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Upschool Africa

Programming School - Designed for you to move from zero skill in coding to a confident level to be able to build a website all by yourself and able to replicate same for clients or your employer. <p></p> Courses available in Upschool Africa programming school <p></p> Upschool Africa offers variety of in-demand tech skills taught by industry experts and professional instructors <p></p> Become a Front-end Developer <br> Learn how to build and code websites user interfaces with responsiveness with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript. <p></p> Become a Back-end Developer <br> Learn how to build and code engines and databases that powers web applications using different best practices and programming languages like Javascript, PHP and Python with Databases using SQL <p></p> <mark>Become a Full Stack Developer <br> Learn how to build and code both interfaces, engines and databases that powers web applications using different best practices and programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP or Python with Databases using SQL</mark>

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LPI Innovation Hub

The LPI Innovation Hub is a space that fosters ingenuity and inventions. It seeks to contribute to the driving demand for innovation and creativity, and so, prepare for the new frontier. We are dissatisfied with the status quo and work to solve the biggest pain points in different areas of our community from tech to business. <p></p> The Hub is open to creators and developers, designers and artists, techies and scientists, researchers, professionals, start-up and business owners, and students. <p></p> <mark>Our Focus Areas helps us organise ourselves in multidisciplinary teams and work with (and in) small project teams to develop new processes, create new business models, and ship new products and services to the connected global community.</mark> <p></p> We are currently in Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa and located within the campus of the premier university in Nigeria, University of Ibadan. <p></p> In line with the vision of LPI and fulfilling its purpose of enabling economic and creative opportunities for everybody, the LPI Innovation hub is a development environment, <mark>a platform where ideas and interaction between creative and technological oriented founders and persons are in the focus for creativity and innovation so communities and their citizens succeed; and barriers of entry are knocked down for people and businesses, leveling the economic playing field and providing access for all and improving the quality of life of the community through innovation.</mark> The Hub provides a cross disciplinary project platform on the University Campus housing and helping scientists, artists and experts to collaborate beyond their individual disciplines, universities and offices, investigating issues and challenges and proffer solutions that can be patented. The results are unique projects, new networks, further platforms and innovative approaches for commerce and research.

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Pediforte is an organization that aims to empower the next generation through computer science education. Founded by a team of 4 entrepreneurs in 2020, The Coding School keeps growing into an organization with expert instructors and diverse students from various state in Nigeria. Our programming and teaching is of the highest quality, as we have worked with most of the big names in the Nigerian tech and corporate industry. <p></p> <mark>Recognizing coding as the universal language of the 21st century, we believe coding education must be dynamic. Thus, we are pushing the boundaries of traditional coding education, embracing a diverse set of approaches and programs to ensure all students, regardless of socioeconomic background, geographic location, or learning differences, develop the skills necessary to thrive in our tech-driven world.</mark>

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SQI College of ICT

SQI College of ICT offers both National Diploma and Professional Certificate programmes. <p></p> The diploma Certificate conforms with the standard National Diploma Certificate obtained in Polytechnics while the Professional certificate is the certificate you earn after taking a professional course here at SQI. <p></p> You can use the Diploma certificate to seek admissions into the University through Direct Entry or for Higher National Diploma (HND). While the professional Certificate is recognized worldwide not as a degree but as a proof of having undergone professional training in the field for which the certificate is issued.

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New Horizons Nigeria

At GNT Nigeria, we offer you complete infotech solutions that bring results in your business operations. Through our experienced Consulting & Training Team of Certified personnel, GNT Nigeria <mark>offers both individual and corporate Trainings & Solutions that fits into your organizational needs and thereby helping you to develop a highly skilled work force for better efficiency. </mark> <p></p> In addition to our regular training programmes, New Horizon offers training for professional web development certifications for Adobe, Cisco, CompTIA, Linux, Microsoft, and Oracle.

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Stargate Workstation

STARGATE Workstation is a dynamic community of creative professionals, startups, and freelancers, founded on the idea that entertainment, creativity and business can come together to offer a truly unique work experience for professionals in Ibadan city. <mark>With on-site partnerships with a gym and cafe, STARGATE Workstation exists as an interactive cultural hub, inspiring creativity through business collaboration.</mark>

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Aimtoget hub

Aimtoget hub brings productive people together through shared workspaces, special events, social spaces and our digital member network. <mark>We were made by this community and we are here to serve its members. Love your work and work where you love.</mark>