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Coding Bootcamp

Happy Coders Academy - Abidjan

Visual programming languages for children

We design and lead workshops using visual programming languages ​​specially designed for children where coding becomes a real game. It involves assembling command blocks, a bit like Lego.

The Happy Coders Academy notably uses the software developed by the Lifelong KinderGarten team of the MediaLab at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology .

A world reference, this software has enabled the creation of more than 10 million interactive stories, games and animations worldwide.

In a playful and innovative approach to learning code, our method is based in particular on the work carried out by the Harvard School of Education.

For the little ones, without a screen and with the help of robots, we introduce them to the logic of computer programming, location in space, learning the alphabet and arithmetic.

For the older ones, we push the limits of our imagination, we create the video game of our dreams, we challenge ourselves, we prepare our world. ​

For college students, it's no longer funny but it is in fact! We create and develop the application that everyone will have in college, we discover and master the computer languages ​​of professionals, we imagine robots formake life easier and we invent the house or the car of the future.

And to think that some at 11 years old are already on textual language such as Python.