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IIPGH Academy

IIPGH(The Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana) Academy is the platform for students, professionals, and organizations to accelerate ICT education and for economic growth and social good and to inspire confidence that enables innovation in our environment. <mark>IIPGH Academy is at the very heart of the ICT innovation and training, fostering knowledge in evolving technologies, services, and allocation of resources to create a seamless global ICT human resource capacity and ecosystem that is practical, reliable, and convenient.</mark> <p></p> The Academy is focused on providing ICT skills training that enables the digital evolution of organizations. So far, together with our partners, IIPGH Academy has trained over 30,000 persons (since 2018) in Digital Skills, various computer programming languages, web technologies, Data Science, and cybersecurity. The organization consists of professionals across all the domains of ICT. Our members have experience in both domestic and international ICT markets contributing to projects and the management of the operations for top organizations in the ICT industry. Our goal is to provide the most professional ICT service at the minimum cost that will enable individuals and organizations to invest the cost savings in order to grow. <p></p> OUR AIM <br> The organization aims to use its platform to equip professionals and students with skills in emerging technologies that would augment teaching and learning, entrepreneurship and employability in today’s fast-moving technological world. <mark> <br> - Coding Education for Ghana Program (for kids, teens, and adults) <br> - Professional Skills Development – Python for Data Science for professionals; Information and Cybersecurity; Data Protection; Internet Governance. <br> - National Teaching Council accreditation–Continuous Professional Development for teachers <br> - Digital skills education (basic, intermediate, advanced) </mark>

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Blossom Academy

We are fueling the future of work by providing diverse data talents at scale, bridging the skills gap while equalizing opportunity for all. At Blossom Academy we believe that the technology skills gap fundamentally exists as a result of an opportunity gap. That talent is created equal, but opportunity is not. Everything we do is about closing the opportunity gap. We develop opportunities for those that have the aptitude and attitude to be successful data professionals – and to provide them with the right skills they need to be ready for industry. <p></p> <mark>Data Analytics<br> Master the industry tools to transform, analyze large real-world data sets and present insights. <p></p> Digital Marketing<br> Apply modern marketing strategies, and drive growth with comprehensive, multichannel campaigns. <p></p> Data Science<br> Leveraging software development and statistics to find hidden patterns in data, to train and develop models. </mark> <p></p> Why Choose Blossom? <br> Field Experienced Instructors <br> Each cohort is led by qualified data professionals who are background checked and tested for skillset. <p></p> Cutting Edge Training Program <br> We do not stop at providing you with the hard skills. We also equip you with the leadership skills required to excel. <p></p> Hands-On Learning Style <br> Take advantage of hands-on learning opportunities and benefit from a supportive learning environment.

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TechTen Planet

TechTen Planet Ghana is a social organization supported by European partners that equips people with advanced digital skills training that enables job creation and technical problem-solving. We centre our training around Raspberry Pi, Scratch and Python. <p></p> Our goal with the Techten project in Ghana is to offer a training center that inspires technical thinking, active and hands-on learning, creative thinking and problem-solving skills. We know people want to learn and better their lives and one is by handing the needed tools to be able to do so. Techten-Ghana provides the facility for young people to develop useful skills that they can use to help their communities and to create more opportunities. <p></p> We can help bridge the technical skills chasm in Ghana by providing facilities where young people can get hands-on training and experiment with larger problem-solving tools and technological frameworks. <p></p> <mark>We are now open and gradually offering thoughtful knitted programs that concentrate on creative skills, project-based learning and solution-oriented skills. Our tutoring style allows online and on-site tutoring and mentoring. We look forward to building instructors with hands-on skills in automation, programming, electronica, robotics and domestic/industrial installations. </mark> <p></p> We encourage teamwork and a space for every student and participant to express and develop their skillset. We measure our success by these focussed areas: <p></p> Job focus: How many of our learners go on to find jobs? <p></p> Development focus: How many of our learners develop their own product? <p></p> Entrepreneurship/ Project base: How many of our learners start their own business?

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Starters Technology

We are dedicated to leveraging the latest technologies to create customised learning paths for young people that will help them reach their full potential and prepare them for a successful career in the fields that do not have gatekeepers like engineering, artificial intelligence, programming, arts and technology, and robotics <p></p> <mark>Programming and development<br> This serves as the foundation for most technological advancement in this age. Most, if not all our students, take some kind of computer programming course as part of their customized programs. Our students think with a creators mentality knowing they can build solutions if they put their mind to it.</mark> <p></p> Robotics, electronics & mechatronics<br> This is an uprising wave that will move technological hardware to the next level. Students take courses that strengthen their technical know-how in programming, electronics, mechanics, and robotics. Students learn to build and program hardware to solve problems around them. <p></p> Design, Illustration & animation<br> This directly affects how people feel and is applied across all industries. Students learn to use the tools that make it easy for them to create a feeling or communicate an idea through design, illustration and animation.

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FestMan Learning Hub

With the global economy experiencing a massive change and digital transformation, upskilling and reskilling have taken on a renewed sense of urgency. <p></p> To prepare for the jobs of the future, professionals and those who wants to advance their career need to make lifelong learning the new normal. Professionals who see good opportunity to learn and grow are 2.9 times more likely to be in demand and engaged. <p></p> At FestMan, our mission is to arm you with the digital skills required to adapt to the changing work environment and prepare for the future of work. <p></p> <mark>We deliver online and in-person premium digital skills training and courses to help you reposition yourself for exciting career opportunities in this rapidly changing work environment. We provide training in Data Analytics, Data Science, UX Design, Financial Modeling and Digital Marketing. </mark> <p></p> We partner with Industry Experts and Leaders to train and equip professionals with relevant and in-demand digital skills. <p></p> We are building the largest community of Data and digitally-savvy professionals in Ghana and Africa.

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Accra Business School

This course provides a unique blend of business and IT subjects which is viewed by industry as an essential element in the role of a modern IT manager. The course comprises a significant amount of practical work. In particular, Year 1 features continuous assessments with no final year exam, enabling students to monitor progress throughout the year. <p></p> On completion of the course, students will have a detailed understanding of: <br> - Network systems management, advanced database management <br> - Strategic management <br> - Team work and people management skills <br> - Financial information management <br> - Day-to-day IT department management. <p></p> IS THIS COURSE FOR YOU? <br> <mark>Are you interested in working as an IT professional, but not necessarily as a software developer? Are you interested in a qualification that enables you to work in a vast array of organisations from small local companies to large multinationals? Are you interested in a course that gives you exposure to business and IT subjects much needed in industry?</mark> <p></p> CAREER OPPORTUNITIES <br> Graduates are qualified to work across the IT spectrum in any industry sector. <p></p> Some sample positions include: <br> - Business Analyst Systems Administrator <br> - IT Consultant <br> - Database Administrator <br> - Network Administrator <br> - Web Developer <br> - Deployment Engineer Data Management Analyst <br> - IT Manager <br> - Project Manager <br> - Self-employed.

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Chanzo Capital

Chanzo Capital is a venture and growth capital firm, investing Capital, Capacity and Community in high-tech Startups and Scaleups in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa (KINGS) – these countries make up the "KINGS" of Africa's digital economy. – these countries make up the of Africa's digital economy. <p></p> What we do <br> <mark>We invest between $500K and $5M staggered over the exponential growth phase of the company from Series A to C. We also make Seed investments of $50K to $500K</mark> <p></p>Our intentions <br> The firm intends to finance the growth and development of the high-tech sector through the provision of Capital, Capacity and Community to our portfolio of companies and the entire ecosystem in Africa. <p></p> Capacity <br> We have being developing the Capacity of our portfolio companies by strengthening the leadership of the senior management teams and introducing corporate governance. We also help in re-organizing the corporate and organizational structure of the businesses. <p></p>Community <br> We have being developing the Community in Africa through our annual Angel Fair Africa which brings selected entrepreneurs to pitch to invited investors. Over the six years of organizing the event, we have realized US$23m of investment and 1 exit.

Ghana Climate Innovation Center - school image
Ghana Climate Innovation Center

The Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC) is a cutting-edge national business incubator located in Ghana. The Centre is an institute of Ashesi University, one of the country’s premier tertiary institutions. The Centre was established in 2016 to support Ghanaian entrepreneurs and new ventures involved in developing profitable and locally appropriate solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation. <p></p> <mark>GCIC’s focus is on developing and growing green, profitable, and sustainable businesses, led by ethical leaders with critical thinking skills and a deep commitment to gender equality and social responsibility. </mark>GCIC is a disruptive force leading the efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change while driving Ghana’s economic growth. Our passionate, courageous, and dedicated team members and entrepreneurs are committed to the transition to a prosperous, inclusive low-carbon economy. Our commitment to our entrepreneurs is to develop and provide: <p></p> Holistic business and leadership training programs; Tailored portfolio management and support services, including financial grants; Access to global industry and financial experts in the following five sectors: climate smart agriculture, energy efficiency, solar power, water management, domestic waste management; and Influence the government policy sector to advance climate-smart policies and statutes. GCIC challenges the mindset of its entrepreneurs, cultivating and strengthening their focus on sustainable commercial success, but also their contribution to long-term implications of their activity in Ghana, Africa, and the world. We seek to drive inclusive interventions not only around the green economy but especially concerning women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion. We see this focus as essential to building an economic powerhouse and a sustainable society in Ghana. <p></p>Our Vision <br> A centre of excellence, growing Ghana’s green economy through sustainable entrepreneurship, innovation, and climate policy advocacy. <p></p>Our Mission <br> Our mission is to develop and support an exceptional set of transformational ventures and entrepreneurs who are pioneering adaptive and mitigating solutions for climate change issues in Ghana. <p></p>Our Values <br> - Curiosity: Persistently seeking knowledge by understanding ourselves and our environment. <br> - <mark>Innovation: GCIC was established to build and support local capacity among climate-smart SMEs to produce and manufacture locally adaptive innovative solutions to climate change mitigation and adaption. Innovation is at the core of what we do.</mark> <br> - Leadership: GCIC is part of Ashesi University whose mission is to raise ethical entrepreneurial leaders in Africa, leaders with critical thinking skills, concern for others, and the courage needed to transform the continent. We deemed that it was even more important to not only support enterprises with business tools and services, but also to support their leadership to be lateral and critical thinkers that have the capacity to lead enterprises that are solutions-based and transformational.

UWAT (Unlocking Women and Technology) - school image
UWAT (Unlocking Women and Technology)

An initiative of Ispace, Ghana to equip women with Coding, Business Management, Professional Networking, and Pitching Skills and access to Funding to kick start their businesses. <p></p> What we do <br> <mark>Tech development <br> This course has been designed to help participants transform their business ideas into viable products such as websites and apps. Students at the end of this class will <br> - Gain Programming skill <br> - Website design skill </mark> <p></p> Business Development <br> This course has been designed to help participants transform their passion and ideas into a viable business. The course will explore and apply relevant business models and concepts intended to help students “think outside the box”. Students will be challenged to explore different activities as a starting point for entrepreneurial success.

Women in Tech Across Africa - school image
Women in Tech Across Africa

Supporting Women in Tech Across Africa(WITA) to Positively to Impact their Communities Positively. WITA believes that women are equally capable of being at the forefront of technological development and advancement in Africa and the world at large. <p></p> Women in Tech Africa mission is 3 fold: <mark> <br> - Promoting the capabilities of an African woman achiever ( career/entrepreneurship) <br> - Raising today’s female leaders and role models for the next generation <br> - Ensure African growth through technology by bridging the digital divide </mark> <p></p> Women in Tech Africa is the largest group on the continent with membership across 30 countries globally with 12 Physical chapter in Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Germany, Ireland, Britain, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, and Cape Verde <p></p> Women in Tech Africa is also the 2018 recipient if the United Nations Equals Award for Leadership in the Women and Technology Space

Asime Ventures - school image
Asime Ventures

Asime means "in the hand" or "the market" in Ewe, a West African language. By extension, the expression "Asi le Asime" means hand in hand, therefore a relationship based on Trust and Bond, in a way "my Word is my Bond" and the handshake seals the relationship. Asime Ventures is a preferred Agel, pre-Seed, and Seed firm with a reputation for successful partnerships across Africa, both Anglophone, and Francophone. <br> - Founded in 2020, Asime Ventures is already recognized as a preferred Angel, pre-Seed and Seed firm with a reputation for successful partnerships across Africa, both Anglophone and Francophone. <br> - When we decide to work with a new company or new team, we go all in and become fully invested in all aspects of their business, without being obstructive. We're here to support ! <br> - We’re looking for innovation, hard work and grit, and have a strict criteria for selecting our next startup and SME partners. <br> - <mark>While we only invest in a handful of companies a year, it means we can focus solely on those who we believe really have the founders, team and drive to succeed.</mark> <br> - We invest between $5k and $100k primarily across East and West Africa, notably Ghana, Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Togo, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa (more rarely).

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Africa Eats

Africa Eats has a unique structure, blending the best parts of a venture capital fund, a business accelerator, and Berkshire Hathaway to create an investment holding company optimized to support fast-growing, mission-driven, for-profit African companies. <p></p> The investments into the subsidiaries are minority stakes, empowering the founders to grow their companies. <mark>The founders are linked together to learn from each other, mentor each other, and to find synergies to make Africa Eats far more than just a portfolio of unrelated companies. The long term goal is to create a diverse, liquid investment that allows any European, American, or Asian investor an easy vehicle for investing into and across Africa.</mark> <p></p> Africa Eats focuses on funding and growing for-profit solutions to hunger and poverty across Africa. Hunger, as most Africans are farmers (or children living on a farm), and together they grow enough food for the 1.1 billion Africans, but with post-harvest losses, the continent instead imports food.

4DX Ventures - school image
4DX Ventures

4DX Ventures is a Pan-Africa Focused Venture Capital Firm. Our mission is to connect people, ideas, and capital to create a thriving African continent, and a vibrant global community. We do this by <mark>partnering with bold and gifted entrepreneurs who are building companies that will usher in Africa’s technology age. We look for founders who are focused, creative, have a growth mindset, and possess true grit.</mark> <p></p> We invest early and with conviction backed by extensive research & analysis, an expansive global network and deep local perspective. We view founders as our partners on the company journey and are unwavering in our commitment to add value not just with our capital and network but also by working closely with each company and providing strategic, operational and technical input that helps management teams to hyperscale their businesses. <p></p> We’ve backed some of the most iconic technology companies in Africa since 2014, and more than anything, we are committed to putting people first, operating with transparency and integrity, and always striving for true excellence in our work.

Mobile Business Clinic (MBC) - school image
Mobile Business Clinic (MBC)

Create a strong SME sector in Ghana that will contribute to the reduction of poverty, food insecurity and the creation of employment, particularly in rural zones. <p></p> Specific Objectives <mark> <br> - Improved management tools, processes and practices <br> - Strong company organization <br> - Revised business strategy <br> - Winning Fundraising package </mark> <br> Program Details <br> Step 1 Business Capacities Assessment <br> The first step prior to the training is to use our Business Diagnostic Tool to identify the constraints to the growth experienced by the program participants. We analyse 4 fundamental business pillars: organization, people, operations and financial structure. Based on this analysis, we adapt our training program to focus on the main challenges experienced by the group. <p></p> Step 2 Business Capacities Building <br> Training program – The program includes 7 training modules (each two to three days long), a pitch rehearsal session in a real situation. Our training approach is extremely hands-on and requires the full commitment of participants to achieve expected results through practical lessons (e.g. case studies, group discussions, question-answers, and scenarios). <br> Business coaching – one-on-one business coaching. The program lasts between three and four months to allow the businesses to put into practice what they learned during the training and to permit time to implement solutions to their main challenges. <p></p>Targeted Audience <br> We are looking for entrepreneurs and managers of SME’s that have a genuine will to improve their business model and current operations. <p></p>Criteria and Requirements <br> SME has: <br> - 3 years of operations and more <br> - 5 employees minimum <br> - A Turnover of 250,000 GHS or more. <br> - Financial information the last two years <br> - 2 change officers are identified in company and one of them participates to all trainings <br> - Payment of Business Clinic package

Developers Institute Ghana - school image
Developers Institute Ghana

You can learn to code anywhere; students come to Developers Institute to change their lives. Join our driven community of career-changers and master the skills you need to become a developer. <p></p> <mark>Developers Institute's mission is to help individuals who want to have accelerated, intensive and quality training for High Tech employment, and to launch their new career in Ghana. Developers Institute's focus is to build a community of leaders and individuals who have the right mindset to succeed in the thriving high tech and startup ecosystem.</mark> <p></p> Our students come from 25+ different countries, and they all have one very particular thing in common: The DRIVE and WILLINGNESS to push themselves forward. <p></p> Developers Institute has just been featured with an international recognition as 31st in the world on SwitchUp’s ranking, which reflects the consistency and high standards of the bootcamp. This accomplishment indicates excellent student and alumni satisfaction, all during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, the course was rebuilt to adapt to the new global reality, creating a hybrid program, where the students would be able to attend the classes both in person and remotely.

Innohub - school image

Innohub is a Business Accelerator, Management Consulting, and Impact Investment platform, which supports Small and Growing Businesses to become sustainable, scalable and investment ready, and match them to the capital needed for growth. <p></p> <mark>Whether you have an idea, starting out, going through a rebrand, launching in a new market or simply fundraising to expand your business, Innohub offers carefully curated services based on your unique needs to provide a truly excellent experience.</mark> <p></p> In collaboration with our strategic partners, we support high growth and high impact potential start-ups and SGBs to become investment ready, sustainable, and scalable to achieve profitability and social impact. <p></p>Growth Consulting <br> We offer business development and support services to organizations and individuals including Business Strategy Development, Business Model Validation, Growth Strategy Design, Business Plan Documentation, Financial Planning, etc. Our bespoke growth-oriented consulting services have been designed to help Small and Growing Businesses validate/refine their business models and their growth plans. We deploy world class consulting tools and standard practices to support our clients build growth-oriented business models and strategic implementation plans. <p></p> Our approach and tools will help you interrogate the assumptions behind your business and arrive at realistic but audacious growth ambitions. Our strategy is to take a deep dive into markets and help you understand your target or existing markets like no one else does. We help you get into the minds of the customer, as you address the question of “where to play”. <p></p>Capital Raise Support <br> <mark>We support SMEs with high growth potential to access capital from a range of local and international investors. Our satisfied clients have successfully raised funding from both local and international sources.</mrk> In line with our desire to bridge the early and missing middle funding gap for SGBs, Innohub is the sponsor of finance vehicles like Wangara Green Ventures Capital Limited with a $3.2m grant from the World Bank, and the Accra Angels Network. <p></p>Market-Entry Support <br> We help new entrant companies’ projects as well as new products and services successfully launch and establish local market presence. We help provide country overview, industry specific information, market insights, tailored implementation, and entry strategy, etc. For locally present companies who seek to launch new products, our Market-Entry Support service will help you do it the right way.

Kosmos Innovation Center - school image
Kosmos Innovation Center

Each Kosmos Innovation Center program is driven by local staff and private sector experts, resulting in a distinctive focus on commercial solutions and local knowledge. Our customized, best-in-class <mark>business support programs feature a mix of skills training, mentorship and seed funding.</mark> <p></p> Our Kosmos Innovation Center programs are structured to allow young entrepreneurs to create opportunities for themselves, by <mark>fine-tuning their ideas into a business focused on solving key problems in the agricultural sector.</mark>

Ghana Tech Lab - school image
Ghana Tech Lab

We are taking simple ideas and turning them into big startups. Our goal is to become the platform for digital innovations in Africa and beyond. Our unique programs and curriculum are designed to make your idea a product/solution that addresses a situation in the society. We inspire innovation, creativity and ideation. We inspire exceptional stories. <p></p> We are committed to equipping individuals and organisations with the necessary skills they require to increase their productivity. Our skills training sessions are based on well developed curriculums. We are not just about talking, we are about doing.<mark> Our programs take you through the fundamentals that you need to become a successful startup. From technical incubation to entrepreneurship programs, we are expanding knowledge and creating new startups.</mark> <p></p> Base Program <br> The base program is our flagship program, which prepares individuals to think and create new innovations. Trainees are enrolled in the base program, which includes one month of training and two months of intensive incubation. Our model is different because it is adopts a bottom approach to innovation.The one-month training phase focuses on equipping individuals with digital skills. In implementing the base program, we connect and work with the grassroots and ecosystem partners. <p></p>Training Program <br> Our three-months base program begins with an intensive digital skills training program. Trainees are equipped with the top-notch skills that prepare them to develop their ideas. <p></p>Incubation<br> <mark>After the one-month training program, some trainees are selected to enter our flagship incubation program, which combines technical skills with business skills training. At this stage trainees build companies with proven business models.</mark> <p></p>Seed Funding <br> During and post-incubation, startups are formed. These startups are given grants to build their ideas into world class startups. Our startups are focused on solving the problems of the society. <p></p>Internship <br> Applicants are also put on internship programs with our various partners to help hone their skills. The skills our students learn from us are put to good use during their internship periods when these skills are challenged as on the job market.

Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana - school image
Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana

The Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana (IIPGH) is a professional association which is made up of professionals in various domains of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) practice. The Institute is a connector of ICT professionals from Government MDAs, educational institutions, corporate organizations, start-ups, investors and the civil society organizations to create a vibrant ICT ecosystem. The organization aims at using its platform to equip professionals and students with skills in emerging technologies needed for entrepreneurship and employment in today’s fast moving technological world. In addition, use the expertise at its disposal to advice government and other stakeholders on best practices and public policies that would enable the use of ICT in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). <p></p> The Institute has four divisions namely; Academy, Professionals Services, Foundation and professional Membership. <p></p> Our mission is “to mobilize all ICT professionals under one professional body to positively influence the development, standardization and delivery of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) across Ghana”. <p></p> Our vision is “to become the most reliable partner in ICT development in Ghana and beyond”. <p></p> Membership & Benefits<br> Members stand to benefit from the following; <mark> <br> - 2 Major Types of Membership for Professionals: o General Membership, o Specialist Membership <br> - Access job opportunities posted on IIPGH portal <br> - Receive training, certifications & Continuing Professional Development <br> - IIPGH assists qualified members to win consultancy contracts. <br> - Members are marketed indirectly when the Institute publishes list of members <br> - Receive technical support on Projects <br> - Access documents from portal to aid work </mark>

YIT Ghana - school image
YIT Ghana

YIT Ghana is a registered NGO promoting the acquisition of information technology skills and igniting a passion for information technology through training, guidance, and mentorship. <p></p> YIT GHANA believes that Information Technology is a tool for creativity, communication and problem-solving. <p></p> YIT Ghana aims to provide a platform that ensures the youth are equipped with in-demand practical digital skills enabling them take advantage of opportunities in the digital economy. <p></p> Our mission is to empower the youth through skill acquisition in IT to shape their future. We are raising the youth to acquire practical and employable skills, imparting IT literacy that equips the youth in Africa to shape the future and impact their communities positively. <p></p> What We Do<br> <mark>We empower the youth in Africa by helping shape their future through IT skills training. Information Technology has become an important career path that’s ever-expanding and impacting the world. We Train and Mentor youth with the requisite knowledge and skills to pursue future IT educational programs and careers.</mark> <p></p> Our Program<br> Code Boot Camps <br> - Training in modern software technologies <br> - Digital Skill Accelerator Program -DSAP <br> - Practical training in in-demand graphic and digital skills <br> - Mentorship and Practical Internships

MEST - school image

MEST is an Africa-wide technology entrepreneur training program, internal seed fund, and network of hubs offering incubation for technology startups in Africa. <p></p> For young aspiring and established African entrepreneurs, MEST Africa provides the skills, mindset, and experiences to build a globally successful tech company. Beyond tech and entrepreneurial skills training, MEST Africa provides a real-world advantage to entrepreneurs through funding, business incubation, and access to a global tech network. <p></p> <mark>We provide skills in Tech Entrepreneurship. <br> Prepare yourself for the rigors of entrepreneurship with our fully sponsored, graduate-level program in Software Development and Business.</mark> <p></p> We support early-stage startups to take off. <br> Get the opportunity to launch your technology business with seed funding between $50k-$250k, incubation, and access to a global tech community. <p></p> We bring the tech & startup community together. <br> Our Hubs provide startups with business support & networking across the startup lifecycle and also serve as ecosystem centers for the tech community.

Code Factory Ghana - school image
Code Factory Ghana

Code factory is an online coding academy instituted by the ICTgroup cluster of the Jospong Group of Companies. We have well-trained instructors and curriculum developers who are highly skilled in the areas of software engineering, telecommunication and business development. <p></p> <mark>It is an online coding academy focused on training kids under the age of 17 how to code; Scratch coding, Python programming, HTML & CSS, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.</mark> <p></p> Purpose <br> To train kids how to code and build amazing stuff <p></p>Plan <br> A step by step introduction to technology to groom them to develop competitive skills <p></p>Outcome <br> To develop websites, build games, automate processes and analyze data.

Ghana Code Club - school image
Ghana Code Club

Ghana Code Club registered under the Healthy Career Initiative, is a Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana. Our aim is to equip Ghanaian children and youth with a focus on inclusion of underrepresented groups, with the skills they need to be prepared for further studies, including advanced digital skills and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses, leading to the jobs of the future. <p></p> <mark>Ghana Code Club organizes coding programs, robotic and technology classes from Schools, Libraries, community centers through a network of trained educators and volunteers to guide kids and teens to program using visual and text languages such as Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python and others to make computer games, animations, websites and mobile apps. We also use incredible hardware from Arduino, BeeBots, Revolution Robotics, micro: bits, programmable drones, makey-makey kits etc to make our lessons practical and fun for our code clubs.</mark> <p></p> Computer programming, computer science and STEM programs are important concepts for today’s world; - that is why we are on a mission to ensure no child particularly girls are left out. Radical action is needed if we are to close the digital gender gap. <p></p> Ghana Code Club since 2015 has proven to be a huge success reaching over 55,000 directly and indirectly through trained educators and dedicated volunteers and still counting! We are thrilled that corporate organizations like SAMSUNG and America Tower Company have partnered us to extend our computer science activities to children and the youth in rural Ghana through their CSR initiatives. With their support in building Community ICT learning centers across rural Ghana, we are hopeful for the participation of the less privileged. The SAMSUNG Ghana and ATC Ghana digital centers are spread across Accra, Swedru, Tarkwa, Asuom, Jamasi, Bodua and Akontobra. <p></p> The above rural ICT centers run free courses teaching kids fundamentals of computer science. Benefiting over 15,000 students yearly.

ZongoVation Hub - school image
ZongoVation Hub

The ZongoVation Hub is a community technology innovation hub dedicated to the development and growth of young entrepreneurs and startups in the Zongo communities across Ghana. We support young people with ideas to become entrepreneurs by providing them with all the necessary tools and networks. <p></p> ZongoVation Hub’s approach is different – we don’t directly take equity, invest in or impose success metrics or membership time limits on our startups. However, we connect them with venture capital funds and investors. <p></p> <mark>We work exclusively with young entrepreneurs, not least tech entrepreneurs, by understanding the process they go through and the needs they have at each stage of their entrepreneurial journey. We support startups across all stages of their development – from ideation to exit.</mark> <p></p> Our members benefit from the flexibility and freedom to build their businesses and develop their products how and when they want, with the consistent support of our dedicated teams and a community of like-minded peers. <p></p> The ZongoVation Hub will provide new perspectives. Whether working in the co-working space, attending event or training workshops, or receiving in house consulting services, the Hub will create an environment that fosters innovation and ideation. The Hub will spark the entrepreneurial culture of the Zongo communities in Ghana. It will help members and young people to develop creative habits that will place them ahead of the current, ensuring they are leading the competition.

Tentmaker Hub - school image
Tentmaker Hub

Tentmaker Ghana is an entrepreneurial and industry incubator business that turns ideas into economic viable ventures and build businesses for the global market whiles raising entrepreneurs. <p></p>We provide business friendly co-working offices with internet access, in-house catering, and many more on a pay as you go basis.<p></p><mark>We provide startups the supporting platform to scale up. Don’t struggle to grow, we got your back in your elevation plan; mentorship, model validation, financial structuring; we hold you to climb.</mark>

University of Ghana - school image
University of Ghana

This is the Information Technology age and at its core is Computer Science. The study of computer science is therefore critical if society is to take full advantage of the benefits Information Technology has to offer and make rapid economic advances. Computer science involves the study and development of applications that allow for our everyday use of computers, the software systems that support these applications, and the means and methods used to produce both applications and systems that behave reliably, correctly and ethically. At the heart of Computer Science lies the skill of computer programming and employers who hire Computer Scientists expect adept programmers with knowledge of current techniques and tools and the ability to apply sound engineering principles to the development, construction and maintenance of computer programs. <p></p> <mark>The range of courses available in the department and the skills acquired by students enable them to find employment in many diverse fields of the economy and prepare our graduates for the computing industry, working in a project team (or research and development team), and to enable the graduate to bring specialist skills to that team.</mark> The course also provides the platform for further study or research through exposure to established and emerging technologies and methods, and to active fields of research in Computer Science.

Avery Scott - school image
Avery Scott

Our mission is to give budding Ghana-based entrepreneurs the necessary leverage in elevating their businesses to a professional standard equitable to those of advanced countries. As a measure of economic growth via the GDP Growth Rate proxy, several studies have shown that advances in economic growth in the developed world as well as that of transition economies are primarily entrepreneurship driven (Acs and Audretsch, 1990; Carlsson, 1992; Audrestch and Thurik, 2000; Carree et al, 2002; Audretsch et al, 2007; Thurik, 2009; Audretsch and Thurik, 2010; Acs et al, 2012; Sarkodee, 2013). <p></p> The Issue<br> Again studies show that poor ICT penetration and unfavorable financial markets are some of the factors that stifle opportunity seeking entrepreneurs in developing countries such as Ghana. In Ghana where leasehold demands are stringent with landlords asking for 2-year advance payment coupled with unrealistic interest rates on loans from financial institutions, entrepreneurs run into financial constraints before their ventures get off the ground. <p></p> The Solution<br> <mark>In giving entrepreneurs the necessary tools; a professional environment, access to knowledge via reliable internet connectivity, a fully fitted and functional work space, conference room equipped with video conferencing, projector, etc, we do not only give budding entrepreneurs the stepping stone to elevate their businesses, we also encourage the knowledge spillover process which sparks further innovation via interaction.</mark> <p></p> Vision<br> The vision is to be the market leader in facilitating multiple serviced offices across Ghana in efforts to churn out growth-driven entrepreneurs who will in effect contribute toward Ghana’s economic growth through their activities in employment creation, spending, savings and investment.

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Horizons Offices

Horizons Offices is a fully furnished serviced office provider based in Accra, Ghana with a presence in Kenya and Nigeria. We provide a world class working space, home to African’s businesses within prime locations in the continent’s business hubs. We are a business partner committed to supporting and growing your business. <p></p> At Horizons Offices, you have found a "Home in Africa". We have created workspaces that offer you the comforts of home. <p></p> <mark>A place where you can focus on your business and your business will be nurtured through your efforts and the care of the Horizons team. We understand what it takes to grow a business in Africa.</mark> We have been operating here for the past 10 years and we understand the ups and downs of doing business in Africa. <p></p> We are in it together, so you will never have to do it all alone. It is our home and we have the networks that can support your business growth and success. We are excited about the opportunities for growth within the continent and as we’ve seen our network of offices grow, we believe that you too can succeed within our business home.

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Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration

The BSc in Computer Science is a four-year programme which aims to equip graduates with a stronger mathematical and technical skills and knowledge to take on appropriate positions in industry upon graduation, and to grow into leadership positions or to pursue research or graduate studies in the field. Graduates of the programme can position themselves in a large number of exciting fields of works, including digital animation, knowledge engineering, software architecture, web design, digital media, and security consultancy. <p></p> By the end of the programme, <mark>graduates should be able to: understand and contribute to the scientific, mathematical and theoretical foundations on which information technologies are built; explain and apply appropriate information technologies and employ appropriate methodologies to help an individual or organization achieve its goals; Anticipate the changing direction of information technology and evaluate and communicate the implications of these changes to an individual or organisation; and live and work as contributing, well rounded, members of society.</mark>

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The Enterprise Village

The Enterprise Village Hub (EV) is committed to identifying, training, connecting, funding early and growth-stage entrepreneurs while developing thriving talent for entrepreneurs and businesses. Designed to uplift innovation and facilitate entrepreneurial processes. We offer a curated array of co-working, office, and meeting space at an affordable price. <p></p> We are a community of makers and doers for the common cause of innovation, creativity, collaboration, and change. Our world is composed of entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, thinkers, and changemakers. We’re all in this together and growing as a united global village. We would love to have you in our virtual community where we share, network and help each other grow. <p></p> Our Mission <br> To provide business development services, co-working space and accelerator programs to the startup community in Ghana <p></p>Our Vision <br> To provide managerial, technical and financial support as a turn-key solution to improve the success rate of young businesses.

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Community Spaces

When you become a member of ComUnity_Spaces, you get access to much more than just a desk or office. We take care of all the small details so that you can spend all your time focusing on the things that matter. <p></p> Our Integrated Facility Management ensures our spaces are "Plug and Play", you only have to walk in and you are covered on every amenity and utility required for a productive day. <p></p> 24/7 BUILDING ACCESS <br> At ComUnity_Spaces, we believe in giving our members the freedom to work worry-free and at their convenience. Our access control and security systems allow you that flexibility. Please let us know if there’s something else you need, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests. <p></p>HIGH-SPEED INTERNET <br> <mark>As a growing Coworking Space, we pride ourselves on creating a work environment that is hassle-free and fosters success. That’s why we provide High-Speed Internet for all members. Allow your business to experience uninterrupted connection.</mark> <p></p>CAFETERIA <br> Continue your business discussion over a sip and a bite in our cafeteria or hangout there for the superb networking opportunities. Our well stocked bar would satisfy your cravings, otherwise you could make an order from the many partner restaurants and malls in the enclave.

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Central University

Students who love creative thinking and using computers to solve real world problems will find the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science a rewarding field of study. The B.S. in Computer Science <mark>prepares students for immediate employment in computing-related careers as well as for graduate school. Our graduates often become software developers, business analysts, system administrators, and database administrators.</mark> The B.S. in Computer Science program at Central University is designed around sets of principles divided into Program Educational Objectives, and Student Outcomes. These principles have been developed by faculty based on standards of the discipline and accreditation practices, with input from industry, alumni, and students.

Valley View University - school image
Valley View University

The underlying and guiding philosophy of the Department of Computer Science and the B.Sc. (Computer Science) programme is to promote scholarship, as well as the search for and the application of scientific knowledge through education, training research and community extension. The Department is committed to pursuing this philosophy through the provision of a world-class programme in Computer Science aimed at training highly skilled and globally-employable computer scientists and conducting cutting-edge research in the field of computer science. <p></p> THE OBJECTIVES <p></p> The objectives of the Computer Science Department are: <br> - To teach students the underlying fundamentals of computer software, computer hardware, computer-related mathematical systems and how computers interact with the rest of society. <br> - To encourage graduates of the programme to go into self-employment by creating their own computer-based businesses, for example: local and off-shore software development and maintenance; computer hardware system assembling, repair and maintenance and emerging computer services like, mobile, Web-hosting and publishing services, desktop publishing services, information provision services, computer design services, and e-commerce services. <br> - To create opportunities for students to apply their theoretical knowledge through work-study and practicum programmes; <br> - To develop in students the ability to think critically and to develop the highest levels of human values; <br> - To encourage students to appreciate the dignity of labor through work-study program; <br> - To encourage students to dedicate their lives to leadership in selfless service to God and to humanity through participation in community service.

Accra Technical University - school image
Accra Technical University

Building capacity in computer algorithm through research and training, shaping academic discussions in computer literacy with knowledge in the growth and utilization of modern technology and equipment for complex computing is the focus of the Computer Science Department. <p></p> The department through this programme is poised to deliver competency-based training to ease the setting up of computer system software for individuals and corporate entities for the progression and application of modern computing technology in the world of works. <p></p> It is the plan of the department to champion continuous efforts to run a broadly-based computing discipline networking in hardware, software development, computer programming, software engineering, software testing as well as installation, maintenance and repair of computer systems. <p></p> These areas <mark>provide our students with the technical skills required to solve emerging problems in industry as well as serving as the foundation for research and graduate studies.</mark> Upon completion of this programme, graduates are better equipped with high-quality real-world experience through applied tasks to prepare them with mid-level experience in the progression of computer technology in industry.

Kukun - school image

We know Accra is full of talented and visionary people and we've set up Kukun to provide an inspiring space where this community of like-minded entrepreneurs and small businesses can work, meet, collaborate and socialise. Whether you're an innovative architectural practice, budding media agency, app developer or freelance journalist we hope you can call Kukun home. <p></p> Our renovated space comprises of office spaces and a cafe and bar and large outdoor garden. <p></p> Offices on the upper 2 floors of this building have been renovated in simple industrial style and are available for daily, weekly or monthly rental. <p></p> <mark>Workspace packages have been tailored to help establish and nurture emerging creative, companies grow their businesses. Whilst more established companies will be able to operate effectively with guaranteed costs and reliable internet within a stimulating and dynamic environment. </mark> <p></p> The cafe and bar on the ground floor is open to the public. With a large outdoor garden and air-conditioned inside space we hope you enjoy this space as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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iSpace Foundation is an Innovation and Technology hub in Accra, Ghana founded in February 2013. iSpace is known to offer a conducive environment for growth in the Startup Ecosystem by providing a working space, Training and Mentoring, access to Funding and other facilities for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups to launch and manage their business ideas. ​<p></p> Our diverse community showcases inclusion in the Startup Ecosystem, we welcome talent, ideas and also champion the use of Business and Technology for Social Impact. ​<p></p> Key Support Areas ​<p></p> Access to Funding <br> <mark>Leading and guiding startups to understand different funding options and introducing them to relevant investors.</mark> ​<p></p> Business Support Program <br> Designing and providing capacity building and leadership programs for members and the startup community from experienced facilitators, mentors, and experts. ​<p></p> Network <br> Linking stakeholders, startups, partners, mentors & investors sharing the same vision in the ecosystem across local and global communities. ​<p></p> Exposure <br> <mark>Assisting startups to define their business ideas to suit their business model, fine-tune their pitch through series of internal demo pitching, generate media coverage, and get their business in front of investors who need to know about it.</mark>

Regus - Accra - school image
Regus - Accra

Set in a five-star hotel in the central business district, Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel makes an inspiring home for ambitious businesses. <mark> Impress guests as they pass the palm-lined walkway, gushing fountains and the grand columned entrance, and work in comfort and style from bright and airy spaces.</mark> <p></p> Travel to major organisations, with the Accra Financial Centre, World Trade Centre, International Conference Centre and government ministries all close by. And unwind after work in the onsite fitness centre and Accra’s largest outdoor swimming pool.

TANOEHub - school image

TANOEHub is an entrepreneurship and skills development centre in Dansoman Ghana that offers a variety of initiatives, projects and support services designed to inspire enterprise innovation and enable business startups to flourish. <p></p> <mark> TANOEHub provides co-working spaces, business support services, training, events, accelerator and incubation programs for a wide range of entrepreneurs and corporate professionals.</mark> <p></p> Our impact focus areas are Business Development Services, Capacity Building & Training, Networks & Database, Recognition & Exposure, Research & Publication and Acceleration & Incubation. <p></p> TANOEHub's operational objectives are to Enhance the entrepreneurial skills & capacities of entrepreneurs, to Promote an entrepreneurial culture through advocacies and forums, to provide business development support and capacity building resources to Startups, Small and Growing Businesses, to alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship development and to provide accounting and managerial support to Startups, Small and Growing Businesses.

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Takoradi Technical University

The Department of Computer Science was established in 2000 as a servicing department. Currently, it has grown into a department that runs full-time courses together with the servicing responsibilities it originally had to handle. It also has the Directorate of ICT Services attached to it. The Department has the mandate to train and equip students with employable technological skills needed to resolve industrial challenges. The Directorate of ICT Services, on the other hand, is mandated to handle all the technological problems of the University; it is also mandated to give professional ICT advice to the Management of the University. <p></p> VISION The Department of Computer Science is committed to bridging the gap between computer science and other disciplines in the area of research and professional engagements in a bid to empower people to use science to impact society positively. <p></p> MISSION <br> <mark> The Department of Computer Science provides psychological, physical and cognitive technological training which equips students with employable skills that are needed to mitigate industrial IT challenges.</mark> <p></p> GOALS <br> The goals of the Department are to: <br>1. Train students to be very knowledgeable in Information Technology; <br>2. Equip students with employable skills that they require to function effectively in industry; and <br>3. Ensure the smooth running all of the University’s ICT infrastructure. <p></p> OBJECTIVES <br> The core objective of the Department is to equip students with the necessary ICT competencies that will enable them fit the work environment either as employees or as entrepreneurs.

Ghana Christian University College - school image
Ghana Christian University College

BSc Information Technology and Systems (ITS) increase productivity, improve decision-making and lead to competitive advantage. The BSc program will equip the student with knowledge and methods to manage information technology within business organizations, covering theory, technical and managerial skills. <p></p> This BSc blends recent advances in IT and IS, the internet and web technologies with business applications.<mark> It is designed to develop IS professionals who will gain knowledge of information systems design techniques, strategic business disciplines, web technologies and e-business, and who will be equipped with up-to-date techniques for developing Information Technology and Information Systems infrastructure for organizations.</mark> <p></p> This four-year program consists of a number of core courses taken during the first three years and combination of elective courses in the fourth year. Compulsory modules cover systems development, databases, information security management and project management. The management courses are tailored specifically for IT management. <p></p> The program has been created for people who will assume responsibility for the planning, design and implementation of information systems. It is designed for anyone who is, or aspires to be, a systems analyst, IT project manager or IS consultant.

Agricultural Innovation Hub - school image
Agricultural Innovation Hub

Our Innovation hub assists promising innovative companies in the implementation of their disruptive business models <p></p> <mark> Agricultural Innovation hub is a hub where we identify challenges in our agriculture industry and come up with innovative solution to solve the problems and we also take an active part in shaping the future of agriculture.</mark> Our mission is to foster and implement new technologies or strategies, which increase efficiency, conserve resources or significantly improve the lives of farmers and consumers. <p></p>Our goal<br> Is to help Startups and innovative young companies to gain visible, long-term success, shaping the 21st century agriculture in a sustainable manner and gradually improving the world through our joint efforts. Does your idea have the potential we’re looking for?

University of Professional Studies - school image
University of Professional Studies

From hacked emails to global cyber attacks, information technology has become an integral part of our daily lives - and our workplaces. Strong managers with effective project management skills are now making the Information Technology Management professional a valuable team member. <p></p> <mark> This degree will teach you the technology behind the systems, along with the business fundamentals you need to become a true asset in the workplace.</mark> <p></p> With the knowledge gained with this degree, our graduates go on to successful careers as business analysts, consultants, software development specialists, network administrators, and implementation specialists in major organizations. <p></p> As an Information Technology Management major, your required courses will focus on leveraging technology to drive critical business decisions. You'll also have the flexibility to choose electives that explore the technical aspects of information systems. <p></p> What does that look like? It translates to business classes in management, marketing, communications and finance coupled with IT-focused courses such as Business Information Modeling, Data Analytics, Advanced Business Software Tools, and IT Project Management. <p></p> In each of those courses, you'll find small classes with faculty who care - about the material they teach, certainly, but also about you, the student.

Ghana Innovation Hub - school image
Ghana Innovation Hub

At the Ghana Innovation Hub we believe in the power of businesses and the power of technology to improve business operations. In order to help develop innovative businesses, we work to improve the quality and availability of support services and access to finance in the Ghanaian ecosystem. The hub offers physical working space, as well as business development services, investment matchmaking and ecosystem support. <p></p> We offer support in the ideation, incubation and acceleration stages; working towards business growth with the entrepreneurs we support. <p></p> Ideation<br> You are developing your idea or looking for inspiration for new product or service development for your existing business. You can join one of our workshops, networking events, or short courses to develop the right idea The goal is to develop your idea or a first business model. <p></p> Incubation<br> <mark>You are developing your idea into a business model and/or testing the assumptions in your business model in the market. You can join one of our incubation programs or apply for coaching to further build your product, service, team and business model. The goal is to find product market fit.</mark> <p></p> Acceleration<br> You have developed your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and are generating substantial revenues through your customers. You can join one of our accelerator programs to equipt your business for growth and investment The goal is to grow and scale the business

Bluecrest College - school image
Bluecrest College

The Technology is the oldest department at Bluecrest established in 2010 and employing an outstanding team of international faculty. With up-to-date curricula in an ever-evolving digital landscape, their mission is to ingrain a sustained societal impact through Information Technology education and research. <p></p> Information Technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunication systems to produce, manipulate,store, organize, retrieve, and transmit data. It involves the development, installation, implementation, management, and maintenance of computer hardware and software within companies, universities, and other organizations. <p></p> This course <mark> provides you with the fundamentals of Information Technology, and the hands-on experience you need to excel in the tech space.</mark> The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program prepares students to meet the information and communication technology needs of government, business, healthcare, universities, and other kinds of organizations.

AfricaWorks Accra - school image
AfricaWorks Accra

Our mission is to unlock Africa’s business potential by providing high-quality office solutions and in turn creating vibrant and successful business communities across the continent. <p></p> AfricaWorks Accra drives a business culture of networking, creativity, and innovation in Accra’s fast-growing and robust economy. <mark> AfricaWorks Studio was tapped for the design, fit-out and project management for AfricaWorks Accra co-working space.</mark>

Impact Hub Accra - school image
Impact Hub Accra

A locally rooted, globally connected and inclusive home for innovators. Our inspirational plug and play spaces are a hive for co-working, private office space, conference room rental, vibrant networking events, incubation and acceleration programs. We look forward to seeing you soon. <p></p> At Impact Hub Accra, <mark> we believe that the world’s greatest challenges will never be solved by one person or organization alone. We need to work together. That’s why we set out to create a thriving innovation ecosystem where people collaborate across organizations, cultures and generations to solve the grand challenges of our time.</mark>

Ijula - school image

Ijula is a direct reflection of Wyetey Group workforce and its process, it a colossal combination of a launchHouse, creativity playground and serious business. Imagine your packages delivered. Your caffeine fix arrives on your favorite productive corner, as you like it. Your schedules integrated; your data uncluttered. You get a roof to achieve; you can find your zone to slay. A seamless integration between online and offline space, digital yet real, that provides efficiency to the undulating process and reveal infinite possibilities: The possibility of you getting connected with your work and your world, anywhere, anytime. <p></p> <mark>It is more than just a place to work, it is a place for people to engage and learn from one another while developing their businesses, dreams and hopes.</mark>

The Haus - school image
The Haus

The Haus is a membership-based coworking space that provides freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers with affordable and well-equipped work space, a vibrant networking community, and resources to grow their businesses. <p></p> A <mark>people-centric workspace that caters to the needs of driven and aspirational individuals in a personal manner, enabling them to feel inspired and productive.</mark> <p></p> Our Amenities <p></p> Comfort <br> Indoor and outdoor seating, air-conditioning etc. <p></p>Food & Drinks <br> Our in-house cafe is a true hidden jewel <p></p>High Speed Internet <br> <mark>Super fast internet with 2 backup providers</mark> <p></p>Conference Room <br> Host meetings in our spacious conference room <p></p>Prime Location <br> Walking distance from A&C Mall, the first mall in Ghana <p></p>Flexible Packages <br> From half-day passes to full-time members to virtual office <p></p>Events & Community <br> <mark>Courses, incubators, seminars, and networking events</mark> <p></p> Co-Living <br> We have a rooms for rental and a rooftop above our offices

BaseCamp Initiative - school image
BaseCamp Initiative

Our vision at BaseCamp Initiative is governed by the fact that a simple idea, can change the future when nurtured in the right environment with the right resources. In fact, what started as a Collective Design Studio, under the stewardship of Sunita Kragbe, is now known as Accra's first Creative Hub. <mark>Nurturing the pulse and rhythm of young professionals, BaseCamp Initiative has been paving the way to progressive business culture through creative empowerment.</mark> <p></p> After 3 years of supporting professionals with work and leisure facilities through the medium of Coworking, BaseCamp Initiative has upgraded its ecosystem by merging with L'Atelier to create a new heaven. The agenda to connect people from different walks of life under one roof and facilitate the birth of creative thinking communities remains! <p></p> We've created <mark>a heaven like no other for remote workers, freelancer, entrepreneurs,</mark> art connoisseurs, event planners and we like to call it Accra's best kept secret.

Lancaster University Ghana - school image
Lancaster University Ghana

Our Computer Science degree programme offers a curriculum that combines theory and practice. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical involvement strikes a healthy balance between traditional academic learning and more hands-on experiences. <p></p> The overall aim of this programme is to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to be a computing professional. <mark>Our approach is very hands-on when it comes to computing and our projects allow each student to see and understand first-hand how various companies work.</mark> <p></p> One of the advantages of our Computer Science Course is that the students have access to various facilities during school trips. Previously, students have had the opportunity to participate in the two day conference: Agile in Africa; visited the Kofi Annan Centre, where students had the opportunity to learn about new networking technology; and took part in the MEST Hackathon, where students were put into teams to solve various problems by building a prototype. <p></p> Another example of the types of opportunities are students get involved with was a 24 hours non-stop "Social Storm" social entrepreneurship hackathon, where they competed against other students and Masters and PhD students. The Social Storm was an experiential learning opportunity for students that facilitate a connection of passionate young people, to allow them to collaborate on finding innovative solutions to global situations. This event brought together over 15 universities and their students tackling 2 global issues: food security and sustainable housing which stems from the UN’s Global Goals. <p></p> The aim of the hackathon was to inspire students with great examples of social enterprises, businesses and projects happening around them, develop students’ enterprise and employability skills and knowledge of business as well as demonstrate how potential technology has the ability to change how we communicate our ideas across countries.

Wisconsin International University - school image
Wisconsin International University

The programme provides academic opportunities and experiential learning to undergraduate students to acquire knowledge, leadership, team building skills and attitudes to function as IT and business managers. It exposes graduates to global and ethical issues in IT and Management. The programme meets the demand for higher academic training at the undergraduate level for the Management and IT industry. <p></p> The Bachelor of Science Information Technology degree provides graduates with the knowledge, skills and competencies they need to analyze and solve problems across all systems and IT functions within an organization. <mark>Students learn through a variety of methods including lectures and discussion, case studies, small group work, simulations, field work and mini projects. </mark>

Accra Institute of Technology - school image
Accra Institute of Technology

The objectives of the Information Technology (Software Development) program — which is in-line with the mission of AIT, is to produce high caliber graduates in Information Technology using internationally benchmarked curriculum. <p></p> The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and associated skills in the broad field of Information Technology Over the four year program a range of skills-based, generic subjects will be sustained in order to develop the student as a versatile graduate and as a 'life-long learner'. Students on this program will acquire systems design, and communication skills and be prepared for employment in a broad spectrum of computing, or for continued study at the postgraduate level. The objectives are therefore to ensure that: <p></p> Each graduate from the program will demonstrate the ability to acquire, apply, and synthesize new knowledge in Information Technology as required for success. <p></p> <mark>Each graduate from the program will successfully achieve a major computing outcome, consistent with the individual's position, within his/her first three years working in the IT professions or obtain an advanced degree from highly selective graduate program.</mark> <p></p> Each graduate from the program will demonstrate the ability to grow professionally, and advance career-wise in the IT profession, and assume increasing responsibility. A significant number of them will attain leadership positions in their industries or profession.

Webster University - school image
Webster University

In the Computer Science Department at Webster University, our objective is not just to provide students with a solid background in the different areas of information technology, but also to encourage and help develop students' creativity and originality. Classes combine theory and practice with practical work constituting up to 50% of the class time. Individual and teamwork projects are another essential feature of our pedagogy and classes are small to enable you to receive individual help from professors. Many of our teachers are also IT professionals and will provide you with insight of the latest technologies. <p></p> The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree program in Computer Science at Webster University prepares you to meet the demands for innovation in the computer field. <p></p> Webster’s program is designed around identified core knowledge areas of computer science. <mark>The program includes theoretical and practical hands-on approaches preparing students to enter the IT workforce or continue their education in a professional graduate degree program.</mark>

OpenLabs - school image

OpenLabs offers a diverse selection of education programs that appeal to people from all walks of life, from businesses with growing training needs to individuals seeking IT and related skills. Our unrivaled knowledge, brand appeal, and constantly expanding global reach, all developed over 20 years, have made us a reliable education partner for students and professionals alike. <p></p> The Diploma in Software Development program is aimed at creating <mark>software engineering professionals with the core knowledge in software development and web development as well.</mark> As the current industry demands more web application developers the course is designed to provide the necessary skills for both software and web app development. <mark>Students learn the basics of programming languages using python and become fluent in writing other programming languages such JavaScript C, C++ and others.</mark> <p></p> In this course the students will be taken through a series of sessions under data analysis to appreciate the relevance of data and how to manipulate it, then continues sessions on web developments using various latest tools and frameworks to build solutions for real world scenarios. <p></p> After completion of the diploma in Software Development, students can confidently enter into the workforce with the knowledge and experience such as web and mobile app development, using cloud services etc. Necessary to excel in their career.

Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT - school image
Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT

This course is specially designed with the current trend of IT technologies in mind to equip and develop a participant with a demonstratable skills and experiences necessary to embrace the changing needs of the IT industry. A participant will also <mark>develop a relatively advanced level of hands-on skills to successfully undertake a given IT project in his/her chosen career</mark> from the five (5) specialization pathways. Modules covered in this course were carefully designed by our industry expert instructors and are internationally bench-marked within the IT landscape. <p></p> COURSE OBJECTIVES <p></p> By the end of this course, a participant should be able to <br>1. Design, create and style web-pages <br>2. Implement front end input validation <br>3. Demonstrate a knowledge in version control using GIT <br>4. Construct simple database queries using Structured Query Language (SQL). <br>5. Design and implement a small database project using Oracle. <br>6. Create a simple programme that demonstrates the basic programming construct <p></p> COURSE MODULES <p></p> The below modules will be covered in this course: <mark> <br> - Fundamentals of Computing <br> - HTML/CSS <br> - JavaScript <br> - Software Engineering <br> - Database Concept & Technologies <br> - Python </mark>

Dominion University College - school image
Dominion University College

This programme is designed to provide an effective and well-balanced industry IT knowledge and skills for those seeking career in this fast growing field. It aims to develop experts in designing and developing real world software and hardware solutions. Our BSc Computer Science programme prepares our students to master their competencies and they are taught by experts in the field in a well resourced lecture halls and laboratories. <p></p> BSc Computer Science is an integrative course with exciting hands-on, work-based theoretical learning opportunities. At the end of the 4-year duration of studying the programme, students will; <br> - <mark>Possess the practical, work-based and theoretical knowledge of computer science and software engineering necessary to even earn a living as well as contribute to economic development.</mark> <br> - Have all it takes to further your education both at the masters and PhD levels in computer science and software engineering. <br> - Understand and adhere to the professional standards and ethics expected of computer scientists and software engineers. <br> - Appreciate the social, organizational, and managerial impact of computing. <br> - Recognize the importance of and possess the skills necessary for life-long learning.

IPMC Training - school image
IPMC Training

Launched in 1992, IPMC is West Africa’s largest IT conglomerate and it’s training division delivers globally recognized IT courses to professionals. Over the last 3 decades IPMC IT Learning centres and IPMC College of technology has assisted over 2 million students develop their IT skills under a broad category of Professional, Corporate and Undergrad courses. These IT courses help students realize their professional ambitions in the digital era of Artificial Intelligence and automation. <p></p> IPMC’s globally recognized certification courses on <mark>Graphic & Web Designing, Database Technology, Software Engineering, System Engineering, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Big Data & Hadoop. These certifications are designed by experts who ensure conformity to latest technology prevalent in this space.</mark> <p></p> The modern labs at our technology centres ensure that students' learning is enhanced by grasping the theoretical principles of science taught in classrooms. The experienced lecturers create further professional exposure through industry visits and networking with peers. At the end of your course, you hold an IPMC certificate which adds value to your profile and makes you stand out in a competitive environment. <p></p> IPMC in the last 27 years has become a household name and known in the industry for its leadership in assisting to develop a digital economy through its system integration expertise, software development and IT skills development programme. Having received the honor of various national awards and rating among top 10 of Ghana Club 100 businesses, IPMC continues to be the dominant force in the IT industry with over 750 employees in 26 locations across 7 countries including their recently opened North American headquarters in Kelowna, BC- Canada.

Knutsford University College - school image
Knutsford University College

Computer Science scholars ask questions such as: Can we build computers that think like humans? How can we improve computer games that feature evolving characters? What is the future of augmented reality? <p></p> Computer science is a field of theoretical and practical problem solving, combining creativity with mathematics, logic and communication. A strong understanding of computer science principles helps prepare you for a long career of problem-solving and system building without requiring continual training. <p></p> During the course of your studies, <mark>you will actively be solving problems and building new programs in class and tutorial labs.</mark> Students interested in gaining experience with computer science research may pursue opportunities to work in research laboratories, either as a volunteer or as part of research courses.

Soronko Academy - school image
Soronko Academy

Soronko Academy is the leading technology and digital skills development center in Africa, pioneering the way for young people especially women and girls to realize their economic potential <mark>equipping them with the technical and soft skills they need to attain dignified, fulfilling jobs and overcome the gender gap in technology.</mark> <p></p> We’re committed to training and equipping women and girls with relevant skills and expertise for today’s tech job market. Soronko Academy cultivates the next generation of female innovators who leverage their critical thinking skills and entrepreneurial spirit to create solutions that address their community’s most pressing problems.

Catholic Institute of Business & Technology - school image
Catholic Institute of Business & Technology

The courses in the department have been organised and developed with the mission of the Institute in mind. To facilitate and enhance learning opportunities the department maintains a modern, well-equipped, self-help type Computer Laboratory with a full-time supervisor. In general, the purposes of the Department are: <p></p> <mark><br> - To provide an intellectual climate conducive to maximum student growth and development in a wide range of courses. <br> - To offer appropriate internal and external learning experiences that will prepare students for graduate study as well as a smooth transition to the world of work. </mark> <p></p> The department offers programmes in : <br> - Computer Science <br> - Information Technology <br> - Introductory courses in Computer Literacy

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Radford University

The structure of this proposed program in Information Communication Technology (ICT) with its specialized minors is rigorous and requires <mark>students who are willing to dedicate four years to the attainment of the Baccalaureate of Science in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and are prepared to implement the skills attained to enhancing the culture’s economic resources through gainful employment, entrepreneurial ventures or the teaching profession.</mark> The concentrations under BSc Information Communication Technology includes <P></P> COURSE HIGHLIGHTS <BR> - Hardware and Software <BR> - Programming <BR> - Introduction to Networking <BR> - Information Systems

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Become a fullstack web and mobile apps developer, get practical training and projects experience, get connected to job opportunities <p></p> Our Training Program <br> - 12 Months Practical Training <br> - <mark>In-person training in full-stack web and mobile app development.</mark> <p></p> Magic <br> - Mentoring program during which our students get internship opportunities, projects experience and training to help them start their professional careers. <p></p> Fellowship <br> - Codetrain Alumni become part of a 5 year Fellowship where they get continuous professional development and also get to be a part of Codetrain's extensive network.