Start-up and business enabler that offers incubation services

Cube Zanzibar is a start-up and business enabler that offers incubation services, financing and business acceleration support to start-ups and small businesses in Zanzibar. We help bring ideas to life and get businesses to excel. Cube Zanzibar was officially registered as a non-profit organization on 10th October, 2018 with the registration number Z0000008214 under Zanzibar’s Societies Act Number 6 of 1995.

Vision Small businesses become the engine of Zanzibar’s economic & social development.

Mission Cube Zanzibar is the primary hub that entrepreneurs work with to launch and grow their businesses.

Our Main Objectives
Cube Zanzibar was established whereas, we do hereby freely and voluntarily associate together to strengthen, reinforce and consolidate efforts to empower young people through:
- Promoting innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial mindset to young people in Zanzibar.
- Providing hand on / practical learning and engagement in the process of science, technology and innovation.
- Fostering problem solving ability and project based learning.
- Providing co-working space and makerspace for those who are in need.
- Helping the community in creating solutions that solve various problems including but not limited to business, health, tourism, blue economy etc.