Date Science and Software Dev

Learn to code. Launch your career in tech with Zindua School. Learn Software Development or Data Science in 3 to 9 months. You can defer up to 80% of your tuition fees to an income-share agreement.

Zindua (previously Chaptr Bootcamps) happens to be the first coding school in Kenya to offer income-share agreements for anyone seeking to learn Data Science or Web Development.Through their income-share agreements, you pay only what you can afford, learn first and pay the rest once you are earning. Their programs are entirely virtual (so you have no excuse regardless of where in Kenya you are) and they combine both curated content and live workshops by expert technical mentors.

Data Science
Learn all the fundamentals of programming, data analysis, data visualisation, machine learning, and big data engineering with Python and SQL.

Software Dev
Learn all the fundamentals of programming, frontend web dev, backend web dev, and systems engineering with Python & Django and JavaScript & React.