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Ndoto Compass

Ndoto Compass is a consulting firm focused on providing support to local and international clients to improve business practices and efficiency through our tailored services and toolkits. <mark>We support you to build your business empire through a holistic entrepreneurship journey. </mark> <p></p> We know what it takes for small and medium enterprises to maintain their competitiveness in a constantly evolving market; <mark>we provide enterprises with solutions that enable sustainability, competitive growth and ensure that SMEs can thrive.</mark> We offer management consulting, enterprise development, training, event planning and investment opportunities in Tanzania. <p></p> We are invested in supporting enterprises across sectors including: Education, Health, Water and Sanitation, Energy, Climate, Agriculture, Finance, Digitalization, Tourism, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Innovation and Technology. <p></p> We offer support on legal advice, tax, accounting, auditing, human resource, operations, due diligence, sales and marketing specific to the Tanzanian context. <p></p> We believe that a vibrant private sector is the key to creating employment, spurring economic growth and alleviating poverty. We support SMES who are the backbone of the economy to achieve sustainable, inclusive growth.

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Moshi Co-operative University

Bachelor of Science in Business Information and Communication Technology (BSc BICT) is a full time three-year program under semester system. This program is designed to <mark>equip students with strong ICT skills and knowledge for designing and managing contemporary business applications, analyzing and solving ICT-related business problems as well as offering advisory services in issues related to ICT applications in business</mark>. Possible job titles for BSc. BICT include Software Developer, Database Administrator, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Network Administrator, Web Developer, Information Systems Analyst, and Computer Programmer.