Education, Innovation and Technology

EldoHub is an education, innovation and technology organization targeting youth and women, with an aim of preparing them to benefit from the opportunities the emerging ICT industry offers and close the skills gap in Africa’s job market. We provide STEM education, job matching and digital work. We also run entrepreneurship development programs for them, as well as incubate startups to bring their ideas to life.

Eldohub responds to these barriers to decent employment which includes availability of skilled employees among the youth and demand by businesses to hire. We do so by supporting Young Tech Professionals to gain practical work experience and launch careers in the technology sector through job placement, training on Digital Leadership, soft skills and 1:1 mentorship by experienced professionals from the tech industry. We work with businesses and Young Tech Professionals to ensure they are mutually getting value, i.e. the business benefits from the tech talent support while the young tech professional gains from relevant skills and decent work.