School of Computer Science Engineering

ENSIT is an engineering school dedicated to teaching and research in digital sciences and technologies. Established in Abidjan, two Plateaux not far from the ENA, it trains experts in technological innovation, managers and entrepreneurs.

Our majors in the engineering cycle

Artificial intelligence
AI Engineers: Overview of the Artificial Intelligence Major program Examples of Artificial Intelligence projects carried out by 4th year engineering students.

Ensit trains engineers who design and implement modern industrial systems natively integrating the tools and technologies of…

Linux administration
The administration of a Linux system is an important, sensitive and strategic task which determines the integrity, durability, accessibility and confidentiality of the resources (hardware, software, data) of an information system.

IT, connected objects and security
The major trains computer engineers capable of understanding the design and development of connected objects or services, secure systems and learning the latest generation languages ​​to better accomplish projects.

Analog signal processing
Analog signal processing is a type of signal processing performed on continuous analog signals by an analog process, as opposed to discrete digital signal processing where the signal processing is performed by a digital process.

A database is a collection of information that is organized in such a way that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated. It is used by organizations as a method of storing, managing and retrieving information. And the SQL structuring language is more in-depth.