More than a platform to meet, work, learn, network & access

It is critical for organizations to not only access flexible workspaces, to allow innovation, manage overheads, access a global world but also the relevant services to become entrepreneurial, in the drive for VALUE, INFLUENCE and PROFITABILITY. Read more about this in our “Going Global in the path to achieve VALUE, INFLUENCE & PROFITABILITY through Tongston Entrepreneurial Hub” blog, with more information on Tongston Entrepreneurial Hub.

The Hub is more than a platform to meet, work, learn, network & access Tongston’s world-class entrepreneurial Education, Media, Finance, Legal, Technology, HR, Data, Research & Admin services”. It offers: Entrepreneurial Workspaces:
- Training Room
- Meeting Room
- Co-Working Space
- Virtual Office: Entrepreneurial Education, Entrepreneurial Media, Entrepreneurial Enterprise:
- “Enterprise-in-a-box” Tools & Templates with how To Guides
- Opportunities Centre
- Entrepreneurial Insights and
- Consulting with Admin, HR, Data, Strategy, Technology, Legal, Governance, Finance Experts