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Visa Accelerator Program

Unlock your startup's potential and fast-track your success in the dynamic world of fintech with the Visa Accelerator program. This groundbreaking initiative connects Africa's brightest minds with experienced mentors, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled investment opportunities. <p></p> Are you ready to disrupt the industry, revolutionize finance, and make an impact in the ecosystem? <mark>Join us on this exciting 3-months journey to propel your startup towards unprecedented growth and recognition. It's time to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and forge a path to success in the vibrant fintech landscape. </mark> <p></p> Benefits<br> Knowledge and Expertise <br> Gain a competitive edge with a tailored program covering product design, marketing, finance, sales and more. Receive experts’ guidance and strategic insights to accelerate your startup's growth and unlock its full potential. <p></p>Mentorship <br> Gain access to 1:1 mentoring from experts and founders in the ecosystem from Africa and beyond. Learn from the experience of others to solve your challenges. <p></p>Visa Specific Training <br> Benefit from exclusive Fintech and payment training modules designed by Visa. Enhance your understanding of the fintech landscape, payment ecosystem, and industry best practices. Startups will also get the chance to access Visa’s developer portal and experiment with Visa products and services. <p></p>Funding <br> Secure the funding you need to bring your innovative ideas to life. Showcase your startup during the Demo Day and you could be considered for an investment opportunity by Visa, Plug and Play, and our wider Venture Capital community. <p></p>Partnership Opportunities <br> Forge powerful partnerships that can drive your startup forward. The program aims to open doors to valuable collaboration opportunities with industry leaders, innovative companies, and strategic partners. <p></p>Product Perks <br> Gain access to a wide selection of product perks and discounts from over 100 vendors for a combined offer value over $200,000. Offers include credits from Google Cloud, HubSpot.

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Enygma Ventures

Enygma Ventures is a unique purpose driven investment fund, led by award winning entrepreneurs with 40 years of combined experience growing and scaling businesses in Africa, US & Europe. We understand the struggles and challenges of building big businesses, having built big businesses ourselves. We wholeheartedly believe in win/win scenarios for the investor and entrepreneur and therefore have the ability to create flexible financial solutions with efficient & strategic deployment of capital whilst providing helpful tailored support. Through our networks we are able to create access to expertise, mentors, local and overseas markets. We are truly collaborative partners. <p></p> We are looking for businesses that meet these criteria: <mark> <br> - Woman founded/led or empowering of women <br> - Scalable <br> - A unique defensible business proposition <br> - A dynamic entrepreneur(s) with demonstrated ability to execute <br> - A proven revenue model & business concept <br> - Clarity of purpose <br> - Demonstrated growth <br> - Looking for early stage or growth capital <br> - Are based in SADC region </mark>

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Crossfin invests in high growth and established cash generative businesses, offering investors a blended exposure to technology investments in Fintech. <p></p> The Crossfin group is uniquely positioned to unlock real value through the organic and acquisitive growth of our ecosystem and the continual introduction of additional products and services through our various platforms. <p></p> Crossfin aims to influence technology across the value chain from point of processing to point of fulfillment either directly or through partnerships. all stakeholders. <p></p> <mark>Crossfin is on track through both the organic growth of its existing portfolio assets and its planned acquisition pipeline to be Africa's leading Independent FinTech Group within the next 5 years. Crossfin backs innovative companies that focus on solving specific everyday pain points that are not adequately covered by existing products in the market.</mark> <p></p> Crossfin’s portfolio and healthy partner ecosystem creates exciting opportunities to integrate a broad suite of financial products and services to support local merchants and consumers on multiple levels. <p></p> Currently Crossfin's portfolio processes over 270 million card and 20 million mobile-enabled payment transactions per annum with an aggregated value of over R100 billion ($5.64 billion). <p></p> Crossfin offers investors exposure to the exciting and fast-growing African FinTech sector through a portfolio of assets presenting various exit scenarios including IPO and/or trade sales.

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Dream Factory Foundation

Dream Factory Foundation works in the Education field. We design & implement programs for in-school youth, and out-of-school youth, that meet their socio-economic needs, enabling them to participate meaningfully in society. <p></p> <mark>In line with the needs of today’s connected world and a burgeoning African youth population, we have a special focus on Digital Skills Training.</mark> <p></p> Youth are Africa’s greatest asset. Our future is connected to their present. We believe that every young person, regardless of their present circumstances, can attain their boldest dreams if given the right knowledge, leadership and access to meaningful opportunities. <p></p> Digital Skills Training <br> 77% of jobs will require technical skills in the next decade. Africa has the largest and youngest workforce in the world, yet currently only one percent of African children leave school with basic coding skills. <mark>This is why we collaborate with international organizations such as Google, Facebook, Airbus Foundation, as well as local organizations to train young people with basic coding, online safety and digital literacy in all our locations.</mark> <p></p> We participate in Africa Code Week every year where millions of youth in Africa are empowered with digital skills.

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To create connected workspaces built for collaboration and productivity, aligned to your business needs <p></p>Physical space has the power to make or break your focus, your mindset and your mood. It shapes behaviour and moulds culture, and when it falls short, your productivity and creativity often do the same. But what about when it’s amazing? That’s where we come in. We apply the best in design, technology and hospitality services to unleash human potential. We transform the workspace into a place you want to be. <p></p> Value added workspaces <br> We take care of all your needs, so that you can do your best work. <mark> <br> - Flexible memberships & fixed costs <br> - Furnished offices designed for productivity <br> - Concierge & Community Manager <br> - High-speed Wi-Fi <br> - Commercial grade Wi-Fi <br> - Private offices, dedicated desks & hot desks <br> - Discounts from local businesses <br> - Community events & workshops <br> - Technology enabled platform </mark>

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Venture Workspace

Coworking and flexible virtual office spaces are a global trend. And a growing offering in Cape Town. So why choose to work with us? <p></p> Where it all started <br> Venture Workspace was born out of a passion for client service. A response to the need for a South African-owned and operated coworking and serviced office provider. As a result, we bravely opened our first space in 2016. Our very first location was at the Brookside Office Park in Claremont. Home to the oldest rugby club in the country, called Villagers. <br> Then, growing from strength to strength, our second space opened in December 2019 at the brand-new Constantia Emporium Mall. Exactly a year later, we followed suit with our third space at the Sanctuary Mall in Somerset West. A tailor-made virtual office space <br> Our ethos is a no-nonsense, client-focused approach to coworking. Hence, <mar>we offer members a variety of tailor-made coworking options. Options are based on flexibility, affordability, productivity, and community. Furthermore, with the revolution of work and the move away from the traditional office towards a more virtual office space at Venture Workspace, we assist large businesses in streamlining their operations through alternative working solutions.</mark> <p></p> A focus on simplicity <br> Moreover, we provide start-ups and entrepreneurs with a professional platform to springboard their businesses. This means no red tape or unnecessary costs. Keeping you focused on growing your business. <p></p>The future of coworking spaces <br> Our state-of-the-art collaborative workspace offering includes fully serviced ready-to-use office spaces. <mark>Our virtual office spaces provide the perfect venue for meetings and events, shared workspace solutions; as well as virtual offices.</mark> Our workspaces are functional spaces where businesses and individuals can boost the credibility of their business with a prestigious address and call answering service. <p></p>We also offer specialised packages <br> We also offer a wide range of services depending on the package you take. These services include professional receptionists, a welcoming receptionist area for clients and guests. A fully equipped communal kitchen and friendly support staff. Access to copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, tenant parking, and projector screens. <p></p>An inclusive workspace for all <br> In short, Venture Workspace strives to create a workspace that not only accommodates all the needs of the workplace, but also everyone’s unique needs too. As such, we offer a wide range of packages, ensuring the space is suitable for all.

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In the rapidly changing landscape of our world, Roamwork fuses a modern work environment centred on adaptability and a shared network of like-minded people with the traditional values of privacy and containment at work. <p></p> Roamwork responds to ever-changing workspace demands, prioritising your productivity and adapting to how your needs shift depending on the day, task or mood. <p></p> <mark>Roamwork aims to help you achieve a sense of wellbeing at work. The carefully considered design of the space allows for complementary contrasts in the atmosphere, providing quiet focused spaces for intense concentration alongside communal areas where you can easily engage with the community.</mark> <p></p> The Roamwork environment allows members the opportunity to change their pace without leaving the building, able to select their preferred workspace for each task of the day and allowing flexibility for productivity.

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106 BizzHub

Taking care of business in Cape Town? Or need a new office space? We'll take care of you. With our spacious co-working spaces, high speed WiFi, coffee shop, mini offices and so much more. We are Cape Town's premier Co-working & Conferencing space situated in the heart of the City Centre. <p></p> Whether you are starting your own business or just in need of an office to work from, we have you covered. <p></p> For only R2 300 per month, <mark>we will provide you with a safe, lock up and go office with FREE Wi-Fi and no utilities charges.</mark> We have a new coffee shop on the 3rd floor, up and coming gym facilities and lovely apartment in the same building.

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CreateSpace is a collaborative shared co-working space for creatives in Sea Point, offering workstations with High Speed Fiber WiFi and access to Production quality digital printing, large format printing and a wide range of finishing. Ideal for graphic designers, architects and entrepreneurs needing a trendy work space with access to high end production printing. <mark>CreateSpace is a collaborative shared co-working space for creatives in Sea Point, offering workstations with access to production print facilities & more.</mark>

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Le Wagon Cape Town

Learn Software Engineering and Data Science with us on campus or online - Join a community of career changers, tech creators, and entrepreneurs who changed their lives with us. <p></p> Join our immersive bootcamps in Cape Town. You will learn the most in-demand skills in weeks and land your dream job in tech! <p></p> Master the fundamental skills of a web developer in just a few weeks <p></p> Learn software fundamentals and databases.<br> Grasp programming foundations, write robust code with object-oriented programming and build MVC software from scratch. Master relational databases and SQL. <br> - Terminal <br> - VS Code <br> - Ruby <br> - SQL <p></p> <mark>Master front-end development & web design.<br> Develop responsive web pages with HTML and CSS. Master modern JavaScript and all the tools and environment like Webpack and Node.js.</mark> <br> - HTML <br> - CSS <br> - JavaScript <br> - Webpack <p></p> <mark>Deploy your app from scratch.<br> Build complete web applications and deploy them online on real domain that everyone can access. You're not a real developer until you've pushed something in production!</mark> <br> - Heroku <br> - Ruby on Rails <p></p> Adopt best-in-class development workflow.<br> Understand product development tools & workflow. Validate your UX on Figma, organise team work and collaborate on GitHub. Cover your code with automated testing and continuous integration.

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Savant is a commercially-focused hardware technology incubator that provides bespoke business development support. Savant partners with highly skilled science and technology inventors for their start-up growth journey. <p></p> Value Proposition<br> Savant brings unrivalled technology commercialisation know-how and experience to the South African start-up landscape. Savant offers bespoke commercialisation support to hardware technology inventors through long term, risk-based partnerships. Inventors stand to gain a streamlined journey from minimum viable product development to early market traction, both locally and internationally. Investors stand to gain early access to a pipeline of professionally de-risked technology companies to invest in. <p></p> Our Approach<br> <mark>Savant typically partners with early stage ventures if it sees the value in the venture’s prospects, inventor capabilities and potential commercial product offering.</mark> While Savant may have multiple stages to its approach, some may inventors partner with Savant further along the business life cycle than others. Savant systematically de-risks these partnered ventures and gets them ready for commercialisation and investment.

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Akro Accelerate

Akro is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses. We offer events, venture funding and consulting services, and we have a painfully practical attitude towards entrepreneurship. <p></p> HOW WE DO ACCELERATION <br> In partnership with Imvelo ventures<br> We build rather than just support startups. We work alongside companies to write code, make sales calls and close commercial contracts. As a venture-builder that’s been in the business for more than four years, we know what founders need to build and scale their businesses. We’ve taken all our learnings and knowledge and packaged it into a 20-week programme. We aim to get companies investment-ready and funded within five months of starting our programme. <p></p> 2 PHASES <br> <mark>We begin the 8-week Core Phase with a 1-week period of workshopping and mentorship, after which the final 10 startups are chosen to have a high touch rapid building, and scaling period, provided digitally. The other 20 startups continue with mentoring and coaching.</mark> <p></p> This is followed by the Extended Phase, a 12-week period of continued mentorship and accountability for the top 10 startups. <p></p> STARTUPS GET <br> Dedicated time and active business-building with our experts and advisors, including time with software architects, designers and other product-builders. <br> Post-programme mentorship with our advisors. <br> R100,000 in digital infrastructure services. <br> Access to potential partner and client networks, valuable startup-specific resources, and investors. <br> Access to our co-working spaces.

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Innovation Edge

Innovation Edge is an impact-first investor focused on solving early childhood challenges in South Africa. <p></p> We help mission-aligned entrepreneurs and organisations by de-risking early stage product and service development. We ignite the ecosystem around them; and provide multiple rounds of funding, strategic coaching, operational support and connections to social capital. <p></p> <mark>Find<br> We’re always on the lookout for courageous people with creative concepts for solving early childhood challenges <p></p> Support <br> Our flexible funding and hands-on non-financial support is customised to suit the stage of the solution <p></p> Ignite <br> Our work also focuses on igniting greater innovation and entrepreneurship in the early childhood ecosystem </mark> <p></p> Our impact Areas. <p></p> More than 6 out of 10 children in South Africa are at risk of never reaching their full potential. <p></p> Over 60% of South Africa’s children live in poverty. Challenging life experiences during their first six years, compounded by systemic failure, reduce their possibility of present-day and future well-being. Our investments aim to improve the chances of children’s life-long success by influencing the quality of their first six years of life. <p></p> We strive for impact in 4 areas: Daily Brain-Building Interactions <br> A child who has daily brain-building interactions right from birth develops strong learning foundations <p></p>Quality Early Learning Programmes <br> A child who attends a quality early learning programme for at least 2 years is more likely to start school on track <p></p>Early Health Care and Nutrition <br> A child who receives nourishing food and good healthcare is able to grow to their full potential <p></p>Safety and Protection <br> A child who feels safe and is protected from toxic levels of stress is free to thrive

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Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum

AWIEF is a women economic empowerment organisation that supports women entrepreneurs in Africa to grow their business and fulfil their potential. <p></p> Our mission is to foster women’s economic inclusion, advancement and empowerment through entrepreneurship support and development. <mark>Our vision is an inclusive and thriving Africa where women-owned businesses are empowered to create and grow high-impact and sustainable businesses, contributing to increasing Africa’s GDP and economic growth.</mark> <p></p> Passion and purpose <br> Nothing is more exciting and fun than being an entrepreneur, chasing your dreams on your own terms. Yet, the entrepreneurial journey and building a thriving business isn’t easy, especially for females in Africa who face many additional challenges and barriers. Founder and CEO of AWIEF, Irene Ochem, grew up as an ambitious young girl in Nigeria, understanding first-hand the imperatives of economically empowering women and girls. She built her career at the global stage and learned to be resilient and never give up. She knew that one day she would be the leader she wished she had, and help other women achieve their goals too. “If I can do it, they can do it!” <p></p> Irene turned her words into deeds and founded AWIEF in 2015 and has built a powerful platform, driving inclusive economic transformation for women, and working to close the gender gaps in entrepreneurship in Africa. She has achieved this feat with a dedicated team and collaboration with partners who believe in what she believes, who are passionate about empowering and inspiring women to maximize their potential and build successful businesses. <p></p> Key to success <br> <mark>We believe the key to success is to facilitate, support and inspire women entrepreneurs in multiple areas of their business by providing knowledge, tools, resources, and valuable connections.</mark> <p></p> AWIEF offers a range of programmes that are tailored to the needs of female entrepreneurs in Africa. Whether you are at idea or launch stage in your entrepreneurship journey, you fit into one of our programmes. <br> - Digital Skills Training <br> - AWE South Africa 2022 <br> - SMEs Investment and Export Readiness program <br> - LeadTech Incubation Program <br> - AWIEF Growth Accelerator Programme <br> - FemBioBiz Accelerator Programme: Season 4 <br> - Solutions Catalysing Increased Access to Capital for the Success of Women Entrepreneurs <br> - FemBioBiz II Accelerator Programme | AWIEF <br> - VALUE4HER: Strengthening Women's Agribusiness Enterprises in Africa | AWIEF

Aurik - school image

Aurik works with established businesses that have sufficient complexity for our approach to have an impact. We work with the business owner and their team to deliver results quickly, with buy-in and accountability across the business. <p></p> What we do <br> To grow your business and secure a successful future exit, it is critical to address the following issues: <p></p> <mark>LEADERSHIP <br>1 Respond to a changing environment <br>2 More time leading; less time doing <br>3 Hand-over via delegation & succession <p></p>OPERATIONS <br>1 Find, win and hold customers <br>2 Grow without chaos <br>3 Find, win & hold the right team <p></p>VALUE <br>1 Grow revenue & profit <br>2 Ensure the business runs without you <br>3 Increase value & saleability </mark>

OceanHub Africa - school image
OceanHub Africa

OceanHub Africa is launching the second cohort of its six-month online acceleration program to support up to six of Africa’s most promising impact-for-profit startups focused on preserving and restoring the health of the ocean. <p></p> The accelerator is on a mission to support ocean-minded start-ups with the express aim of nurturing an environmentally conscious and profitable economy that effectively mitigates the effects of global warming as well as the overexploitation and pollution of the oceans. Leveraging its highly qualified network of stakeholders and facilitators, it will deliver to the accelerated start-ups a program that seeks out sustainable pathways yielding stable profits (ROIs) and avenues for scalable growth throughout Africa. <p></p> What you can expect <p></p> Becoming part of OceanHub Africa portfolio will allow you to: <mark><br> - Unlock a network of leading ocean experts, mentors (entrepreneurs, investors, innovation experts, impact experts, scientists, lawyers, etc.), impact investors and potential clients. <br> - Engage with like-minded entrepreneurs within the Blue Economy space in Africa and abroad. <br> - Get support to fast-track your growth by acquiring new customers or running your first <br> - Proof of Concept, and scaling your business through commercial contracts and fund raises. </mark> <p></p> What we offer <p></p> Service Package <br> - Up to $75k worth of cloud services thanks to our partner AWS Activate <br> - Free access to IoT prototyping thanks to our partner Macrocomm <br> - Over $40k worth of mechanical engineering design software licences and support for prototyping and virtual testing, thanks to our partner 3DExperience Lab <br> - Access to Dassault Systèmes, Amazon Web Services and international marketplaces and/or salesforce for finished products of accelerated startups <br> - Advisory sessions with: Cullinan & Associates (international environmental law firm), Cape AI on machine learning and AI implementation, Macrocomm on data management and implementation of IoT, SWEN Blue Oceans Partners (ocean impact Venture Capitalist fund), Ocean14 Capital (ocean impact Private Equity fund), WWF – South Africa, Dept of Oceanography University of Cape Town, EuroSIMA (oceantech experts) and more! <p></p> Mentorship & Support <br> - Participation to an in-person training bootcamp in Cape Town <br> - Tailored business skills and personal development 1-to-1 coaching <br> - Sales, Product Development, Communication and Business Development Support <br> - Access to our network of scientific, business, impact and investment experts from international corporations, foundations, universities and IGOs <p></p> Network <br> - Access to networking events and conferences, including a stand and stage time at the Ocean Innovation Africa annual summit <br> - Access to potential clients (market leads) for local and international expansion <br> - Access to our international network of ocean-impact incubators/accelerators to scale overseas <br> - Access to key external partners <p></p> Fund-Raising Support <br> - Potential funding of up to 10k USD from OceanHub Africa <br> - Support in preparing and running investor pitches, including training sessions with partner investors directly <br> - Support in structuring deals, including reviews by transactional and commercial lawyers <br> - Access to a large portfolio of impact investors part of our ecosystems (inc. SWEN Blue Oceans, Ocean14 Capital, Finca Ventures, Conservation International Ventures, Builders Vision, AquaSpark, Athelia …) as well as corporate venture capitalist funds

Injini - school image

Injini's programmes and research aim to support great founders with a mission to improve educational outcomes across the continent. <p></p> ​Injini is a registered Non-Profit Company that exists for the sole purpose of improving educational outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. We do this by supporting key stakeholders to increase the quality, access and relevance of education throughout the region. Injini’s Acceleration Partnership <p></p> Injini’s Acceleration Partnership is an <mark>EdTech-specialised venture development programme uniquely designed to support high-growth, high-impact companies using technology and innovation to address pressing education challenges across sub-Saharan Africa.</mark> Participating EdTech companies - or "Acceleration Partners" - are working to improve educational outcomes across pre-primary, K-12 and teacher training and professional development. <p></p> WHAT WE OFFER <p></p> ​Key Objectives of the Injini Acceleration Partnership Programme: <p></p> Equity-free support that takes a partnership approach to business acceleration, broken down into two phases with a variable timeframe: ​ ​​ <p></p> PHASE 1: <br> 6-8 months of intensive acceleration support focused on increasing capacity for the team in three key areas: <br> - Impact Measurement and Management, <br> - Market Access, and <br> - Financial Sustainability ​​​ <p></p> PHASE 2: <br> Bespoke support tailored to your strategic goals, for example: <br> - product development and commercialisation, <br> - curriculum design, <br> - assessment integration, and/or <br> - financial modelling and resource planning ​<p></p> <mark> - Facilitate market access with a lens to increase reach to beneficiaries at the “bottom of the pyramid”; <br> - Design and implement, or refine, impact measurement, monitoring, and evaluation systems; and <br> - Improve financial sustainability, including investment readiness support, where appropriate. </mark>

Grindstone Accelerator - school image
Grindstone Accelerator

Grindstone Accelerator is a structured entrepreneurship development programme. It takes South African SMEs with proven traction through an intensive year-long review of their strategies and provides them with the necessary support to build a foundation for growth in becoming more investable, sustainable, marketable and exit-ready. <p></p> Jointly owned by South African venture capital firm Knife Capital and Thinkroom Consulting, the Grindstone Accelerator <mark>assists high-growth innovation-driven small businesses to become sustainable and fundable through a year-long programme. Ten South African startups are selected per cohort. </mark>

Code Your Future - Cape Town - school image
Code Your Future - Cape Town

Welcome to Code Your Future Cape Town. We are a community of students and volunteers, passionate about tech and creating opportunities. <p></p> The tech industry is the way of the future and has many job prospects but everyone doesn't have equal access to tech education. We are here to help bridge that gap. <p></p> At CodeYourFuture, we believe everyone should have a chance to lead a thriving life. <p></p> <mark>Many people started CodeYourFuture feeling unconfident, but wanting a better future. Many had never coded before. Some had a little coding experience but were struggling to progress on their own.</mark> <p></p> Some were unemployed for a long time or stuck in low wage jobs. Some were over 40 and worried if it was too late to change career. Some were women returning to the workplace, others were refugees and asylum seekers - or faced other barriers: social, financial or otherwise. <p></p> We helped them get the skills they needed to change their lives. <p></p> If you are facing barriers to get the skills you need to change your future, CodeYourFuture is for you.

Startup Hatchery - school image
Startup Hatchery

The Startup Hatchery is a virtual business incubator for entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers. We provide a hands-on virtual learning experience through online entrepreneurship training, mentorship and business support accessible anywhere, anytime. <p></p> Adopting an online approach, specifically packaged for South African entrepreneurs, we provide a hands-on learning experience through interactive online and facilitated entrepreneurship initiatives, training, mentorship and business support accessible anywhere, anytime. We work with you to design, build and implement Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) solutions that aim to increase the participation of black-owned SMEs within your corporate supply chain to secure your ESD points and maximise business impact. <p></p> Why The Startup Hatchery? <mark><br> - Building a pipeline of black-owned companies for inclusion into supply chain <br> - Creating sustainable and meaningful impact on entrepreneurs <br> - Starting with the end in mind, Co-Creating ESD Strategies to maximise business impact and ESD Points <br> - We are 100% Black Femaled Owned and our proven programmes meet the BBBEE code requirements <br> - Rigorous monitoring and evaluation through our impact assessments to understand your investment</mark>

AfricaWorks Cape Town - school image
AfricaWorks Cape Town

Located in the heart of the Cape Town CBD, we offer our members with the inspiration they need to build their business and network. <p></p> Our mission is to unlock Africa’s business potential by providing high-quality office and coworking space solutions in cities across Africa including Abidjan, Accra, Cape Town, Dakar, Dar Es Salaam, Lagos, Lusaka and Nairobi and in turn creating vibrant and successful business communities across the continent. <p></p> Connect<br> <mark>AfricaWorks encourages the free flow of ideas to create a vibrant Pan-African community that grows together. Our community is made up of 2,000+ self-driven entrepreneurs/founders, C-Level executives, independent freelancers and creative artists from every industry imaginable across the continent.</mark> <p></p>Grow<br> Since we launched in 2019, we have recorded tremendous growth and helped a number of Africa’s best businesses grow under OneRoof®. We are ambitious for continued growth, and we do this by working with the best minds to provide new age thinking & solutions that address the continent’s potential. <p></p>Succeed<br> We are committed to your success, and we strive to share your success with our AfricaWorks Pan-African community. If you're looking to scale your business to the next level, our flexible spaces guarantee your success and growth under OneRoof ®

Craft + Graft - school image
Craft + Graft

Craft+Graft is an inspiring coworking space in Gardens, Cape Town. We offer a collaborative workspace for co-working, meetings and events in a beautiful building <p></p><mark>Choose the membership plan that best fits your need, and access a shared or private office space in the heart of the CBD. Ultra-fast uncapped WiFi, a shared kitchen, a well-stocked coffee shop, and a friendly team will allow you to focus on work and your next big idea.</mark> <p></p> Our direct ties to Silicon Valley in the United States make Craft+Graft particularly interesting for startups seeking funding or looking to grow their business overseas. Experience a shared workspace in Cape Town like never before!

Regus - Cape Town - school image
Regus - Cape Town

Make a home for your business with a Regus private office. Our fully-equipped workspaces have everything taken care of – from the furniture to the high-speed WiFi – so you can focus on driving your business forward.<p></p> Our coworking spaces are designed with collaboration in mind. Choose your perfect location from thousands around the world and get to work among a like-minded community in our shared office space. <mark>Reserve a dedicated desk or drop in and hot-desk, and open your business up to new possibilities.</mark>

Cape Town Office - school image
Cape Town Office

Can’t work from home? You're not alone. Join the community of coworkers at Cape Town Office, whether you're on your own or a small team. <mark>Network | Collaborate | Grow | Productive Desks with dedicated LAN points - Fibre internet</mark>

House Of_ - school image
House Of_

A serviced office space in Cape Town, South Africa where the dream you're building comes to life. <mark>Whatever field you're in – finance, science, creative, logistics, or any of the millions out there – our doors open.</mark> Let’s make our house, your home.

Office and Co - school image
Office and Co

Beautifully curated, covid compliant, fully serviced office spaces in South Africa. <mark>We aim to inspire creativity in a productive, artistic corporate, work space environment.</mark> Situated in Kyalami and Rosebank in Gauteng and Bree St in Cape Town

Cube Workspace - school image
Cube Workspace

Cube Workspace is a South African company providing premium serviced office and co-working space for the <mark>modern professional looking to either start-up a business or expand their footprint.</mark> <p></p> Our "Co-Space" solution comes with the benefits of flexibility and mobility while you work and grow your business. It allows you to fulfill your day-to-day business activities in a shared, productive and secure workspace environment, as well as providing you the added benefit of networking with like-minded people. "Co-Space" empowers you to choose from various custom-made services to suit your business requirements. <p></p> No matter what your office space requirement may be, we have options to fit your business and budget. Our workspaces can be altered to accommodate your needs to create an environment that suits you best.

Hustle House - school image
Hustle House

At Hustle House, we believe that co-working should be fun, inclusive and provide you with a network of like-minded individuals with the same goal - getting sh!t done. <p></p> <mark>We're more than just a place to go to work. We believe in fellow Hustlers working together, and helping each other out.</mark>

Oribi Village - school image
Oribi Village

We are a local initiative aiming to bring social entrepreneurs together in the Mother City and its surrounding townships, by providing a comfortable place for professionals to gather. <br> Inspire<br> <mark>Raise global awareness on entrepreneurship & social responsibility in South Africa.</mark> <p></p> Connect<br> Bring a sense of commitment & reciprocity in the SA entrepreneurial mindset. <p></p> Experiment<br> Drive entrepreneurs, organisations, public authorities & companies to impact society through tangible action.

Explore Data Science Academy - school image
Explore Data Science Academy

EXPLORE is a team of passionate scientists committed to delivering the highest quality Data Science education money can buy. We have worked in various industries solving seemingly impossible problems for clients all over the globe.<mark>We are experts in data subjects, technology design, experiential educational and aligning teams to achieve great things - that’s a potent combination.</mark> <p></p> We believe that humans with the right aptitude and attitude can change the world, and that’s what we’re set on doing, and empowering our learners to do throughout their time studying with us. <p></p> Our philosophy is to teach our students how to solve problems in the real world. We emphasise teamwork, collaboration and working within constraints, under deadlines … while understanding context, audience and implementation challenges.

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MasterGrade IT

We offer a wide range of training courses and learning methods. Classroom, Part Time Classroom, Online and Live Online. Training for the beginner to the advanced user. <p></p> <mark>Programming Courses. Do you want to create your own software? Get hands-on experience with Microsoft Visual Studio.Create Mobile,Web and Desktop Applications. Get started with C#, Java, VB and many more.</mark>

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Blockchain Academy

The Blockchain Academy was established in 2015 and is the first of its kind in South Africa. Entrepreneurs, developers and institutions from many different industries attend our training and consulting sessions to learn about the innovative potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. We have provided training in the following seven African countries: Swaziland, Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa as well as in the Sultanate of Oman. <p></p> Many industries are now paying close attention to this technology that could radically improve business processes between companies and individuals. The African Development Bank, Barclays Africa, Standard Bank, Old Mutual, Direct Axis, Absa and the Central Bank of Swaziland and Oman have already attended some of our courses and presentations at our offices in Cape Town, on-site or at another convenient locations in various countries. <p></p> <mark>Experts say blockchain technology is broadly applicable, highly disruptive and could shape our future as much as AI or the Internet. But what’s hype, and what’s true? What should you learn first to separate the signal from the noise?</mark> <p></p> We provide these answers during our presentations, training and consulting sessions.

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Torque IT

With over 20 years of experience, Torque IT is recognised throughout the globe as the principal Information Communication Technology (ICT) training solutions provider to blue chip companies and the public sector. The Torque IT business is based on a culture of customer service and an unwavering commitment to always providing the highest quality product and service available. Torque IT offers completely customizable training and enablement solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements whilst retaining the quality and credibility associated with standard vendor authorized training courses. Torque IT promotes international certification in all cases, this leading to a better industry reputation, higher-quality work and improved efficiency, competence and competitiveness, thereby enabling the current and future generation of IT Professionals. Training and Certification Solutions: When selecting an IT training, enablement, and certification solutions partner there are key factors that, when combined, make for a high quality; successful and memorable learning experience. Torque IT takes training to the next level by: Offering training on 24+ key vendor technologies, all under one roof; Maintaining a 92 % Client satisfaction rating; Providing 65 state of the art training facilities; Offering our Clients 6 different training methods: Virtual training, Onsite training, Customised training, Distance learning, a rolling six month public schedule and various blended training solutions; Scheduling 320+ vendor accredited courses per month; Training in over 20+ African countries Main line of business: Torque IT assists Clients to strategically master their technology investment by providing the ever so popular, industry-preferred, instructor-led training methodology. Training is conducted in a dynamic practical and theoretical environment through the use of hands-on-labs, vendor accredited courseware and interactive discussions, overseen by a team of internationally certified Instructors.

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Zaio is dedicated to creating training programs that promote life-long learning in order to cultivate leaders that will drive the future of African and Global innovation. <p></p> Coding powers every corner of our digital world. The applications and softwares that we use on a daily basis are written in code and their very existence is the reason why coding is so important. <mark>Zaio aims to equip individuals and companies with the necessary skills to code and become their own problem solvers, builders and architects of the digital age. </mark>

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Future Females Coworking Space

We are beyond excited to have officially launched one of the first female focused coworking spaces in South Africa, in partnership with Inner City Ideas Cartel. <p></p> We partnered with Inner City by Ideas Cartel to build an organic, supportive, holistic, coworking space, designed to facilitate female entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives and out-of-the-box thinkers to meet, connect and build the future! <mark>Our aim was to create a space where female entrepreneurs can collaborate, connect, inspire each other and feel safe to fail, and to win!! P.S. we are pet friendly!</mark>

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Cape Town Garage

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of renting and running an office? Don’t have time or funds to invest in furniture and pay a huge deposit? We provide why trade binary options an affordable, hassle-free office solution with great facilities. <mark>Tap into business networks and bring clients to a stylish space.</mark> Grow your space as you grow your business. <p></p> Open plan, beautiful, co-working space for startups, techies, entrepreneurs and new economy businesses. We provide a flexible, all-inclusive office solution in a great part of the city. Work around some of Africa’s most innovative enterprises and enjoy our growth-focused events. <p></p> Connect > co-work > create. <p></p> The Cape Town Garage is one of 3 co-working tech hubs in Africa – There are also Garages in Nairobi and Lagos. Our vision is for Africa to be a power-house of tech, innovation and entrepreneurship, and our hubs are home to those making that happen. By providing affordable, flexible office space, the Garages allow companies to focus on what is important – growing their business. We do more than provide a practical and effective office solution – we create the environment for young businesses to build networks, share ideas and collaborate on new projects. The Garages are the go-to places for entrepreneurship, investment and tech in Africa.

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IT Academy

Learn, Practice writing Code with instant feedback in a Live Environment. Partners with IT certification vendors Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft & MICT Seta. Courses are designed and led by Certified Professionals, Mobile Access. e-Learning content delivered via Video, Quizzes, Virtual labs & Mentoring. Free One-on-One Live Mentoring with Certified IT Experts. Take Practice Tests designed to mimic the actual exam. <p></p> Become a Software Developer in 9 months. The software development(PROGRAMMING) course covers the <mark>3 most crucial programming languages C#, Python and Java.</mark> The Software Development course includes Software Fundamentals (MTA), Database Fundamentals (MTA), MCSA, MCSA Web App Development, MCSA Database Query, C#, Microsoft Azure, Python, Software Testing and Java Programming courses.

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RLabs is a South African award-winning non-profit company, established in 2009 in Bridgetown, Cape Town. We have since expanded the RLabs model to 23 countries across 5 continents impacting more than 20 million people through our work. The main aim of RLabs is to create environments and systems where people are impacted, empowered and transformed through HOPE, Innovation, Technology, Training and Economic Opportunities. To date, more than 200,000 people have accessed RLabs skills, training and economic empowerment programmes <p></p> The RLabs innovation lab currently partners with a variety of international organizations, private companies and public sector partners to develop solutions to drive social change. RLabs creates and provides spaces in communities for co-creation events and workshops that connects community members with the networks and resources to solve some of the social challenges impacting the community. <p></p> <mark>Labs provides a support programme for small businesses and entrepreneurs assisting them in growing their enterprises.</mark>

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We provide a unique and holistic option for an interesting and dynamic response to the changing nature of work. <p></p> We provide a continuum of space from your home to the office. Our spaces include phone booths, meeting rooms, boardrooms and auditoriums which <mark>allow you to work, meet and collaborate in an optimal environment.</mark> <p></p> Our memberships offer a sanctuary away from home. Work, meet and network in a safe hygienic environment. Whether you occasionally need a space or a dedicated seat, we have a membership to suit your needs.

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Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative

CiTi does so by creating globally competitive tech and innovation sectors, to enable sustainable economic growth and greater employment. <p></p> CiTi was established in 1999 and works at the intersection of business, government and society to positively shape the future of the economy and society with the use of innovation and technology. We see this model as the key driver for systemic, regional change and progression. <p></p> Our success at building successful regional technology ecosystems are recognised in a recent Endeavor Insight, 2018 report “Evaluation & Network Analysis of the Cape Town – Stellenbosch Tech Sector”. <p></p> The report concluded “Cape Town is arguably the most productive and impactful tech hub in Sub-Saharan Africa.” <p></p> CapaCiTi Digital Career Accelerator is the skills development division of CiTi. CapaCiTi’ s vision is to enable inclusive growth of the digital economy by ensuring a supply pipeline of future-fit, <mark>skilled employees with relevant digital skills matched to industry demand.</mark> <p></p> We do this through innovative training and experiential learning programmes that focus on both technical and professional development. <p></p> CapaCiTi brings together expertise, technology and resources from industry, academia, government and impact funders in order to <mark>develop young South African talent with in-demand skills, giving them a foundation for successful and fulfilling careers.</mark> <p></p> Candidates receive blended training at our Tech Campuses via an online learning platform that promotes self-learning and group work as part of a holistic programme designed to develop digitally confident candidates. Industry mentors provide teams with a business challenge and ask them to investigate a solution and present back to their mentor weekly. These activities enhance team work, communication and create a culture of solution-driven design thinking.

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School of IT

School of IT is a leading tech education company, created and started by an IT enthusiast in 2015. 2x Internationally Award-winning courses (Best Online Coding Bootcamp winner 2020 & Best Online Coding Bootcamp winner 2021). We have the vision to be the leaders in the IT training Industry, in South Africa and Internationally. <p></p> What separates us is:<br> <br>- Overall we believe in the <mark>practical approach to programming and any IT course, hence you will have a portfolio of industry related work</mark> <br>- Flexibility: we fit into your schedule! Start a course anytime! Once you register, your personal mentor contacts you and arranges times and dates that fit into your schedule! (PS: sessions should be a minimum of 2 hours long) One on One training, private attention! <br>- Vast Knowledge, all our mentors are certified and have that fun/serious edge to them (IT should be fun) <br>- Have the option to get internationally accredited and recognized in under 6 months! <br>- We assist you in getting a job! <br>- Furthermore what you gain in 5 days to 6 months with our short courses is most often more than what you gain in 1-3 years at other institutions.

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HyperionDev is southern Africa’s largest tech education provider. It was founded in 2012, as a small grassroots movement of Computer Science students working towards a single goal: to build and deliver better technical education for anyone who wanted to learn digital literacy and programming skills. <p></p> Today, that small team has expanded to two physical campuses and a large online education platform to offer an accessible alternative to the expensive and time-consuming traditional learning models, which many South Africans simply can’t afford. HyperionDev <mark>teaches code using an accessible learning structure, so that anyone can learn to code without expensive laptops or high-speed internet connections.</mark> This is paired with a unique human-led approach, where students have access to a team of expert code reviewers who will help them throughout their coding journey. <p></p> However, while most learning institutions stop their support at graduation, HyperionDev continues its support, with a post-bootcamp Graduate Program and dedicated career services division that aims to <mark>connect entry-level coding graduates with the jobs they’ve been dreaming of.</mark> Today, HyperionDev has brought coding skills to thousands of students in more than 40 different countries. Through our commitment to quality jobs placements and student support, we hope to continue expanding and diversifying the talent tech pools for jobs in South Africa.

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Varsity College

The IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Application Development provides candidates with a thorough theoretical grounding and knowledge base in the key principles of information technology (IT), programming, mobile application development across platforms, web development, database design, troubleshooting, testing, connectivity, customisation and project management. <mark>Graduates will develop meaningful software development acumen grounded in a deep understanding of holistic application programming and development. This qualification has been designed to develop graduates’ abilities to design, code, implement and manage solution-focused by producing systemic thinkers who can develop software solutions for any device or platform.</mark> <p></p> The outcomes for this qualification were identified as critical to drive a successful career in software development providing competent desktop and mobile application developers in the private and the public sectors. By understanding business processes in the context of business rules, graduates will be able to solve business problems and meet business needs through software application development. Graduates will be suitably prepared to demonstrate competencies in application development, and to contribute to the economic well-being of their organisation in a responsible manner.

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iXperience designs innovative programs that teach in-demand skills blended with internship experience, online or abroad. <br><br>Start building your dream career. For any major, no experience required. <br><br> Around the world, companies are looking for skills that many college curriculums struggle to provide. This makes it harder for students to land high quality college internships, often leaving them in a challenging position. iX bridges this gap. No matter your major or year, our programs provide you with the opportunity to learn in-demand skills – from data science to finance, consulting and more – and get a guaranteed high-impact internship. <br><br>High-demand skills, taught by industry experts - Our courses are taught by highly qualified professionals with a passion for inspiring the future of their field. We keep our class sizes small, so you get individualized attention and build lasting relationships. <br><br>High-impact internships, all over the world - We'll match you with an oversees company so you can gain real-world work experience to add to your resume. But unlike other internships, we won't leave you alone: your teaching team will be there to support you every step of the way. <br><br>A global community of exceptional people - Every year, iX draws driven, talented students from more than 50 universities around the world. On the program, you might find your next mentor, business partner, or lifelong friend. <br><br> // Join a rapidly growing network 1500 alumni from top universities, making waves in the real world. // <br><br> <mark>"iX was the first thing employers asked about during interviews. No experience compares to the ability to learn a completely new skill and deliver multiple complex projects. On the job, iX has been incredibly useful. Most of the analytics work I do today is based off of what I learned while at iX."<br> ––– Matthew Biggins, iX Alum, University of Notre Dame, Landed a job at Accenture after iX</mark> <br><br>Two program options <br>- iX Remote: an innovative 6-week program in which you take a career-focused course blended with an internship. No matter your major or intended career path, you'll gain industry-relevant skills and join a global network of exceptional students and professionals. <br><br> - iX Abroad: the ultimate integrated summer program for college students. Cultural immersion, high intensity skills development, and a guaranteed international internship, all in just six weeks abroad in an incredible city. <br><br> What you get with iX.<br> - Live classes and workshops with vetted experts and TAs who work in your chosen industry. <br>- A hands-on Internship with an international company, where you will work in a group to apply your classroom learnings and build a portfolio. <br>- New friends, mentors, & global connections. <br>- Certification of program completion. <br>- Workshops, training, and community events outside of class. <br>- Access to the iX Alumni Network platform. <br>- (iX Coach only): Personalized, 1:1 career coaching throughout the program.

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Cape Peninsula University of Technology

The Department of Information Technology offers a wide range of formal qualifications and non-formal courses in IT and related disciplines. The department offers <mark>specialized training in Information Technology in the areas of Applications Development (Software Development), Communication Networks and Multimedia Technology. The department supports a large graduate and postgraduate programme where the research is directed at both community and industry interests.</mark> <p></p> The department also offers a wide range of non-formal courses in collaboration with the IT industry. There are several semi-autonomous business units operating within the department. These units are focused on the professional development of undergraduate and graduate students in delivering research and development services to the community and industry. <p></p> The department continues to provide leadership in curriculum development to especially the University of Technology sector. In this regard the department also has a defining role in the Higher Education ICT Association (HEICTA) and within the Further Education and Training (FET) sector.

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Since its inception in 2015, WeThinkCode_ has established itself as an effective platform for training youth in digital skills. Our mission has been to <mark>close the skills gap in the digital sector and prepare youth to participate in the economy.</mark> <p></p> South Africa’s youth provide a pool of talent that mostly remains untapped and WeThinkCode_ provides tech businesses with access to this source of tech talent. <p></p> WeThinkCode_ is training the next generation of Africa's top tech talent to promote the digitization of African business. We are recruiting the sharpest minds and transforming them into outstanding software developers. <p></p> WeThinkCode_ is tuition free for all students. This enables us to bring students from low income backgrounds into the programme and <mark>train them to be full stack software developers.</mark>

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codeX is a full time, one year coding program in Cape Town that trains and places bright young talent as software developers. <p></p> We’re looking for problem solvers who have the aptitude and attitude to learn to code, whether you have matric, a university degree or already have work experience. <p></p> At codeX you learn practical skills the tech industry demands and we help you find a job at a top local company that suits your interests and ambitions. <p></p> codeX aims to solve two of Africa’s major challenges: youth unemployment and a critical programming skills gap. <mark>We find, train, and place young developer talent in great entry-level jobs and ensure they have the solid foundation they need to build long-term digital careers.</mark> <p></p> We emphasize problem solving over getting to the “right” answer, the practical over the theoretical, broad conceptual understanding over language-specific idiosyncrasies, and collaboration over competition.

CodeSpace - school image

We offer world-class, affordable coding courses for people who want to make a difference. <p></p> We give people the skill-set they need to contribute actively to the global economy and become leaders in the tech industry. CodeSpace graduates are known in the tech industry for being dynamic problem solvers who are able to keep pace in fast-moving work environments. The most important skill in the modern workplace is the ability to learn. <mark>All students at CodeSpace are taught not only how to code, but how to learn new languages and technologies. This keeps our graduates ahead of the curve.</mark> <p></p> We teach the skills that industry wants. <p></p> Our courses teach industry standard technologies and practices so that our graduates are ready to step into jobs in the tech industry. Our courses <mark>prepare students for leading industry certifications, and each student develops a code portfolio that is critical for every software developer to have.</mark> <p></p> Our world-class online learning portal guides students on their learning journey. By harnessing technology, we make learning flexible and convenient. All of our courses are modular and build onto one another, allowing students to learn the skills they need, when they need them.

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University of Cape Town

The Department of Computer Science is amongst the strongest in the country and home to academic staff who are well regarded both nationally and internationally. The Department plays an important role in local industry and provides services to industries through technology transfer and applied research. The Department of Computer Science is part of the cross-Faculty School of IT <p></p> Staff research interests are broadly focused in the following domains: <mark>Digital Libraries, Network and Information Security, Visual Computing, High-Performance computing and Big Data, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Development.</mark> The department maintains links with many IT-based industries within the country, including those in telecommunications, scientific and high-performance computing and visual effects and animation. ICT for Development constitutes an important unifying theme amongst several staff members and this synergy led to the establishment of the Centre for ICT4D, a multi-disciplinary centre supported by several international corporations. <p></p> The department produces <mark>high quality graduates with knowledge and skills relevant to the international and South African technology communities</mark>. A capstone Honours degree in Computer Science, accredited by the British Computer Society, provides graduates with opportunities in stimulating and well-paid careers both locally and abroad.