Computer Programming

Whether our children want to become farmers, doctors, teachers, or entrepreneurs, it’ll be easier for them to achieve their dreams in the digital age if they have some background in computer science. We need our children to learn 21st-century skills for a 21st-century world, and coding teaches them the creativity and problem-solving skills that are necessary for success.

Computer programming is a skill that more Ugandans need to learn. At a time when our country is suffering from unemployment, whether you want to be an entrepreneur and start a business, or you’re just worried about having a job when you graduate, learning basic computer programming is the best way to do either. Every child deserves a chance.

We have so far trained more than 3000 students in 3 years from the age of 7-19 years in computer science skills through our programs; Code School, Code Camp, Code Clubs, and Computer Mentorship program.