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Comoe Capital

Comoé Capital is a private company under Ivorian law created in 2018 by entrepreneurs and private actors including Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P), a pioneering group in impact investment, entirely dedicated to the financing and support of start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Sub-Saharan Africa. <p></p> Our approach <br> <mark>Comoé Capital works with Ivorian entrepreneurs and local suppliers to develop a dynamic community of SMEs in Côte d’Ivoire. Working with the entrepreneur, we build a strategy to boost the company’s development.</mark> <br> Our approach is organized around the entrepreneur with whom we aim to build a long-term relationship based on trust. <p></p> Our Impact Objectives <br> We are persuaded that companies have an essential social role in the real economy. <br> In addition to the extra-financial activities, Comoé Capital is a committed player in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. <br> One of our objectives is also to promote the social and environmental responsibility of the company and build with the entrepreneur an action plan to boost the impacts on each of its stakeholders (employees, customers, local communities, suppliers…), referring to the framework established by the United Nations with the Sustainable Development Goals. <p></p>Entrepreneur Corner <br> In parallel with its investment activities, Comoé Capital publishes Entrepreneur Corner, a trimestrial magazine providing a sector analysis (education, health, digital, etc.), and success-stories of entrepreneurs. More than just an information support, Entrepreneur Corner is a real advocacy tool in favor of Ivorian entrepreneurship.

IMPROTECH - school image

IMPROTECH is a training institute located in Abidjan - Ivory Coast offering students quality practical training in the field of computer networking and security. <p></p> OUR APPROACH<br> Our approach aims to considerably increase your chances of landing a job or improving your professional opportunities if you are already working. It is based on 4 pillars which are: <mark><br> - Practical training provided by certified experts. <br> - Internationally recognized certifications. <br> - Job coaching. <br> - Placement of the best students in Africa and Europe.</mark>

The HAP Abidjan - school image
The HAP Abidjan

We provide entrepreneurs with a comfortable space to work, easy access to business resources and networking. The HAP is your 100% African space for creative and ambitious people. The HAP, a place open to all, offers you a space adapted to your rhythm and your budget. <mark>Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a creative, you can come and work in our coworking space.</mark> At The HAP, you can also exchange ideas, share your resources, or take advantage of an atypical and intimate space for your events in our event space.

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Janngo builds, grows and invests in pan-African digital champions with proven business models and inclusive social impact. We build digital ecosystems in high growth sectors by providing business support and digital platforms allowing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to scale and contribute to the economic empowerment of youth and women through job creation and capacity building. <p></p> Janngo uses a three-pronged approach solution to address economic empowerment challenges <p></p> Build<br> <mark>Janngo builds start-ups to address digital platforms needs in high growth sectors and capacity for youth and women on professional development and entrepreneurial skills</mark> <p></p> Grow<br> Janngo grows partnering SMEs by providing access to market through digital platforms <p></p> Invest<br> Janngo invests in startups in its portfolio and SMEs in its ecosystem to accelerate their business

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Co.Lab Innovation

Coworking space located Rue des Jardins in Abidjan. Shared and private offices, meeting room. Access according to your schedule. Event spaces, restaurant, co-living. Business domiciliation. Communication solutions. Designed with total flexibility, the CO.LAB spaces, in shared or private mode, allow you to work alone or in a team. Ranging from hourly and daily formulas to monthly formulas, you also have the possibility of accessing our workspaces for a few days a month according to your needs and your personal schedule. <p></p> Offices equipped, comfortable and without commitment! <mark><br> - 24/7* <br> - high-speed Internet <br> - Equipped offices <br> - Concierge <br> - Relaxation area</mark>

Kheris Workspace - school image
Kheris Workspace

Coworking gives you the opportunity to exchange with other professionals who have experienced or are facing the same problems. We provide you with all the necessary amenities allowing you to work efficiently at a lower cost. <p></p> Office equipment<br> We offer you all the conveniences to work efficiently. <p></p> High-speed Internet<br> An unlimited very high-speed connection with free optical fiber for all. <p></p> A secretariat<br> A secretariat for your mail, taking your calls and all office tasks. <p></p> Meeting room<br> A conference room equipped for your work meetings. <p></p> Frequently asked questions related to the use of our coworking space <p></p> Can we take a day pass?<br> Yes. Kheris offers the possibility to coworkers to work a day if they wish. <p></p> Is the internet included in the offers?<br> Yes. Kheris offers free high-speed internet connection thanks to fiber optics to all coworkers. <p></p>Is the domiciliation included in the coworking offers?<br> The Coworking offer is separate from the domiciliation offer. <p></p> What services come with the accommodation offer?<br> <mark>High speed internet, customer reception, coffee, reception of calls and mail, an assistant, 1 hour / week in the meeting room etc. </mark>

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Big Center Workplace

BIG CENTER (Workplace) is independent work centers, open to the city of Abidjan which offers services to VSE-SME entrepreneurs, liberal, everyone finds their place. <mark>A simple principle of coworking: a real place of exchange, you can control your professional environment and benefit from the emulation of the group. Each member is free to share or devote themselves to their own projects. Offices available near you served more reliably and ensure is a key word for us.</mark>

Swan Factory - school image
Swan Factory

Our mission is to help African entrepreneurs transform an idea or a project into a viable and profitable business while maintaining an ethical and innovative approach. <p></p> Support offers<br> We support you throughout the value chain of building your business. <p></p> Tech for equity<br> <mark>Do you want to design an application and you don't have the teams or the skills? Swan Factory supports you thanks to a team of nearly 80 expert developers in different technological fields (web, mobile, cloud, IA, ...).</mark> <p></p> Business for equity<br> Do you need to strengthen your team or support to launch your product? Swan Factory accompanies you in the development of the strategy and in the application of commercial operations. <p></p> Capital for equity<br> Do you have a viable business idea, an infallible strategy and a dynamic team? Swan Factory brings you the financing you need for your rise. <p></p> Mentoring and support<br> Do you want to improve your skills or bring additional knowledge to your team? Swan Factory supports you in improving your operational and commercial performance. <p></p> Hackathon by SF<br> <mark>Want to create an event where marketing, commerce, and technology experts come together to accelerate a project or upskill your teams? Swan Factory can support you in this ambitious and innovative approach.</mark>

Adei Technology Hub - school image
Adei Technology Hub

Located in Ivory Coast, right in the center of Abidjan, Adei Technology Hub is a development and innovation center for entrepreneurs and technology developers to learn, grow, connect and innovate. <p></p> Since 2018, we have been developing a pool of talent capable of taking advantage of the global digital economy, through access to international expertise and cutting-edge technologies. <p></p><mark>Develop top talent, with a focus on women, basic training for the community and advanced training for professionals.</mark> <p></p> Adei Institute of Technology programs are exclusively offered in Côte d'Ivoire at the Adei Technology Hub. These cutting-edge entrepreneurship programs and digital skills training offer unparalleled expertise in our emerging African market .

Ivory Geek School - school image
Ivory Geek School

IGS is a training center for digital professions powered by BANHORO SERVICES GROUP. It offers intensive qualifying training in the technical fields of digital technology. Our learners are selected on the sole basis of motivation. <p></p> OUR SECTORS<br> QUALIFYING AND QUALIFYING TRAINING <p></p> WEB & MOBILE.SE DEVELOPER<br> Learn how to develop web and mobile applications using the most advanced programming languages ​​and work collaboratively with your co-learners on projects subject to delivery deadlines. <p></p> DIGITAL REFERENT.E<br> Become a web specialist with this transversal repository straddling digital marketing and web design. It includes web design, CMS development, web marketing, branding, etc. <p></p> DEVELOPER.SE WP<br> <mark>Introduce yourself to the development of websites based on the most widely used Content Management System of the moment. You will be able to build portfolio, news, agency, e-commerce and other sites.</mark> <p></p> OUR VALUES<br> Our learners develop behavioral values ​​in addition to technical skills that make them different people. With special support, they acquire a sense of responsibility, group spirit, proactivity, integrity, etc. <p></p> OUR METHOD<br> Our training is based on an essentially practical approach integrating active pedagogy and self-learning in order to prepare our learners to adapt to the constantly evolving digital field. <p></p> OUR MISSION<br> Our ideal is to boost the access of unemployed young people to a profession through digital technology. Thanks to training courses open to all (experienced or level 0 in IT) we give enthusiasts a chance to realize their dream.

Burolis - school image

In Côte d'Ivoire, the field of entrepreneurship has been on the rise for some time. Indeed, what was once neglected by the people is becoming the sector most coveted by the majority of people. <p></p> However, the installation of young companies is sometimes difficult. This is often due to <mark>difficulties related to administrative procedures or the physical location of their business (expensive rents; electricity, telephone, internet or even water bills).</mark> <p></p> Sensitive to the pain of the latter and being also entrepreneurs, we set up Burolis in order to offer solutions favorable to entrepreneurs. <p></p> Our Services <p></p> Business Creation<br> You want to get into entrepreneurship, but you have no knowledge of the field? Worry no more, <mark>Burolis will help you to set up your business.</mark> Backed by our teams of professionals, we guarantee you quality services that will allow you to quickly be at the head of your own business. For this, we provide you with all the information likely to guide you in this new adventure. <p></p> Coworking<br> Over the years, working methods change. Today, one of the most fashionable is certainly coworking. This process gives you the opportunity to work with professionals from different fields working for various companies in a common space. According to many professionals, <mark>coworking promotes professional exchanges and allows you to broaden your area of ​​expertise.</mark> It is in this perspective that Burolis represents an opportunity for young entrepreneurs. Indeed, thanks to its expertise in the field, Burolis offers you spaces adapted to coworking. Wherever you are, you can join us in our offices equipped for this purpose. You will find professionals who look like you and you can share tips with them. <p></p> Linking<br> Linking is a service that consists of putting one or more people in touch. There are 2 types, <mark>namely private contact with one-to-one meetings and professional contact, which is increasingly done via digital platforms.</mark> Burolis offers quality services in professional networking. Thanks to our address book and the number of professionals with whom we work, we have the possibility of quickly finding you a service provider, regardless of the field. <p></p> Domiciliation<br> Business domiciliation is a process that aims to <mark>help companies that do not have a registered office to have one.</mark> In an era in which the field of freelancing is on the rise, this type of practice represents a real boon, especially for young companies. Indeed, the latter do not always have the means to rent premises of a good standard and to provide the minimum of services to a sometimes demanding clientele. <p></p> Burolis meets this need by allowing you to benefit from an address located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city. The choice of this location is important insofar as it represents a guarantee of security for your potential customers and partners.

GOMYCODE Abidjan - school image

We empower people by upskilling and reskilling them on digital skills through instructor-assisted, affordable and quality trainings. We provide trainings for the future of work on a wide selection of digital skills. <p></P> Our available programs <BR> - Digital Marketing <mark> <BR> - Full-Stack Development <BR> - Intro. To Web Development</mark> <BR> - Artificial Intelligence <BR> - Data science <BR> - Deep Learning <BR> - Intro. to Game Development <BR> - Kids track <BR> - DevOps <BR> - UX/UI Design

Taisou Business Center - school image
Taisou Business Center

Located in the calm and peaceful commune of Cocody in Abidjan, Taïsou enjoys easy access whether you are coming from the business center in Plateau or the residential area of ​​Cocody. It is also accessible in record time from the international airport of Abidjan. The business center is positioned as a solution to the needs of entrepreneurship, outsourcing and quality service provider partner expressed by companies or individuals. <p></p> <mark>Private offices and shared workspace are available at advantageous rates, ideal for entrepreneurs and employees on secondment. A meeting room, a conference room, a relaxation area are part of Taisou's offer. Free and tailor-made support is offered to all customers of membership.</mark>

Kalewo - school image

Make the choice of the workspace made to measure for you. KALEWO is a coworking and event space located at Riviéra 3, not far from the Siant Viateur clinic. With a capacity of 15 people, our large, air-conditioned meeting room, <mark>equipped with high-speed internet connection (orange fiber) and a video projector is perfectly equipped to host your trainings, workshops and your seminars in small committee.</mark> <p></p>Kalewo provides its meeting rooms to host your business meetings, training workshops and small committee seminars. <p></p>Our air-conditioned, perfectly equipped meeting rooms come with high speed internet, video projector, parperboard and can capacity 10-20 people. <p></p> Recipe: <br>Large Meeting Room (1 to 20 persons): <br>- 10,000 FCFA/hour <br>- 35,000 FCFA / Half-day <br>- 70,000 FCFA/Day <p></p> Small meeting room (1 to 10 people): <br>- 5,000 FCFA / Hour <br>- 20,000 FCFA / Half day <br>- 40,000 FCFA/Day <p></p> Kalewo is your new Business Center that provides furnished offices, meeting rooms, co-working space and event space.

Root Co-working Bureau Privé - school image
Root Co-working Bureau Privé

Whether you are organizing a training session, a meeting or a seminar, we have the right space for you. Our mission is to promote an <mark>affordable and African workspace, a restaurant that places African food as luxury food. Our mission is to uplift Africa.</mark>

Huub Cowork - school image
Huub Cowork

Huub is a digital, flexible, connected coworking space in a high-end environment, offering tailor-made services to all members of the community.We look forward to seeing you. <mark>Our workspaces are at your disposal 7days/7 and 24/7! The Huub is located at 12, rue de industry in Zone 3 in Abidjan.</mark> When are we meeting each other?

Orange Fab CI - school image
Orange Fab CI

We are a platform connecting startups to corporations for strategic investment and partnership opportunities. Orange Fab Ivory Coast selects promising start-ups several times a year and offers them a program to develop their business and to strengthen their management. <mark>Our aim is to build commercial partnerships with Orange market lines and the market lines of major group partners, both in Ivory Coast and further afield. </mark>.

African Startup Forum - school image
African Startup Forum

The Economic Forum of Startups and Young African Founders for the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation, incubators and investors, creation, development, of startups. Includes a coworking space, <mark>3Space a shared workspace, but also a network of workers encouraging exchange and openness.</mark>

AfricaWorks Abidjan - school image
AfricaWorks Abidjan

Our mission is to unlock Africa’s business potential by providing high-quality office and coworking space solutions in cities across Africa including Abidjan, Accra, Cape Town, Dakar, Dar Es Salaam, Lagos, Lusaka and Nairobi and in turn creating vibrant and successful business communities across the continent. <p></p> Connect<br> <mark>AfricaWorks encourages the free flow of ideas to create a vibrant Pan-African community that grows together. Our community is made up of 2,000+ self-driven entrepreneurs/founders, C-Level executives, independent freelancers and creative artists from every industry imaginable across the continent.</mark> <p></p>Grow<br> Since we launched in 2019, we have recorded tremendous growth and helped a number of Africa’s best businesses grow under OneRoof®. We are ambitious for continued growth, and we do this by working with the best minds to provide new age thinking & solutions that address the continent’s potential. <p></p>Succeed<br> We are committed to your success, and we strive to share your success with our AfricaWorks Pan-African community. If you're looking to scale your business to the next level, our flexible spaces guarantee your success and growth under OneRoof ®

Impact Hub Abidjan - school image
Impact Hub Abidjan

Impact Hub Abidjan is a catalyst for fostering social innovation. We are a community that offers entrepreneurs support and a creative space. We work to develop entrepreneurship and create impact in collaboration with everyone. <p></p> Our coworking space saves you time and gives you freedom work. Make the choice of a space totally adapted to your aspirations and come and work with complete peace of mind in a professional environment. Rent our conference rooms. Hold your events at Impact Hub Abidjan. Participate in incubation and acceleration programs that will allow you to accelerate your development. <p></p> Join our program <p></p> Innov’Keneya is a healthcare innovation Ecosystem conceived to tackle and create solutions for the most pressing challenges surrounding the cancer Patient journey in Côte d’Ivoire. It aims to do so, on one hand, by bringing together and pooling resources from the most important and influential players of the cancer ecosystem. On the other hand, <mark>Innov’Keneya leverages their knowledge, expertise, and assets to bring Innovative solutions to tackle those complex challenges across the Healthcare delivery value chain in a collaborative approach.</mark>

Elite Buro - school image
Elite Buro

When we founded ELITEBURO in 2018, our ambition was to go further than simply creating beautiful shared workspaces. We wanted to create a community. A place in which, while preserving your identity, you are part of a group. A place where success is defined by personal accomplishment. The sense of community is our driving force. <p></p><mark>ELITE BURO offers both a workspace and a collaboration space for social innovators in search of synergies.</mark>

XPER Work - school image

Located in the heart of Abidjan, a few minutes from Abidjan International Airport and the Plateau, business district or just a stone's throw from the Autonomous Port of Abidjan, XPER WORK is a coworking space where reigns conviviality, mutual aid, reflection and creativity. <p></p> Our spaces welcome professionals from all fields and allow an active and diverse community to work together. <p></p> Much more than just a coworking space. Our mission is to better support entrepreneurs and share more than just a coworking space. Our offer in this sense consists in offering you professional , pleasant and warm workspaces to help you achieve your development objectives. <p></p> Our Coworking Formulas XPER WORK is the <mark>ideal place for all mobile professionals, freelancers, digital players and entrepreneurs looking for a collaborative workspace for their startup or their VSE at a lower cost.</mark> In this friendly place, meet and discuss with your future partners over a coffee.

Regus - Abidjan - school image
Regus - Abidjan

Work from a popular business destination with good transport links. Network and grow from our workspace at 7 Boulevard Plein Ciel in Abidjan. Located on Boulevard Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, this center places you among companies from a wide range of sectors, including telecommunications, technology and professional services. <p></p> Park easily on site, then head to a comfortable lounge to check your emails. Advance in your tasks in a <mark>modern environment, with private work cabins, friendly shared spaces, all bathed in natural light. Later, relax with your team at one of the many cafes and restaurants in the area.</mark>

Royal Work Club - school image
Royal Work Club

A premium co-working, serviced offices and business clubs to work, meet and host events. RWC offers access to a unique community of business travellers, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in Africa. <p></p> THE RWC EXPERIENCE <p></p> Elevate your work day <br> <mark>Designed to meet the growing demand of a functional and efficient workspace for professionals with a focused agenda, RWC reimagines how work is done in West Africa. Its thoughtful amenities, accompanied by an attentive team on hand to cater to your every need makes working from RWC a truly unique experience. </mark> <p></p> Host an EVENT<br> Royal Work Club offers a premium space to host your corporate events or private parties. From 10-150 people our sleek spaces provide catering, quiet break out areas, Cigar and Whisky Lounge, with services during the day or evening. Let us help you host meetings, conferences, after work networking events etc. <p></p> Meet exceptional people<br> Our events help our community collaborate, build robust business relationships and share industry knowledge, which helps our environment to thrive and succeed. Join us for business breakfasts led by industry leaders, lunch and learn sessions, art exhibitions, wine tastings and speed networking events to name a few.

OASIS Coworking Abidjan - school image
OASIS Coworking Abidjan

Benefit from an optimum and flexible working space: Open space, partitioned office desks or sofas! Book our meeting rooms by the hour or by the day.<mark>Join other coworkers in a shared space, work in a collaborative environment, and participate in regular events</mark> Choose the type of working space that suits you best and take advantage of the first coworking space with a relaxation room dedicated to your well-being.

Jokkolabs Abidjan - school image
Jokkolabs Abidjan

Located in the residential district of Angré, the oldest Jokkolabs hub in the city of Abidjan opens its doors to all creatives and entrepreneurs. At your disposal, a friendly, airy and air-conditioned open space in which you can work in peace. Those who love daylight will enjoy it. Secured access ! <p></p> <mark>For your meetings and training we provide a comfortable and pleasant meeting room (capacity 25-50 seats) with the necessary equipment to allow you to work in complete serenity.</mark> <p></p> And if you need more space, our large, bright, fully modular room (can accommodate 80 to 150 people) will be available to you for training and events with a larger audience.

Seedspace Abidjan - school image
Seedspace Abidjan

Seedspace is a collaborative workspace where entrepreneurs and tech startups find the best service and environment to nurture their ideas and grow their business. Founded in 2018 and located in the peaceful Zone 4 in the proximity of both the city center and the airport, the hub offers a dynamic environment and plenty of networking opportunities. <p></p> Pricing <p></p> <mark>Hot Desk<br> Starting from FCFA 80,000 per day<br> Need a place to focus and stay productive? Just bring your laptop and get a spot in our open coworking space. Walk-ins are welcome!</mark> <p></p> Shared Desk<br> Starting from FCFA 100,000 per day<br> Your own dedicated desk to make it your own and focus on work. Bring your personal work equipment and leave it safely at the hub! <p></p> Private Office<br> Starting from FCFA 40,000 per month<br> A combination of privacy and comfort with a fully furnished office. Your own space for you and your team, while remaining connected with the community.

My Address - school image
My Address

In Côte d'Ivoire, citizens who are increasingly oriented towards entrepreneurship are often faced with difficulties related to administrative procedures or the physical domiciliation of their business (expensive rents; electricity bills, telephone bills, internet or even water). Unable to remain insensitive to this problem and having the entrepreneurial spirit ourselves, we offer solutions favorable to entrepreneurs. <p></p>My Address is a coworking space created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, project leaders, associations in order to promote a new way of working and promote a certain ease during their creation but also throughout their existence. <mark>Our goal is to set up a workspace adapted to all types of needs and entrepreneurs so that they can grow their business more serenely.</mark> You are at home, dear entrepreneurs do not hesitate to contact us

Le Phare Coworking - school image
Le Phare Coworking

Our mission is to promote meetings and synergies between entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, social entrepreneurs, small teams, business people by creating a meeting space, an inspiring place, a place of learning. Le Phare was elected best coworking space 2019 in Abidjan by the Coworker site, which brings together a network of 11,500 spaces around the world. We are grateful to our members and to the community. <p></p> OUR FACILITIES <br> - An open work area <br> - Private offices <br> - Personalized spaces for large companies <br> - A modular and connected conference room <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - A welcoming terrace to relax <br> - A coffee area <br> - A parking space <br> - Home automation throughout our site <br> - A 600m square Rooftop: The RooPh <p></p> OUR COMMUNITY <mark> <br> - Networking events & conferences <br> - Mentoring services <br> - Formations <br> - A place of exchange and collaboration <br> - office services </mark>

Ivorian Institute of Technology (IIT) - school image
Ivorian Institute of Technology (IIT)

The IIT wants to contribute to the emergence of a more prosperous African society through the mastery of technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship. <p></p> The software engineering training offered by the Institute therefore aims to <mark>provide students with the skills required to intervene in all phases of software production, namely: identification and analysis of needs, drafting of specifications. technical and functional, software development, realization of unit and integration tests, user training as well as deployment and maintenance.</mark> <p></p> Founded by the company director and Engineer-Consultant in the fields of ICT and business management, Caliste Claude M'BAHIA, the IIT is located in the city of Grand-Bassam, 15 minutes from the international airport of 'Abidjan, and 30 minutes from downtown Abidjan.

ENSIT - school image

ENSIT is an engineering school dedicated to teaching and research in digital sciences and technologies. Established in Abidjan, two Plateaux not far from the ENA, it <mark>trains experts in technological innovation, managers and entrepreneurs.</mark> <p></p> Our majors in the engineering cycle <p></p> Artificial intelligence<br> AI Engineers: Overview of the Artificial Intelligence Major program Examples of Artificial Intelligence projects carried out by 4th year engineering students. <p></p> Automation<br> Ensit trains engineers who design and implement modern industrial systems natively integrating the tools and technologies of… <p></p> Linux administration<br> The administration of a Linux system is an important, sensitive and strategic task which determines the integrity, durability, accessibility and confidentiality of the resources (hardware, software, data) of an information system. <p></p> IT, connected objects and security<br> The major trains computer engineers capable of understanding the design and development of connected objects or services, secure systems and learning the latest generation languages ​​to better accomplish projects. <p></p> Analog signal processing<br> Analog signal processing is a type of signal processing performed on continuous analog signals by an analog process, as opposed to discrete digital signal processing where the signal processing is performed by a digital process. <p></p> Database<br> A database is a collection of information that is organized in such a way that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated. It is used by organizations as a method of storing, managing and retrieving information. And the SQL structuring language is more in-depth.

Virtual University of Ivory Coast - school image
Virtual University of Ivory Coast

The degree in application development prepares you for work in the software development industry with a focus on application design and development of web platforms. App development is a field that brings concepts in programming, web development, and interface design together. Using current and emerging technologies, <mark>you develop skills in app design, learn relevant programming languages for application development on a variety of smart-devices, and learn the policies and procedures for submitting apps for distribution.</mark>

National School of Statistics and Applied Economics - school image
National School of Statistics and Applied Economics

The DATA SCIENCE Master's program is a joint program launched by three academic institutions: ENSEA, INP-HB and X Polytechnique with the support of the ORANGE group, the CI general society and the SANLAM group. <p></p> This master aims to train experts in the field of Statistics, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. It will enable them to appropriate engineering based on new developments in the storage and processing of massive data. This course is focused on the one hand, on advanced computer engineering based on a mastery of distributed environments, parallel computing and NoSQL databases; and on the other hand on the methods of statistics, artificial learning and visualization of data adapted to the analysis and modeling of large masses of data. <p></p> <mark>The training program revolves around courses in Big Data storage models, tools and methodologies. The training is focused on practice with a preponderance for the real mastery of Data Scientist tools. Students in this program carry out practical work and studies related to theoretical learning.</mark> <p></p> Since English plays an important role, courses are dedicated to a TOEFL exam. The lessons will be given by professors from the INP-HB, professors from X-Polytechnique Paris Saclay as well as professionals who are experts in their field. A joint degree (INP-HB, X Ecole polytechnique) will be issued. <p></p> At the end of the training, the students of the Master Data Science program have skills allowing them to exercise the following professions: <br> - Data Administrator <br> - Big Data Engineer <br> - Data Mining Researcher <br> - Data Analyst <br> - Data Scientist

Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny - school image
Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny

When it comes to computer science, we leave no line of code unfinished. Our curriculum is dynamic, covering topics from programming language to data structures and algorithms to operating systems. You'll also analyze computer foundations from the beginning to the latest tools and applications. <p></p> With our focus on technology and your focus on academics, we'll make a great team. You'll have primal access to the data server room, the Information Lab, laptops, and printers. Not to mention the latest software programs, like Linux or Windows. <p></p> Upon completion of the degree in Computer Science, students will be able to demonstrate mastery of computer science in the following knowledge areas: <mark> <br> - Algorithms, data structures, and complexity; programming languages and compilers; software engineering and development; computer hardware and architecture <br> - Be able to apply problem-solving skills and the knowledge of computer science to solve real problem</mark>

African Higher School of ICT (ESATIC) - school image
African Higher School of ICT (ESATIC)

The purpose of the professional degree in Application Development and Information Systems (DASI) is to train technicians specialized in application development and database administration. <p></p> ACQUIRED SKILLS <p></p> <mark>At the end of the training, the student is able to: <br> - developing and maintaining applications (web, mobile, etc.); <br> - implement a functional architecture of an information system; <br> - deploy and administer a database; <br> - understand the organization and operation of a company; <br> - work in a team by developing oral, written and relational communication skills interpersonal.</mark> <p></p> The Professional Bachelor's degree in Application Development and Information Systems (DASI) allows you to practice among others the following functions: <br> - application developer (web, mobile, etc.); <br> - Support Technician ; <br> - tester and integrator of web solutions; <br> - software package integrator; <br> - database administrator

Sheisthecode - school image

A community of women leaders and entrepreneurs who rely on information technology. We are committed to developing the tech and entrepreneurial skills of women in order to make them have more impact as change agents in their environment. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of local and international companies. The place to learn Programming and Web Marketing. <mark>A training and professional integration program in information technologies that allows women to acquire know-how with IT tools, to demonstrate leadership in the professional world and to participate in the digitalization of companies , NGOs and administrations.</mark>

Happy Coders Academy - Abidjan - school image
Happy Coders Academy - Abidjan

We design and lead workshops using visual programming languages ​​specially designed for children where coding becomes a real game. It involves assembling command blocks, a bit like Lego. <p></p> The Happy Coders Academy notably uses the software developed by the Lifelong KinderGarten team of the MediaLab at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology . <p></p> A world reference, this software has enabled the creation of more than 10 million interactive stories, games and animations worldwide. <p></p> In a playful and innovative approach to learning code, our method is based in particular on the work carried out by the Harvard School of Education. <p></p> For the little ones, without a screen and with the help of robots, <mark>we introduce them to the logic of computer programming, location in space, learning the alphabet and arithmetic.</mark> ​ <p></p> For the older ones, we push the limits of our imagination, we create the video game of our dreams, we challenge ourselves, we prepare our world. ​ <p></p> For college students, it's no longer funny but it is in fact! We create and develop the application that everyone will have in college, we discover and master the computer languages ​​of professionals, we imagine robots formake life easier and we invent the house or the car of the future. <p></p> And to think that some at 11 years old are already on textual language such as Python.

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Eudist Technological University Institution of Africa

Computer science education falls within the areas of software engineering, particularly those of component engineering, software architectures, and models. The objective is to train highly qualified computer scientists who can be effectively integrated into the processes of creating and maintaining systems with a strong computer component. <p></p> Faced with the rapid evolution of technology, professions and the job market, the training aims to acquire fundamental and up-to-date knowledge which provides a solid basis on new technologies and emerging design methods. <p></p> <mark>The skills required: <br> - Being creative, methodical and curious <br> - Being attracted to ICT professions <br> - Being open-minded</mark>