The Academy

LakeHub is a growing community of creatives, programmers, hackers, designers & entrepreneurs. We learn, share, collaborate and have fun everyday.

Established in May, 2013 LakeHub was started by students and young professionals living in and around Kisumu that want to empower technologists in the region to take advantage of the limitless opportunities to improve business with technology. As LakeHub continues to grow it will create co-working space(s), grow tech-based businesses, build personal and professional networks, and support teams with creative solutions in locally relevant industries such as Fishing, Dairy, and Tea Farming.

We're bridging the talent gap.
We're a local Academy based in Kisumu, Kenya with the mission to fill the talent gap within the tech industry.

But that's not it!
Besides the necessary technical skills, you will also learn how to work in projects within a modern tech team and how to be a problem solver.

LakeHub Academy is a web development program for talented young people and other disadvantaged groups who want to power Africas 4th Industrial Revolution.