Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Engineering

Seeka University is an entrepreneurial university set to open its doors in fall 2020 in the city of Yamoussoukro, the administrative and political capital of Ivory Coast. the new university will start with a School of Entrepreneurship and a School of Engineering and Technology.

We believe that education should and must be holistic. Hence, our educational philosophy is to develop individual students as well as helping them acquire the necessary skills needed to become productive and self-reliant citizens. As a consequence, we focus on both the process (skill acquisition) and the individual (personal development). Very often, in the context of Africa, once they graduate from college, students expect governments to offer them a job. Our philosophy is that students should be self-reliant and become the captain of their own destiny. They must set the path of their own lives. As such, Seeka University is rethinking and redesigning education in Ivory Coast. We expect our students to ‘dream big and be the captain of their own destiny.’