Entrepreneurship. Digital Literacy. Ecosystem Building.

Sensi is building a technology innovation community in Sierra Leone that will contribute to local social and economic development through skills development, professional networking and technological innovation, to unleash the untapped potential of young people interested in seeking to succeed while making a difference through their careers

We train new businesses the fundamentals for successful management including developing a business plan.

Startups receive investment capital and can be based at Sensi throughout the period of early stage in business

Advanced coaching, access to mentors and partners, and flexible support based on individual needs

Our digital literacy initiative looks to up-skill of young people’s in ICT skills and competency to meet current ICT demands in West Africa and globally. The programme offers beginner, intermediate and advanced ICT training and master classes to fill the gap in digital literacy in Sierra Leone.

We provide key training to young people in the following areas: Word Processing, Computer Essential, online essential, Presentation, using database, Spreadsheets, SPSS, and GIS etc. We believe empowerment is a key factor in determining the success of development.

An inclusive ecosystem allows for the fast development and flow of authentically diverse talent, information and resources so that entrepreneurs can quickly find what they require at each stage of growth. As a result, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Ecosystem building is the leading model for modernized economic development and the catalyst for net new venture, job and wealth creation.

Sensi Tech Hub is cognizant of the importance of inclusive ecosystem building in the tech, entrepreneurial, innovation and investment space. Furthermore, the central role of its people, the culture of trust and collaboration which allows for successful interaction, partnership and growth. As a result Sensi Tech Hub proactively work to build the entrepreneurial, innovation and tech ecosystem in Sierra Leone through forging partnerships with government ministries, educational institutions, the private sector, development agencies, entrepreneurs and other ecosystem building actors.