Are you an entrepreneur, freelancer, IT professional or a business owner in Wuse? Hub43 is the ideal co-working environment for you

At Hub43, we have comfortable working spaces just for you coupled with uninterrupted internet services, it’s conducive and has been structured to accommodate multiple people at a time, with comfort in mind.

At Hub43, you get to learn new skills which will help grow your career and businesses. These include foreign and local languages and some business and career courses.

At Hub43, you get to connect with people from various works of life. Our connect program adds value to your objectives.

Some of our services include:  
- Uninterrupted power supply
- Fast and reliable broadband fiber internet connection
- Dedicated office staff to provide you with necessary assistance
- A conference room that can be used for training for your staff or workforce.
- Meeting room with all the services you need.
-  Convenience for male and female
- A relaxation area
- Parking space for your vehicle
- A kitchen area
- And a reception area for your clients and visitors where you can attend to them