Department of Information Technology

We offer programmes tailored towards providing IT students with relevant knowledge and practical skills that enables them to take appropriate professional and leadership positions in Information and Communication Technology upon their graduation. Our curricula are regularly reviewed to meet the emerging technological trends and demands from the research and industry. We regularly review our curricula to cater for emerging technological trends. The department endeavors to generate the necessary IT manpower for both local and global markets.

The mission of the Department of Information Technology is to conceive and design courses that enhance and support effective organisational information management. The department considers effective management of information assets and resources as critical to successful organisational performance, innovativeness and competitive edge.

The department aims to produce individuals capable of:
- To facilitate the school to graduate at least 80% of final year students into the job market and ensure 80% of continuing students successfully progress to the next level each year. - To produce at least 3 publications in internationally refereed journals and 2 conference proceedings in an academic year. - To maintain at least one linkage with similar institution and/or industry.