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Dar Es Salaam Institute Of Technology

(B. Eng) in Computer Engineering

Computer engineering involves the design and development of computer hardware and software and an understanding of how the computer and its devices interact - which is why computer engineering is closely allied with electrical engineering and computer science.

A computer engineer’s job also includes integrating software options with the hardware that will drive applications in many different fields such as:
- Biomedical engineering/food industry
- Design of digital systems in general
- Robotics/microcontroller/ microprocessor applications
- Design and operation of data communications systems

Our program will give you a rock-solid foundation in both hardware design and software engineering. The emphasis throughout the curriculum is on the design experience, leading to a two-semester project in the senior year.

Outstanding computer labs and facilities and a dedicated, accessible, full-time faculty will enhance your learning. You’ll reap the rewards of the individual attention you get from your instructors throughout your career.