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Kiriri Women's University Of Science And Technology

School of Computer Science & Information Technology

The department is committed to supporting the mission and vision of Kiriri Womens University with an emphasis on enriching the great minds of the ladies and women pursuing a course in technology. Furthermore, to develop and nurture their leadership qualities as we impart knowledge and refine their skills which are essential in the current job market. This is realised through excellent classroom instruction, mentorship as well as directed guidance and counselling.

In the department, we are currently offering three undergraduate programmes. Students in the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science acquire fundamental skills that are applicable to organisations in this dynamic market coupled with the technical aspects that support their careers. The Diploma in ICT develops students’ interest in technology and fosters their information in the IT industry as well as giving them the knowledge that they can apply in the industry. The Certificate in ICT is designed for the students seeking to acquire the fundamental IT knowledge and skills that can be useful in jumpstarting their careers in this diverse field.