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The mission of the Faculty of Science Engineering & Technology (FSET) is to generate, transmit and preserve quality knowledge by promoting independent and interactive learning and a scientific inquiry in culture and striving for diverse national and global development in pure and applied research in sciences and technology, while seeking to integrate these perspectives. This is in line with the university’s vision and mission as elaborated in the strategic plan <p></p> The objectives of the Faculty are: <br> - <mark>Provide relevant quality higher education, training, research and extension to enable graduates contributes to sustainable national and global development agenda.</mark> <br>- Generate and share research findings with users to solve societal and environmental problems to improve quality of life. <br>- To provide a conducive environment for learning and enhance efficiency of operations in the faculty. <br>- Strengthen faculty governance and prudent management of financial and human resources to maximize productivity to satisfy customers and stakeholders requirements. <br>- Establish mutually beneficial partnerships to provide opportunities and innovative ideas for sustainable study, research, outreach, and infrastructure development.