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Silicon Cape Initiative


A community of tech entrepreneurs, developers, creatives, angel investors, and VC's who are passionate about entrepreneurship and the roles we play in the future of South Africa.

Silicon Cape is an NPO and an ecosystem enabler for tech-enabled startups in the broader Cape Region of South Africa. We work to connect stakeholders, curate ecosystem data, amplify the stories coming out of the ecosystem and advocate on behalf of stakeholders through our membership programme.

Its ultimate goal is to promote the use of technology across different sectors in the Western Cape. Silicon Cape Initiative offers various benefits through its five membership plans. These benefits include tech tours, curated access to the tech ecosystem, access to resources, and more. Interested individuals can select their preferred membership plan online, register, and pay for their membership to join the community.

The vision of the Silicon Cape is to be an organic ecosystem that functions in the Western Cape of South Africa. Its goal is to look to attract top technical talent and entrepreneurs to the Western Cape and to assist these parties in creating "world class" IP start-up companies in an environment that competes with other similar hubs around the world. Its ultimate goal is to help foster a high-technology district in the Western Cape.