Professional License in Software Engineering

This diploma is prepared in 3 years of training. Its objective is to train young experts in Computer Engineering capable of leading a project in all its phases, from the establishment of the specifications to its completion. It is issued by the American University of Professional Studies.


The graduate can occupy positions such as:
- IT Asset Manager
- Senior Developer in Java - Dot Net
- Web and Mobile Developer

- Database Administrator
- Information System Designer
- Commercial Director of IT Products
- IT Trainer

1st year

Algorithm, C Language, Data Structure, Introduction to Computers, Image Processing, FrontEnd Web Development, BackEnd Web Development in PHP, Javascript, Framework: Bootstrap, Database Handling, Computer Architecture, Network Architecture CCNA1 , CCNA2 Network Architecture, Computer Mathematics, Computer Logic, Business Organization, French, English, Desktop Project in C, Web Frontend Project, End of Year Project, Portfolio.

2nd year

Java Object Oriented Programming, PHP & Mysql Web Development, Java and SQL, DOT NET Development in VB.NET, Framework: Anular JS, Analysis and Design of Information Systems, UML, CCNA3 Network Architecture, Commerce, Resource Management human resources, Writing techniques, English, Project in Java development, Project in Web development, Project in VB.NET development, End-of-year project, Portfolio update.

3rd year

Python Development, Android & Java Mobile Development, ASP Web Development, Framework: Laravel, DOT NET Development in C#, Distributed Application Architectures in J2EE: Sprin Boot, CCNA4 Network Architecture, Digital Marketing, Job Interview Technique, Project English in Dot NET development, Project in Mobile Development, Project in Python development, Project in J2EE Development, End-of-study project or internship.