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Startup Kano

The core of our business is to foster and accelerate the growth of startup companies to become sustainable businesses, Provide local solutions that will change the face of the society, conquer the local market and go global. <p></p> <mark>We Create Opportunities For Women in Technology And Entrepreneurship. We Equip Women-Led Businesses with the Right Tools, Skills, And Network to Grow. We curate the Largest Technology and Entrepreneurship Conference In Nigeria.</mark> <p></p> Startup Kano is an open lab and incubation space that promotes and advocates entrepreneurship and digital inclusion providing a conducive and friendly environment that supports peer learning and collaboration.

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Blue Sapphire Hub

Blue Sapphire Hub is the first-female owned innovation center in Northern Nigeria. We started operations since 2014. We are focused on developing sustainable solutions and building entrepreneurial communities for scalable impact. Our budding community is made up of innovators, entrepreneurs, freelancers and dare dreamers who leverage the power of tech and innovation to identify and solve the most pressing societal challenges. <p></p> <mark>Innovation and Technology are at the heart of the work we do, we believe in breaking barriers, disrupting and challenging stereotypes in order to create positive change.</mark> We provide a launchpad for Innovators and support young entrepreneurs to thrive. We provide Incubation programs, Capacity building services, Consultancy and Product Development for startups, government organizations, NGOs and companies respectively

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Bayero University

The focus of the department is to lead in the advancement of computer science by equipping faculty and students with competency resources necessary to study and use in industry, academia, and government and to <mark>prepare the students for a globalised technological society by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve the complex technological problems of modern society</mark>