National School of Applied Sciences of Marrakech - Engineering school - school image
National School of Applied Sciences of Marrakech - Engineering school

This training cycle aims to train computer engineers capable of leading and intervening in the study and implementation of several computer projects. Students will be able to integrate teams of software development, design as well as programming, testing and integration of IT solutions. With this versatile training in the computer engineering cycle, engineers can analyze the needs of different users in terms of computer systems to set up a complete and adequate solution. <p></P> <mark>The students are trained to design innovative solutions and thus benefit from several disciplines in order to manage, plan and monitor the development and maintenance of appropriate solutions. The training mainly aims to provide engineers with the basic and dominant scientific foundations, the necessary technical expertise as well as cross-functional knowledge in management and means of communication in order to ensure better integration of the graduates into the national and international job market. </mark> <p></P> The ENSA Marrakech computer engineer can ensure with excellence the link between the know-how of the professional in the field and the design and development know-how of the engineer to finally participate in the complete process of setting up relevant solutions from the design to completion. The winners can intervene in several complex problems that require multidisciplinary skills in terms of network infrastructures, information systems, services and new information and communication technologies.

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Private University of Marrakesh

The information systems in a company allow its proper functioning, facilitate its economic and technological development, they also allow better communication between the different departments of the entity. <p></p>PROGRAM OBJECTIVES The UPM's Engineer in TICSE – Computing and Information Systems program aims to train engineers capable of occupying positions of responsibility in the IT departments of companies and administrations, of establishing development strategies and of managing teams. <mark>In a socio-economic environment where information and communication technologies play an important role in the development and continuity of the company, the computer and information systems engineer is the key person in the organization.</mark> <p></p> PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS <p></p> - Two years of integrated preparatory classes. <br> - A diploma recognized by the State. <br> - Project-based teaching all year round. <br> - Preparation for the professional world via the internships that punctuate your course from the first year. <br> - Computer laboratories, networks, for practical work. <br> - Possibility of European co-diploma and international exchange. <p></p>CAREER OPPORTUNITIES - System administrator, <br> - Computer security expert, <br> - IT Project Manager, <br> - Integrator, <br> - open data manager, <br> - Mobile Application Developer, <br> - Business Analyst, …

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L’BLASSA is a creative coworking space in Marrakech that provides to entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers a convivial and pleasant working environment,It is equipped with all the means and the necessary resources for the proper functioning of their members. <p></p> <mark>L’BLASSA offers you a variety of services, aiming to help you work efficiently, to be more engaged and to increase your productivity and your performance, besides increasing your networking opportunities by being part of a community of professionals in different sectors that meet in the same place</mark> <p></p> As well as hosting an incubator whose objective is to support young project holders and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in Morocco generally and in Marrakech particularly. <p></p> Which makes of it the spot that allows you to reach your full potential, to perform at your high level and to advance professional growth in your career.

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Cowork in Marrakech

A wide and luminous coworking space open for exchange with other entrepreneurs. At Cowork in Marrakech You will meet freelancers, ambitious project leaders, SMEs, students, graphic designers, artists, geeks, SEO strategists, designers, sportsmen, clubbers, TPEs, associations, Dataminers, social media and community managers, coaches, startups, cryptos addicts, traders, webdesigners, etc <p></p> All these different personalities rub shoulders, discuss, exchange, work together, imagine solutions, share ideas, contacts and good deals. These women and men overflowing with energy are truly around the same mantra: “Make a break, come and work.” <p></p> <mark>Cowork in Marrakech is a story of entrepreneurs looking for independence, autonomy, flexibility and collaborative work. The Cowork in Marrakech community is enriched daily new opportunities.</mark> More than just a friendly, flexible and collaborative workspace, women and men who settle in Cowork in Marrakech space succeed in innovating, imagining and creating value.

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Emerging Business Factory

The Emerging Business Factory is the first private IT and Media incubator in the Marrakech-Safi region and the only one of its kind in Morocco. <p></p> <mark>Also a coworking space, the Emerging Business Factory was a former textile factory nestled in the industrial district of Sidi Ghanem, the industrial and creative culture hub of the ocher city.</mark>

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Cadi Ayyad University

The Mathematics and Computer Science Applied to Engineering Sciences (MIASI) degree was developed taking into account the experience of the old accreditation which will end this academic year. This project also takes into account other training recently accredited at the level of the establishment (in particular the LST in computer science). This new sector project is therefore predominantly mathematical. <p></p> The objective is to give mathematics the place it deserves to occupy in our society. And this taking into account the evolution of mathematics at the level of teaching, research and applications to engineering professions. <p></p> The first four semesters allow the student to acquire basics in general mathematics, mechanics, electricity, electromagnetism, computer science and communication techniques. They also allow the student to acquire a solid training in applied mathematics with simulations and computer experiments which will also allow the student to broaden his knowledge of computer science. <p></p> During the license cycle, the modules are programmed in such a way as to gradually provide students with: <br> - The elements of integration and functional analysis necessary for the mathematical study of mathematical models modeling certain physical or chemical phenomena. <br> - Scientific computing tools. <mark><br> - Object-oriented programming.</mark> <p></p> Semester 6, during which students will have to complete a graduation project. <p></p> The content has been designed to achieve several objectives: <mark> <br> 1) Consolidate the student's general scientific knowledge in fields as diverse as mathematics, physics, computer science, corporate culture, etc.; <br> 2) Develop the student's ability to reason, pose and solve problems; <br> 3) Acquire the necessary skills to tackle innovative fields in mathematical engineering and computer science </mark> <p></p> Targeted skills <br>Mastery of the mathematical, theoretical and applied tools necessary for engineering sciences.