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Mundiapolis University Of Casablanca

Computer Engineering

Training in Computer Engineering supports future engineers to understand and master the latest technologies required in the fields of design and development of software applications, architecture of information systems, design and development of embedded software and mobile applications.

This training is aimed at candidates who are looking for a general training in computer engineering and which offers a solid foundation with a lot of practice.

The graduates of the Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science will be able to occupy various positions in the field of computer development, in the field of computer security or in the fields of virtualization, data management and cloud computing.

They will be able to work, among other things, as:
- software developer
- mobile application developer
- web master
- web application developer
- front end, back end, or full stack developer
- IT project manager
- information technology consultant
- computer systems database administrator
- network manager
- computer system integrator
- cloud administrator
- devops consultant
- system administrator
- virtualization manager