finance young projects and to build a community of "business Angels" or pool of investors; <p></p> Coaching<br> The establishment of a mentoring system that will coach young people on real business projects and will also give the opportunity to any young executive to undertake through coaching sessions on concrete projects that he will entrust to young talents selected by the incubator; <p></p> Drivers<br> The launches of a few pilot programs <mark>(Hackathon, Bootcamp, training sessions, experimental Learning)</mark>

Emi Koussi University - school image
Emi Koussi University

The purpose of the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science training is to give students with a scientific baccalaureate a solid culture in computer science closely associated with mathematics, but also a culture allowing them to have the <mark>transversal knowledge necessary for computer science.</mark>

University of Moundou - school image
University of Moundou

The University of Moundou Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science is a broad-based program that emphasizes the areas of computer <mark>programming languages, data structures, information systems, theory of programming languages, software engineering, networking, database, multimedia, applications of computer science and computer architecture.</mark>

University of N'Djamena - school image
University of N'Djamena

The IT department offers a range of training courses that are available in Bachelor's and Master's degrees and which allow students to <mark>acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in IT.</mark> <p></p>The IT department offers undergraduate and master's degree courses. The purpose of the License in Computer Science training is to give students with a scientific baccalaureate a solid culture in computer science closely associated with mathematics, but also a culture allowing them to have the transversal knowledge necessary for computer science. The Master's in Computer Science aims to train computer scientists who, at the end of their training, must be very versatile and directly operational in companies or register for a doctoral thesis.

KivuHub - school image

KivuHub is a community hub of entrepreneurs, developers, business and startups with the right technological skills and business. We work with <mark>startups and entrepreneurs, who are eager to make an impact and make the east of the DR. Congo tech and business friendly by women and girls building capacity and tackling local problem with local solution which address gender gaps in the digital world.</mark> Build better world though technology.

Bel Campus Technological University - school image
Bel Campus Technological University

The goal of the computer science department at UTBC is to educate undergraduate and graduate students with a firm foundation in computer science fundamentals and skills, and prepare them for successful careers. <mark>Advance computer science and related technical fields through transformative research</mark>. Promote the application of computer science and technology to the broader society.

ISIPA - school image

ISIPA is based on training in Computer Science and Commercial and Financial Sciences over two university cycles: Graduate (three years) and License (two years). <p></p> The mission pursued by ISIPA can be summed up by the training of students, future executives of tomorrow in computer sciences and in commercial and financial sciences. <p></p>As such, it contributes to: <br> - training and research in computer science and commercial and financial sciences; <br> - construction of a data bank on all the information deemed useful for better management of both public and private enterprises; <br> - <mark>increasing human, technical and scientific skills for national development by organizing short and long-term training sessions for the benefit of agents and executives of the private sector, as well as all social strata;</mark> <br> - building the capacity of its teaching staff in ICT; <br> - distance education for its DEA candidate nationals.

RH-Consulting - school image

With this business center, we hope to provide tailor-made services to start-ups and expanding businesses in Kinshasa. Work alongside like-minded professionals in our dynamic coworking spaces. Work in a private space or one of the hot desks of the shared workspaces. <p></p> Our offices in the Penthouse of the Jonya building offer a breathtaking view of Kinshasa and a private roof terrace. What more could you ask for? <p></p> Our 1st business center was launched on October 30, 2021 on the 11th floor of Jonya, this workspace benefits from fantastic natural light thanks to a series of large windows, a large modern kitchen area and access to private meeting rooms. <p></p> Our customers have access to a fully equipped workspace: <mark> <br> - Computer, <br> - Internet connection <br> - Printers, <br> - Access to the meeting room, <br> - coffee area, <br> - An administrative assistant secretary, <br> - A VoIP telephone number (optional), <br> - A notepad and a USB key to save your work. </mark>

Lumumba Lab - school image
Lumumba Lab

The LUMUMBA LAB (LLab) is a non-profit association that fights against the digital divide and campaigns for digital inclusion. <mark>It is a space of shared innovation, where evolved innovative community of people who reflect together on solutions that can improve our daily lives innovation and co-creation hub focused on social impact, skill acquisition and youth engagement.</mark>

TEXAF Digital Campus - school image
TEXAF Digital Campus

The TEXAF DIGITAL CAMPUS is primarily a co-working and training centre, located in a magnificent 700 m2 modernist building at the main intersection in Kinshasa. The building has been completely renovated to transform it into a space specifically <mark>designed for entrepreneurs and trainees of the digital economy.</mark> It publicly highlights TEXAF’s commitment to this new area of activity and purports to serve as the focal point in Kinshasa for both local entrepreneurs and international groups wishing to set up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Kalda Group - school image
Kalda Group

Co-Working is a turnkey service to help companies and projects by domiciling their activities and allowing them to operate while waiting for the acquisition of their own offices or premises. <p></p>We provide interim with government services for various administrative formalities and procedures, which allows greater flexibility in the incorporation and / or operations of your business. <p></p>Resource and contract management is essential for any business. <mark>We help you focus on your core business and do what matters to you, while taking care of issues related to human resources, paying taxes and signing various contracts.</mark>

Ruwenzori Official University - school image
Ruwenzori Official University

The field of computer engineering interests you, it is not surprising, computers are ubiquitous today. Think of mobile applications (Apps), websites, intelligent systems, video game consoles, cell phones, GPS navigation assistants, etc. All of these devices require sophisticated hardware and software, specialized for each of these applications. The computerization of design and manufacturing companies and processes is a huge, long-term project. <mark>Computer engineers must understand the constraints and needs of their customers and thus design, produce and deploy effective and efficient solutions. It is therefore not surprising that the demand for computer engineers is enormous.</mark> <p></p> Computer engineering training at the UOR aims to equip students with the knowledge and know-how necessary to meet daily needs in the orientations below: <br> - Mobile/Web/Desktop Apps <br> - Management Computing and Databases <br> - Software engineering <br> - Telecoms and networks <br> - Embedded systems and microcontrollers <br> - Information and communication technologies <br> - Perception for intelligent systems

Silikin Village - school image
Silikin Village

SILIKIN VILLAGE (by TEXAF) is an entrepreneurship and innovation hub established in the heart of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. <p></p> <mark>A catalyst for start-ups and businesses, our mission is focused on identifying talent and developing innovative products and services.</mark> <p></p>SILIKIN VILLAGE runs support programs for entrepreneurs from ideation to acceleration. Project structuring, strategic support and support from our business network: we provide you with the support you need to develop your project.

Kazi Space - school image
Kazi Space

You work alone at home and you want to break with loneliness; you want a change of scenery and you tell yourself that meeting people would do you the greatest good? <mark>If you are a freelancer or auto-entrepreneur in the DRC, right now in Kinshasa, Kazi | Space is for you and can be an ideal solution.</mark> <p></p> We're sure you're tired of working alone at home and especially at the local bar. What if you and your business upgraded and simply came to the best possible environment downtown? Do you want to join us and work in an environment that inspires you, surrounded by people as creative as you? From $5 you have an Au Bureau space <br> - Internet Free <br> - A little coffee, a croissant? <br> - Photocopier, Printer

Protestant University of Congo - school image
Protestant University of Congo

The Faculty of Computer Science (FASI), last born, it was opened in 2017. It is divided into three departments: the Department of Computer Engineering, the Department of Computer Systems and the Department of Artificial Intelligence. Technology is everywhere, and computer science graduates are needed in every industry. <mark>Our goal is to equip you with the technical, problem-solving and leadership skills needed to create new computing technologies and to use software to empower people, organizations and society. Regardless of your background knowledge with coding or technology</mark>

Ingenious City - school image
Ingenious City

Based in Kinshasa, Ingenious City is an incubator that trains in entrepreneurial skills, promotes entrepreneurship and connects ecosystem actors in DR Congo. <p></p> Co-working space <br> With a physical space of 1200 m2, Ingenious city provides you with a coworking space at a lower cost and a few minutes from the Kinshasa business center. <p></p> <mark>Incubation Program <br> We create technical and practical training modules in line with the realities of the Congolese ecosystem.</mark> <p></p> Events <br> Come participate in the events centered on entrepreneurship that we organize and host.

Bilingual Christian University of Congo - school image
Bilingual Christian University of Congo

Computer Engineering is a discipline that deals with the design, development, and manufacturing of computer systems, both hardware and software. The term Computer Engineering is sometimes used in a narrower sense, considering Computer Engineering as a discipline related to Electrical Engineering, and then refers to the design, development and manufacture of hardware only. The concept Software Engineering highlights the software aspects. A computer engineer, in addition to mastering as the computer scientist, applies methods of design and development of computer systems (hardware and software), has a basic training in technology and in-depth knowledge of the structure of computers, their interfaces and networking. Areas of specialization in computer engineering include: Computer Architecture and Semiconductors, Industrial Computing and Digital Control, Networking and Telematics, <mark>Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence</mark>.

University of Kalemie - school image
University of Kalemie

The Faculty of Science was established in 2003 and started functioning together with the Department of Computer Science. <MARK>It was created to satisfy the need to produce highly qualified graduates in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Tanganyika.</MARK> <P></P> Since then, the Faculty has managed to diversify its educational offerings by creating other departments and faculties such as: <BR> - The Faculty of Networks and Telecommunications. <BR> - The Faculty of Computer Science Management <P></P> In order to expand its teaching offer, the strategic managers of the University of Kalemie are already studying the feasibility of an Applied Mathematics department with a technical diploma in Statics and a license in Modeling. <P></P> Currently, the Faculty of Sciences is made up of the Computer Science Department which trains computer engineers. <P></P> By joining the Faculty of Sciences, we guarantee you good material and practical learning conditions, rich documentation and a fruitful career at the end of your studies. With us, the regions of Tanganyika will no longer be condemned to difficulty in their multiple needs for scientific expertise. Our certificates (diplomas) will open the doors to excellence in the profession because the future belongs to New Information and Communication Technologies and the happiness of posterity lies in the preservation of the environment. We are waiting for you.

Kinshasa Digital Academy - school image
Kinshasa Digital Academy

Become a or Specialist in Digital Marketing in 9 months of certifying training followed by 3 to 6 months of internship, and find a job in the best national and international companies. Pay nothing until you find a job! <p></p> <mark>Learn with concrete projects<br> Master the technical skills that employers need most when carrying out concrete and large-scale business or public institution projects.</mark> <p></p> No tuition until you find a job<br> We cover the cost of your tuition and you only reimburse us after you find a job. <p></p> Texaf Digital Campus & Go Innovation<br> Learn in an exceptional digital environment while being surrounded by the best tech experts. <p></p> A key job!<br> Work with our team of career coaches to help you land a job in the national and international market.

Catholic University of Bukavu - school image
Catholic University of Bukavu

The Faculty of sciences was created in 2003 and started operating with the department of Computer Science. It was created to satisfy the need of producing highly <mark>qualified graduates in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Kivu.</mark> <p></p>After graduating from the School of Sciences, the graduate is empowered with the knowledge and skills to pursue the following opportunities in the institution of his choice: <mark>Programmer Analyst</mark>, Expert in Networks and Telecommunication, Expert in Environmental Sciences (study of environmental impacts, design of environmental projects in general).

University of Lubumbashi - school image
University of Lubumbashi

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) offers students outstanding undergraduate and graduate academic programs. The MCS faculty teach a wide array of foundational and specialized undergraduate, masters, and doctoral courses in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and cybersecurity which <mark>allow students to meet various degree requirements and be marketable in today’s digital world. </mark>

University of Kinshasa - school image
University of Kinshasa

The teaching organized by this Department aims to meet the growing needs for high-level mathematicians and computer scientists in our country. It thus aims to <mark>train specialists mastering theory and applications; with an extensive teaching and research project in pure mathematics, applied mathematics and computer science.</mark>

Easy Business Center - school image
Easy Business Center

In the heart of Pointe-noire, Easy Business Center is a flexible and modern business center in which you can have a comfortable workspace. <p></p> We support companies with an interest economy in Congo including those newly created in be operational. Easy Business Center is a single point of contact, tailor-made services, and quality partners; to your disposal. <p></p> <mark>Our ambition is to accompany you as far as possible in the development of your business and the realization of your projects.</mark>

The Workshop Congo - school image
The Workshop Congo

The Workshop is much more than a company, it is above all a community of entrepreneurs and creators. A partner for your growth. <p></p> <mark>The Workshop an incubator with a modern and cozy Co-working space, which offers professional training, support and/or acceleration for your projects or businesses.</mark>

Café Privilège - school image
Café Privilège

The shared workspace, Café Privilège is defined by its simple and minimalist concept within the reach of any aspiring entrepreneur or full-time entrepreneur. <p></p> It has: <br> - all office services at bargain prices, <br> - a strategic geographical position <br> - an enthusiastic staff always ready to meet your needs. <br> - a network of entrepreneurs and specialists around the world (Canada, China, France, Gabon, Togo, Ghana, USA etc...) <p></p> <mark>The Coworking space is a shared workspace, the Café Privilège is much more. It is also a place of exchange animated by a vibrant community thus allowing the clash and the sharing of ideas in order to promote the development of collective but also individual business. Come to Café Privilège, unleash your creativity and grow your business.We take care of the rest.</mark>

La Work Place - school image
La Work Place

Located near the city center, " LA WORK PLACE " is a life-size co-working space providing entrepreneurs with a pleasant and modern environment in which they can launch and develop their activities. ​<P></p> <mark>We offer "Open Spaces" that can be converted into Offices, with areas ranging from 18 to 80 m², at more than affordable prices.</mark> ​​<P></p> With a meeting / training room equipped and available on reservation, for residents and for external students, we offer a suitable solution for groups ranging from 20 to 25 people at more than competitive prices.

AutoClax by Dreams Hub - school image
AutoClax by Dreams Hub

AUTOCLAX platform, with more than 300 courses, for beginners and professionals who wish to continue acquiring new skills<p></p>Programming web pages JavaScript and ASP .NET 3.5 (C#)<br> Development of web applications course. For this, the programming of the client part with JavaScript and the programming of the server part with ASP .NET technology and the SQL Server database server are studied. Upon completion of the course, the <mark>student will be able to develop complete database-backed e-commerce applications.</mark> <p></p> Java SE (Standard Edition)<br> The course provides the foundation that any Java programmer needs, both in terms of the peculiarities of the technology that Java SE encompasses, and the programming language itself. The characteristics of two types of applications that we can create with Java SE are also studied: applets and stand-alone applications. At the end of the course, the student will be prepared to consider other professional challenges, such as the study of Java or Java EE business technologies.

Dreams Hub - school image
Dreams Hub

At Dreams Hub, we bring ideas to life; We work with you to make your dreams come true as a startup, investor, professional, and tech/digital enthusiast. Dreams Hub is a project of XAPIENS SL., an initiative aimed at <mark>providing technological tools mainly to young people with high potential from families with limited financial resources.</mark> Basically, it is an initiative to promote the research, development and innovation (R+D+i) ecosystem, stimulating technological platforms for the generation of nationally produced technological products and services, to meet the demand of Equatorial Guinean companies, by promoting of entrepreneurship from the early stages of educational training, promoting the creation of a generation of young entrepreneurs, stimulating the creation of qualified employment and the creation of value at the national level. <p></p> Dreams Hub — Official member of AfriLabs . A pan-African network organization of 320 innovation centers in 51 African countries. Each hub serves as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, technology companies, and web/mobile engineers in their community.

Ogooué Labs - school image
Ogooué Labs

Ogooue Labs provides co-working space to host incubates and start-ups, they provide business accelerator services open to any startup and/or companies requiring global or specific support, and they <mark>provide innovation laboratory to introduce young Gabonese to web & mobile development and to the development of projects with high social impacts.</mark> <p></p> Educate. Equip. Develop Ogooué Labs: Innovation laboratory<br> Because we wanted to create a digital ecosystem capable of supporting the creation and development of a thriving digital industry for Africa, Ogooué Labs was born. <p></p> We are an innovation laboratory which aims to make the African continent the digital factory of the world from different innovation hubs including Gabon. <p></p> Since 2013, we have been participating in the construction of a dynamic and efficient ecosystem in Gabon and in Africa. <p></p> We are an active innovation laboratory for the development<br> The NGO Ogooué Labs and its innovation laboratory have been supporting the Gabonese State since 2013 in the construction and animation of our ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. <p></p> We aim to make our start-up ecosystem mature in order to increase the share of the digital economy in Gabon's GDP from 5 to 15%. <p></p> Our ambition is to make Africa the next digital factory of the world.

National Institute of Post, Information Technologies and Communication - school image
National Institute of Post, Information Technologies and Communication

INPTIC is a professional public institution of higher education placed under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Digital Economy and the Ministry in charge of Vocational Training and Higher Education. The only establishment in GABON in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, Telecommunications and Digital Economy, INPTIC offers professional, specialized, diploma and qualifying training. INPTIC works for specialized higher education, of quality in the fields of ICT, Networks and Telecommunications, associated with technical management tools <p></p> INPTIC provides access to all the functions of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications. <p></p> Information Systems and Databases<br> Computer databases are used in a large number of companies to store, organize and analyze data. This specialization aims to train middle managers specialized in the development of information systems for organizations. Training available in daytime classes (license) and evening classes (continuing education). <p></p> Development of distributed applications<br> <mark>The production of software is a very complex task involving several resources, in particular human, material and technological. The objective of this training is to provide students with the in-depth skills required to be able to intervene in all phases of software production.</mark> Training available in daytime (licence) and evening classes.

Institute of Technology of Owendo - school image
Institute of Technology of Owendo

This specialty aims to train specialists capable of developing computer applications in various fields, using their skills in needs study, analysis. <p></p> Generic skills <br> - Work independently, collaborate in a team; <br> - Analyze, synthesize a professional document (French, English); <br> - Communicate orally, in writing, in the company or outside (French, English); <br> - Participate in / Lead a project management process; <br> - Know and exploit the professional and institutional networks of the IT sectors. <p></p> <mark>Specific skills <br> - Design and develop computer applications; <br> - Implement and maintain computer programs; <br> - Develop software products or software-based systems following appropriate professional standards; <br> - Set up and customize distributed applications; <br> - Diagnose the main breakdowns affecting the computers and replace the defective parts; plan, monitor and control an IT project.</mark> <p></p> Outlets <br> - IT Project Manager ; <br> - Software consultant; <br> - Application Developer; <br> - System administrator.

Institute for Advanced Techniques - school image
Institute for Advanced Techniques

The main objective of this institute it to give each young person the best chance of development and university success, according to his aptitudes and his motivations, in an open and rigorous spirit, with reference to human values. Prepare him to understand his professional future by accompanying him in the development of his personal project in an environment open to the company and to the world. Develop in him a sense of initiative, taking responsibility, creativity and the acquisition of civic values ​​to bring him to act on events as an actor in social life. <p></P> Within the IT department students will learn to install and configure an operating system, install a client-server type application, create software allowing the management of stocks of different products, set up a catalog (client/server application - database), carry out an accounting reconciliation computer aided, etc. <mark>The Application Developer option prepares you for design: analysis of user needs, research and choice of a suitable solution, and for the development of applications.</mark>

Work'in Art - school image
Work'in Art

When you are self-employed, you do not have a designated office like in a company and even less a fixed schedule! So you have to know how to organize your workspace and work while being productive at your own pace according to the constraints of everyday life and customer appointments... That's why choosing to rent a workspace when needed is an advantage ! <mark>At Workin'Art, you can decide to rent a space for the desired duration and according to the terms of the chosen subscription.</mark> You will also meet other freelancers in the same state of mind as you and who can become partners or potential customers! You also have the opportunity to participate in organized networking evenings, but also in our various events. Workin'Art does everything to bring its community of professionals to life and make it dynamic

Regus - Serena Building - school image
Regus - Serena Building

A resolutely modern building and offering one of the best office structures in the country, the SERENA business center provides professionals in Gabon with an inspiring new workplace. Located in the bustling city center of the capital, this site is surrounded by the headquarters of major banks and the National Agency for the Promotion of Investments (ANPI). <mark>Professionals working in this business center will find private offices, flexible workstations and creative meeting rooms, all contemporary furnished and offering plenty of space. What's more, the center is close to several expressways.</mark> <p></p> Leaving the building, you will immediately arrive in a chic area full of bars and restaurants, but you can also reach the nearby seafront. The Complexe Omnisport Stadium, the largest in Gabon, dominates this part of the city and gives this area a lively atmosphere full of excitement. Back in the office, high-speed Wi-Fi connections and on-site administrative support will help boost your productivity and improve your business.

National Institute of Management Sciences - school image
National Institute of Management Sciences

Offering a wide range of courses combined with a solid practical and scientific approach, the Master in Business Computing ideally prepares students for the demands of the job market. Interdisciplinary experience and practical skills are indeed highly valued qualities in highly qualified people. Obtaining the Master thus gives access to a wide choice of positions of responsibility in various economic sectors, in particular finance, advanced technologies, journalism, entertainment, administration, teaching and continuing education, research , automation, gaming industry, sports, communication technologies, engineering and knowledge management. Graduates can also pursue doctoral studies to further broaden their professional horizons in industry and academia. Obtaining the Master's gives access to a vast choice of positions of responsibility in the fields of IT and management. <p></p>Some examples of occupations: <p></p> <br> - Architect of an information and communication system <br> - Project manager of an information and communication system <br> - Process Developer <br> - Management control <br> - Web developer <p></p> <mark>This Master includes three categories of courses: a first dedicated to management information technology and decision-making support tools, a second focused on fundamental information technology and a third which focuses on business management (in option).</mark>Students can personalize their study plan themselves. They choose from a range of over 60 courses. A practical dimension is integrated into teaching in all subjects (e-business, e-commerce, e-government, supply chain management, revenue management, etc.); an internship to be carried out in a company or in an institution is also an integral part of the training. Finally, the Master's work generally focuses on a theme related to a practical application.

University of Bangui - school image
University of Bangui

The IST is a Professional and Public Higher Institution which works in Science and Engineering. It provides the CAR with most of the executives holding Professional Licenses in Civil, Industrial, <mark>Computer</mark>, Mining and Geological Engineering. Anxious to always train competent executives in the field of technology, we are <mark>keen to meet the challenge imposed by globalization by strengthening the aspects of innovation and quality.</mark>

Developers Institute Cameroon - school image
Developers Institute Cameroon

You can learn to code anywhere; students come to Developers Institute to change their lives. Join our driven community of career-changers and master the skills you need to become a developer. <p></p> <mark>Developers Institute's mission is to help individuals who want to have accelerated, intensive and quality training for High Tech employment, and to launch their new career. DI's focus is to build a community of leaders and individuals who have the right mindset to succeed in the thriving high tech and startup ecosystem.</mark> <p></p> By opening our coding bootcamp, we have 3 main objectives in mind : <br> 1. Help individuals who want to have a quick, intensive and quality training in coding <br>2. Help anyone launching their new career in Cameroon <br>3. Build a community of leaders and individuals who have the right mindset to succeed in the thriving startup ecosystem.

IMIT - school image

The mission of IMIT is to train and certify learners in fields of industry certification and professional body qualifications of international repute and also to offer short course training on pertinent value adding skills that facilitate decent employment for the trainee. <mark>Generally, we train in fields of management, finance, information technology and business software applications.</mark> To fulfill this mission, we work with reputable international professional bodies like the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Association of Business Managers and Administrators (ABMA Education Ltd), the global Cisco Networking academy, Project Management Institute (PMI), just to name some. We administer international exams of these professional and certifying bodies and many other exams under licenses from CIPS, ACCA, ABMA Education Ltd, Nextec (PSI and PAN exams) and Pearson Vue.

EasyOffices - school image

EasyOffices is the new latest generation workspace in Yaoundé, designed to respond to changing working methods and provide an environment conducive to the development of your business. <p></p> Located in the heart of the capital, within the prestigious International Crafts Centre, EasyOffices offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals. <p></p> Whether you are an established company, a mobile worker, a freelancer, you will find at EasyOffices a workspace that meets your needs. <p></p> For the comfort and productivity of its customers, EasyOffices has a platform <mark>guaranteeing quality services, personalized services, ultra-fast wi-fi connectivity and an environment conducive to exchange and collaboration.</mark> <p></p> Concentrate on your core business and the success of your business, EasyOffices takes care of the rest!

SEED Innovation Hub - school image
SEED Innovation Hub

The SEED innovation hub is a co-working space or more generally a third place. It is a center equipped with office equipment and with a high-speed internet connection. Whether you are a researcher, professional in a trade, or self-employed, the Hub provides you with a space where you can work and evolve in your activities in complete peace of mind without worrying about cumbersome details such as utility bills. water, electricity, internet, taxes, security, coffee etc. <p></p> We build for you a friendly working environment for optimal productivity. <p></p> You also have a meeting room with video projector that can accommodate up to 12 people. The Hub can also be used to organize seminars or other events. coupled with this, an agenda full of activities and training around digital helps boost productivity and increase performance. <p></p> <mark>Co-working is all the more interesting since we have the possibility of finding people with various profiles on site who can provide us with real help in our work.</mark> <p></p> We will be very honored to count you among our collaborators. <p></p> Visit to get to know each other better. We will present all our offers to you and answer all your questions as clearly as possible. <p></p> The SEED Team!!!

IT Kola - school image
IT Kola

IT KOLA is a platform for the collective development of projects focused on innovation and sustainable technologies and for accelerating the development of startups centered on social entrepreneurship. <mark>We also offer modern, connected and equipped offices, meeting/training/seminar rooms, for occasional or permanent use with the possibility of business domiciliation, assistance and advice.</mark> <p></P> Incubation / Startup accelerator <br> - Training (creativity, Business model, Lean / Zen Canvas, Pitch planner, development of entrepreneurial skills and business creation, etc.); <br> - Personalized support in setting up projects and business creation procedures; <br> - Project writing workshops ; <br> - Collaborative access to tools and resources; <br> - Mentoring and coaching by professionals; <br> - Pitch to private investors > crowdfunding , sponsorship , etc .; <br> - Animation : BootCamp, PitchCamp, etc. <p></P> Business hosting (NUTspace) <br> - Domiciliation of companies, <br> - Shared workspace, Openspace, high speed internet in the heart of Yaoundé; <br> - Meeting room, friendly space, cafe; <br> - Collaborative uses of tools and resources; <br> - Events / Animation / Netwoking, B2B;

Technipole Sup-Valor - school image
Technipole Sup-Valor

Created in 2010, the Technipole Sup Valor is the business incubator of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique de Yaoundé in Cameroon. A tool for development, aid for innovation and the creation of viable and sustainable businesses set up by the ENSP, the establishment is a reception, accommodation and support structure for business creators. economics and project leaders. The Technipole Sup-Valor <mark>offers support for the start-up of the activity, the birth and the development of the company. Thus, it welcomes initiators of innovative projects, start-ups in the start-up phase and young companies less than two years old that are still fragile.</mark>

Brain Booster - school image
Brain Booster

We are a community of bold minds who have decided to work under the same roof. Our workspace and the people around us will inspire you to take action. Whether it’s to work for and hour, a day, a week, a month or even a year, alone or with team, at Brain-Booster you will find a plan that meets your exact needs. <mark>Beautiful setting, abundant natural light, amazing comfort, fast internet, stylish interior, custom made desks, state-of-the-art AC system, top notch location, regular events and trainigs, are the ingredients that makes Brain-Booster the best place to work. </mark>

O'Botama - school image

It is a space specially designed for young innovative entrepreneurs who are making Africa today and preparing for tomorrow. <p></p> <mark>Our vision is to release the energies of young african projects owners. To achieve this, we have set ourselves the mission of being a talent catalyst that strengthen the entrepreneurial culture among these young africans and supports them in the creation of innovative solutions for Africa and for the world.</mark> <p></p> The name O’Botama is an association of the letter “O”, which recalls its attachment to O.S.E.R L’Afrique and the word “Botama” which means “Birth” in Lingala (a Congolese language). O’Botama is therefore the place that gives birth to young entrepreneurs who subscribe to the approach that has always been ours: to dare Africa today and prepare for tomorrow.

Ongola Fablab - school image
Ongola Fablab

Digital Manufacturing Laboratory to support young people in initiating innovative projects by quickly <mark>moving from the idea to the functional prototype.</mark>

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Next Generation Technologies Centre

Next Generation Technologies Centre (NGTC) is a technology training center which was founded in 2017, and it is located in the capital city Yaoundé, Cameroon. NexGen seeks to address the gap in providing skills for next generation workers for Africa. Also NGTC features high-bay labs, multi-purpose training areas and an energy-efficient and naturally lighted environment for learning. NexGen links workforce education to the latest technology, and offers training to both junior and college youths as well as working adults who need to improve on their old skills. <mark>The NGCT, ranks amongst the most competitive state of the art technology training complex in Cameroon and it is designed to achieve excellence and foster creativity amongst the brightest minds.</mark> NexGen also offers after school programs where students from ages 7-20 years old to fine tune their skills and reduce their skill gaps. They can design their own learning paths and gain skills in different study areas focusing on (3D modelling and printing, electronics and robotics, Artificial Intelligence, application development, web development, game development, graphic design, and photography). Students can learn independently through a specially designed interface, workshops and learning labs led by NexGen staff and industry of professionals around the world. Since its creation, <mark>NexGen has trained and mentored over 200 students in different areas of technology and engineering. </mark>We have a total number 4 workers, and 5 volunteers contributing to the attainment off its goals, and 6 other trainers who are part time.

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Startup Academy

The Cameroon Startup Academy is a youth-led Cameroonian-based professional training institution empowering young Cameroonian entrepreneurs, transforming skills into potential businesses and creating entrpreneurial ecosystems in Cameroon through intensive human capital development and facilitating access to critical finance for start-ups and SMEs to foster private sector growth and development. <p></p> We assist young people to start and grow their own sustainable businesses through delivery of capacity building initiatives, access to finance and ready markets. <p></p> <mark>We equally provide consultancy services in business analysis, financial forcast and pitching for youth-led Small and Medium sized enterprises.</mark> <p></p> Our startup accelerator program known as STARTUP ENERGIZERS runs for 3 months every year and aims at accelerating 50 startups in Cameroon annually, through providing intensive training, coaching from sucessful business executives, linking up investors and startups during a demo day, and providing product testing services.

Caysti - school image

CAYSTI is firstly an After-school program that aims to Empower and Support the next generation of tech leaders and reduce the gender gap in the tech industry! <mark>CAYSTI is also an incubator that supports its students' projects</mark>

BOLO89 - school image

89 is significant for our standard weekday hours of operation – 8am – 9pm (mind you our members get 24/7 access!). As digital nomads, we needed a space we could work out of that catered to our need for non-traditional work hours. We had a hard time finding one in Douala, so we did what any normal thinking person would – opened up our own! <mark>BOLO89 exists to provide high quality, flexible spaces to digital nomads, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and business travelers, allowing our members to grow their companies and exceed their business and professional goals. We provide a unique set of amenities and benefits that support business growth and professional development. </mark>Our vision is to provide upscale, flexible workspaces in every major city in Africa. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup, discover spaces that inspire your most impactful work.

SHARA Coworking - school image
SHARA Coworking

Shara Coworking is a co-working / shared office space located in Bonaberi - Douala, Cameroon. We offer a new spot to build projects and generate connections to startups and lonely entrepreneurs seeking socializing opportunities. <p></p>Our facilities<br> Shared offices & Open Spaces<br> <mark>We offer freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, visitors and small teams, air-conditioned workspaces equipped with high speed internet and free coffee to give them a comfortable space to make their dreams come through.</mark> <p></p> Private & VIP offices<br> We provide individuals or teams with luxurious private offices and spaces to allow them to work privately or in teams with complete peace of mind. A conference room and training rooms for your events, workshops, and seminars. <p></p> Conference Room<br> Our conference room functions as an events space, teamwork and open space, seminar room and conference room for start-ups and entrepreneurs. <p></p> Training Room The training room is suitable for hosting teams of up to 50 persons for training and workshops. <br>- Free Internet connection and high-speed Wi-Fi through optical fiber <br>- Air-conditioned offices <br>- A conference and training room (50 seats) at disposal <br>- Secretarial services when required <br>- Free coffee and water <br>- Fully equipped kitchen <br>- Free parking <br>- High-end printers and photocopiers <br>- White boards <br>- A UHD 4K 75'' Smart TV screen with the latest technology, <br>- Fully equipped, air-conditioned, and clean luxury offices

BeeHive Coworking - school image
BeeHive Coworking

Do not adapt to the environment, choose the one that suits you. Choose BEEHIVE COWORKING, which creates for you a turnkey ecosystem for your business, offering you a complete range of services and equipment. <mark>Our standardized Workspace offers you a dynamic and flexible environment. Much more than an office, we take care of the details by providing you with layouts that will make your work easier, so you can focus on your priorities.</mark>

StartUp'Nkap - school image

We accept ventures from all sectors; Agribusiness, IT and Software, Fashion and Design, Health, Renewable Energy, Real Estates, Education and Training etc. <mark>We offer mentorship and coaching opportunities to start-ups and SMEs this to enable them have specific skills and knowledge that will maximize their business potential and improve their performance</mark>

Jokkolabs Douala - school image
Jokkolabs Douala

The 1st coworking space in Francophone Africa among 700 world pioneers to undertake and innovate differently: together! <p></p> Jokkolabs is about collaborative innovation, networking and research <p></p> <mark>To innovate, it is essential to have the ability to establish exchanges and collaborations in confidence. Beyond that, innovation arises from diversity: from the crossroads of knowledge, practices, sectors, styles, generations, know-how and interpersonal skills. We promote - through our programs, new combinations to contribute to the emergence of a new society, new ideas and new opportunities that meet the needs of a globalized and interconnected world.</mark> “We cannot solve our problems with the same thought that we used when we created them. A.Einstein <p></p> We are constantly listening to the market and societal needs to encourage entrepreneurs to challenge the "status quo", find new paths... Our approach actively involves people and communities in the search for solutions to invent a world better.

ECOLIA Labs - school image

We are ECOLIA Labs, a space for technological innovation and an incubator to help young people in Cameroon and Central Africa develop new leadership and use digital to create financially viable businesses with a strong social impact. <p></p> <mark>Build the future generation of Tech Social Entrepreneurs that Cameroon and Central Africa need to meet their Sustainable Development challenges</mark>

Seven Academy - school image
Seven Academy

Seven Academy is a Silicon Valley blended First-Class IT Training Institute that trains young Cameroonians on highly-paid in-demand IT skills to enable them access high quality jobs worldwide. Located in Cameroon’s largest city Douala, Seven Academy is fast becoming a national <mark>leader in professional Web/Mobile Apps development, Digital Marketing, IT Security, Cloud Computing, Data science training and others.</mark>

Jaba Space - school image
Jaba Space

Jaba Space, which means "sharing space" in language Douala, is the meeting place between entrepreneurs, start-uppers, project and idea holders companies looking for a creative work environment and ready-to-use, <mark>start-up support (incubation) or a boost for the development of their activities.</mark>

WETECH - school image

WETECH - Women in Entrepreneurship and Technology is an organization and an Innovation Hub in Cameroon dedicated to supporting African women in the fields of entrepreneurship and Technology. <p></p> A COWORKING SPACE AND A DYNAMIC NETWORK Active members, ready to mark economic and social change in Africa. <p></p> FORMATION & MENTORING<br> Support and training programs for better education of women and young girls. <p></p> <mark>INCUBATOR & ACCELERATOR<br> Various programs and resources for the development and monitoring of projects.</mark> <p></p> SERVICES & EXPERTISE<br> Promotion of women's know-how and our expertise in fields integrating Information and Communication Technologies. <p></p> OUR SUPPORT PROGRAMS<br> From idea to expansion<br> WETECH Women in Code (WIC)<br> Training in Emerging Technologies and Entrepreneurship. <p></p> WETECH CIRCLES<br> Dedicated to project ideas from women entrepreneurs, women's groups, and girls. <p></p> WETECH Incubation Program<br> Program dedicated to projects that have already validated their contract or prototype. <p></p> WETECH WILE<br> Scaling Readiness Program for Startups and Women-Owned Businesses.

ActivSpaces - school image

ActivSpaces is a tech hub with two co-working spaces and an incubator program called Activation Bootcamp. The co-working space is free to tech entrepreneurs who are actively working on a startup. <mark>Activation Bootcamp is a highly selective rigorous six-month accelerator program. The next bootcamp will launch in early 2015. ActivSpaces also hosts a variety of events for the wider tech community.</mark>

Zixtech Organization - school image
Zixtech Organization

The mission and vision of Zixtech Organisation is to improve the future. Making the people, community and country better than the way it is. We give hope by improving the future. Our Mission To improve the inhabitants, Community, organizations.<mark> Zixtech Organization is concerned with issues of entrepreneurship, ICT, Community development, empowering grassroot organizations, health and social work in Cameroon and Africa.</mark> <p></p> Aims and Objectives <br> 1. We aim to provide the needed life line to help people improve their lives in Cameroon especially in rural communities. We identify their problems and seek possible ways to address them. <br> 2. We aim to support people who are marginalized in the communities, be it due to physically handicapped, the elderly, people with mental illness, people with albinism and needy children. <br> 3. We aim to create awareness and educate the community on issues affecting the well-being of their communities which includes communal hygiene, HIV/AIDS pandemic, recycling and climate change <br><br> <mark>Our projects span across various fields including education, Web development, providing assistance to discriminated and disadvantaged community groups such as people with disabilities, street children and orphans in particular, Volunteerism, Community development, fundraising.</mark>

Jongo Hub - school image
Jongo Hub

Jongo Hub as the cradle of innovation is all about the power of innovation through community and collaboration. <mark>Our greatest desire is to promote high-impact entrepreneurship and empower young entrepreneurs for transformation in Africa.</mark> <p></p> Since May of 2017 Jongo Hub has incubated over 30 startups through annual incubation programs that supported aspiring entrepreneurs to<mark> build, launch and scale their tech-enabled solutions that solved local problems in our society and promoted socio-economic development within the national territory and in line with the sustainable development goals.</mark> <p></p> Within this incubation period, the entrepreneur will benefit from a co-working space at the hub and other direct/indirect services to help them develop, market, and grow their businesses which includes but is not limited to Market research, User Research/Ethnography/Behavior Change, Prototype Development, Engineering Review,Product Development, Product/Competitor, Benchmarking, Product Strategy, Pilot/Field Testing Strategy, Manufacturing, Packaging Design, Distribution and Sales Strategy, Supply Chain Sourcing/ Management, Quality Control, and Vendor Management, Client and Inventory Management, Monitoring/ Evaluation of Impact, Access to a technology Lab, a maker space and a creative art workshop

University of Buea - school image
University of Buea

The undergraduate courses lay emphasis on the teaching of basic Engineering principles and on the applications of various Engineering concepts, enhanced by practical sessions. The department also offers a professional Higher National Diploma (HND) programme in two years. <p></p> The specific objectives for the Software Engineering are: <br>– To produce graduates who are well-educated in the fundamental concepts of Software Engineering; <br>– <mark>To produce graduates who are capable of continuing their professional development throughout their career by combining theory with its application in Computer Engineering practice;</mark> <br>– To build human resource capacity in the Software Engineering discipline in both the public and private sectors to students who wish to become proficient in Software development in a variety of platforms using a methodical approach;