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Computer and Information Technology

The CIT department focuses on creating an environment of Innovation, where students and faculty get a platform to practice and demonstrate incredible problem solving abilities for various issues within our society. The department has highly skilled faculty members on various areas in ICT, who provide one on one attention to students within the class rooms, practical lab work and in the implementation of real life solutions using ICT. The department aims to produce highly competent and disciplined students, who are skilled in specific areas of ICT such as Computer Programming, Mobile Programming, Web Development, Databases, Systems Architecture, Network Engineers, among others. This is achieved by providing areas of concentrations that address the specific areas in our programs. Besides the normal course curriculum, the department organizes short courses in the form of Bootcamps to train students on new technologies and trends in ICT. Most of these short courses are sponsored by our partners and therefore availed for free to the students.

Every year, the department runs an annual Design Thinking workshop themed ‘Impact Week’ in collaboration with our partners from Kirche in Aktion – Germany. The focus is to develops practical solutions for sustainable development through innovation. Through this event, leading Design Thinking coaches from SAP, Lufthansa, Volvo, among other leading organizations in Germany, Australia, and Switzerland.

The CIT department has formed strong partnerships with local and international companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Dell EMC, Seven Seas, among others to ensure that students are exposed to global technologies, enabling them to experience a world-class ICT training, and have access to global career opportunities. Our alumni have excelled as entrepreneurs in the business and IT sector, as well as in the corporate sector, both locally and internationally.

enables students to develop innovations in a guided and professional way. The students are given local and international mentors for their ideas and support in marketing their ideas and selling them to the local and international markets.