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Computer Engineering

The IT engineer (INFO) is a generalist engineer in the Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (STIC) sector. He masters not only the aspects of software engineering, networks, systems, architecture, but also information systems, decision support.
- Trained in the latest technologies, the Computer Engineer exercises his skills in constantly evolving sectors, such as information systems (database, intranet), digital communications (multimedia, mobile telephony, intranet of the future) . He can be involved in research and development, specification, design, simulation, implementation, testing and integration.

- His general scientific culture and his qualities of creativity and reactivity allow him to adapt quickly to new situations and innovative concepts.

The knowledge provided in the sector is such as to allow future engineers to quickly access the functions of team leader in the IT departments of large companies, banks and insurance companies, companies specializing in Internet and e-commerce. , the gaming industry as well as research and development centers.