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Africa Startup (Gambia)

Africa Startup (Gambia) is a charitable foundation based in Norway with the mission to improve livelihoods in The Gambia through education in agricultural innovation, environmental protection and entrepreneurship. <p></p> The Entrepreneurship Lab uses successful training materials and methods developed in Africa over several years. Each material has been tested many times in real life training programs implemented by both Africa Startup and Leap Learning. <p></p> The Entrepreneurship Lab <mark>covers a complete curriculum of key business principles and engages students on everything from why and how to start a business, to marketing, controlling money, and creating an action plan. </mark>

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The Startup Incubator Center

We are the first ever business incubator center in the Gambia. The Startup Incubator Center is a co-working space for young entrepreneurs, with cubicles, computers, high-speed internet, printing and a fully equipped training room with a capacity of 25 participants. This center staged clients who met and discussed with mentors and did site visits by incubator clients. <p></p> We find that <mark>Startups face common challenges as they seek to transform their ideas into successful, high-growth businesses. Getting connected to the right insights, mentors, influencers, industry partners, and investors can make or break a startup.</mark> Joining Startup Incubator means you're joining a global community in getting exposure for your startup and the orchestrated facilitation of resources through our network of contacts. <p></p> We provide both an incubation and accelerator program for young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Management Development Institute

In all sectors of the Gambian economy, there is a high demand for skilled IT professionals with a vast knowledge of the field. Students who complete MDI’s IT courses are desirable employees for any company. <mark>Students gain hands-on critical experience in solving problems that computer specialists face daily in the profession.</mark> <p></p> MDI is the first CISCO networking academy and has continued to attract more students from the private sector. The Department is continuing to develop its IT programmes into how best IT training can benefit middle and senior level public servants who also need the skills to perform in an integrated global knowledge based society. <p></p> Students are assured of relevant, current, and practical training in ICT at MDI.

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The Hub

The Hub is a co-working space where young people and consultants get together to share ideas, innovate, grow, and learn. <mark>It is a space where creative minds meet cutting edge technology to create solutions to our everyday problems.</mark>

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Smart Professional College

Our professional and technical training programs include computer and digital literacy, computer repairs and maintenance, networking, <mark>programming</mark>, graphics designing, web development, CISCO programs, cyber security programs, engineering programs, business management and business administration programs, communication programs among others. SPC offers several academic, technical, and professional courses/programs suited to several disciplines and fields of study. We remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence in education in The Gambia and beyond. All our programs are nationally and internationally accredited. All our courses were <mark>endorsed by the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA), the body responsible for the issuance of operational licenses to all tertiary and higher education institutions in terms of their systems and programs in The Gambia.</mark>

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Gambia Technical Training Institute

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology is aimed at giving students theoretical understanding of the field of Computer Science with a strong emphasis on the practical applications encountered in today’s business of Information Communication Technology. <mark>The core of the Computer Science curriculum aims to provide a broad overview of computer science theory, software applications, programming, Networking, PC Repairs, Web Development, Database Design and Computer Architecture, and other relevant topics in the field of Computer Science.</mark>

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Legacy University

The goal of the department is to produce quality graduates in the field of Engineering who are professional in both theoretical and practical knowledge that meet international manpower requirement. Develop a department of repute for training of graduate and postgraduate students that are employable, enterprising and self-reliant. <mark>Ensure that staff and students are ICT compliant and programme to be ICT driven. To produce graduates who are innovative and versatile in issues concerning technology and built environment. To equip such graduates to handle the management, procurement, monitoring and control of all resources related to the built environment. To develop in the graduates with relevant information technology skills, in order to enable them proffer intelligent solutions, advice and suggest alternative economic options, including the legal, political and social costs of such alternatives. </mark>To positively contribute to high quality research in all aspects of the technology of the built environment.

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American International University West Africa

The College of Management & Information Technology (CMIT) is established to meet the challenging demands of employers in Africa by offering American style undergraduate programs in Business & Computer Engineering. The program and curriculum is developed based on content & quality to those offered at institutions in USA. <p></p> MISSION: CMIT's mission is to provide affordable world-class education through teaching, learning, scholarships and community service to students from all over Africa. <p></p> VISION: CMIT's vision is to be a premier accredited institution of higher education which is recognized, valued and respected on the continent for its excellence in education, accessibility & affordability. <p></p> <mark>GOALS: To contribute to the further development on the continent by developing well qualified professionals through quality education in Business & Information Technology degrees & diploma program.</mark> <p></p> OBJECTIVES : <br> Objective of this degree program is: <br>a) To prepare competent computer professionals specializing as Web Designer, Database User, Assistant Programmer, Coder, Designer of a System and LAN implementer. <br> b) To enable and facilitate pursuing advanced degree programs. <br> The successful completion of the program enables students to be a competent computer professional resulting in <br> 1. Strong knowledge and skill base of the followings from the core field : <br> - Programming methodology & techniques <br> - Web designing <br> - LAN and Internet <br> - Databases <br> - Application packages and their uses. <br> 2. Communication skills <br> 3. Ability to work in a team <br> 4. Logical and numerical ability