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The School of Communication and Information Technology (ICT) educates students to apply state of the art information technology to solve real world communication problems in a socially responsible way. In addition to the technical knowledge and skills they master, graduates of the School of Information and Communications Technology excel in communication and innovative problem solving. <p></p> The school of ICT is well resourced with highly trained academic staff motivated to deliver with excellence. The school has a modern computer lab, with high quality internet connectivity and is open to all students for their practical. Students can spend considerable amount of time doing research at the lab and have lecturers for guidance at their disposal. <p></p> <mark>The course provides an overview of current changes in information technology and their impact on organizations. This is a capstone course for information systems minors and will integrate material from all required courses and the respective changes that have taken place. This class uses many learning styles to achieve its purpose. The class is based on assigned readings, presentations by business leaders, classroom discussions, hands-on user of technology, research and presentation.</mark>