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Dakar Institute Of Technology

Data Science. Fullstack Web. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques allow to better translate languages, recognize images, drive cars, understand complex texts, analyze customer behavior, perform medical diagnoses, AI is everywhere in our lives and is revolutionizing all sectors. We support you so that you can take advantage of this global wave. Follow our training courses to be actors in the world of tomorrow. We are a private university recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation of Senegal under the number RepSEN/Ensup-priv/AP/376-2021

Our trainings
Data Science Intensive
This training opens the doors to the professions of artificial intelligence and teaches you all the advanced techniques of data science and big data processing.
In 12 weeks (daytime classes) or 24 weeks (evening classes and weekends), start your career as a data expert as a Data Scientist and/or Data Analyst .
You can follow the Data Scientist Intensive certification training face-to-face (day course), or remotely (evening course LIVE via ZOOM)

Big Data Computer License
Practical training to become a qualified developer.
Master the art of managing data and storing it in the cloud using SQL and No-SQL databases.
Become a specialist in data analysis and visualization, know how to create powerful APIs and solve complex problems.

Master's degree "Artificial Intelligence"
The "Artificial Intelligence" master's is aimed at students and professionals who want to become specialists in so-called "Artificial Intelligence" techniques. It is open to holders of at least a bachelor's degree. Six specializations are offered: – Image Recognition, Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing, Marketing and Sales, Finance, Health

Other certifying training
The DIT offers 3 certification training courses LIVE via ZOOM
– Python Basics: Learn the basic concepts of programming and the philosophy of the Python language.
– Fullstack Web : Master the Django framework for the Back end as well as the React.js framework to become autonomous in the creation of dynamic applications and websites

– Data Manager : Master all aspects of data management for the company