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Euromed University Of Fez

Web & Mobile Application Engineering

Leading to an engineering degree, SaaS/Mobile application engineering training offers cutting-edge training in the field of software development and interactive mobile applications. The field of SaaS and Mobile solutions marks the beginning of a major transformation, which will profoundly affect many sectors. This situation contrasts with the large deficit of FullStack and DevOps developers who work in collaboration with Data Scientists or Big Data Developers currently existing all over the world. Companies increasingly need agile profiles who master the latest development and design technologies. The majority of startups that are launching recently are digital startups that offer digital services via their SaaS portal and/or mobile application.

The opening of this training at the UEMF is in line with the desire of the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education to develop training in Moroccan universities, to promote scientific research in the field and to associate with world leaders. of the sector to provide Moroccan universities with tools and the latest technological developments.

Skills Acquired:
- Analyze specific customer needs
- Technical design of a software solution
- Develop a Web or SaaS solution on the Cloud
- Develop an Android and iOS Mobile solution
- Perform software testing with these various steps
- Manage a team of developers and/or designers
- Develop augmented reality solutions

- Software Architect
- Web developer
- Mobile Developer
- Full Stack Developer
- Project Manager