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Technical University Of Mombasa

Institute of Computing and Informatics

The Institute of Computing and Informatics (ICI) in Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) is a Teaching, Research and Extension division at the level of a school. The Institute is composed of three sections namely: Information Technology, Computer Science, and Information Systems.

The programmes offered respond to the demands of regional, national and global industry priorities in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The Institute courses are a major enabler to the socio-economic change in the region through the application of ICT technologies. We also endeavor to integrate education and research programmes into a unified system, providing scholars with modern ICT technological platforms for appropriate and industry focused education, with a high degree of work-integrated learning. These platforms include provision of quality education in innovative software development, Networking and other areas of ICT. Through Industrial and other national, regional and international partnerships, the goal of for research and ICT technology transfer can be attained. This will go a long way to creating opportunities for our students to have a broad experience that will enable them fit well in the Industry.

The Institute offers Bachelor Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT), Bachelor of Technology in Information Communication Technology (BTIT). The Faculty also offers Diploma in Information Communication Technology (DICT) and Certificates in Information Communication and Maintenance (CICM).

As part of the University, our mandate also requires participation in community-based and SME projects, with a strong emphasis on commercialization, providing an avenue for ICT innovation that acts as a catalyst ICT technology enterprises growth. This offers opportunity to our students and teaching staff to engage and continue to impact on the development of highly innovative ICT skills as a basis for industrial competitiveness.

The Institute nurtures a desire for excellence among its teaching staff through various forms of interactions such as seminars, workshops, presentations, brainstorming sessions, exhibitions and conferences in order to spur the growth of technological capacity. The Institute is confident that its certificate, diploma, and undergraduate programmes are offered by highly qualified and experienced academic and support staff, meet the best university standards worldwide.

The Institute endeavors to play a significant role in ensuring that the National and International development objectives goals are achieved.

This will be attained by:
1) Admitting and training highly innovative ICT graduates capable of solving societal problems through a well-developed market oriented curriculum in collaboration with stakeholders.
2) Recruiting, capacity building and retaining qualified computing teaching technical staff.
3) Harnessing and disseminating acquired computing knowledge through scientific research and ICT innovations.
4) Developing an effective infrastructure of ICT technology and entrepreneurship.
5) Providing extension services to community while adhering to the code of ethics and professional conduct.