Nurturing Entrepreneurs

Swahilipot Hub Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Mombasa that focuses on inspiring and developing upcoming innovative technology ideas and art through networking, technical training, support, professional mentoring and coaching.

Swahiliopt Hub registered as a Foundation in Mombasa was started in 2016 working with Techies and Artists with the aim of enabling them to develop themselves and reinvesting positive growth by creating an appropriate environment for youth on the Kenyan coast to build sustainable solutions of the highest calibre around challenges in the community.

Swahilipot hub has achieved this through interventions such as training, mentorship and coaching and programs like Pwani Innovation Week that promotes innovation ecosystem in the coastal region.

Our aim is to inspire innovators, policy makers, funders, corporations, researchers, and other players to take risks on new ideas and trends, collaborate across sectors, and transform the Kenyan Coastal region through the scaling of innovation.