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Higher School Of Rabat In Management And Engineering

Information System Software Engineering

The objective of this training is the acquisition of solid knowledge on all the repositories, concepts and techniques of information systems and their implementation.

The main objective of the course also remains to provide graduates with the level of competence and qualification expected of an IT executive in several fields of activity:

- Implementation, administration of commercial and open source operating systems
- Implementation, administration of computer networks
- Implementation, administration of IT security
- The development of management and multimedia applications, in particular using Object-Oriented programming languages
- Knowledge of database management systems.

Purpose of the sector:

The control of the information system and its integration constitute today a strategic axis of development. It mobilizes managerial, technical and professional skills. There is a strong demand from companies for professionals with such a profile.

To assume these responsibilities, trained computer scientists must, of course, be technologically competent, but they must also master the socio-economic and organizational environment in which they will have to exercise their profession, possess a good level of general knowledge – especially in economics and management systems) and have excellent communication skills - especially in French and English.