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Ihifix Digital Academy

Ihifix Digital Academy is a pioneer in digital skills training and business transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. We enable a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love. <p></p> We enable a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love. Get ahead with expert-led training in coding, data, design, digital marketing, and more. <p></p> Our Most Popular Courses<br> <mark>Web Design <br> Build rich, interactive, full-stack apps with key programming languages and dive into design patterns, APIs, and more. <p></p> Software Engineering <br> Develop interactive, responsive websites to impress new clients and employers with your coding skills and get ahead on the job. </mark> <p></p> Digital Marketing <br> Gain competitive digital marketing skills, personalized career coaching, and access to resources and digital marketing tools.

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Thescathcompanies is a hybrid VC firm that is powering early stage seed funding & advisory for founders, building innovative startups that are solving real problems within northern Nigeria & globally <p></p> 1. Accelerator is a feature by THESCATHCOMPANIES which helps mentor, seed-fund and build some of Africa’s promising businesses & startups who are turning Africa’s biggest challenges into global business opportunities. <p></p> <mark>We help mentor, seed-fund and build some of Northern Nigeria & Africa’s promising startups who are turning Africa’s biggest challenges into global business opportunities.</mark> <p></p> Join our portfolio of companies transforming Africa’s future we’re early believers for the smartest & most ambitious new generation of founders, backing them by writing those first cheques of an average of $50,000 for a minimum of 7.5% equity ownership. <p></p> 2. OFFICES is a feature by THESCATHCOMPANIES that <mark>provides a conducive state of the art co-working space, seminar space, board room, private office, library & creative space for bookings by individuals, startups, businesses and companies</mark> on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & annual subscription. <p></p> 3. Code to startup (CTS) is a feature by TSC that <mark>offers paid & free certified tech courses, which helps you learn tech related skills & gain possible placement in global organizations looking to hire.</mark>

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We provide conducive and state-of-the-art co-working environment for our users, which is inclusive of 24/7 high speed internet service, electricity, open work area, access to kitchen and dining gazebos, conference rooms, security assurance (police covering), integrated taxing system, funding opportunities, incubation and acceleration programs and access to professionals in the technological and creative space. <p></p> Co-working <br> <mark>Our Co-working space embodies tech-driven startups which have access to our incubation and acceleration programs. The creative arm covers creative content development, fashion, films, art, music and general traditional/cultural content. </mark> <p></p> Our Goal <br> Our goal at the hub is to bring people together from all backgrounds, with a wide range of skills and education to foster an ecosystem of networking and knowledge-sharing, so they can mutually benefit and learn from each other. <p></p> GreyHobb <br> At GreyHobb, students, developers, entrepreneurs, content creators, digital marketers etc. are welcome to join a growing ecosystem with a view to making life changing connections that can transform an idea into a profitable venture.

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Kada Hive Hub

We are Kada Hive Hub, a catalyst for creating a collaborative space and community where ideas ignite, business incubates and social change makers and entrepreneurs innovate. <mark>The Hub is a place for technologists, social entrepreneurs, government, tech companies, impact investors, and hackers in and around Kaduna to co-create new solutions to the many social problems in Nigeria.</mark> <p></p> Vision<br> Today, we are a leading Innovation Hub and Startup Incubator based in Kaduna with a global mindset. We continue to build an ecosystem of startups, mentors, global partners, corporates and government representatives that enable us to drive innovation and fill the gap between technology and industries in a human-centric way. We aim to collaborate and partner with more industry leaders as we continue to drive innovation in the startup industry and beyond. <p></p> Mission<br> Founded in 2021, Kada Hive Hub is built to “exploit the value for inclusivity”. Kada Hive Hub began with the vision to level the playing field for entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, innovators and startups, regardless of their background, and help them positively impact their industries and communities through a business ecosystem and co-working space that nurtures and boosts the success of the diverse community it encompasses.

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A world class ICT Hub with capacity to train over 10,000 youths annually in web development, mobile app development, hardware assembly, call centre handling, entrepreneurship, and related fields. Some of the youth will then be transitioned into a high tech labour force that will work with the Kaduna state government and the Kaduna ICT Hub. <p></p> This becomes an outsourcing powerhouse through which local companies and multinationals will outsource/execute their tech needs, while other youth will be empowered to kick-start their tech start-ups under this umbrella. <p></p> Our Vision & Mission <br><mark>To serve as a hub for entrepreneurs, computer engineering, software development, software testing and IT training.</mark> <br>To bring together world-class technologies and innovations.

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Cloud 10 Tech Hub

We offer a shared office environments that encourage collaboration, training and networking amongst talents, a dynamic environment where inspiration can be found. Mingle with likeminded people from freelancers to entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. <p></p> We also offer training through our iMove programme, A two-months intensive on-site (8 Weeks) digital skill development training that will equip you for financial freedom using real-world projects.Yes! Real-World Projects The different skill options are;<br> - Digital Marketing <br>- Graphic Design <br>- Website Design (CMS) -UI/UX Design

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Colab Innovation Hub

CoLab is an innovation hub and a collaborative community for startups, innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs. Our purpose is to build a technology ecosystem in and around northern Nigeria, starting from Kaduna. <p></p> We are doing so through <mark>community centric innovation, peer based, hands-on learning, and a platform that provides the foundation and resources to turn problems into solutions and ideas into products and companies that can scale.</mark> <p></p> Our co-workspace is an environment that allows your natural curiosity foster learning, inspire creativity and innovation.