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Computer science is a discipline that utilizes theories on how computers work to design, test and analyze concepts. It requires strong mathematical foundation than scientific one. <p></p> <mark>Computer science resonates as being vital for any industry to succeed in this day and age with technology in the fast lane. Many companies will be in the wake of the technological revolution. But our country, Ethiopia, is infant in technology revolution so it strongly demanded skilled and professional man power.</mark> <p></p> Because of such realism, Computer Science department was established in 2008 belongs to college of Informatics. It is the oldest and famous department in the KIoT at large. Currently, the department is running Undergraduate (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in regular and extension program) and MSc Program (Master of Science Degree in Computer Networks and Communications). <p></p> Besides teaching, the department has been involving in various research, short-term trainings and consultancy activities in the areas of computing. <p></p> Its Mission statement, values statement are in line with the Wollo University and always strives for quality education that deliver knowledgeable, skilled nations for careers of design of computer systems and developing application software to any sector.