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The department of Computer science in the School of Computing and Informatics offers degree programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to suitably qualified and interested students. At the undergraduate level, the department offers two-degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc-CS) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology (BSc-CT). <mark>BSc-CS is a premier 4-year degree program whose courses are focused on equipping students with both sound theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the broad and fast-changing field of computer science. Graduates of this degree program will have very strong foundations in the theory of computing, software development, and information systems.</mark> <p></p> BSc-CT program embodies the science and technology of design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of software and hardware components of modern computing systems and computer-controlled equipment and environment. The graduates from this relatively new computing degree program will have undertaken courses that equip them with detailed hardware design and technological aspects of computer systems. <p></p> At the post-graduate level, the Department of Computer Science offers MSc in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Computer Science. The master's program is designed to be completed in two years while the Ph.D. program includes coursework and must be should be completed in four to seven years. Both the postgraduate programs have a rigorous research component, supervised by experienced faculty.