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Lumumba Lab

The LUMUMBA LAB (LLab) is a non-profit association that fights against the digital divide and campaigns for digital inclusion. <mark>It is a space of shared innovation, where evolved innovative community of people who reflect together on solutions that can improve our daily lives innovation and co-creation hub focused on social impact, skill acquisition and youth engagement.</mark>

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Kalda Group

Co-Working is a turnkey service to help companies and projects by domiciling their activities and allowing them to operate while waiting for the acquisition of their own offices or premises. <p></p>We provide interim with government services for various administrative formalities and procedures, which allows greater flexibility in the incorporation and / or operations of your business. <p></p>Resource and contract management is essential for any business. <mark>We help you focus on your core business and do what matters to you, while taking care of issues related to human resources, paying taxes and signing various contracts.</mark>

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Ingenious City

Based in Kinshasa, Ingenious City is an incubator that trains in entrepreneurial skills, promotes entrepreneurship and connects ecosystem actors in DR Congo. <p></p> Co-working space <br> With a physical space of 1200 m2, Ingenious city provides you with a coworking space at a lower cost and a few minutes from the Kinshasa business center. <p></p> <mark>Incubation Program <br> We create technical and practical training modules in line with the realities of the Congolese ecosystem.</mark> <p></p> Events <br> Come participate in the events centered on entrepreneurship that we organize and host.