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Computer Engineering and Computer Systems

At the end of the course, the trainee will have to be trained and qualified to professionally build adequate solutions to solve problems of organizations and society, with the use of new technologies and information systems, based on all the accumulated experience and knowledge acquired through solid training in the field of mathematical sciences, administration and computing. The interdisciplinary nature of the set of curricular units taught enables professionals with a degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Systems to perform a wide variety of functions in companies, ranging from the management of the general functioning of an organization to the problems of application development, planning and management of information systems.

The Degree in Computer Engineering and Computational Systems from the University of Mindelo is a natural candidate for positions in IT departments of the most varied types of national and European institutions and bodies. As an example, institutions in the services sector (where banking, insurance, energy, telecommunications, tourism, culture, multimedia, health and technical-professional education stand out), institutions in the sector industrial and commercial, the Public Administration and in general all companies that need systems to extract, store and make available large volumes of information, whether or not they use Internet services. More specifically, the Graduate in Computer Engineering and Computer Systems from the University of Mindelo is competent to act in the market as:
- Systems Analyst;
- Analyst/Programmer;
- Former;
- Network Manager;
- Technical Director of Information Systems;
- Consultancy in Technologies and Information Systems;
- Database Administrator;
- Programmer of applications distributed on the Internet;
- Computer technician;
- Computer Security Technician;
- Design of hardware and/or software systems;
- Design of IT systems infrastructures;
- Communication network infrastructure design;