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Computer Science

The Department fulfils a vital role within the broader Information Technology spectrum in South Africa, as well as internationally.Our main objective is to explore and research the scientific basis of new technologies. We furthermore promote the proliferation of reliable, robust and innovative computing and information technologies into the IT-industry in South Africa.

Excellence in computer science education, the development of internationally and nationally recognized research initiatives and strong industry collaboration are the driving factors underpinning the success of the Department of Computer Science.

The University of Pretoria is unique in administering Information Science, Informatics (Information Systems) and Computer Science from within a single School of Information Technology (SIT).

This programme includes a significant number of modules in mathematics, statistics and the natural sciences. these modules strengthen the kind of thinking done when one develops software and enhances problem-solving abilities.

It also provides a basis for research in computer science, which often relies on certain level of mathematical skill and maturity. Other than following a research career, graduates follow careers as programmers, system analysts, system architects, consultants, database administrators and network analysts