Connect Cowork Create

Nairobi Garage is Africa’s largest coworking space for new and growing businesses – created in response to the need for non-traditional, lean and flexible office space solutions.

Our spaces are open 24/7 and provide an innovative and vibrant space for our diverse members – from SMEs, startups, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and larger innovative companies.

The Garage network offers members an invaluable community of Nairobi’s most high-growth and high-impact ventures. Members get access to business opportunities, networking events, workshops, marketing support – as well as professional business services that support their growth.

Access to Innovation Networks
Join leading businesses and innovators in our new space. These companies have realised the impact of working closer to innovators. By joining our workspaces, your company can enjoy the social and collaborative elements Nairobi Garage offers that normal traditional offices can’t.

Improved Team Productivity
Having your employees work side by side with innovators provides motivation and increases employee productivity. Employees tend to be more motivated when they see others around them working hard and producing great ideas. We also provide workshops that benefit your teams performance.

Reduce Your Overheads
No matter the size of your business, our space can save you money. Say googbye to long-term leases, hefty deposits, purchasing furniture and equipment, paying for utilities, paying support staff and provide coffee and snacks. We allow you to focus on the important work and we will do the rest for you.