Open Space

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of renting and running an office? Don’t have time or funds to invest in furniture and pay a huge deposit? We provide why trade binary options an affordable, hassle-free office solution with great facilities. Tap into business networks and bring clients to a stylish space. Grow your space as you grow your business.

Open plan, beautiful, co-working space for startups, techies, entrepreneurs and new economy businesses. We provide a flexible, all-inclusive office solution in a great part of the city. Work around some of Africa’s most innovative enterprises and enjoy our growth-focused events.

Connect > co-work > create.

The Cape Town Garage is one of 3 co-working tech hubs in Africa – There are also Garages in Nairobi and Lagos. Our vision is for Africa to be a power-house of tech, innovation and entrepreneurship, and our hubs are home to those making that happen. By providing affordable, flexible office space, the Garages allow companies to focus on what is important – growing their business. We do more than provide a practical and effective office solution – we create the environment for young businesses to build networks, share ideas and collaborate on new projects. The Garages are the go-to places for entrepreneurship, investment and tech in Africa.